The People You’ll Meet At Your Surf Camp

A brief introduction to the weirdos you’ll meet at your surf hostel.


Surf camps are great. One of the best things about them, is the group of like minded people you’ll meet there. You’ll eat together, surf together, party together and sleep together and you’ll leave with a love of surfing and lifelong friends. However, like anywhere, you’ll also come across a few weirdos. Here’s a quick run down so you know what you’re in for.

The Alpha

More than likely, acts like he’s working at the camp but is, in fact, just somebody who’s been hanging around for far too long. You’ll learn to spot them straight away. They have an aura of authority and in fairness to them, they will actually know their shit and will be friendly and helpful and a good friend to have. However, they will also spend their summer using this to manipulate fellow surfers and probably sleeping with a questionably healthy amount of them.

The Arrogant Shite

This one may or may not actually be a decent surfer, but that’s irrelevant. They’ll turn a magical time, surfing with each other into a pretty aggravating experience. Surf etiquette is one of the first things a surfer learns and regardless of their level of ability, respecting it will get you respect. This arrogant snot-nugget will be found dropping in left, right and centre and more than likely forgetting the golden rule of clinging to your board no matter what, letting it go, thrashing around and almost killing anyone around them. They’re also often the same lad who assumes no girl can surf and so steals all their waves, the fucker. You’ll see them paddling back out, blissfully unaware of the chaos they’ve caused, laughing about how much fun you’re all having surfing together while people desperately try to paddle away from them before the next set hits.

The Naïve Wanker

Get ready to hear an impressive amount of complaints about other surfers. No matter what happens out there in the water, anything that goes wrong will be that other guy’s fault – they were totally in the right position, it was their wave! They probably went surfing with their family once, three years ago, and somehow absorbed every piece of knowledge every surfer has ever had and will forcibly tell you all about it and correct everything you do, followed by bailing on every wave they go for.

The ‘Surfer Dude’

Every item of clothing they wear will belong to an overpriced surf brand and yet they’ll spend an impressive amount of time talking about how much they aspire towards the nomad surfer’s life. They’ll continue to play the soundtrack of View From A Blue Moon on repeat no matter how much people protest. They’ll insist on calling you, ‘Dude-man’, no matter how perplexed you look every time they say it. Every sentence will sound like that one time in friends when Joey used a ‘the-saurus’ for every word as they squeeze in as many surf terms as possible. They’ll find a way to turn anything at all that happens into an analogy about surfing even though it has literally nothing to do with surfing while everyone stares, eyebrows raise and incredibly confused. They may even actually say cowabunga.

The Insta-Famous Faker

The Insta-Famous Faker and actual waves are rarely seen in the same room together. Like closet mermaids, they’ll always find an excuse to stay out of the water. However a quick scroll through the Facebook or Instagram feed will reveal them for what they truly are. Where on Earth have they found all these surfboards to stand next to, shakas and all, without ever actually lying down on one?

The Genuinely Really Amazing People

While all these caricatures exist in the surfer’s natural habitat, you’ll also find that you’ll meet some of the best people you’ve come across in places like these. Because you know what? Surfing is actually pretty amazing and anyone who gives it a go, deep down, probably is too… although it may be very deep down.


Now that you’re prepared to meet all these wonderful characters, come surfing with us! Or, get yourself a Stoke Passport and hang out with us even more.


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Primero nos gustaría disculparnos con todos vosotros. El curso de fotografía que comenzamos se detuvo inesperádamente y durante estas últimas semanas no hemos podido seguir con el.


Photo Gune

Lo que podría parecer un problema ha terminado siendo una gran noticas para Basque Surf Photo: desde mediados del mes de mayo hemos comenzado a colaborar con PHOTO GUNE, uno de los mejores centros de Fotografía y laboratorio Fine Art que hay en España.

Con ellos vamos apoder adentrarnos en lo que mas nos gusta además del surf y sacar fotografías; la formación y la impresión en calidad Fine Art, algo que en la fotografía de surf es muy poco habitual.

En sus instalaciones de Donostia – San Sebastián podremos imprimir fotografías con la mejor calidad y fidelidad de colores. Ya nos podremos olvidar de esas fotografía en papel que nada tienen que ver con las imágenes que vemos en nuestros ordenadores. Pero sobre todo y esto es lo mas importante, podremos contar con José C. Urrutia «alma mater» de PhotoGune, conocedor de todos los entresijos que rodean el mundo de la preimpresión e impresión Fine Art con estándares de museo y colección

Y para comenzar esta nueva andadura de Basque Surf Photo junto a PhotoGune, desde el día 1 de junio iniciamos un taller de fotografía para todos aquellos que quieren conocer a fondo su cámara de fotos (y no quieren leer el manual de su cámara). El taller se impartirá todos los jueves de 19:00h a 21:30h.

Taller de fotografía

También tendréis a vuestra disposición varios talleres durante todo el mes de junio y julio. Serán minitalleres de dos horas de duración con los temas que mas os pueden interesar. Desde cómo sacarle el mayor partido a la colección de programas gratuitos de Google Nik Colettion,  trabajar con capas de luminosidad hasta la teoría fotográfica. composición o cómo desarrolar la intuición al componer nuestras fotografías. Todos talleres prácticos que te servirán para mejorar tu creatividad.

Si estás interesado por el taller del mes de junio o cualquier otro llamanos o ponte en contacto con nosotros o PhotoGune.

Y no te olvides que la semana que viene continuaremos con nuestra curso online gratuito de fotografía



Stoke Travel’s Guide To El Born, Barcelona

Love getting lost in new cities? So do we, just getting lost in the right directions. To download Stoke Maps view this page on your mobile device. 

El Born hands down wins the prize for the barrio with the most culture and tradition. Starting as a simple settlement built on top of a medieval area of jousts and celebrations, it has grown into one of the most fashionable places in Barcelona. The ex-medieval street of Calle Montcada is a prime example, as it originated as a medieval street and transferred into the home of the Picasso and Textile museums. The stylish restaurants and cafes in El Born provide a wealth of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you’ll have to fight off a heap of other hangry visitors to get the best pick. Its close proximity to the beach and booming bars and nightclubs are also top reasons to check out this Barrio.

How the map works: we’ve created a customised Google Map with multiple layers. See the little window with the arrow there? Click on that to see the separate layers for food, drinks, sightseeing and shopping. To save this map to your Google account simply highlight the star next to the map’s name. See bottom of article for detailed instructions on how to access Stoke Maps on your device.

To view the map offline while you’re exploring El Born, download on iPhone or Android.

Where to eat in El Born

This quirky little tapas joint is sure to impress with some super cool Asian vibes, dim lighting and alternative décor. All different shapes, sizes and flavours of dumplings, paired with a craft beer – you’re in heaven. Try the Catalan duck with a Belgian cherry beer. Make sure you eat them with some chopsticks for the added challenge. The atmosphere is stellar and the staff are lovely. For ramen or noodles try their Grasshopper and Red Ant restaurants respectively.
You’ll probably moan a bit too loudly when this heavenly chow touches your tender lips. Crusty buns, handmade burgers. Watch the staff peel potatoes, chop vegetables, and prepare your meat. They might not speak much English, but what better way to communicate than through the love of food. Barcelona is renowned for it’s burger scene and Pim Pam is the perfect place to start. Grab a beef, pork, chicken or veggie and don’t forget the fries – they are freaking amazing. Lucky for us these babies are pretty affordable as well.
This market is full of different little tapas joints. The hardest thing you do this day will be deciding which tapas to choose. Luckily they are pretty small, spend an hour or so trying as many as you can. Try the traditional Basque tapas from Txapela, the Iberian cured ham from La Xarcu, the homemade croquettes from Croqueta & Co., the list goes on.
Neapolitan pizzas made by real-life Italians and paired with realer-life Italian wines. Often gets crowded, but does do take away. Basic, delicious and with a small terrace.
A five-star meal, this pasta and its sauce is made fresh daily. Federico moved here from Italy to open up his own restaurant. His absolute favourite is the macaroni, with heavy cream and bacon. There’s also a bunch of extras you can throw in, like black olives and spinach. Pretty cool decor, there are chairs and baskets hanging from the roof.

Where to drink in El Born


Believe the hype – you’ll feel like the coolest kid in Barca hanging out at this unpretentious cult favourite. A tiny champagne bar, they have no shortage of the bubbly, and are said to serve some of the best tapas in the city. Best be there before it opens (12pm for lunch, 7pm for dinner) – people line up to be first through the door. Make sure you try some of their housemade sparkling wine, which is the bar’s namesake.

This vermouth bar is a great spot for… vermouth, as well as a great selection of Catalan tapas. There are a few tables outside for when the weather is nice, which it usually is (this is Barcelona after all).
This bar has been a go-to in Born for several decades. Head there for a sundowner on the terrace. If you need to get your life together, it’s also a nice, cosy spot to plough through some late-afternoon work, with good coffee and free wi-fi. Look out for the snug booth underneath the stairs if you’ve got someone to impress.
Time to scrub up and take your flip-flops off. The massive bowls behind the bar contain a number of cocktails, brewed to alcoholic perfection. If the bar area is really full, you can snag a seat at the mezzanine upstairs and feel like royalty as you look down upon the night’s shenanigans. Try their Cocktail de Coca, made from cognac and coconut milk over crushed ice. It’s been run by the same owner for decades, so you know he knows what’s what.
This crepe house is light on the crepes and heavy on the fun. You’ll find more DJs and cocktails here than savoury pancakes.
Don’t feel like a pastrami sandwich? Well just push that little fridge door there and enter into a world of fancy cocktails and smooth decor. This bar is a semi secret, a bit of a speakeasy, and rumours abound of there being another secret bar once you’re inside. Sort of like a bar inception.
The last stop on our cocktail tour of El Born. Collage is a place where the barmen take utmost pride in their creations, magical potions that will either end your night wonderfully, or just get it spectacularly started. Whatever your poison is, you can be sure that the crew of Collage can take care of it for you.
For shopping and sightseeing tips make sure you check out the Stoke Map of El Born, and for the best Barcelona trip this side of the Mediterranean check out everything that we do in this amazing city.
  1. Have Google Maps downloaded to your device and make sure you’re signed in,
  2. Highlight the star on the map above, that will automatically save it to your Google Maps,
  3. Open Google Maps and click on the three horizontal lines to the left of the search bar,
  4. Click on “Your places”,
  5. Click on “MAPS”,
  6. Open “Stoke Travel’s Guide To El Born”,
  7. To access the map offline download

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Last Minute Checklist For Summer 2017

A helping hand from Stoke to make sure you’re prepared for what this summer has in store.


Summer really is finally, almost here. Flights have been booked, knuckles are white from clutching Stoke passports for weeks, the thought of another second spent without a big ol’ jug of sangria is almost unbearable. But there are still a few things to consider before we can go galavanting around dressed in lederhosens and covered in food and alcohol. So just chill out for a second and make sure you’ve got everything you need for a summer of Stoke.

Wire cutters

So the second he’s not looking, you can destroy any chance of that elephantembroidered poocatchers wearing dude of ruining everyone’s night with acoustic renditions of Katy Perry.


For snorkelling etc. but more importantly, to keep tomato acid out of your eyes. It all starts with one drop and then joyfully skipping through the streets of Buñol as tomatoes soar overhead becomes lying in tomato sludge, clutching your dissolving eyeballs, wondering where it all went wrong.

A sneaky, clean pair of shoes

For the inevitable moment you’re called out to do a shoey. It’ll be all over the second you catch eyes with your, previously potential, tent partner as you tip your disgusting, beer filled shoe towards your mouth. There’s no way they’re going to kiss sweatyfootbeer breath.


Also known as ‘shower in a can’. Between peeing your pants running from bulls to partying on the streets of Pamplona, you more than likely won’t have time to shower and you’re gonna seriously want to smell the least piss-like as possible.

A super soaker

A carton of wine is all well and good but you will become an easy target. Standing in a circle of wine guns, helpless and unable to throw the contents of your carton far enough to defend yourself.

Seasickness pills for boat parties

To avoid what you thought would be an evening spent looking like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Wolf Of Wall Street drinking wine on his boat, turning into an evening spent feeling like Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Wolf Of Wall Street after taking ludes.


If you haven’t already got your hands on a Stoke Passport, do it right now!

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Budget Surfing And Accommodation In San Sebastian

Surfing is pretty great and even better when it’s in The Basque country’s San Sebastian. If you’re planning on heading over for a surf trip you may be having a bit of trouble finding budget accommodation and surf lessons. During the season prices are increased and finding budget anything can end up being pretty difficult. To help on this search for budget accommodation and surfing, we’ve laid out the main things you’ll need to consider, how much they cost and how much cheaper and obviously better it is to just screw everyone else and come surf with us.

Accommodation In San Sebastian

Accommodation is obviously going to be your primary concern – or at least it definitely should be – an actual bed and roof over your head is fairly vital. If you were to stay anywhere else you’ll have to fork over more than €30 a night for a bed in a dorm – half the price of our entire surf package – or €80 for a private room – more than the entire surf package – and on top of these places being way more expensive, we doubt they’re anywhere near as nice as our little slice of paradise. Have you seen the view from our place? It’s incredible.

Surf Lessons & Equipment In San Sebastian

While our package is a minimum of only two nights because we’re not clingy, it’s difficult to find anywhere else that will give lesson packages for less than a week minimum, and daily lessons are pretty damn expensive – you’re looking at €50 for a two hour group lesson. Yep, that is almost an entire night at the stoke camp.

Eating In San Sebastian

While similar to tapas, the basque country has it’s own, yummier version called pintxos. These tasty guys go for about €3 a pop and you’ll need a few to fill up. While you do have to try these – you are in the basque country after all – you don’t want to blow all your money on pintxos every meal. Also, that would be a lot of pintxos, probably too many pintxos. That’s why we’ve got our own chef cooking up three meals a day just for you and your fellow surfers.

Drinking In San Sebastian

You should definitely drink lots of alcohol and go out at night in San Sebastian. In fact we’ll bring you there and drink lots of alcohol with you. However, you’re gonna want to get a good base layer of drunk before you go out just to make sure you don’t end up blowing literally all your money in one night. Or you know, blow all your money in one night, but this way you can blow it on someone else and you know… maybe get blown? And so we bring you, unlimited beer and sangria for €10. That’s right, rather getting four glasses – at best – of beer or sangria at the bars, you can have, literally unlimited, drink for the same price.

Extra activities In San Sebastian

And if you’re not already convinced, what’s wrong with you? But also we’ve got tonnes of activities like cliff jumping, hiking, local activities, parties and a fricking slip n slide to top it all off.

Save yourself the trouble and money and book your place here. Or an even better idea, get yourself a stoke passport and use that.


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What Is San Vino?

Apart from being Stoke’s patron saint of wine (sorry Saint Vincent of Zaragoza), San Vino is the name that we’ve given to La Batalla de Vino de Haro, aka the Wine Fight of Haro, La Rioja, right in the belly of northern Spain’s world-class red-wine region. To answer what is San Vino we really have to address what precisely is a wine fight, a concept so foreign to anybody outside of this small village, in this tiny and tucked away region of Spain.


The wine fight is, literally, a fight with wine. Think buckets and waterguns and anything that carries liquids, filled with the local red wine and liberally thrown and poured on anyone and everyone who enters the splashing fields. There is so much wine that literally everybody, and every part of said bodies, will be absolutely soaked in red wine and maybe a little drunk from it soaking through their pores. It’s like La Tomatina, Valencia’s world-famous tomato fight, but instead of being pelted with tomatoes, a salad vegetable that isn’t universally loved, we’re splashed and soaked in red wine, a product that only psychopaths dislike.


San Vino’s History

Like most Spanish fiestas the history is a little lost, as each year goes on and the protagonists get drunker, we forget precisely how they kicked off. For San Vino the legend goes that to solve a land dispute between the village of Haro and neighbouring Logroño the local regent declared that every year, on the 29th of June, the haro townsfolk had to erect a border of purple flags below the Cliffs of Bilbio, the site of the modern wine fight. Early on, the erection resulted in some skirmishes between the villagers, and after a while they began battling with the wine that they were using to dye the flags. This obviously turned from an act of aggression into one of hedonistic joy, and thus San Vino was born.


Why San Vino?

Because it’s a fight, with wine. With WINE! Also it’s a very authentic festival in the middle of Spain’s stunning wine country, both a party and an area that haven’t yet been inundated with tourists. The locals will be happy to see you and to party alongside you and to splash you with delicious red wine. We’re also combining the party with a cheese and wine fair, a massive street party, DJs at our campsite and our regular all-inclusive package.


How Does San Vino Work?

On the morning of the wine fight we make our way from the Stoke Travel campsite up to the Cliffs of Bilbio where, armed with our finest red wine, we proceed to throw it all over the mostly local crowd. Afterwards we make our way back down the hill, completely soaked to the bone in purple nectar. Along the walk back we’ll see the locals making BBQs and the more adventurous amongst us might try such local delicacies as garden snails, or every part of the pig, all washed down with delicious local grape juice (fermented!).


Interested in San Vino? Of course you are! Book your spot now.

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Tarifa, ¿es un buen destino de surf?

Situada al sur de la provincia de Cádiz se encuentra Tarifa, una ciudad bañada por el Océano Atlántico y por el Mar Mediterráneo a la vez. Su situación en pleno estrecho de​ Gibraltar, donde el viento sopla más de 280 días al año y con bastante fuerza además, la convierte en un lugar privilegiado para los amantes del surf, ¿o no?.

Este pequeño paraíso cuenta con más de 38 kilómetros de playas, de las que destacan Punta Paloma o Los Lances, atractivas por su arena blanca y fina, y donde se puede contemplar unos paisajes únicos llegándose a ver, en los días más despejados, incluso la costa africana.

Nadie duda del potencial de Tarifa para hacer surf

El debate acerca de si Tarifa es un buen lugar para surfear o si solo es ideaal para hacer kite surf está servido. Tarifa es conocida como la Capital Europea del viento, ya que son más de trescientos los días de viento al año en esta ciudad. Además, la temperatura media en Tarifa suele mantenerse por encima de los veinte grados a lo largo de todo el año.

Los menos conocedores del mundo del surf tienden a pensar que este deporte y el kitesurf son parecidos. El kitesurf consiste en una forma de navegación que se practica sobre una tabla traccionada a través de una cometa, lo que permite conseguir grandes velocidades por el agua, y realizar saltos (o vuelos) que en muchos casos son realmente espectaculares. Las condiciones atmosféricas propias de Tarifa hacen indudable que se trate de un entorno perfecto para esta práctica deportiva.

Uno de los destinos favoritos para practicar surf

Todo el mundo sabe bien lo que es el surf. El surfero no depende del viento para poder practicar este deporte y hacer giros y maniobras de pie sobre una tabla, una hazaña en ocasiones tan complicada que se puede considerar más que un deporte, un auténtico arte.

Pues bien, en lo que se refiere a este deporte, las playas de Tarifa cuentan con grandes olas para practicar surf. Siendo así, no puede quedar duda de que esta ciudad ofrece unas condiciones ideales para que los amantes del surf disfruten de su gran afición.

Los vientos que llegan a soplar en Tarifa son también el motivo para que sea un lugar excelente para surfear, en especial si entran con buena orientación haciendo que la ola aguante más. Las agradables temperaturas del agua en Tarifa  también contribuyen a que sea un destino ideal para los surferos.

Dónde alojarse en Tarifa: Disfruta a lo grande de la estancia en este lugar privilegiado

Gracias al auge del surf, la ciudad se ha convertido en un lugar enormemente visitado y de gran interés turístico para los aficionados a esta práctica. Para hacer frente a todo este turismo existe una amplia variedad de apartamentos en Tarifa, que satisfarán las exigencias de los viajeros y en los cuales se disfrutará de unas vistas inmejorables.

Además, la ciudad cuenta con una gran cantidad de negocios como bares, tiendas surferas, campings y restaurantes que cubrirán por completo las exigencias del visitante, el ambiente surfero de esta ciudad no te dejará indiferente. Es sin duda un destino que visitar si se hace un surftrip por el sur de nuestro país.

Playas más populares para surfear en Tarifa

Aunque es cierto que debido a su ubicación y orientación no entra tanto swell como en otras playas de la región hay que destacar que la calidad de las olas de Tarifa es excelente, especialmente para aquellos surferos con un poco más de experiencia en el agua. Los spots de surf en Tarifa más populares son:

  • El Balneario: Esta playa se encuentra entre la playa de las Lances y playa Chica, se puede acceder a ella andando desde el pueblo. Es una playa donde suelen entrar olas. Es un spot recomendado para surfes con nivel medio al menos debido a las corrientes que puede haber, las rocas y sobre todo a la cantidad de gente en el agua que hace que necesites controlar tus movimientos con más precisión para no crear colisiones.
  • Punta Paloma: Aunque esta playa no sea tan consistente como otras (necesita mucho mar para funcionar) tiene una ola divertida en los días en los que se da el surf en este spot. Es adecuada para longboard y recomendada para aquellos que estéis comenzando en este mundillo. Incluso en días planos merece la pena pasar una tarde en esta playa disfrutando del paisaje y el ambiente.

Kitesurfer en tarifa

Escuelas de surf en Tarifa

Si estás buscando iniciarte en el mundo del surf en Tarifa, en esta localidad puedes encontrar varias escuelas que te llevarán a los mejores spots de la zona para que aprendas al máximo de tu surf trip en esta zona. Estas son algunas de las escuelas de surf en Tarifa que puedes encontrar:

  • Kite Local School, Tarifa:  En esta escuela podrás aprender tanto surf como kite surf con los mejores profesionales, y en unas instalaciones en las que no te faltará de nada. 
  • Surf Center Arte Vida Tarifa: A ras de playa se encuentra este local en el que además de dar clases de surf podrás disfrutar de un buen mojito en una de sus tumbonas.
  • Wind & Water Experience: Otra escuela donde podrás encontrar diferentes deportes relacionados con el agua, eso sí, si deseas aprender a surfear te recomiendan ir de Septiembre a Marzo ya que es la temporada de olas.

Despejando las dudas sobre si Tarifa es un buen destino de surf o no, el resumen es: Si, puede serlo. Tarifa tiene olas muy potentes y divertidas, sobre todo en temporada de otoño e invierno, cuando el mar sube y comienzan los swells. Al igual que pasa con el surf en el Mediterráneo, el mar de Cádiz necesita condiciones idóneas para funcionar. En todo caso, con olas o sin olas, Tarifa es un destino surfero recomendable para visitar, su fama como spot de KiteSurf ha hecho que muchos aficionados (e incluso profesionales) de deportes de agua se muden a esta localidad en busca de condiciones perfectas.


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How To Recover From A Festival

Some tips to help you through the festival come down.


You’ve just arrived back from a worriless world, dumped your bags on the floor and simultaneously felt reality dump itself on you. The past few days you’ve been camped out and intoxicated, dancing and partying surrounded by friends, blissfully unaware of the outside world. Glitter has been replaced with dust, face paint with face wash, queuing for the beer halls to sitting in traffic jams and lying spaced out staring at the stars with setting your alarm for work. It’s rough, but we’ve all been there and it does end. Here are a few little tips to help you on your way.

Take the damn band off

It’s disgusting. Look at it, really look. Is it bringing back fond memories or just giving you traumatic flashbacks to that white dude with dreadlocks that you thought was a great idea at the time? That thing has been lingering on your wrist, getting drenched in sweat and dirt and alcohol – among other things – for days. Do you think the collection of germ-infested fabric on your arm is going to impress some potential hook up? Or is it going to make them back away wondering if you’re also still wearing the same socks.


Numero duo, you smelly thing. This is going to be a pretty intense shower. You’re covered in things you can’t identify all smooshed into the layer of dirty and shame caking your entire body. Get ready to scrub off what you thought was a tan and scrape out the layers of glitter matted, seemingly permanently, into your hair. It’ll be worth it though, you’ll emerge a whole new being and for those first few minutes after you step out of the shower, you’ll even feel like this recovery might not be that bad.

Take advantage of your private toilet

Your bowels are probably pretty fucked up. You’ve been stuffing your body with alcohol and chemicals with a portapotty as your only option, too paranoid to stay in there for more than a few seconds in case you lost your friends or the smell stuck to you or some drunk asshole decided to tip it. But now, you have a whole bathroom with a whole roll of toilet paper and no one to disturb you. Enjoy.

Curl up in a ball

The shower high is passing. You can feel an aching pain starting at your head and seeping through your limbs all the way to your fingertips and toes. Find your bed, or the sofa or even just a soft patch on the floor, curl up for a while and rest those weary bones.

Fix yourself up

Drink lots of water, eat something at least vaguely nutritious and do not drink coffee. Fix up all the cuts and bruises you’ve probably accumulated and consider making an appointment for your GP – you don’t know where that guy might have been before you.

Watch the notebook on repeat so you at least have a reason to cry

You’ve probably also exhausted any serotonin left in your system and are desperately searching the Internet for ways to get it back. There’s nothing you can do but wait and just ride it through. Put on a sad movie so you at least have some solid reason to be sad, cuddle something soft and fluffy and let it all out.

Put your past behind you

Once you feel ready, pick yourself up, crack open a can and plan a trip to the beach. It’s common knowledge that jumping into the sea shocks any remaining hangover – or otherwise – straight out of you. You can do this, Stoke believes in you.

If you’re simply just not ready to go back to reality then get yourself a Stoke Passport and run away with us!


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Deslizando al Atardecer. Matteo Fabbri en Imsouane

Matteo Fabbri es uno de los grandes logger europeos sin duda, un buen tipo,  gran surfer y un tío que viaja bastante, hoy lo tenemos deslizando las espectaculares derechas de Imsouane, en Marruecos, en un atardecer esplendoroso. Directed, filmed & edited by Jacopo Cosmelli