What Are Stoke Retreats?

Putting the treat back into Retreats.

What are Stoke Retreats?

At Stoke we pride ourselves on being more versatile than a Swiss army knife, which is why not only do we provide the most legendary festival holidays, but we are now jumping on the health and wellness bandwagon – to shake things up Stoke style.

Retreats are all the rage and it’s no surprise – who doesn’t like feeling splendid? But we believe there is a gaping maw in the market for a bit of funness to be mixed in with all that spirituality and freshly squeezed juice.

This is why we have created a brand new retreat concept packed with learning and healthiness – but without forfeiting the fun – how do you like dem apples?

Why Stoke Retreats?

Do you find yourself starting once again to appreciate a good conversation, a comfy bed and taking advantage of the daylight hours?

You might even have rediscovered the joy of being good to your body, a thirst for learning new things and a yearning for something more fulfilling during your precious free time.

Maybe you don’t feel like travelling solo and putting yourself out there or staying in cramped dorms with spotty adolescents whose eyes almost pop out when you tell them your real age.

Stoke Retreats is the perfect environment to get to know awesome people on your level in a friendly and welcoming setting.

No matter your age or whether you are on your own, with friends or a couple – everyone’s welcome to come mingle and make forever friends.

If this sounds up your alley then Stoke Retreats might
just be your finest holiday discovery.

How does it work?

Travel to a beautiful location immersed in nature, surrounded by the sea and mountains and stay in comfortable and stylish accommodation, receive three healthy vegetarian meals and get stuck into a diverse programme of activities throughout the day.

It’s much more than Surf and Yoga…

Yes there will be daily yoga and in many of our destinations you can catch waves too, but we don’t limit ourselves to any one thing.

We provide a wide range of sporty, educational and fun activities for every level and taste.

Some of the good stuff on offer:

  • Fitness training
  • Motivational workshops
  • Acro-yoga
  • Cross-fit
  • Massage
  • Mindful Meditacion
  • Nutrition and Cooking
  • Sustainable living

Our fun-master will also help you find your silly-side with activities such as mini-Olympics, gymkhana and games.

At night there will also be a programme with fun stuff
such as:

  • Dance classes
  • Bonfires
  • Games
  • Live music
  • Shows

That’s not to mention extra optional activities depending on the location such as:

  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Cliff jumping
  • Water sports
  • Paragliding and other adventure sports
  • Cultural trips

Alternatively you can choose to have a free afternoon to take time for some rest and relaxation on the beach.

It’s Basically Like a Summer Camp for Adults

Our pledge is that every day we will provide something to enrich your mind, body and spirit.

Everything is carefully thought about and provided for you, so all you have to worry about is having a magnificent time.

A Perfectly Balanced Holiday Rolled up into one Sexy Little Package

Check out the Stoke Retreats page for more details and prices, and Retreat Yo’self now!

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Early Bird Special

Get your 3rd (or 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th…) night free. 

Your Europe trip isn’t really happening until you BOOK SOMETHING IN, and there’s no time like right now to make your 2019 dreams reality. That’s why we’re offering you an Early Bird Special.

This special is for a very limited time only, on pretty much all Stoke trips. Simply choose where you want to go, book three or more nights, and enter the promo code:


At checkout to get one night free. And then start training for Euro summer 2019 and then, of course, tell all of your friends.

Where do you want to go?

Or for all Stoke Travel trips click here 


And so many more trips to choose from.

Don’t miss the boat, get your summer 2019 Euro plans sorted NOW! And don’t worry about changing your mind, we’ve got low, refundable deposits and super flexible terms and conditions, so you can get your plans started now, and take advantage of the free extra night, without locking too tightly into your itinerary.

Still not sure? Have a look at this.

Check out all of our trips and get your FREE all-inclusive night now!

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We’re Not The Closest Campsite To Pamplona

Which is just as well, because that campsite sucks compared to ours!

In the course of your Running of the Bulls research you may have noticed that we’re not the closest campsite to Pamplona. This is true! We’re not the closest campsite to Pamplona, and in fact we’re actually the campsite furthest away from Pamplona (of the two campsites that could be included in this competition).

We used to be in the campsite closest to Pamplona, but we moved because they wouldn’t let us have our awesome open bar, but of course it wouldn’t be a Stoke Travel trip unless we were offering all and sundry bottomless beer and sangria for only €10 per day. So we moved, and we haven’t looked back! In fact, we’re super mega happy in our new Pamplona campsite. Here’s why.

Both Pamplona Campsites Are A Bus Ride From The City Centre

Neither camping spot is within walking distance from the encierro (bull run) or the street parties of sanfermines. No matter whether you stay at the Stoke Travel campsite, or the slightly closer other campsite, you’ll still be loading onto a bus to get to Pamplona and back. Big deal! And while the Stoke Travel bus ride might be some minutes longer, it’s not like those few minutes really matter in the grand scheme of travelling around Europe and having all the fun in the world.

What’s more, Stoke Travel has regular private coaches running from our campsite to the city centre, so you can just wander to the front of the campsite and jump on the next bus, and you’re on your way into the biggest and best street party in Spain/Europe/the World.

Our Campsite Has Kickass Facilities

We stayed at the other campsite for years, and it’s fine, but let us tell you, the new campsite is something else. Here are a list of things the new Stoke Travel campsite has that the old one doesn’t:

  • Lots of grass, as opposed to lots of dirt. This is particularly nice when in conjunction with,
  • Lots of shade. As in trees, and under those trees, and on that grass, you can have a siesta, either a post-bullrun siesta, or a pre-fiesta siesta,
  • A massive pool, with waterslide, and a DJ spinning tunes poolside. Euro pool parties filled with travellers. Bring your own speedo,
  • A river running alongside the campsite, with a little rapids for you to either float down, or marinate in. The plain of Spain gets mighty warm in the daytime, and a dip in the river is a perfect setup for your shady, grassy siesta,
  • The onsite bar and restaurant, so when you’ve devoured your included breakfast and dinner, but still need a snack, there are plenty of options and delicious dancing juice to wash it down with,
  • Sporting fields! And yes, we do use them! Footy, netball, volleyball, basketball, soccer… we can play it all, and we do, when we’re feeling sprightly. Nothing gets the party started like some boozy sports played with a pack of new best friends.

And We Make The Most Of Our Campsite

Ok, so we have the unlimited beer and sangria bar, which may be the most popular part of the campsite. We throw pool parties in the pool, and sporting matches on the sporting fields. We don’t get mad when you drag your included air mattress out of your tent and under a tree for a lovely, breezy siesta.

We also have a full music festival that we throw at no extra cost to you, inside the campsite. Yep, a music festival, which we call Stoked in the Park, and that features electronic and rock acts from all around the world. Last year we had bands and DJs from Australia, Brazil, the USA, New Zealand, the UK, local, and across Spain. The event was headlined by Australia’s Art Vs Science, who absolutely knocked the crowd to pieces.

And yeah, we just do that for you because we can. You don’t have to pay any extra, we just throw a music festival with unlimited beer and sangria so you have something fun to do while you’re preparing for Pamplona’s street parties, coming down from the bull run, or just to enjoy on its own because it’s absolutely awesome to have a music festival attached to your accommodation.

And That’s Why Stoke Travel Isn’t Just Pamplona’s Biggest Tour Group

But it’s also the best. We are populated with nothing but legends, absolutely awesome travellers from all over the world who gather together at Pamplona’s El Molino campsite to trade bulls stories, check out San Fermin’s street parties, to dance together, to try and drink our beer and sangria bar dry (impossible!), and to just enjoy being away from home and having so much fun together.

Every year we bring more people to Pamplona’s because we throw the best parties outside of the city centre. We offer more, you pay less, and we are completely devoted to you having a good time. That’s the Stoke Travel way of operating, that’s what keeps us loving what we do.

Want to come and see why our campsite is the best? Or why Stoke Travel is the best? Want to come and be the best with us? Join us for the Running of the Bulls in 2019.

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VANS DUCT TAPE de Zarautz. La visión de Nelson Palmejani. FOTOS

El pasado mes de mayo en Zarautz, como todos sabéis se celebró el VANS DUCT TAPE INVITATIONAL con Joel Tudor al frente de la organización y que trajo a nuestro país las mayores figuras de Longboard clásico mundial, con Alex knost, Tyler Warren, Andy Nieblas (A la postre ganador del evento), Justin quintal, ect… entre otros grandes loggers. El […]
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What To Do In Europe For Spring Break

Whether you’re here for a semester of studying abroad, or planning a trip from your home college, there are so many things to do in Europe for Spring Break. From partying, to culture, to culture and partying, the Old World really has it all – and with budget airlines now crossing the Atlantic multiple times every day it’s never been cheaper for a quick trip to Europe.

Let’s party in Europe for Spring Break

We’re going to lead with the obvious choice, which is to take advantage of Europe’s barely-there, 18+ liquor laws and relaxed attitude to getting partiers wasted. In most bars across the continent it’s not uncommon for the bar staff to dole out free shooters just because you did them the service of entering the bar. As far as partying in Europe is concerned you can get it done just about anywhere, but here are our favourite spots.

Spring Break in Ibiza

The White Island – so named because of the preponderance of white villas, not because its visitors prefer to wear white linen ala P-Diddy on a yacht (nor because they powder their noses so often) – is the perfect European Spring Break destination. Not only does the second biggest of Spain’s Balearic Islands host the world’s best clubs, it was the original island destination for hedonists, from hippies to EDM fans, and is a summer playground of the rich, famous, beautiful and wasted.

Ibiza’s popularity stems from its immense natural beauty more than anything, with picture perfect cove bleeding into beautiful bay and perfect beaches, all lapped by a calm, blue Mediterranean sea, and backed by mountains, farms, and villages dotted with the island’s namesake whitewashed villas.

The beauty of Spring Break in Ibiza is that the busiest season hasn’t fully kicked in by April, which means that you won’t have to suffer the island’s infamous traffic jams while you’re taking in the sights, and the clubs are more manageable. Also, as it’s a little earlier in the year we can get amazing Spring Break Ibiza deals, like three nights of accommodation, club entry, a boat party, pool parties, free drinks every night, pub crawls, awesome party hosts and more for just €220. Check it out here.

Other notable Spring Break party options include:

  • Prague, Budapest and the other unbelievably cheap watering holes of the former Eastern Bloc
  • The Greek Islands, for similar reasons to Ibiza, but without the super clubs

Culture and partying in Europe for Spring Break

While focusing on partying for Spring Break is the obvious choice, we are aware that for some of you having a good time and nourishing the old noodle aren’t mutually exclusive events. Perhaps you don’t push it too hard into the wee hours of the AM or, heaven forbid, you know when to say STOP on the free shooters; whatever it may be, you have the energy and inspiration to use your days for some higher good, and well we just respect that.

Spring Break in Barcelona

We’re biased here at Stoke because Barcelona is where we’ve been based for the past decade or so, but for the visitor the Catalan capital really has so much to see and do that will tickle the cerebellum, and then obviously more bars, clubs, discos, restaurants and street beer sellers than even the most ravenous partier will know what to do with.

A few days here will see you busy seeing sights, snapping Insta-worthy monument selfies, discovering the impeccable local gastronomy, writing off getting wasted on wine as a cultural experience and then doing all those shooters we keep talking about.

And in the greater Catalunya region there are a bunch of wine producing areas, including the red wine stronghold of Priorat-Montsant-Terra Alta, and the Barcelona adjacent white wine enclaves of Allela and Penedes. Is there any better way to combine culture and partying then on a snob sanctioned wine tour where spitting out the gods’ nectar is most certainly frowned upon.

Other culture and party Spring Break options in Europe:

  • Paris! For obvious cultural reasons, and a partying scene that, believe it or non, goes far further than the Moulin Rouge
  • Anywhere in Italy. The music can be trash, but by golly it’s enjoyable trash, and some antipasti, table wine and grappa to finish will get anybody in the mood to rage
  • Pretty much anywhere. This is what Europe does best – culture and party combinations. You can turn up just about anywhere with a pulse and find super interesting things to see and do that will eventually lead to you getting tipsy. Throw a dart at a map!

Come to Europe for Spring Break just for the culture

Ummm you’re not going to party just a little bit?

Spring Break in Ibiza is the real winner here – and that’s not because we have a trip there, more like we have a trip there BECAUSE Ibiza is the best place for Spring Break. How about you come out to Barcelona for a few days and then hop a cheap flight out to the island, rage, and then recover with a few nights of being pampered in wine country? Or, just get your squad together and reserve your beds in Ibiza. We’ll be heading out there from April 12th to 15th, and again from the 19th to the 22nd, to line up with the Easter break.

Get on the best Spring Break in Europe!

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How To Decide Which European Festivals To Go To

Deciding which European festivals to attend is a conundrum that has plagued party philosophers since the heady heydays of Greek orgies. We are the only one of ourselves, with limited time on Earth and in Europe, and while we’d love to be everywhere all the time, that’s just not realistic for most of us (or at least those of us who don’t work for Stoke Travel).

That said, it’s better to be spoiled for choice than stuck due to a deficit of options. The problem with deciding which European festivals to go to next summer is that there are just so many to choose from, and they’re all as fabulous as the next, in their own special way.

We’re going to make this decision making process easier for you, by breaking down this arduous process to its component parts and leading you into the European festival promised land.

When you’re going to be in Europe

This is the first step to making your European summer festival schedule. Will you be on the continent during the late June-early July San Vino to San Fermin season? Are you going to be around for Oktoberfest, or Springfest? Will you be passing through Barcelona for Primavera Sounds, or Bilbao for BBK Live, or are you planning on being around for the annual throwing of the turnips held deep in the mountains of Spain’s Extremadura every January?

Much of the time this is out of our control. Maybe you’re travelling to Europe with a greater purpose, to study abroad a semester, or attend a friend’s wedding, or visit relatives. In that case, you’ll work with the hand you’re dealt. But if you’re choosing your own adventure here you can select a timeframe that maximises your festivity ability. Summer’s always a safe bet for that, and conveniently the San Vino to Oktoberfest Stoke Travel festival season just squeezes into 90 days, which is perfect for pesky visa issues.

Where in Europe you’re going

Are you going to stay east and hit up the Croatian coast and its Ultra Music Festival,  or stick closer to the Danube in Central Europe for Budapest’s Sziget? Will you wander over to Western Europe and wind up in the city of lights for Rock En Seine, a couple of baguettes and some heavy romance? Maybe you’re going to sail across to the British Isles where you’ll wander into Glastonbury, or maybe even our own Stoked In The Park London.  

How long is your trip? How many locations can you squeeze in? Do you want to spend a lot of time in a few places and really get to know them? Or are you going to do a whirlwind tour across the continent hitting as many locations as possible so you can tick them off your bucket list? The latter is most certainly not advised.

What kind of festivals you’re into

Fun ones, duh.

But really, are you looking for something traditional, but wild? Maybe the Basque Country’s month of wild weeks is for you – Fetes de Bayonne, Vitoria’s Celedón, Semana Grande San Sebastián, and Semana Grande Bilbao. That’s a month that’d be so full of culture and kalimotxo you’d likely pop.

Are food fights your bag? Well we’ve got them with wine in June, at La Batalla de Vino de Haro, or with Tomatoes in Valencia for August’s La Tomatina. Maybe you want to break your cheekbone in that turnip throwing party we mentioned? 

Then there are just the pure ragers, the parties that exist only for the enjoyment of the locals and visitors, the king kong parties that combine the best of cultural celebrations and music festivals and even impromptu food fights, like Pamplona’s San Fermin, which is the party that hosts the infamous Running of the Bulls, but is actually so much more, from the craziest street party you’ll ever be a part of, a foodies heaven, live music in every town square and park, and Stoke Travel’s own Stoked in the Park Pamplona music festival with bands and DJs from all over the world playing alongside a river just out of town.

Who you’re travelling with

Do they like European festivals? Yes? Awesome.

No? Ditch that fool.

We hopes this helps a little. Whatever the scope, duration and timing of your Europe trip, Stoke Travel has something awesome on offer. Our festival season starts with Springfest, in April, and ends at Oktoberfest in October, with plenty of music and cultural parties in between. Come and play.

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Things to do in Ibiza when you’re not on drugs

Drug use has been categorically proven to enhance basically every single experience imaginable. That’s what they’re designed to do after all and that’s why there are angels out there willing to risk long stints in prison in order to get them to you. God’s work, honestly.

That does not mean however, that there aren’t still some activities out there (double negative, tricky) that can not only be tolerated, but enjoyed during your sober hours on Ibiza. We’ll go through a few of the best options below, it’s up to you whether or not you decide to add chemicals into the mix.

Go to one of Ibiza’s beautiful beaches

This may seem bleedingly obvious, you’re on Ibiza after all so you’ll probably find yourself on a beach at some point, but take advantage of your togetherness to go and find a really fucking nice beach. The beaches at San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa are great for people watching, but spread your wings a little and you’ll be really happy you did. There are people out there that don’t leave the west-end. Don’t be that person.

Hire a car

Did you know that Ibiza is 40 km in length? There’s actually a lot to see and hiring a car is the best way to do that. Not only will you not risk aggressively exfoliating the whole left side of your body after coming off a scooter, you can take four of your best buddies with you to share the experience. Go find some hippies, chase donkeys in a field, look at a nice view, throw a watermelon off a cliff. All of these wholesome activities and more are open to you when you have your own set of wheels.

Look at a Mediterranean sunset

You and I both know this will be made so much better if you’re on drugs, but that doesn’t seem to stop people all over the world from enjoying them seemingly sober. So for that reason it makes the list. There are many vantage points on Ibiza to catch the sunset. Some will be packed with people, others will be deserted, it’s up to you to decide what you want to get out of this daily occurrence. They’re incredibly romantic, so if you have your eye on some hot thing, this is a great way to kick-start a holiday romance and in terms of logistics they’re a whole lot easier to incorporate into your holiday than a sunrise.

Pick up a new hobby

Who are you kidding? You’re on holiday, there is no way you’re going to learn to crochet. Move on.

Obliterate yourself with alcohol

Look just because you’re not on (hard) drugs doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. Stay at our Ibiza Beach Camp and you can help yourself to unlimited beer and sangria for €10 a day. There will even be other people there who you can socialise with so you don’t need to do it on your own this time. Convenient. Interesting things happen when you’re drunk, you become a better version of yourself, your inhibitions are lowered and your mates are more likely to be able to convince you to get back on the gear, so everybody wins!

Well there you have it, a comprehensive list of things to do on Ibiza when you’re not ingesting things that taste like hairspray. In case you came to this article in search of real advice, why don’t you book yourself in for one of our Spanish language courses, or 5-7 day yoga experiences? You can actually better yourself on Ibiza and have fun. Or just join us for Spring Break in Ibiza and worser yourself. Both are great options. 

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Ponzanelli, olas perfectas en Baja California. THE GüERO.

Baja California siempre nos hace soñar con olas perfectas e interminables, soledad, aventura, todo eso es lo que se ha encontrado Alessandro Ponzanelli en su último viaje al pacífico mexicano.Os invitamos a soñar con esas interminables derechas, podría ser vuestro próximo surftrip ¿por qué no? Film & Edit: Jacopo Cosmelli Rider: Alessandro Ponzanelli Music: Giovanni […]
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Why Airbnb Isn’t Always The Best Choice For Your Europe Trip

Who doesn’t love an Airbnb? Walking around your temporary digs like you’ve lived there your whole life, butt naked, chugging straight from the milk carton/rum bottle. Your temporary neighbours going about their European business of running around the apartment like their feet are made of stone (if they’re upstairs), or cooking something heartbreakingly delicious just as your waking up with a hangover (downstairs). But while independence when travelling is an awesome thing, Airbnb isn’t always the best choice for your Europe trip. Sometimes Stoke Travel is. Let us tell you why. 

Airbnb is antisocial

Sure, you can poop with the door open, but staying by yourself, or with your partner and/or group isn’t going to be the best way to meet new people. When you’re pre-drinking in the apartment it’ll just be you, and if you fail to meet anybody interesting while you’re out you’ll return to… just you. Contrast this with Stoke Travel’s Running of the Bulls camp, where you’ll be hosted alongside 1000 new best friends, potential lovers and legendary drinking buddies. Isn’t the whole point of travelling getting to know new people and maybe making out with them? Or at least finding couches all over the world to crash on? You won’t win friends in the suburbs.

You don't win friends with Airbnb

Airbnb isn’t always the best deal

One of the attractions of Airbnb is that it is cheaper than hotel chains, but during busy periods, like Europe’s biggest festivals, the savvy property owners of tourist hotspots – like Munich during Oktoberfest, or it’s awesome little April/May sister Springfest – know that travellers will dig deep into their budgets in order to secure a sought after place to lay their drunken heads. These property owners didn’t get to a position in life where they have surplus apartments to rent out to strangers without obtaining some sort of awareness of how the market works, and so when demand rises so will their prices, leaving you, the traveller, not only without any new friends, but also out of pocket. Stoke Travel camps are always the same price, with more inclusions, and while you won’t be lying in a nice warm bed, you’ll be having the time of your life camping with nice, warm, awesome individuals and groups from all over the world.

Using Airbnb isn’t the most morally sound option

To be fair, either is staying with Stoke Travel, an organisation that prides itself on encouraging people to do beerbongs, but nevertheless, from Barcelona to Amsterdam and everywhere in between, Airbnb’s inability to stop businesses from purchasing apartments in the middle of cities, so that they then might rent them out on their platform, has changed the urban landscape across Europe, as families, the elderly and young people are increasingly unable to afford a life in the only neighbourhoods they’ve ever known. You might think with your Airbnb apartment that you’re having an authentic experience, when in reality you’re just surrounded by a bunch of tourists and a handful of locals who are wondering why you’re there. Stoke Travel most certainly doesn’t have a negative effect on the urban landscape.

There are no inclusions with Airbnb

Ok, maybe a half-drunk welcome beer left sitting on the kitchen counter, or a stiff and scratchy towel to use; maybe there is a pube-infested bar of soap on the shower floor. But not many inclusions come with Airbnb. At Stoke, however, we’re talking breakfasts and dinner, surf lessons, music festivals with international acts, daily yoga, all kinds of parties, guides to make sure you do the cool things, security staff on site to walk you to your tent when you can’t quite see straight – we’ve got inclusions coming out the wazoo! You can keep your Old Spice body wash.

Do you really need all the trappings of home?

We love Airbnb because you’re offered a nice place to relax, watch some tele and cook a meal while travelling. Isn’t that nice! But when you’re staring down the barrel of Spain’s biggest street party, or looking to reach the bottom of multiple litres of Bavarian beer, do you really need to watch Katching Up With The Kardooshians? We know that you don’t need to cook, because we’re doing it for you. Sure, maybe a mirror to beautify yourself would come in handy, but what’s the point when you’ve got nobody to present your adorable face to? This is festival season! We’re here to rage, not to potter around somebody else’s home. We’re here to take advantage of Stoke Travel’s all-you-can-drink beer and sangria bar, to dance with beautiful strangers and new friends from all over the world, to spin the Wheel of Misfortune, or at least to watch while others do and have to swap their underwear…

This is the season to be social, to make the most out of the environment you’re in and to do it all without spending too much valuable travelling money. This is the season to travel with Stoke Travel, not just stay with Airbnb; there’s a time and a place for everything, and “festival season” in “Europe” is for Stoke Travel.

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