V edición Barcelona surf film festival 2017

Otro año más podemos disfrutar del mejor surf en Barcelona… en la pantalla grande! La semana que viene tiene lugar el Barcelona Surf Film Festival ’17, tras un cambio de fechas, debido al tiempo (meteorológico), entre los días 5 y 7 de julio el museo marítimo de Barcelona se llenará de surf, música y seguro, buen rollo.

Esta edición trae algunas novedades como:

  • Horario ampliado: de 18h a medianoche.
  • ¡Nuevo espacio!: Jardins del Baluard – Museu Marítim de Barcelona. Entrada por Plaça Blanquerna
  • Edición ZERO WASTE, donde se intentará eliminar los residuos al máximo.

Pelis, música y surf expo

Además del gran cine de surf que podremos ver en esta edición no faltarán charlas antes de las pelis sobre temas tan interesantes como la conexión con la naturaleza, el futuro y la industria de las tablas de surf, así como una sesión con el apneista profesional y campeón del mundo Miguel Lozano.

Antes de las pelis surferas, mientras termina de ponerse el sol, diferentes bandas amenizarán la jornada mientras esperamos con una cerveza o un buen te frío Kalaini en la mano.

Si todavía sobra tiempo os podéis pasear entre las tiendas del mercadillo surfero que tendrán sus stands por allí.

Programa del festival

Miércoles 5

18:00 BCNSurf Afterworks
18:30 Concert: Shamrock Vagabonds
19:00 SurfTalk: Miguel Lozano “Surf Survival”
20.30 Concert & Talk: COX
22:00 Being There
22:30 Fish People
23:30 The Church of the Open Sky

Jueves 6

18:00 BCNSurf Afterworks
18:30 Concert: Old Tucson
19:00 SurfTalk: D2C Nature Talk
20.30 Concert: Joan Queralt & The Seasicks
22:00 El Mar como Terapia There
22:30 The Scramble Gamble
22:45 Welcome to Raglan
23:00 Given

Viernes 7

18:00 BCNSurf Afterworks
18:30 Concert: Seb Hart
19:00 SurfTalk: Luko Wedge “Build Your Own”
20.30 Concert: Raqul Lúa y Yeray Hernández
22:00 Mar(s): Wave on the closest planet
22:15 I’m African
22:45 Proximity
24:00 Free Jazz Vein

Con este cartel el festival vuelve a prometer pasar unos días llenos de surf  y buenos ratos, bajo el lema #LifeBetweenSwells. Personalmente estoy deseando ver la película “Welcome to Raglan”, un pueblo surfero de Nueva Zelanda que tuve la suerte de visitar hace unos años, sin duda un paraíso surfero sin igual.

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SURFTRIP.Momentos en Galicia, Surf, carretera y rincones.

FOTOS: Lili Andrade Cuando coges tus tablas, tu furgo y te diriges a la tierra de las “Meigas” Galicia, todo puede ocurrir, buen surfing, lluvia, descubrir nuevos rincones, nuevos pueblos, hacer nuevos amigos en cualquier aparcamiento de playa. En un surftrip el surfing es importante y si los astros se alinean contigo, solo queda disfrutar […]
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Resumen del 4º San Sebastián Single Fin Classic

Bonito vídeo a modo de resumen, de la mano de Mikel Gasca, del evento celebrado el pasado fin de semana en la playa de la Zurriola en San Sebastián, el Single Fin Classic organizado por la mítica tienda Hawaii,     Saliendo ganador el francés, Clovis Donizetti uno de los exponenetes del long clásico. La […]
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El Noreste Final, un edit de Troy Mothershead

Troy, además de ser un gran surfer con todo tipo de tablas, también le gusta editar vídeos, y aquí os traemos su último trabajo, El Noreste Final. UN vídeo grabado en una larga derecha de California en pleno invierno, acompañado de una música tranquila, un conjunto realmente bueno que hace que se te pase volado […]
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Bull Runners Checklist

A final list to prepare you for the 2017 Bull Run.


The days are counting down fast to The Running Of The Bulls opening ceremony. Not long from now we’ll all be running for our lives, drunk on fear and adrenaline through the slippery streets of Pamplona followed by getting very drunk on actual alcohol and enjoying the best damn street festival in the Basque Country. But first, we’ve made a list of a few last minute things to consider in order to increase your chances of survival.

Slipknot your neckerchief

Having a bull anywhere near your neck is definitely no bueno and should be avoided at all costs. The only thing that could make it even worst – bar tripping over your shoelace – is getting a bull horn not only through your neckerchief (The read cloth you tie around your neck for the run) but STUCK in your neckerchief, dragging you along in the stampede with them.

Velcro shoes

Maybe the worst time ever for you to trip over your shoelace would be while running for you life from bulls. It’s probably safe to say that stopping to tie your shoelace is pretty much game over. What a way to go.

Don’t climb over the barricades, dive under them.

Over is gonna be a lot slower and a lot more difficult. You know those nightmares where you can’t run fast enough? It’s exactly like that, except you’re climbing instead of running and you’re trying to escape bulls instead of monsters and it’s not actually a dream, it’s definitely very real.

Extra pants

You’re gonna be running from bulls, actual real BULLS. And in all that excitement, you probably shouldn’t rule out the possibility of pissing yourself. Once the run ends, the streets of Pamplona will come alive with the best fiesta you’ll go to this summer or maybe ever – depends on how many other Stoke festivals you come to really. It will be an endless night of drinking, dancing and celebrating the fact that you survived. Enjoying this new appreciation for life will probably be that much better if it’s not a life where you smell like piss.

If you fall down, definitely don’t try to get up.

Your impulse will be to get up and run. Do not do this. Kneeling puts your face around about big scary bull face level. Just stay down and think happy thoughts until the bulls have passed.

Avoid Sueltos at all costs.

A Suelto is a lone bull and it is not something you want to encounter, they won’t have heard to lead them away. If you do come across a Suelto, back off, cover your head and wait until it gets the fuck away.

Do not get stuck in Dead Man’s Corner

The appropriately named Dead Man’s Corner is a sharp and narrow corner and the most dangerous spot. If you can, pick your spot and line up somewhere after this corner. If you can’t, be ready for it.

Put your affairs in order

Last but not least, you’ll probably be fine but better safe than sorry, you know.

Now that you know what you’re in for, book your spot and come join us in Pamplona!

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Last Minute Running With The Bulls

Five things you’re wasting you life doing that are definitely less fun that Running Of The Bulls.


Life is short, too short to do all the amazing things there are to do in the world. We know this, yet instead of chewing through our bucket lists we waste time contemplating whether to do the amazing things instead of actually just doing them! While we contentedly pass countless hours going through the same mundane motions.

The Running Of The Bulls is about two weeks away now and Stoke is working hard to set up the best damn festival within a festival you ever did see. The campsite is packed full of amazing people and amazing things to do that we can guarantee will be more fun than whatever it is you could be doing instead. Below is a list of examples to give you that final push you need to come join us in Pamplona.

Sitting at a desk

Screw that, you’ll spend about five years of your life sitting at a desk. Why sit on your arse when you could be literally running for your LIFE through the streets of Pamplona all day and partying with Stoke all night.


Yeah showering is a thing you should do but the average person spends half a year of their life in a shower. The Stoke campsite has both a swimming pool AND a river, both definitely way more fun options.


The average person spends like a third of their life SLEEPING. Just lying there doing nothing. Get away from all that sleeping nonsense for a while. Stoke has a whole fricking festival INSIDE the Running Of The Bulls Festival. There’ll be so much fun shit to do that you just won’t have time for sleep.

Sitting on a toilet

Live a little, change it up, the average person spends something like 90 days of their life sitting on a toilet. You’ll have plenty more time to do just that so why not be spontaneous, shit yourself running from bulls and go back to your damn toilet later.


2.5 years, that’s how much of your life you spend cooking food for yourself. Give yourself a break. Come hang out at the Stoke campsite and we’ll make TWO whole meals a day for you. Think of all the other stuff you could do with that spare time.

Sitting in traffic

You spend three months of your life sitting in traffic. That’s what you’d be missing out on if you decided to fuck it all and come to Pamplona for a few days. Sitting in traffic.


What are you waiting for?? Book your spot now! See you and your newfound spontaneity soon.  

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Kepa Acero reflexiones después de su accidente en Mundaka

Este invierno KEPA ACERO seguramente el free rider mas conocido de nuestro país, tuvo un accidente muy grave surfeando en MUNDAKA como todos sabéis, bueno ahora que ya esta casi completamente repuesto y en su “Segunda oportunidad”  nos viene con sus reflexiones de dicho accidente, no os lo perdáis!!!!    
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Why The Party Bus From Barcelona To Haro Is The Best Possible Way To Get To San Vino

Four reasons why the Barcelona to Haro bus is an amazing idea.

Josephine Ryan Murphy

San Vino aka The Wine Fight is just around the corner, and even seeing a bottle of wine makes you squeal. The only problem is, you can’t decide how to make your way to Haro. Problem SOLVED. It doesn’t get much better than our bus from Barcelona, five hours of hanging out on a bus, watching the world go by, getting to know a bunch of strangers, the list could go on and so we made one. If you’re not already convinced that the bus from Barcelona to Haro is the best possible way to get to Vino then have a read.

Five Hours To Get To Know Each Other

Much like the London to Munich Oktoberfest party train, you’ve got more than enough time in an enclosed space to get to know your fellow wine fighters. There’s something sort of magical about long bus journeys, people come together you know? You’ll enter the bus alone but after five hours of sharing stories, peeing and sleeping together you’ll all stumble off the bus already the best of friends while the dummies who drove there stare enviously, all stressed out and tired after hours of trying to find their own way.

It’s Kind Of Your Only Choice

San Vino is a very small, very local festival surrounded by vineyards in the middle of nowhere. Your only other choice is driving but who in their right mind volunteers as designated driver at a WINE festival. Even if for some bizarre reason you decide to refrain from actively drinking the wine, it will find its way into your system. Wine will be thrown everywhere, the second you open your mouth to scream “NO! I’m designated driver!” or even to breath it will be filled with the fermented grape juice. Besides, you’ll be covered in so much of it that it will more than likely seep into your system anywho.

You Don’t Have To Think About Anything Other Than Wine

All you have to worry about is wine, literally just wine. You’re only responsibility is finding your way to the meeting point in Barcelona and after that everything is done for you. You can sit back and relax while we transport you to wine heaven and the next few days will become a purple haze of drunk happiness. You can prolong this blissfully unaware state all the way back to Barcelona too. Once you’ve finished breakfast, just drag yourself onto the bus and continue to sleep, drink, anything that makes you happy – within reason – all the way back to Barcelona before reentering the world of responsibilities.

Bus Sing Songs Are The Best

Remember how fun it was to sing on the buses during school trips? Now imagine it on a bus full of new adult friends with adult tastes. Impress the hot guy next to you with your rendition of Wheels On The Bus, see how far through 99 Bottles Of Wine On The Wall you can get without passing out, the possibilities are endless.


Sound good? Cool, book your spot here and get ready to pickle yourself with wine!



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Why The London To Munich Party Train Is The Best Idea Ever

Five reasons why a Party Train is clearly the best way to get to Oktoberfest from the UK.


So you’re in the UK and you’ve decided that Oktoberfest is for you and now you just need to figure out how to get there. You’ve basically got three options, an underwater party train or two other shittier modes of transport. On the party train you’ll have a nice comfy seat surrounded by other Stoketoberfest campers and a wonderful view of the countryside rolling past. You’re basically getting a whole extra day of partying on either side of the festival rather than wasting your time on a bus or plane. If you’re not already convinced, that’s a little weird but here are a few more reasons that might knock some sense into you.

10 Hours To Get To Know Each Other

The train journey is about 10 hours, which gives you a pretty decent amount of time to suss out your fellow Oktoberfest campers and get to know each other and when you combine inescapable vehicles and alcohol, relationships can escalate fairly quickly. Basically while everyone else will meet for the first time at the campsite, you’ll have already laid the groundwork and are therefore more likely to actually get laid.

You Can Move

Dead legs and feet are not a issue on trains, you can do all the moving you want. Not just readjusting on your terribly uncomfortable bus/plane seat and awkwardly rubbing off the person next to you, actual MOVING. You can walk through the carriages – you could even skip or dance through the carriages if you really wanted and probably will after a few drinks. You can stand in various different places along the train. If you don’t like the person sitting next to you, fuck ‘em, go for a wander and find someone you do. If you do like the person sitting next to you, you can invite them to walk WITH you.

You Can Pee

Ok so yeah, you can pee on airplanes too but when you flush you have to press yourself against the other side of the tiny shit box while they make that terrifying sucking noise that happens while they try and pull you right out of the plane and to your death. Buses rarely have them and when they do, without getting into the details, you have to deal with the unpleasantries of speed bumps, corners, sudden stopping and starting, the list goes on. Trains however, have fairly decent toilets.

Start The Mile Below Club

Does anyone really believe that no one noticed you just fucked in the airplane toilet? Everyone is literally sitting, FACING the toilet with not much else to do other than people watch. On the party train however, not only are half the seats facing the other direction but everyone’s too busy walking around and standing in various places along the train to notice, plus there’s more room.

It’s A Party Train

Last but not least, you’re literally on a train full of the people that you’ll be camping and partying with all weekend. Trains, they’re the best.

Go get yourself a Party Train ticket and if you don’t have an Oktoberfest ticket yet, do that too!

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Camiño do Rio Surfboards. Madera para deslizar.

  Hoy os traemos una marca de tablas peculiar, tanto por el material que emplean en su construcción, la madera, como por la personalidad de los artesanos que están detrás de CAMIÑO DO RíO. Camiño do Río Surfboards, nace en O Grove (Pontevedra) y lo componen 2 individuos… Rodrigo Nuñez  (Trigo) carpintero, y Oscar Moraña (Pichi) […]
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