Five Reasons Why The Stoke App Will Make Travelling Europe Wonderful

Maybe you’ve heard, perhaps you haven’t, but Stoke Travel has made an app! Rather than let the pandemic and dissolving of youth travel kill our momentum, we decided to use the free time to rethink, and then reinvent the way young people travel Europe, and thus after lots of planning, creating, stress, and then testing and refining, we’ve now got a beautiful little app for all travellers in Europe – and maybe, just maybe, eventually the world.


Here are five ways that the Stoke App will turbo charge your travelling life.

1.Making and managing Bookings has never been easier

The Stoke App makes it super easy for you to find trips and experiences near you, or that you’re interested in, share them with friends, make group bookings, and get everybody to pay their own deposits and balances (no more having to foot the bill while your pals take their sweet time to pay you back).

But you can also change the details of your bookings, like dates and even who’s coming with you, add upgrades (for free, more on that later), and then when it’s time to arrive check in with absolute ease. No more lines, no more waiting, with the Stoke App you’re already checked in and ready to roll.

2. We’ve curated Europe’s best experiences, trips, adventures and festivals

So yeah, of course you can book any Stoke Travel trip on the Stoke App, but we gotta let you know that it’s not ONLY a Stoke Travel app. On the Stoke App you can book Europe’s best music festivals, accommodation in the best hostels, city-based experiences and multi-day trips to the destinations you want to go to. And the best part? Every product on the Stoke App has been selected by us. We’re not just going to fill the Stoke App with whatever, we’ve done the research and the testing to ensure that everything on the Stoke App is what you want to do, and reaches our lofty standards when it comes to good times, and nice things.

3. User generated maps by you, and for you

Imagine if Trip Advisor wasn’t full of reviews and complaints from families and whingers. Imagine if Google Maps only had locations on it that had been tested and approved of not only by fellow travellers, but by fellow travellers who are just like you are. Well, that’s how the maps roll on the Stoke App. You can see which bartenders in Barcelona’s best bars will give you free shots; easily find London’s best spots for a cheeky ‘Gram shoot; discover the clubs in Prague that will let you in for free.

All the advice in there has been added by fellow travellers, and the “hit or shit” feature will let you know what they really think about the spots. PLUS you can add to the maps yourself, and let those who come after you what you enjoyed, what you didn’t, who helped you get fucked up, where the underground parties are – just the cheeky little hints and tips that you’re going to really benefit from AND when you use the maps and add to them yourselves, the app will reward you.

4. Collect points to upgrade your upcoming trips, or book more adventures

For every booking you make, every add-on that you add on, you’ll be allocated points on the Stoke App, really generous points. And with those points you’ll be able to upgrade your trips (from camping to glamping, for example), get free merch, and even book future travels. This rewards program won’t be one of those bullshit deals where you have to buy 17 coffees to get half of one for free, we want to use this opportunity to really hook you up. This will be a rewards system that is really beneficial to your travels.

That’s why we call the Stoke App your travel buddy with benefits.

5. Get to Rockstar status and travel the way you deserve

In addition to redeemable points, everything you do on the Stoke App – from set up your profile, to adding trips to your bucket list, sharing your plans with friends, making bookings, adding to the maps – will earn you Stoke Steps. Stoke Steps are different to points, as they’re not redeemable in trips. BUT they do so, so much more than that.

The Stoke App organises users according to travelling status. Everyone on the Stoke App starts off as a Tourist, but it’s pretty easy to use the app and setup your profile to get enough Stoke Steps to quickly upgrade to Traveller status. From Traveller you can get to Influencer status by making some bookings, getting some friends to sign up to the Stoke App, that kind of thing, and the best of the best Travellers and Influencers might get to Rockstar status.

What do the different statuses mean? Well firstly, the higher your status the more points you get, so when you book trips you’ll be more rewarded just because you’re a Traveller, Influencer or Rockstar, but in addition to that we’re organising hook-ups across Europe to really make your travels as enjoyable as you need them to be. VIP sections, airport lounge access, gym passes – the things that you miss while on the road, that would just make your travelling life that much sweeter.

Those who get to Rockstar status will truly travel like rockstars. When you arrive at festivals we’ll have riders set up for you. Want a bottle of vodka? OK! Only green Skittles? We can do it! But this is reserved for the best of the best, the travellers who are really making the most of their time in Europe, and letting the Stoke App make it happen for them.

The Stoke App is about to be released. Do you want to sign up for the pre-release downloads, and be gifted a free 20 points (€20) to spend on future travels? Hit this link and let’s get back to living our best European lives!

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