Quinos Lara feat The Simpsons

Hoy os traemos el video de un buen amigo con el que tenemos la suerte de surfear en muchos de nuestros baños. Ese es Quinos, gran persona dentro y fuera del agua, con un gran sentido del humor, por lo que en el vídeo hemos intentado plasmarlo intercalando en él una escena de los Simpsons, […]
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Introducing our 2019 Stoke Soundcheck Winners: Wicked Things

Any Young Band Dreams of Touring Europe, But For Wicked Things, It’s Happening a Lot Sooner Than Expected.

Recently, an epic battle of the bands hosted by Soundcheck took place in Sydney. We scoured the land down under for the best of the best, looking for the winner who would spend the summer with us here in Europe, attending all the festivals and concerts Stoke has to offer. Not just attending, but touring and performing – sometimes alongside the legendary Dune Rats. Sounds like a dream, right? Well for the new and upcoming Aussie band Wicked Things, it’s their reality.

So who are Wicked Things?

Well, for starters the four members of the band are all brothers, two of them being twins. They claim that this is the secret to their success as a band.

“I think a big part of it is because we’re all brothers, while we’re performing we have that interaction with each other and the audience can read that energy on stage. We grew up with each other so we work as a unit pretty well.”

It was clear when we chatted with the lads that they were all pretty close, as a band and as family members, despite the band only being one year old. During the tour, the band will be on the road, sleeping in camping tents on the festival grounds. I asked them how they will survive, being locked together for three months straight, this could make or break the band, and maybe their relationship with each other. They seemed undisturbed and completely up for the challenge.

“We’re brothers! We’ve been living together for over twenty years!” they assured us and watching the guys joke around and reading the energy in the room, they seemed more like best mates than brothers.

During the soundcheck competition,  plenty of bands came from all over the eastern states of Australia to perform, Wicked Things couldn’t believe their luck when the presenter called their names.

“What the fuck has been the catchphrase of the month,” they said.

But luck can’t be all that got them through to the final round, we asked them about the performance and why they think they won.

“We’ve been playing music for a long time. I don’t want to sound like a dick but we just played really well. We’ve been brought up listening to a lot of rock music.”

And we can safely say they look the part. Sporting some awesome Wicked Things merch, they’re obviously very outspoken and passionate about their music. As we talked some more about their genre, they spoke about how they were stoked for  London Big Day Out, as rock music started in the English capital, and they have a strong connection with the place. Not only do they look the part, but the lads know how to put on a show.

“We all do some form of acrobatics and martial arts, so when we go live, people aren’t just there to listen to music they want to see cool stuff too. So we’ll do flips off stage and do the splits and jump kicks. And even lame stuff like playing the guitar back to back like they did on those cheesy 80’s rock videos. The crowd loves it.”

Anyone who has been on a Stoke trip knows things can get pretty rowdy. From our Running with the Bulls fest in Pamplona to tackling the mosh pit at Stoked in the Park concerts. When you’re off your face on our deadly sangria, our trips can get wild.

“I think that maybe your martial arts will come in handy on our trips, last year we had stage invaders, have you ever experienced that while performing?”

“Absolutely. At the audition soundcheck performance, we had to do that. We got asked to play an encore and this guy tried to unplug my equipment while we were still playing and threw a beer can at us.  And he tried to come up on stage and hit one of us so I kicked him in the chest. I guess he was upset that we got asked to do an encore and he was waiting to play his bit. And then afterwards when we won they tried to come up to us and demand hospital fees!”

Sounds like they have nothing to worry about when it comes to defending themselves from crazy fans, it’ll be a great show for us if it happens. To make an amazing opportunity even better, the lads will be playing alongside Dune Rats, touring with them throughout Europe and getting up to all kinds of drunken shenanigans. “We heard they’re rowdy as”. Rowdy is one way to put it, if you’ve been living under a rock, check out one of their music videos here that they’ll be performing at our festivals.

“It’s so crazy for us to think about. It’ll be great to pick up some kind of know-how from them and learn from them. They will kind of be our mentors.”

Paid flights, access to all our wild festivals, meals and unlimited booze. It’s enough to make any young rock band go crazy. We suggested they’ll probably get up to no good and if they’re likely to fall off the wagon. And while being a young rock band on the road has temptations, Wicked Things seem intent on taking this opportunity seriously.

“The band is a year old and as much as it’s going to be a good time, we’re here for business. We don’t want to miss the opportunity, we’ll have a rad time of course, but we don’t want to fuck around. We are here for business and to make a name for ourselves.” But that said, they are young Aussie boys living their dreams. And there will be plenty of opportunities to get up to no good.

“Cooper will be the biggest liability” they all agreed jokingly, “he’s the biggest out of us so it will take all three of us to take him down, especially on drugs,”

We asked the hard-hitting questions,

“You’ll be stuck together for a very long time, who will be the most annoying?” 

They all immediately said Caleb, who did not look surprised. “He’s not a black belt yet so we can take him down no worries if he’s being too annoying”, they laughed.

We asked the lads what was on their rider (a rider is a list of things performers ask for before they go on stage). We were thinking dentist prescribed cocaine served on a gold platter or cigars made in Cuba. The joked all they wanted was a decent cup of tea and a comfortable pillow. They said they’d give it more thought and get a list going, there was talk for a 1996 Ford Mustang and basement brewed beer…so we’re sure it’ll be interesting! 

2019 is Wicked Things year, but next year it might be yours. The band shares some advice on winning next year’s Soundcheck.

“Have fun. Don’t take it so seriously, don’t try to win. We’ve seen some entries and different battle of the bands and it’s always the sponsored band that gets the ticket. So we actually assumed this comp was rigged. So we were just like fuck it we’ll play hard and have fun and make asses of ourselves and do our thing, and it worked in our favour.”

“Being able to work a crowd is so important.  We just do what we normally do back home. We play like we do for three people as we do for 300. We thought others had it in the bag. When we found out we won it was the most emotion I’ve felt in years! If you’re confident in your band, be your band don’t do what others do.

Our last question was what they were doing to prepare for their trip of a lifetime, their tour starts on the 15th of June in London.

“We are writing more songs like crazy, we got some more material and the songs are doing really good. As for our jobs, we’re pretty good at what we do so they’re happy to have us back afterwards. But hopefully after this, we won’t have to and we can continue making music. We can just fuck off on another tour.”


Sounds good to us guys! Check out their Instagram and keep updated on their journey. We can tell they’ve got big things planned!


You may not have won a Soundcheck all-expenses-paid-for adventure, but you still don’t have to miss out on this amazing summer! Join us at one of our festivals and come hang out with the incredible Wicked Things band and watch them play live alongside Dune Rats. Come join the madness, it’s going to be one to remember.


By Sophie Nicolas

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Hangfive surf culture, una surf shop con encanto.

La cultura clásica del surfing en Portugal, esta creciendo muy rápido, hasta hace poco los longboarders Lusos, eran conocidos por sus excelentes prestaciones «performers» , aunque aún son numerosos los longboards modernos por sus playas, cada vez es mas visible una corriente mas clásica, cada vez se ven mas loggers en el agua, hay un […]
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Nico NikiDora at home

»Nico NikiDora at home», es el título del último vídeo de nuestro redactor Miki Astorga. La idea era grabar unas tomas para hacer el vídeo de presentación para el Ferrolog, pero durante los baños, Nico, con sus 16 años estaba surcando realmente bien que el material obtenido no podía quedarse sólo en un vídeo de […]
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Why Boat Parties Are The Best Kind of Parties

There’s something about boat parties that make us feel like we’re better than everyone else. From our Barcelona Boat Parties to our Stoke Afloat Croatia cruises, we’re quite often lording it up on some waterway or another. In fact, this very Kings Day we’ll be cruising down the canals of Amsterdam for our exclusive barge party and then having an epic rage in the cobbled streets of the city. Join us for our boat party made for the poshest of the party goers and let us convince you why boat parties are the only way you should party.

The Sunsets

Tell us, would you rather see the inside of a dingy, dimly lit club, probably stepping on dried up yack on the floor? or a spectacular sunset over the ocean, while sipping champagne (you’ll probably still be stepping on dried up yack, but at least you have a view). But we’ll tell you what’s better than a sunset – our Kings Day boat party will be cruising down the canals of picturesque Amsterdam. You can’t a better view than that!


You Can Reenact The Iconic Titanic Scene

Not the sinking part! Grab your partner, drunk friend or a fellow Stokie and force them to be the Jack to your Rose as you gaze into the horizon and drunkenly slur “I’m flying” and then proceed to tumble off the hull of the boat. Whoever said boats were not romantic?


You Can Pretend To Be Rich (while drinking 20c beer)

The whole appeal of a boat party is to look fancy in your white linen pants while holding a glass of champagne (or beer in a champagne glass). Don’t forget the huge white sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, or people aren’t going to know that you’re classy and well travelled.

On our Amsterdam boat parties, you can get unlimited sangria and beer for just 10 euros, that’s how much it costs to get off your face drunk. But no one will notice that you’re a vomit-soaked mess on the floor, you’re on a boat. Which means you’re ten times better looking than the other chump who is vomit soaked and not on a boat.  


You Can’t Tell if You’re Drunk Because You’re Already Swaying

One of the other pros of getting wasted on a boat is that you can’t tell the moment you get drunk because you were already swaying by the time the boat left the dock. This can either be a fun game of beer goggles, and you can laugh when someone almost topples overboard. Or you could be clutching your stomach, feeling like you’re going to hurl. It’s 50/50.


The Snapchats Will Be Dope

Isn’t the whole point of going on a boat party is to brag about it to your friends? Just think of the amazing Snapchats you’ll be taking all night of the guy in the corner chugging beer, people dancing to some sick tunes from our onboard DJ. Or why not post a candid not-so-candid- photo of yourself looking out onto the horizon? Our Barcelona boat parties are perfect profile pic material. Let’s not lie to ourselves, you’re gonna do it for the gram.


You Can Party Like a Pirate

We’re not going to lie, when you’re out there with nothing but the sea and a bunch of rowdy mates. You kind of feel like you’re a swashbuckling pirate drinking rum on a big adventure. Sure, the reality is that you’re all going to get blind drunk, hook up with some stranger and take some blurry snaps, but it’s the imagination that counts.


Bikini and speedos

Who knows? You might meet your future bae on this trip? It’s a romantic first meeting waiting to happen. A bunch of beautiful people on a boat wearing swimwear and ready to mingle, who would want to pass that up?


If you’ve got no plans this weekend, come on down and join us in Amsterdam for Kings Day. And since it’s this weekend and we really want to see you there, we’ve hooked you up with a limited time offer of UNLIMITED sangria and beer! Just put “Get Stoked” as a promo code at checkout. See ya there!

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What to wear to the Royal Ascot

Stoke Travel is getting fancy this year at Royal Ascot in England. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a famous horse race meet where actually posh people rub shoulders with people pretending to be classy by dressing fancy but getting totally wasted. Our girl Queen Elizabeth attends which makes the event so popular and we’ll get good enough seats so you can spot her in the stands… who knows she might join you for a cheeky bevvie.

Not sure what to wear? We got you covered, here’s how you can get frocked up to be messed up (in a classy way of course).

For the Guys

Basic Bitch Chic

Ahh, Tarocash. The Australian bread and butter of formal wear, the definition of smart casual to suit the everyday Aussie bloke. Get yourself a spiffing new jacket paired with the ever classic chino pants. Come on, do we have to spell it out for you? Just leave the speed dealer sunnies at home and for the love of god don’t wear a fedora. If you are hoping to look the exact same as every guy attending the race, then this option is for you.


Frock it Up

No seriously! Men can finally realise their dream of looking fabulous and feeling all different kinds of sexy by wearing a dress this year in a bid to appeal to transgender racegoers. This is the first time men are allowed to wear dresses. So if you want to support a good cause and feel a healthy breeze around your private parts, then why not opt for a flowy summer dress? Heels optional (would make your legs look great though).


Show Off Those Sleeves

Remember, not everybody knows that you’ve got tattoos so make sure to roll up those sleeves and let the world know. Jacket? Who needs one? Not you. Get an extra small shirt, you know, the ones that make the buttons strain a little. That way it’s easier for you to rip it off when you get loose at our royal afterparty, because who doesn’t like to end a day at Royal Ascot wasted, shirtless and passed out in a ditch somewhere? Trust us, you’ll look great and not like a douchebag at all.


Cuffed Pants

Pants just don’t look right unless they’re rolled to the shin, amirite fellas? Seriously, it’s really hard for anyone to take you seriously when your pants are cuffed, especially when they’re already too tight.  It just makes you look like a toddler whose pants are too big. If you really can’t help yourself and you absolutely must cuff your pants or the world doesn’t make sense without it, at least wear low socks.


Rock Those Jandals, Son.

“You can’t wear jandals to the Royal Ascot”

“You look stupid with those jandals and socks on mate”

“Can’t you ever make an effort?”

Don’t listen to them, they’re obviously just jealous. If they had the balls to pull off a nice pair of chinos with jandals and socks they would. Everyone knows jandals are the superior footwear of formal events. You do you, and block out the haters.


For the Ladies


A Big ol’ Hat (obviously)

A hat must be worn, no excuses, no arguing, you are wearing a hat. It’s not required, but it’s pretty rude not to.  It must be a solid base of four inches and must be as extra as you can make it without looking like there’s a bird nest on your head. We’re talking feathers, mesh, weird shapes, hell, you can even wear your dead stuffed cat and it’ll be a look. Refusal to wear a hat and you’ll be personally executed by the Queen herself. She’s an absolute mad lad. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Copy the Queen

It’s no lie that our homegirl is a fashion icon. So, why not take some tips from the Queen B herself and go for an all one colour matching two pieces? We recommend lime green or neon yellow, matching hat, matching shoes, anything that isn’t matching needs to go. It’s called colour blocking, sweetie, and we’re not here to play around. Choose your colour, be comfortable in what you’re wearing, because odds are you’ll spill our complimentary bubbly all over you anyway while you’re getting sloshed at the races.


A Potato Sack

While there is no official dress code for the Windsor Enclosure, ladies you can frock it up but dresses must fall below the knee or longer. Just pop into H&M and find a cheap, print dress and but don’t worry, if you wear a big hat from Claire’s no one will notice you skimped out on the dress. By the time the second round of bubbles has gone down,   we’re sure no one will notice that you have the same dress as ten other ladies.


Rep Your Home Country

If you’re from overseas you can wear the national dress of your country. So good news for Aussies, we can finally break out our favourite K-mart singlet, thongs and cork hat (in respect to the fascinator hats). Wrap yourself in an Aussie flag, or even make a dress out of it, and you’re good to go.


Wear Sky High Heels

“Walking on stilts is fun, even more fun when you can’t walk in them. And the best part? When your heels sink into the grass,” said no woman ever. The event is held in England, which means it’s probably going to be raining. So open-toed heels that are covered in muddy grass and meaning you can only shuffle walk all day? Not worth it. And if you’re joining us in our epic after party, you’ll be in for a world of pain. But then again, it’s a great workout for your calves.


If you’re thinking about getting fancy with us this year, then take a look at our packages and book now! Spots fill up pretty fast! As if you need any more convincing, use the promo code “Get Stoked” at checkout for unlimited beer and sangria!


By Sophie Nicolas

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If You Do Any Of These Things In a Hostel You’re a Dickhead

Play Wonderwall On Your Guitar At 6 am (to be fair, at any time)

We get it, you play the guitar. You’re a free wanderer, a hippy traveller and you feel super cool setting the chill vibes at the hostel with your sick guitar skills. What you don’t realise is that everybody wants to take that guitar and smack you over the head with it. Trust us, no matter how good you are, nobody wants to hear you play Riptide, or any of the other crappy hits guaranteed to be butchered by acoustic-wielding sociopaths, for the hundredth time at 6 o’clock in the morning.

Rustle Your Bags Loudly In The Middle Of The Night

These are for the people that didn’t think it was a good idea to pack their bags the night before they were leaving. But decided to leave it to the wee hours of the morning to loudly unzip your bag, remove all its contents and rustle in what sound like the loudest plastic bag in the world. Make sure you take the time the night before to sort your stuff out, it’s basic hostel etiquette.

Get Freaky In The Rooms.

It’s happened to every traveller, you hear the unmistakable sign of the squeaking bunk beds and hushed giggles and you know you’re in for a sleepless and uncomfortable night. Come on people, there are showers, laundry rooms and stairwells you can use,  just don’t use the room where there are ten other ears and eyes. It’s awkward for everyone who’s not involved, and why would you want an audience anyway?

Snore – Sorry, We Know You Can’t Help It, But We Still Hate You.

If you know that you’re a loud snorer – don’t book a public room! It sounds harsh, but if you’ve ever laid awake in your bed, glaring at the ceiling, while listening to what sounds like a motorbike revving, then you’ll get where we’re coming from. Yes, it’s more expensive, but if you book a private room you won’t have everyone in your dorm hating you and staring daggers at you as soon as you wake up.

By the way, it’s VERY hard to make friends with your roommates when you’re the designated snorer. So give fair warning, treat your roomies to some drinks at the bar or hand out earplugs and it will keep your fellow travellers from smothering you in your sleep.

Snooze Your Alarm Ten Million Times

It’s like you’re asking to be hated. If you don’t feel like getting up the first time, just turn it off, or risk the phone going out the window. Don’t wake everyone else up in the room nine times before you’re ready to get out of bed. Or what’s worse, when they leave the room to go have a shower and their alarm goes off while they’re gone! Nobody wants to touch a stranger’s phone. If you’ve got an alarm set for 8 am, why would you take a shower before then??

Boring Small Talk

Ok, you’re not exactly a dickhead for small talk, but just know that it’s super dull and no interesting conversation ever starts with “so, where are you from?”

Conversations with fellow travellers can be interesting and eye-opening, why not ask, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on your travels?” or “Are you going to the San Vino wine fight this summer?” Trust us, a way better conversation will follow rather than you both informing each other on where you were born.

Being a Trash Human and Eating Other Peoples Food

I get it, we’re all skint on cash and it’s tempting when you see perfectly edible food just sitting there… and there’s no one around. I guess we’ve all been there a few times, but have you ever bought something delicious to eat, and you’re excited all day to open the fridge and see the beautiful Chinese leftovers that you put aside? Or maybe that incredibly made sandwich you prepared the night before… only to find it GONE? That feeling of despair, anger and disappointment does things to a person. It changes you.

Stumbling in Ridiculously Drunk and Vomit On Your Mattress At 4 am

Have you ever woken up to the stench of vomit, mixed with body odour from the guy who stumbled in the night before? I have. And it’s not the best start to your morning. Not only will the vomit guy probably get kicked out of the room for being a drunken asshole, but you’ll also get a reputation in the hostel for being “the vom guy”. And you don’t want to be “the vom guy”. He never gets invited out.


Yeah why not, we love having the blinding fluorescent light in our faces at 2 am! For the sake of everyone’s sanity, use the torch on your phone or be subject to a horde of angry, sleep-deprived backpackers. You’ve been warned.

So There You Have It…

Nine simple rules of how to not be a dickhead while travelling. If you do come across these people (you definitely will, it’s inevitable) then remember that this is a normal part of hostel life, and it’s frowned upon in most countries to chloroform someone to sleep.

By Sophie Nicolas

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Nos vamos de surfing a Suecia, con Albin Nilsson.

Si consultásemos el mapa de Europa para organizar un surftrip, nunca miraríamos a Suecia,   un país cuya costa da a un mar cerrado como el Báltico. Pues en la orilla Sueca vive y surfea nuestro protagonista de Hoy, Albin Nilsson, que viene con un edit precioso, de  Daniel Hägglund donde nos enseñan sus olas […]
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Soundcheck Australia

Well it’s about time Stoke Travel brought their wild parties and amazing events down to you all in Australia, introducing our inaugural event “Stoke Soundcheck”.

Come and hang out with us as we deliver Sydney’s best up and coming artists straight to the Lansdowne Hotel, with an all day and night Sunday kick-on hosting the best DJs, producers, and live bands as they battle it out for the opportunity of a lifetime. Then continue the party while Elliot Hammond (Delta Riggs) and Dan Mac (Art vs Science) man the decks until the early hours.

We want you all to be winners! So there will be plenty of travel giveaways and discounted offers for our European festivals, so we’ve got your Aussie winter escape sorted!

It will be the beginning of an amazing journey for one lucky artist, so make sure you come along to support your mates as they show us what they’ve got on stage, and we crown our first Stoke Soundcheck champion before sending them off to the UK and Europe.

Winning Bands Prize Valued at: $20,000

Europe’s largest festival travel company are giving one lucky band or DJ the chance to win a dream tour across Europe. The winning artist will score gigs at London Big Day Out, San Vino (The Wine Fight), Running of the Bulls/Stoked in the Park Pamplona, La Tomatina (The Tomato Fight) and Oktoberfest. These gigs, (plus several other shows), flights and accommodation, as much beer as they can drink, and guaranteed crowds are all taken care of. The winning artist will need only bring an unmatchable energy to these events, and share their passion for music with the 30,000+ punters that will attend the events over the summer.


$15 General Admission Buy Now

Location: Lansdowne Hotel, Chippendale, New South Wales, 2008, Australia




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Introducing Stoke Summer Camps: A Playground for Adults

“This one time… at Stoke Summer camp…”

How does the rest of that line go?

Yes! Stoke Travel bring you it’s own version of summer camps – like the band camp from American Pie but without the instruments.

Imagine a place where everybody forgot to grow up, a carefree paradise where you get to play like a kid and let loose like an adult.

All your adulthood dreams are about to come true this summer with our launch of adult summer camps – the first of its kind in Europe – in paradise locations across Ibiza, Costa Brava, San Sebastian and the Canary Islands.

Boom! Stoke Summer Camp kicks off in our beautiful Ibiza beach camp in June and runs until the end of the year in different destinations across Spain.

The five-day camps are jam-packed full of team sports, outdoor adventure, yoga and wholesomeness.

Add to that a load of cheesy but ridiculously fun camp activities such as zombie apocalypse, orientation treasure hunt, camp game show, silly-Olympics and our very own Stoke’s Got Talent show – and you have a recipe for laughing so much stuff spurts out your nose.

Cue the tiny violin, because we’re about to get sentimental on you here. You see at Stoke we don’t want to just give you the best time of your life, we also want to make the world a happier, more betterer place.

A place where you do exercise, but you don’t even realise you’re doing it because you’re having such a darn good time, where you feel at one with nature and spend a disproportionate amount of time hugging each other.

We want you to run and play freely like happy naked children in a meadow (with your clothes on), disconnect from modern technology and forget about the obligations of your adult life, because your only job at Stoke Summer Camp is to have a good time.

This is wholesome fun at it’s best for people looking for more out of their holiday than sunbathing and partying.

But that doesn’t mean there’s no party, oh no way José, we want you to have fun in every way possible – we even have an open bar, so that we can celebrate doing all the healthy stuff by letting loose as only adults know how. Sound good?

Well it’s about to get even better. Stoke Summer Camp has an incredible launch price of €350 for a limited time only, which includes 3 meals a day, 5 nights comfortable beachside accommodation and all your camp activities.

To find out more info or book your place check out Stoke Summer Camps, or email lisa@stoke-retreats.com for any questions.


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