What’s Actually Going on at Sziget Festival

We all understand the basics of music festivals. You grab your mates, set up camp, and party for the weekend while jamming out to some of your favourite bands. But what if we told you that there is an island in Europe that dedicates one week of the summer solely to music, culture, and arts? We’re talking seven days of non-stop music, dancing, too good to be true vibes, and some of the best mates from all over the world. For those who don’t know why there is so much hype and build up floating around the Sziget Festival, we’re here to lend you a little bit of knowledge as to why this is the festival of the year.

Where is the Sziget Festival?

It’s literally in the name: sziget. Which, in Hungarian, translates to island. Yup, we’re going to be hanging out with one another on a party island. 108 hectares ( 266 acres) of non-stop creativity, culture, arts and crafts, music, food, and maybe some fluids and pills to keep the party cruising. So wherever you are, you’ll want to head on over to Budapest. Once in Budapest, you’ll head towards the centre and find yourself coming to a bridge with a huge Sziget Festival on it. Once you cross over that little barrier, you’ll be on the Island of Freedom and you’ll be buzzing through the magic that the festival has to offer.

What to Expect at the Festival?

This is not your typical music festival where you sit around at your camp, get too fucked to function, and then head into the festival later in the day to catch the main acts. Expect everything. Get ready for crafts, arts, circus performances, bungy jumping, nudity, magic tricks, foam parties, beach parties, music all day… and that just scratches the surface. This festival is all about being as free as you wish, in any way that you wish. They encourage freedom, unity, diversity, and being the best creative bastard you can possibly be. No matter what type of music festival goer you are, this festival is guaranteed to quench that thirst.

Why this festival instead of others?

If you haven’t gathered from what we’ve already wrote, this isn’t just your typical festival. It is so much more than your pinger fueled weekend away with your mates (we’re not saying there won’t be pingers). But, on top of whatever substance it is that fancies you, there will be loads of other activities for you to jump into before it’s time for you to melt your face off in crowds of like-minded festival legends just like yourself.

Why go with Stoke Travel?

First off, if you weren’t aware,  we’ve been known to be the life of the party here in Europe. With that being said, we offer more of a party than just the festival. We also offer our mates one of the best party hostels to crash in after the festival. If you’re travelling with us, we’ll take you over to one of our favourite bars, Retox Bars, where we booze and booze and booze with unlimited alcohol for one of our famous power hours. After that, we provide you with transportation on our party bus to get you to the festival where the chaos continues. But, the most precious piece of cargo that you will get while travelling with us is our one of kind Stoke Travel t-shirts.. You’re welcome.


So if this doesn’t all sound like a magical trip waiting to happen, then we’re not sure what’s wrong with you. The Island of Freedom is where you want to be this August. Come boogy and booze with us at one our favourite festivals of the summer. The island is waiting for you, are you ready?


You’re Stoke Passport is good for a three night stay at our hostel, and if you’re unaware what a Stoke Passport is, check it out. It’s a life changing decision waiting to be made.


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Costa de Caparica traditional Flow con Ricardo Almeida. Film Joel Reis

Como Sabéis HANGTEN MAGAZINE somos una revista totalmente amateur, no ganamos dinero, pero, si hemos hecho un montón de amigos alrededor del mundo gracias al surfing; Uno de nuestros mejores amigos es Ricardo Almeida que es uno de los máximos exponentes del surfing clásico en COSTA DA CAPARICA una pequeña cuidad al sur de Lisboa, donde […]
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Stoke Travel’s Guide To Spanish Red Wines

Obviously the greatest Spanish red is a vino tinto from La Rioja, the region in northern Spain responsible for most of the country’s wine exports and also where La Batalla De Vino De Haro, or San Vino, is held every year. If you like parties and love red wine, or the other way around, make sure you become acquainted with this utterly unique Spanish fiesta, which goes down every 29th of June. 

But there is more to Spanish wine than La Rioja and there is more to La Rioja than what you think you know. Here’s a little guide to the wines of Spain. When we talk about Spanish wines we talk more about the region than we do the grape variety used, but region does usually denote grape as well. We say don’t worry about that, because we don’t. All you need to know is which regions are good, and we’re bringing that to you here. Want more? Read on.

Spanish Reds

It should be noted here before we dive to far into this treatise that nobody at Stoke Travel is a sommelier, nor are we confident in spelling the term. Somewhere around 90% of Stoke Travel staff are content swilling whatever fermented grape juice they can get their hands on, and the other 10% feel fancy when they purchase a €4 bottle. This little guide to Spanish wines is for those of us buying bottles within the €2-7 range, from the supermarket, i.e. it’s intended to be completely inexclusive.

La Rioja Reds

As mentioned, red wines from La Rioja are the most famous of Spanish wines. What you need to know, though, is how the wines are designated. When you look at the label it will have La Rioja on it, but then it will have either joven, crianza, reserva or gran reserva. These terms denote how long the wine has been cellared at the winery, and is a good indicator of quality, as only the better wines are afforded time and space to mature. Joven are the youngest wines, from the year before, and are cheaper. They are delicious, but are drink-in-the-park-with-pals delicious.

The crianzas have been in wood barrels for at least one year. That’s when wines begin to get some fun stuff going on in them, weird little delightfully flavours that have been drawn from the oak, whether it’s French or American. Crianzas are what we drink when we go to dinner with friends or with anybody. A good rule of thumb with your La Riojas is to drink jovens every day and then drink crianzas when you feel like you deserve something nice, or you want to impress somebody.

Reservas and gran reservas have been cellared for longer and are the domain of more experienced wine drinkers. You will not get the benefit of the extra fermentation on your pallet, and can probably save your money. If you see a good deal on a reserva it’s probably crap, but try it and you can pretend you’re a fat old American tourist in Madrid being swindled by the waitstaff on an expensive bottle of earthy-tasting Iberian plonk.

Catalan Reds

They don’t get as much attention as La Rioja reds, but they are particularly good, and in our opinion rival the more popular La Riojas. What we want from a Catalan red is that they come from the area around Tarragona. The best region here is Priorat, but it’s a small area and they can be difficult to find. If you can’t find a Priorat, then consider a Montsant or Tierra Alta as they are the regions that border Priorat and so some of the goodness must cross the frontier between regions.

Other Spanish Reds

Basically almost every region in Spain has its own red wine and to be completely honest, they’re all going to be delicious. Some notable regions include Ribeiro de Duero, Navarra and the Valdepeñas region south of Madrid. The reality is, when choosing a Spanish wine, is you should know how much you want to spend and then based on that choose a label that you feel represents the time you want to have with the wine. If you’re feeling like having a regal evening, grab something with a castle or a night on it. If you want to have sexy times, a bottle with some red lips will do the trick. The key to drinking red wine in Spain is knowing how much you want to spend and then making sure that you manifest the type of evening you need to have. If in doubt, put €4-7 aside and look for something with the word “crianza” on it. Like that you will very rarely go wrong.

And that’s Spain’s red wines. At some point we’ll write about the country’s whites, sparklings, rosés and fortified, but for now this should satisfy you. Like we said earlier, if you do love red wine please join us in La Rioja for the Wine Fight, it is the best fun you’ll have travelling as a fan of vino tinto.

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Why The Running Of The Bulls Is Better Than The World Cup

Some of us are torn between this year’s Running of the Bulls/Stoked in the Park celebrations and the Russian World Cup of soccer. Unfortunately for Vlad Putin and FIFA’s team of event organisers, they have scheduled the World Cup quarterfinals to coincide with Stoked in the Park. Not learning the lesson of the Royal Wedding, which saw a low turnout due to being on at the same time as Stoked in the Park, London, the Russians have kept the dates as they are with the schedule clash.
We know that some of you are still deciding whether to head over to Russia to watch the Australians, or the English, or whoever try their hand at footballing glory, but we’re here to tell you why you should give up on that dream and come to Stoked in the Park, Pamplona between June 7th-9th instead.

  1. Because Art Vs Science are headlining
    Oh my gosh can you even believe it? Art Vs Science are playing Stoked in the Park, our own music festival that takes place in our very own campsite! Not only will your face melt to their relentless banger dropping, but you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the boys, sharing wine with them and maybe even making out with one of their roadies.
  2. The flights are cheaper and you don’t need a ticket
    Flights to Russia from Australia/UK/Spain are bloody expensive and they ain’t getting any cheaper. Flights to Bilbao or Barcelona for Bulls/Stoked in the Park are friggen cheap as chips. And you don’t need a ticket for Stoked in the Park – entry is included in your all-inclusive Bulls stay, whereas the World Cup is pricey as probably sold out.
  3. Less chance of being beaten up by Russian hooligans
    Stoked in the Park is a celebration of love we can guarantee that the only violence at the event will be between your feet and the dancefloor. Russia on the other hand is notorious for its soccer hooligans and while organisers have insisted that the event will be safe, surely there’ll be some angry dudes looking to throw a flykick into an unsuspecting foreign fan.
  4. Sangria will give you less liver disease than vodka
    And our beer and sangria bar is open and unlimited, so once you’ve paid €10 for the day there’s nothing more for you to do but fill you dancing boots with booze. Sangria is grape juice plus other secret juice ingredients so it’s super good for you too. Vodka is the devil’s liver inflamer.
  5. We’re playing all the games on the big screen anyway
    The reality is that if you’re in the stadium for a World Cup game you’re going to be super high up and watching the action on a screen anyway. If you join us in Pamplona then that screen will be next to an all-you-can-drink bar, hundreds of babes and an Art Vs Science set.
  6. If your team loses you won’t be stuck in Moscow
    Nothing worse than counting on your team to go all the way and then they lose-lose-draw or something and you’re stuck in Russia listening to somebody play an accordion and eating pickled herring or something, while all your friends are in Pamplona ripping it up at our pool parties and getting wild in Pamplona’s famous street fiestas.

Stoked in the Park Pamplona is easily the best way to experience San Fermin/the Running of the Bulls and the Running of the Bulls is by far the best thing you can do at the start of July. For €60 a day you will have your all-inclusive camping package, PLUS entry to Stoked in the Park. It’s an unbeatable deal and if you haven’t already taken advantage of it you really should soon.

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Liquid Swing Festival la fiesta de las tablas retro en Sopelana.

Estamos contentos de anunciaros una nueva edición del Liquid Swing Festival  que se celebrará en la playa de Sopelana este sábado 2 de Junio, un evento donde toman protagonismo las tablas Retro fish y el resto de juguetes surcadores de olas clásicos, si eres amante del buen surfing clásico, este es tu festival. En el siguiente enlace os […]
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The Vans Duct Tape Invitational 2018. Nuevo video

Segundo vídeo sobre el VANS DUCT TAPE de Zarautz, a cargo de Robin Pailler, un buen resumen de lo que ocurrió en un fin de semana épico. Os dejamos también nuestro artículo sobre el evento Vans Duct tape Invitational Joel Tudor en Zarautz.
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our packing guide for the san vino wine fight

Our sexiest and wettest festival is right around the corner. We’ll be taking wet t-shirt contests to the extreme as we battle it out on the hillside of La Rioja with our favorite weapon of all time: vino tinto. The San Vino Wine Fight is the battle of all battles and it’s one that you don’t want to miss. If you haven’t joined in on the soaking wet madness before and you don’t know what to bring, don’t get your panties in a bunch, we’re here to help you out. We like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to throwing, drinking, and becoming one with the wine.

Squirt guns

They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and they make for the most efficient battle weapon in the game. Sure, throwing wine is fun, but have you ever tried squirting your mates with wine out of a squirt gun before? We’re going to assume you haven’t, and that’s okay. Opportunity is right around the corner for you and it’s just as fun as you would think… probably even more satisfying than you would think.

Bathing suit

Like we said, it’s basically a giant wet tshirt contest, but everything from your hair to your socks will be soaking up the tasteful wine. You’ll be dripping wet within five minutes, and honestly clothes just really get in the way sometimes. So what better way to fight then in your favorite swim gear? Strip down and feel free as you blast your mates. Plus, back at our campsite we have an onsite pool for everyone to kick it and rid themselves of the wine.


Why not fucken come as prepared as possible, right? Goggles pave the way for your eyesight. And you’ll have crystal clear vision from start to finish, which always makes for a better fight. Out there, it’s every person for themselves and you can bet that by the end of the day, you’ll be a winner.

Disclaimer, there really is no winner. We do this as an excuse to day drink and throw wine at each other all in the name of good fucken times.

Obviously a white shirt

The way we dress is pretty similar to the Running of the Bulls… you’re going to be wearing a white shirt and a red scarf. Pretty simple and almost impossible to fuck up. But, it’s one of those things that need to be said. We wouldn’t want our friends to feel left out because they decided to wear something that couldn’t be stained purple.

Shoes you don’t mind ruining

When we say wine fight, we really do mean we’ll be fighting with wine. You’ll be running and dodging and dancing for hours, all while having gallons of the beloved vino soaking up every inch of your body. So be smart about the shoes you wear. Something comfy and something you don’t mind ruining.


If throwing things at strangers and your mates is something you fancy, be sure to also give La Tomatina a go. It’s the same as San Vino… but we sub out the vino tinto with some red fiery balls, also known as tomatoes.

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Art Vs Science Headlining Stoked In The Park Pamplona

Run with bulls and parlez vous francais, this year at Sanfermines you’re going to use your flippers to get down

PAMPLONA, SPAIN. Following the mad crazy success of Stoked in the Park, London, headlined by Yolanda Be Cool, Stoke Travel is beyond excited to announce that Australian electronic dance maestroes, Art Vs Science will be headlining Stoked in the Park’s first outing in Pamplona, on the 7th and 8th of July.  

Art Vs Science have been standouts on the Australian festival circuit ever since breaking out via Triple J’s Unearthed program, playing Splendour In The Grass, The Falls Festival, Parklife and the United State’s Bonnaroo, as well as supporting La Roux and Groove Armada through the UK and The Chemical Brothers in Australia. They have featured in Triple J’s Hottest 100 numerous times, peaking at number nine in 2010 for Magic Fountain, and have been in the charts for singles including Flippers, Parlez Vous Francais, and Create/Destroy. Stoked in the Park will be Art Vs Science’s first show in Pamplona, and we’re absolutely wrapt to see them play amongst the Navarrese hills, under a million Spanish stars, powered by sangria squeezed from local grapes.

Stoked in the Park is a two-day music, food, culture and goodtimes festival is held at Stoke Travel’s campsite, and in conjunction with Pamplona’s San Fermin celebrations. The festival will entertain travellers, backpackers, students and locals when they’re not enjoying Pamplona’s famous street parties, or surviving its infamous bull run. Stoked in the Park will feature local and international bands and DJs, with Kiwi Pips, Honey Hayze, Mesmeriser and Hiaground among the acts supporting Art Vs Science.

Alongside the music Stoked in the Park will feature pool parties, mini golf, food trucks, local wine tasting, and friendly team sports competitions like tag rugby and dodgeball. The event is held at the El Molino campsite, located outside Pamplona amongst the rolling hills of Navarra and alongside a river, with plenty of grassed areas and trees offering shade. The campsite is legendary with travellers, being the original basecamp for overseas visitors to the Running of the Bulls.

Stoked in the Park entry is included in Stoke Travel’s Running of the Bulls accommodation packages. For €60 per day travellers can take advantage of twin-share tent accommodation with mats and sleeping bags, cooked breakfast and dinner daily, Stoke Travel guides for the bull run and Pamplona’s street parties, and all the attractions of the Stoked in the Park festival. For an extra €10 per day travellers can also choose our open-and-unlimited beer and sangria bar option, making Stoked in the Park the only music festival where punters won’t have to spend a million bucks on mid-strength beers.

For travellers who have already booked their Running of the Bulls Pamplona stays with other companies, we’d strongly suggest you get a refund and book with Stoke Travel. If that’s impossible, then be sure to take advantage of a €30 festival pass, which will get you two days entry to Stoked in the Park. And for travellers who aren’t interested in the Running of the Bulls, we want to remind you that the run is only one part, five minutes, of a huge city-wide festival. We encourage travellers to enjoy the city’s street parties, its bars, live music and amazing food. We also encourage you to come and make the most of Stoked in the Park, as there will be more than enough happening at our own event to make a trip to Pamplona worth your while.

Stoked in the Park featuring Art Vs Science takes place in the El Molino campsite outside Pamplona, on the 7th and 8th of July, during the San Fermin/Running of the Bulls festival. All-inclusive stays start at €60 per day, with festival only tickets €30. This is a new way to experience Europe’s biggest and best cultural festivals and a must-stop for all travellers.

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Vans Duct tape Invitational Joel Tudor en Zarautz.

Estamos de vuelta por la redacción después de unos días intensos en el Vans Duct tape Invitational Joel Tudor, que se celebró en la localidad Guipuzcoana de Zarautz, allí se reunieron alrededor de la figura de Joel Tudor parte de los mejores loggers mundiales del momento, como Alex Knost, Andy Nieblas, Ryan Burch, Tyler Warren entre otros muchos buenos surfers, cabe […]
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