Stoke Travel’s Ibiza Beach Camp Christmas Wish List

Things have almost ground to a halt in Ibiza as the summer tourists, workers and DJs (and Djs’ groupies) have long since departed, leaving our favourite party island all but a ghost town.

So while we reminisce the summer that was, we’ve put together a Christmas wish list so that Saint Nic can deliver us the best Ibiza summer season ever in 2019.

  1. Summer weather to return to the northern hemisphere
    On the mediterranean we’re still getting many more good days than bad, but the nights are getting chilly and we’re no longer spending our days on the beach. Please bring back back-to-back-to-back summer days when temperatures were high and clothing was minimal.
  2. More day-parties
    Along with those long summer days came open-air day parties that still bring a nostalgic tear to the eye. Whether you were living it up at Ushuaia, The Zoo Project, Ibiza Rocks — or just randomly found yourself on a beach with a bunch hippies jamming their hearts out — day-parties are just great (and the hangover didn’t ruin the whole of the following day).
  3. Season tickets to Ushuaia
    Ushuaia is consistently voted in the top clubs of the world and so we just want to go more and more. Ushuaia hosted residencies from the best in the game in 2018 including Kygo, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and Steve Aoki. Notorious party ANTS held every Saturday was our pick of the bunch though and we can’t wait to what they have in store for 2019.
  4. To party with Freddie Mercury and George Michael at Pikes
    This writer’s favourite venue on the island is located in the hills, on the outskirts of San Antonio; Pikes Hotel. Founded in the ‘70s by owner Tony Pike it quickly became the hedonistic retreat of the rich and famous who wanted to let their hair down away from prying eyes. And while for obvious reasons it’s impossible to party with Freddie and George in person, you can do it in spirit as they were both very fond of Pikes Hotel. The main room at Pikes is called Freddie’s Bar due to him taking up residency at the hotel whenever he was on the island; and George Michael filmed the music video for Wham’s track Club Tropicana at the hotel.
  5. Drinks cards whenever we go to the big clubs
    Oh we do love to party in Ibiza, but the one thing that does make us wince is when we buy drinks at the clubs. €10 for a water and €14 for a beer really does make you question your choices. So failing Santa Claus dropping a sack full of drinks cards on our laps this Christmas, I guess we’ll be taking advantage of our unlimited beer and sangria at the campsite for the princely sum of just €10 per day. Now that’s not so bad and it ensures you’re well and truly socially lubricated by the time you make it to the clubs (without the need to empty your wallets each night).

That will keep us going until Christmas and then summer 2019. You can book your place now at Ibiza Beach Camp which runs all summer long from June 1 or if you can’t wait that long you can jump on one of our Ibiza Spring Break trips.

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