London To Hogmanay Party Trains

The only way to travel to Edinburgh this New Years Eve

Who doesn’t love a party train? Maybe the train conductor, but that’s it! Everybody else absolutely adores a party train, chugging across the countryside while we’re chugging away on cheap prosecco. And no train is quite as perfect for partying as Stoke Travel’s very own London to Hogmanay party train.

The mode of transport is just so conducive to boozing! The trip is long enough to get nice and sauced, but not so long that you’ll need to fall asleep and wake up with a hangover; you can get up, walk around, mingle – be annoying, even. You can pee. There aren’t pesky hosties telling you that you’ve “had enough”, just your friendly co-passengers reminding you to not “be a wanker”.

Plus nobody has to drive, or at least nobody that you know.

So it makes sense to choo, choo, choose a London to Edinburgh party train for Hogmanay this coming New Years Eve. Sit back, get the party started, watch the wintery landscape whizz by the window while staying warm, arrive, rage, then return the next morning all partied out and having saved money on accommodation (which is through the roof during Hogmanay).

Here are some more reasons why you’ve just got to book your place on our London to Hogmanay party train.

It’s great value for money

£160 for the whole trip! Including your party train there and your party train back, a bottle of prosecco to get started on getting loaded, entrance to the Hogmanay street party, your first breakfast in the new year and some pre party snacks. We dare you to beat that value for money. Go on! (£160 until September 1st, then early bird tickets are up, and you’ll be paying a still-amazing £195).

You’ll be with absolute legends

Stoke Travel always attracts the coolest, easiest going, most adventurous travellers and party animals, so when you roll into Edinburgh you’ll be rolling with a deep pack of absolute champions. Also, as you’re on a train, you’ll all be stuck together and forced to mingle. Get yo’ chat on!

Skip having to find accommodation

Accommodation in Edinburgh for New Years Eve is tough to find, super expensive and also pointless. Why pay for a place to stay when you’re going to be partying all night? Ridiculous! Skip all that on the party train – train up, party all night, train back the next morning. Easy. Simple. Sensible.

Plenty of time onboard for activities

The trip up to Edinburgh from London takes around four hours, so if you need to nap on the way up you can, but we reckon you should instead just start the party. Play drinking games, like… every time the train goes past a station without stopping you have to take a shot.

It’s our train!

Completely and totally ours and only ours. 500 and so fellow travellers onboard who are going to be on the same program as you. No old fuddies to complain. No shooshers. Just you and half a thousand of your new best friends, ripping through the United Kingdom on your way to the world’s most well known New Years Eve celebration.

Not convinced? Here’s more information on the Hogmanay party, on the city of Edinburgh, and here’s the link to find out more about the trip and book, because you know you don’t just wanna, but you absolutely gotta.

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