40 year old stoke travel executive announces that 2018 is going to be “lit”

In a move that has shocked some of his younger colleagues, 40-year-old Stoke Travel marketing executive, Barry Cassidy, has announced that 2018 is going to be “lit as fuckkkk”.

A source close to the incident reported that the highly embarrassing faux pas came towards the end of a particularly productive strategy meeting.

“We were just going over the new trips and destinations, plus outlining the improvements to the existing ones when Barry said the… thing!”, the obviously traumatised marketing manager told the Stoke Times.

“I mean, we could have seen it coming, I guess, he’s gradually been getting worse. First it was the skateboard, but he just claimed that he ‘used to get on the deck all the time’, which we all had a good laugh at. Then the leather jacket, that seemed off, but it was starting to get cold, and who knows, maybe that’s really what Barry likes to wear. The earring though. That should have been a dead giveaway, and I wasn’t the only person to notice it, the whole office was having a good laugh at that little cross dangling out of his ear. Who does he think he is? George Michaels? Is that his name? Anyway, rest in peace.”

Apart from Cassidy’s cringeworthy outburst, the strategy session in question was particularly successful, with confirmations that Stoke Travel this year would be travelling to Dublin for Saint Patrick’s Day, as well as the launch of their unique “festival within a festival” Stoked in the Park event that is designed to compliment Pamplona’s San Fermin celebrations, as well as attract travellers who may not be interested in the infamous bull run. Barry’s got particularly excited when there was talk of pool parties at Stoked in the Park, before being told by general manager JT that he would most definitely not be allowed anywhere near the event.

“He just makes everyone feel, I don’t know, a little bit… weird”, JT said afterwards, “he means well, but he wears these speedos and has that big gold chain. Just not a good look.”

At the time of print Barry was still unavailable for comment, apparently having dragged a large number of interns down to his “favourite watering hole” for some “after work bevvies”. The last we heard he was berating a particularly shy Belgian accounts intern for not “getting fucked upppppp” on tequila shots, apparently the recently divorced, weekend suit wearer’s new tipple of choice.

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