These Irish Stereotypes Say St Pat’s Day Dublin Is A Grand Idea

To be sure, to be sure, you’re going to be kissing us as we are Irish this Saint Paddy’s Day in Dublin. The Emerald Isle’s big day is a celebration of chasing snakes, drinking, dancing and wearing green, and no matter where you are in the world it is generally a big day of partying, but to be sure for sure the biggest Saint Patrick’s Day party is in Dublin, Ireland, where you will see all of the following Irish stereotypes in their natural element.


Yes, you can celebrate Saint Pat’s Day in Sydney, London, Barcelona or Boston, but in Ireland you’re guaranteed of seeing Leprechauns, or at the very least little red-haired folk who want to fight you. And if you ask them nicely they might let you see their pot of gold, which hopefully is an actual pot of real gold and not some euphemism to get your eyes on their fiery little crotches.

Red Hair

There is more red hair here than anywhere else in the world bar Scotland (and given that we just lit up Edinburgh for Hogmanay, does that make Stoke Travel’s winter trips some kind of ginger tour?), and while in other parts of the world it might be considered a disability, here in Ireland it’s… no, red hair is still pretty bad in Ireland too.


Of course we’re kidding, some of our best friends have red hair, but if you’re still mad we’ll consent to a good old fashioned Irish scrap with you, maybe out the front of Temple Bar, which is a Dublin drinking institution that will surely see our custom this St Pat’s. We’re not advocating real fighting, just a little drunken wrestle that will end with everybody arm in arm, singing some rousing Irish drinking songs.

Sad sensitive poets

Every Irishman we’ve ever met has been a wet-eyed sensitive soul ( as opposed to the Irishwomen who are generally gregarious and feisty funsters), a born poet in touch with their inner potato famine. Imagine ending your St Paddy’s Day sitting on a street corner somewhere writing poetry while slugging from a bottle of Irish whisky, shared by a man in a terribly fitting suit. Sounds… great…

Terrible weather

Speaking of terrible, how about the incessant drizzle and cloud cover that seems to define Dublin’s weather. And while most people see terrible weather as a terrible time, not us. We see Dublin’s atmospheric misery as the perfect opportunity to drown our sorrows and turn them into good times!


You’ve got to go to the source to really have a real Guinness for real. The other stuff is just a blackened swill, but in Dublin it’ll get you dancing, guaranteed to make you funnier, and you won’t have to eat anything, as they say that a pint of Guinness is a meal in itself. That of course  isn’t true at all, but a good enough excuse for us to save money and internal drinking space  by forgoing food when we’re on the black beauties.  

The craic

We’re still not sure what the craic is, whether it’s a sauce, or a small mammal, but from all accounts and judging by all of our experiences it is a damn good time and best found in Dublin. So when we’re here celebrating Paddy’s we’ll all get elbow deep in some craic.

They’re Catholic

Their religion requires you to drink wine in church. Anybody who’s a member of that religion must be more than fairly adept at getting lit and having a good time, if they can ignore all the teachings that forbid good times and just focus on that one moment of drinking wine.

But on top of all that, St Patrick’s Day in Dublin is one of the world’s greatest street parties in one of the world’s most partyingest cities. Come for the Guinness, stay for the shamrocks. Stoke Travel is running a tour to Dublin for St Patrick’s Day, so if you want to do it Paddy style come and join us in our finest green garb.

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