What Are Stoke Retreats?

Putting the treat back into Retreats.

What are Stoke Retreats?

At Stoke we pride ourselves on being more versatile than a Swiss army knife, which is why not only do we provide the most legendary festival holidays, but we are now jumping on the health and wellness bandwagon – to shake things up Stoke style.

Retreats are all the rage and it’s no surprise – who doesn’t like feeling splendid? But we believe there is a gaping maw in the market for a bit of funness to be mixed in with all that spirituality and freshly squeezed juice.

This is why we have created a brand new retreat concept packed with learning and healthiness – but without forfeiting the fun – how do you like dem apples?

Why Stoke Retreats?

Do you find yourself starting once again to appreciate a good conversation, a comfy bed and taking advantage of the daylight hours?

You might even have rediscovered the joy of being good to your body, a thirst for learning new things and a yearning for something more fulfilling during your precious free time.

Maybe you don’t feel like travelling solo and putting yourself out there or staying in cramped dorms with spotty adolescents whose eyes almost pop out when you tell them your real age.

Stoke Retreats is the perfect environment to get to know awesome people on your level in a friendly and welcoming setting.

No matter your age or whether you are on your own, with friends or a couple – everyone’s welcome to come mingle and make forever friends.

If this sounds up your alley then Stoke Retreats might
just be your finest holiday discovery.

How does it work?

Travel to a beautiful location immersed in nature, surrounded by the sea and mountains and stay in comfortable and stylish accommodation, receive three healthy vegetarian meals and get stuck into a diverse programme of activities throughout the day.

It’s much more than Surf and Yoga…

Yes there will be daily yoga and in many of our destinations you can catch waves too, but we don’t limit ourselves to any one thing.

We provide a wide range of sporty, educational and fun activities for every level and taste.

Some of the good stuff on offer:

  • Fitness training
  • Motivational workshops
  • Acro-yoga
  • Cross-fit
  • Massage
  • Mindful Meditacion
  • Nutrition and Cooking
  • Sustainable living

Our fun-master will also help you find your silly-side with activities such as mini-Olympics, gymkhana and games.

At night there will also be a programme with fun stuff
such as:

  • Dance classes
  • Bonfires
  • Games
  • Live music
  • Shows

That’s not to mention extra optional activities depending on the location such as:

  • Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Cliff jumping
  • Water sports
  • Paragliding and other adventure sports
  • Cultural trips

Alternatively you can choose to have a free afternoon to take time for some rest and relaxation on the beach.

It’s Basically Like a Summer Camp for Adults

Our pledge is that every day we will provide something to enrich your mind, body and spirit.

Everything is carefully thought about and provided for you, so all you have to worry about is having a magnificent time.

A Perfectly Balanced Holiday Rolled up into one Sexy Little Package

Check out the Stoke Retreats page for more details and prices, and Retreat Yo’self now!

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