We’re Not The Closest Campsite To Pamplona

Which is just as well, because that campsite sucks compared to ours!

In the course of your Running of the Bulls research you may have noticed that we’re not the closest campsite to Pamplona. This is true! We’re not the closest campsite to Pamplona, and in fact we’re actually the campsite furthest away from Pamplona (of the two campsites that could be included in this competition).

We used to be in the campsite closest to Pamplona, but we moved because they wouldn’t let us have our awesome open bar, but of course it wouldn’t be a Stoke Travel trip unless we were offering all and sundry bottomless beer and sangria for only €10 per day. So we moved, and we haven’t looked back! In fact, we’re super mega happy in our new Pamplona campsite. Here’s why.

Both Pamplona Campsites Are A Bus Ride From The City Centre

Neither camping spot is within walking distance from the encierro (bull run) or the street parties of sanfermines. No matter whether you stay at the Stoke Travel campsite, or the slightly closer other campsite, you’ll still be loading onto a bus to get to Pamplona and back. Big deal! And while the Stoke Travel bus ride might be some minutes longer, it’s not like those few minutes really matter in the grand scheme of travelling around Europe and having all the fun in the world.

What’s more, Stoke Travel has regular private coaches running from our campsite to the city centre, so you can just wander to the front of the campsite and jump on the next bus, and you’re on your way into the biggest and best street party in Spain/Europe/the World.

Our Campsite Has Kickass Facilities

We stayed at the other campsite for years, and it’s fine, but let us tell you, the new campsite is something else. Here are a list of things the new Stoke Travel campsite has that the old one doesn’t:

  • Lots of grass, as opposed to lots of dirt. This is particularly nice when in conjunction with,
  • Lots of shade. As in trees, and under those trees, and on that grass, you can have a siesta, either a post-bullrun siesta, or a pre-fiesta siesta,
  • A massive pool, with waterslide, and a DJ spinning tunes poolside. Euro pool parties filled with travellers. Bring your own speedo,
  • A river running alongside the campsite, with a little rapids for you to either float down, or marinate in. The plain of Spain gets mighty warm in the daytime, and a dip in the river is a perfect setup for your shady, grassy siesta,
  • The onsite bar and restaurant, so when you’ve devoured your included breakfast and dinner, but still need a snack, there are plenty of options and delicious dancing juice to wash it down with,
  • Sporting fields! And yes, we do use them! Footy, netball, volleyball, basketball, soccer… we can play it all, and we do, when we’re feeling sprightly. Nothing gets the party started like some boozy sports played with a pack of new best friends.

And We Make The Most Of Our Campsite

Ok, so we have the unlimited beer and sangria bar, which may be the most popular part of the campsite. We throw pool parties in the pool, and sporting matches on the sporting fields. We don’t get mad when you drag your included air mattress out of your tent and under a tree for a lovely, breezy siesta.

We also have a full music festival that we throw at no extra cost to you, inside the campsite. Yep, a music festival, which we call Stoked in the Park, and that features electronic and rock acts from all around the world. Last year we had bands and DJs from Australia, Brazil, the USA, New Zealand, the UK, local, and across Spain. The event was headlined by Australia’s Art Vs Science, who absolutely knocked the crowd to pieces.

And yeah, we just do that for you because we can. You don’t have to pay any extra, we just throw a music festival with unlimited beer and sangria so you have something fun to do while you’re preparing for Pamplona’s street parties, coming down from the bull run, or just to enjoy on its own because it’s absolutely awesome to have a music festival attached to your accommodation.

And That’s Why Stoke Travel Isn’t Just Pamplona’s Biggest Tour Group

But it’s also the best. We are populated with nothing but legends, absolutely awesome travellers from all over the world who gather together at Pamplona’s El Molino campsite to trade bulls stories, check out San Fermin’s street parties, to dance together, to try and drink our beer and sangria bar dry (impossible!), and to just enjoy being away from home and having so much fun together.

Every year we bring more people to Pamplona’s because we throw the best parties outside of the city centre. We offer more, you pay less, and we are completely devoted to you having a good time. That’s the Stoke Travel way of operating, that’s what keeps us loving what we do.

Want to come and see why our campsite is the best? Or why Stoke Travel is the best? Want to come and be the best with us? Join us for the Running of the Bulls in 2019.

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