V San Sebastián Single Fin Classic

El pasado 30 de Junio tuvo lugar uno de los eventos referencia del long clásico del norte del país. El San Sebastián Single Fin Classic, organizado por la tienda Hawaii de San Sebastián, en la playa de la Zurriola. En el evento además de muchas caras conocidas del panorama tablonero, teníamos a nuestro amigo Nelson […]
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Loggers of the Basque Country, una historia del Duct Tape

Loggers of the Basque Country es un extracto sacado del pasado Duct Tape Invitational, donde el vídeo se centra en los surfistas de la zona norte de España y el sur de Francia. Tenemos a Mikel Urigoitia como cabeza visible, pasando por el joven Asturiano Nico García, el local de Sopelana, Adrián López y el […]
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Este es Jared, un archiconocido logger, amigo de la Revista en sus visitas a Europa. Aquí lo tenemos  captado por Silox en Salinas: Es uno de los surfistas más influyentes de la costa oeste Californiana por su estilo desenfrenado al alcance de muy pocos. Hoy traemos un nuevo vídeo suyo, grabado en cámara de 8mm […]
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Atardecer en La Saladita, ¿te animas?

A quien no le gustaría estar en el agua, en un atardecer mágico en México, más concretamente en las interminables izquierdas de La Saladita… Pues High Latitude Films, nos trae ese momento, filmando a un puñado de buenos surfistas, sacándole todo el jugo a esta preciada ola El elenco lo componen:  WILL ALLEN, TOM PAYNE, KYLE […]
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Will You Hurt Yourself While Travelling?

Tried and tested ways to feel better about ruining your body daily while travelling

Picture this: it’s been yet another huge night out in a city far from home. You’ve ended up in a stranger’s bed absolutely shit-faced, smelling like a brewery and feeling like you’ve taken a hammer to the head. It’s the fifth night in a row. You’ve got a permanent hangover. You wake up, gather your shit that you’ve somehow managed not to lose and drag your soulless body out into the blaring daylight. You feel like you might never recover, like something inside of you has died. Never fear, eager young traveller, there are ways to come back from this as impossible as that may seem. This is certainly not our first rodeo, and lucky for you we’ve got the hot tips and the hook ups to keep you going for at least another round of festivals.

1. Eat a hearty and delicious breakfast

Every seasoned drinker knows that a good breaky is the first step to recovery. When you’re with us, we take the hard work out of getting up, showering, (or not, if that’s how you roll) choosing a cafe and deciding what to eat. All you need to do is roll out of your (or someone else’s) tent, crawl on over to Stoke Eats for a goddamn good feed lovingly prepared for you by our onsite chefs. Hooray! You’re well on the way to recovery!

2. Get into a little downward dog (we mean the yoga pose, but open to interpretation)

It’s important to remember that you’ve most likely neglected your body pretty thoroughly and it’s not responding well. Chances are, you’ve been moving and grooving in all kinds of wacky directions and haven’t taken a single second to stretch it out. The solution? Easy! Get yourself to one of our morning yoga classes for the chance to get bendy, get zen and realign your chakras for another night of ridiculous antics.

3. Get salty

Salt water is the cure for most things, and nothing quite like a bit of time in the ocean to cleanse you of your sins. After a big few days at a festival, continually feeding your body unlimited (yep, you heard that right, unlimited) amounts of beer and sangria, you’re gonna need to get yourself to the salt water, stat. There’s no better place to relax, unwind and recharge than at our San Sebastian Surf House. Only a short drive to the beach of Zarautz, with daily surf lessons by beautiful long haired yahoos who know their shit on the waves, there’s nowhere else you’d want to recover.

4. Do absolutely nothing

There’s no written rule about recovering from a monster hangover. If your way is to do sweet fuck all, then by all means do exactly that. Chill out on the tanning deck at the surf house, have a siesta on the floating daybed, lay in your actual bed and sleep for hours… Whatever you need to do get your blood pumping and you back on the horse, do it.

5. Man up, have another beer and plan where you’re going next

This is probably the most effective option, the cause is the cure right? Plus, nothing gets you up and about like booking your next festival, next surf trip or your next bender in a new city. Head on down to the bar, ask for uno cerveza por favor, whip out your stoke passport and make it happen. Running Of The Bulls? Stoked In The Park? La Tomatina? BBK Live
? You name it, we’ve got it. The good news is, once that’s done and you’ve made it through the first beer, you’re back baby, it’s game on.

We’ve given you all the tips you need, the rest is up to you. Kick that hangover and keep on partying, it’s the only way. Grab your stoke passport now and get out of here! 

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Things You Definitely Won’t Care About While Travelling

If you’ve ever travelled abroad for a long period of time, it’s usually with next to no plan, very limited funds and an overwhelming desire to party as much as humanly possible. This is all well and good, until you actually get there and have to execute this plan, whilst trying to maintain a functional amount of self respect. You very quickly come to realise that your daily routine will be thrown out the window pretty much as soon as you get on the plane ready to settle in for your long haul flight. It is (pretty much) scientifically proven that any and all self respect physically leaves your body at the boarding gates. For example, in real life, would you ever cosy up to a complete stranger for 20+ hours, snoring loudly and sleeping with your mouth open? Probably not. When you’re travelling, you wouldn’t think twice about it. We’ve made this list of things it’s totally ok to do while travelling, mostly to make ourselves believe it’s ok to be this fucking gross, but also to let YOU know it’s totally fine to be that fucking gross.

  1. Wearing your undies once before washing them

At home, it’s common practice to wash your undies after you’ve worn them before wearing them again. When you’re travelling, there will come a time (multiple times) that you desperately dig through your suitcase, inspecting each pair of unwashed undies before deciding to go with the ones that are the best of a bad bunch.

  1. Caring about your liver

In the real world, you probably giver yourself one, (if we’re being honest, at least two) nights of the week to get royally fucked. This rule does not apply for travelling. Everyday is the weekend, and somehow, your body just knows. When you might normally be able to drink excessively Friday and Saturday before feeling like a pile of shit on Sunday, while you’re away, you will drink yourself into oblivion at least five nights a week. Heck, there probably won’t be a day where you don’t have at least one drink. 9am on a Monday? Fuck it, it’s five o’clock somewhere. You’ll probably pay for it later on in life but for now, play on player.

  1. Eating a vegetable every now and then

You come home from work, you cook dinner, you (maybe) eat a vegetable. When you are travelling, especially in Europe, be prepared for the majority of your meals to be bread, processed meats, cheese, beer and ice cream. You might come home carrying a few extra kilos (we’re not talking about your suitcase) but this is your official warning. YOU WILL CONSUME MANY CARBS AND IT IS TOTALLY FINE.

  1. Other people seeing/hearing you have sex

When you’re living in a hostel for sometimes months on end, privacy is no longer a thing. There’s no ‘we have to be quiet, my housemates are home’ it’s more like ‘we can go back to my hostel but we have to be careful not to be TOO aggressive because i’m on the top bunk and it squeaks like a mother fucker’. You get used to getting your rocks off quickly and apologising awkwardly if/when you get caught out.

  1. Sleeping in questionable environments

So your sheets look a little crusty and the pillow doesn’t have a case? So what, you’ll rest your weary head there anyway. There’s almost a 100% chance that you’ll be so grateful to have made it back there in one piece that you’ll take whatever you can get. You might spend a split second thinking about how nice your bed at home is, but that thought will leave as quickly as it entered when you remember the fact that you’re going to wake up in a place far away and have an ice cold beer for breakfast and if that means sleeping in a bed featuring unrecognisable substances, then so be it.

Even though these things are gross as fuck, that shouldn’t stop you from having all of the fun. So what are you waiting for? Grab your stoke passport now and enjoy it while you can. 

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World Cup Final 16 Predictions

We’re a bit late to this one, because we’ve been too busy watching the World Cup in our Barcelona bar, throwing wine at San Vino and getting ready for Stoked In The Park. But, to be entirely fair to us, we would have thrown our predictive heft behind France, Uruguay and Croatia. We obviously backed Spain over Russia, because it’s where we are right now, and usually, but you can’t predict them all no matter how hard we try.

This year’s World Cup is wild and could be taken out by anybody. So, faced with some difficult decisions to make, we’re putting our reputations on the line and making some predictions for the last four games of the round of 16.

Note: these predictions are written by an Australian and all opinions are his own. Nothing here is meant to be taken seriously, unless of course the predictions come true, in which case we are being 100% serious. Don’t take offence if we don’t predict your favourite team – we’ve got no idea what we’re talking about (and we’re bitter about Australia being knocked out in the group stages).

Brazil VS Mexico, Monday July 2nd, 4pm

Mexico have to be the sentimental favourites after their first game victory over the generally disliked Germany (disliked because they’re so good, not because they’re not nice). Mexico also have nicer food than Brazil, by an Amazonian mile, and nobody in Mexico has stupid hair like Neymar does. But we’re all secretly hoping that Brazil will bring back the joga bonito style of play and make watching them a pleasure again. If they return with some razzle dazzle, then we’ll be backing them to win.

Brazil: 3-1

Belgium VS Japan, Monday July 2nd, 8pm

Belgium are the runaway favourites in this intercontinental clash, but that’s mostly because the world doesn’t respect Asian football (we’re including Australia in that disrespected class). But Asian football is fast, precise, disciplined and worthy of the world’s respect. When will you start giving Asian football a chance?

Belgium: 5-0

Sweden VS Switzerland, Tuesday July 3rd, 4pm

A battle of two nations whose names are often confused and who are pretty similar in work ethic (hard), looks (hot) and boringness (too much). At the end of the day, however, the Swedes are probably hotter and less boring in summer. And the World Cup takes place in summer, a time when Switzerland’s ski slopes have melted down and dried up. Based on the back of the Swedes being the more exciting people this time of the year, we’re going to have to gift them the win.

Sweden: 3-2 (overtime)

Colombia VS England, Tuesday July 3rd, 8pm

While Colombia are looking pretty lacklustre at the moment, they are looking hotter than the English who suffer from a diet of Cornish pasties and fish and chips (versus the Colombian diet of ceviche, cocaine and plastic surgery). But as much as we like to rag on the “Poms”, at the end of the day they’re our fellow Commonwealth partner, we have a lot of great events running out of London, like our London Big Day Out, Royal Ascot and the London to Oktoberfest train. We don’t have a Bogota to Munich train journey planned, so we’re going with Old Blighty.

England: 1-1 on penalties.

Are we right? Are we wrong? Are we stupid? Join us at Stoked In The Park where we’ll be playing all matches on the big screen, as well as pretty much going mad at Pamplona’s biggest party within Spain’s biggest party (San Fermin).

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Things You Could Be Doing This Weekend

It’s the start of the week which means it’s about time to start looking towards the coming weekend. Now, not all weekends are created equal, and this is one of the more exceptional weekends of the year – summer is well and truly upon us, the world sporting stage is alight with its greatest spectacle, there’s a music festival every other day…

So what are you going to do with this weekend? You need to choose carefully, because while we don’t want to put you under too much stress, there will never be another weekend like this one. You will never be this young, at such a ripe summer moment, ever again.

So here’s a little list of things you could be doing this weekend.

  1. Try some new, delicious food
    This is a great way to spend this weekend. Try something new! Maybe a new wine from the Pamplona-adjacent wine making region, maybe a paella. Have you had an authentic Australian pie before? This weekend could be an amazing time to try one, if not all, of these things.
  2. Do some yoga
    A healthy weekend, or maybe just a healthy beginning to a debaucherous weekend. Doesn’t matter, a little yoga practice is a great weekend filler. Do it with a group, friends, strangers, doesn’t matter. It’s fun, funny, healthy and even better when it’s completely free and included in your weekend’s accommodation package.
  3. Listen to some sick beats
    Dance like nobody’s watching. Lose yourself to dance. Shake yo’ thang. Let the world know what you’re made of. Bangers. Electronic. Rock ‘n’ roll. Whatever gets your tail feathers ruffled. Art Vs Science. Honey Hayze. Mesmeriser. Whatever gets you excited.
  4. Go camping
    A perfect plan any weekend, but this weekend, this summery weekend, this hot weekend with star filled nights is the perfect time to go camping. Imagine, though, if you could camp without having your own gear, just imagine if there was some magical land where your tent was set up for your arrival with a mat and sleeping bag set up inside it…
  5. Get some culture
    Go and see something new. Go travelling somewhere. Hang out with the locals, see how they are spending their weekend. If you’re lucky you might see them in the middle of a party, maybe the biggest party of the year, when they’re dressed in white and red, raging in the town square, drinking sangria.
  6. Play some friendly team sports
    Get active this weekend! Kick, pass, dust the boots off. Win! At all costs! Crush your opponents… because everyone knows that there’s really no such thing as friendly sport –  even the games that start off friendly end up vicious.
  7. Go to a pool party
    Pool parties are fabulous and glamorous and where ridiculously good-looking people frolic and flourish and check each other out and not have to go too far when it’s time to pee…  
  8. Float down a river
    Like a pool party, but with less beats, more relaxation, no chlorine. It’s a peaceful alternative to the pool party, a chance to just lay back and watch the birds of prey wheel and whirl above.
  9. Mess around with savage beasts
    Dangerous party animals.
  10. Simply lay on the grass, under some shade, and do absolutely nothing
    Enough said.
  11. BONUS
    Imagine doing all of these things, and then some more, all at the one event. Well that’s what we’re proposing with our ULTIMATE WEEKEND PLAN, Stoked In The Park, coinciding with Spain’s famous San Fermin fiesta taking place in Pamplona. Forget about running with bulls, come along for live music including Art Vs Science, DJs, pool parties, food trucks, wine tasting, friendly sports competitions, daily yoga – and all taking place in the El Molino campsite, with plenty of grass to lay around on and beautiful shade to lay under.

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