Free Beer!

Now that we’ve got your attention, practically free beer.

One of the things folks love most about Stoke Travel is that we offer practically free and unlimited beer and sangria at our festivals, destinations and events.

When you arrive we’ll give you a welcome drink on the house, an ice cold/lukewarm beer or a sangria made according to our grandma’s family recipe. All you have to do is turn up and we’ll land a drink in your hand. It’s our way of saying, Thank you, we know your journey has been long, but you’re with friends now. Put your backpack down, relax, let’s fucken party.

That’s a free beer. Where else in the world will you get a free beer just for turning up? Uncle Keith’s backyard BBQ, sure, but there you have to repay the favour with detailed plans of just what you’re doing with your life. We ask for nothing in return.

Once the free drink is consumed you have two options. You can either leave it at that, or you can partake in our all-you-can-drink beer and sangria bar for €10 a day. That’s right, for a measly ten euros you can drink all the beer and sangria you want, so long as the bar is open.

Nobody else does this, because they can’t or don’t want to. But at Stoke we see the value in getting all of our Stokies nice and buzzed, opening up the banter highways and maybe lubing up those hips for a shimmy across the dancefloor. We don’t want to open cash bars and drain your wallets just so you can have a good time, so for the price of one Oktoberfest beer, or two sangrias in a Spanish bar, we’ll let you drink as much as you want.

We keep the bar open as long as possible, which varies from destination to destination, but is usually from the morning until the music is turned off, and as far as how much you can drink, so long as you’re having fun and not being a dickhead you can keep on going.

The free and unlimited beer and sangria bar is available at almost all of our destinations (Morocco we can’t!), and at some we offer something special in line with the local flavour, like:

And surely there’ll be more, we’re really just making this up as we go along. We’re not saying that you have to drink to have a good time, but we are saying that when you have a few with like-minded travellers from around the world a good time usually ensues, and if you want to drink we’re going to make it easy for you.

Who doesn’t love practically free beer?

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Will You Find Love At Stoke Travel?

 A shameless attempt to cash in on Valentine’s Day

Yes, yes you will find love at Stoke Travel. But love is strange and comes in many forms, so the real question is which form of love will you find while you’re with us? Lucky for you we’ve been in the love game for some time now, so long that we’re often known as “The Lovers’ Choice”, and it’s been pretty easy for us to pull together this little list of some of the kinds of love you’ll find at Stoke Travel.

Temporary Love

This is the most common type of love found at Stoke Travel and it’s all yours if you want it. Temporary love is the love between a man and a woman or two women, or three men,or whatever, a love that doesn’t last long but burns brightly. Temporary love is usually forged at our famous campsite parties, when eyes are locked across the dancefloor and moves are traded like two birds of paradise shaking their impressive plumage to Missy Elliot. Once the gyrating is approved it’s on to the small talk, perhaps one member of the party will suggest that they get a drink, and hilariously claim that it’s on them despite the beers and sangrias being bottomless (€10 all-you-can-drink beer and sangria bar at almost all our destinations). At some point the braver party will go in for a lean in and then you’ll be making out hard in the public eye, really going for it. At some point the age-old question of “your tent or mine?” will have to be asked, where you’ll retreat for some awkward fooling around on air mattresses and backpacks, before stealing heat off each other for the night and then going your separate ways in the morning.

Rating: four out of five awkward goodbyes.

Love Yourself

You can love yourself in many different ways, some appropriate for Stoke Travel and some not, the bottom line being that you should love yourself often, always. At Stoke it’s not so easy to love yourself as you don’t really get all that much alone time – even the solo tents are a mere few inches and a couple of layers of sound-porous nylon from your neighbours, and there is often a line for the showers and toilet cubicles with every impatient soul an impediment to getting your rocks off.  Nevertheless if there’s a will there’s always a way and if you need to love yourself –perhaps your quest for temporary or more meaninglful love has been fruitless – you’ll work out how to do it, and while we don’t want to know about it, we respect you for getting it done.

Recommended: maybe take a little walk into the forest and love yourself amongst nature.

Love Everybody

We’re not specifically talking about orgies here, although when thousands of fun loving travellers get together at the world’s biggest and best parties group love is an inevitable eventuality. What we’re talking about is finding the right amount of Oktoberfest beer, or Pamplona sangria, mixing it with some of the greatest experiences a traveller will ever encounter, and realising just how great life is and how wonderful your new friends are. It’s that moment when you do, indeed, love everybody and everything, because there’s a collusion of factors that have come together just right and how lucky are you to be a part of it all! This affliction is sometimes known as an “affection erection” and is identified by the sufferer wearing a huge, stupid grin, looking around at everybody in their vicinity with wide shining eyes, and proclaiming How good is this! What’s your name man? And so on.

See also: MDMA

Special Love

This is a less common type of love found at Stoke Travel, but that’s because it’s special. Special love isn’t temporary, or at least it doesn’t feel temporary while you’re wrapped up in its fuzzy embbrace. Special love forms from a connection beyond a stupid grin across the dancefloor and some awkward shaking of the posterior. It can be born over eating an included cooked breakfast, or under a tree on one of the grassed chillout areas, or on the shuttle ride into the festival. It requires more talking than its common, carnal cousin, a meeting of the minds, one that you will have every intention of following up on next time your paths cross, or indeed manipulating the paths so they come together again sooner rather than later. Because Stoke Travel attracts a diverse array of travellers that span nationalities, age brackets and backgrounds, you will meet people here you may not have spent a lot of time with beforehand, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll fall in special love with them. There have been plenty of couples who met at Stoke Travel who have gone on to get marrried and even divorced, so keep an eye out for your future ex-husband/wife when you’re with us next.

Loving Life

This one is the final and the most accesible of all the Stoke Travel loves, the love you’ll find when you’re travelling with like-minded legends from around the world, to the craziest parties and festivals, at destinations so gorgeous you’ll have to pinch yourself, with a travel company that is hopelessly devoted to making sure that you have the best time possible, be whoever you want to be, meet whoever you want to meet, and that’s probably why Stoke Travel is known as the company of love, because we really do adore showing you the best times and having them with you. Isn’t that just lovely? So lovely we kind of want to puke.

Come and love with us this year. What are you after? Surfing in San Sebastian? Partying in Ibiza? Bulls? La Tomatina? Sziget? Why not all of them? Grab our passport and choose four trips from the 20+ we have on offer, and all for just €550, that’s 12 nights of all-inclusive at Europe’s top parties and festivals. Who doesn’t love that? 

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Big Moron Doesn’t Book With Stoke Travel For Running Of The Bulls

Travelling cretin, Jake Sampson, 28, has confirmed his status as an absolute dummy by not booking with Stoke Travel for 2018’s Running of the Bulls festival.

The A-grade moron appears to have weighed up his options and decided that it was in his best interests to book with an inferior company, despite Stoke Travel clearly offering more and charging less than the competition.

Village idiot Sampson disregarded that Stoke Travel consistently has the biggest and best crowds across all of Europe’s festivals, and stupidly wasn’t swayed by their inclusion of pre-erected tents, inflatable air mattresses and sleeping bags at no extra cost. The dunce was similarly unimpressed that Stoke Travel includes a cooked breakfast and dinner every day, as well as their €10 all-you-can-drink beer and sangria bar, and still decided to book his trip to the famous Pamplona festival with a different company that will no doubt disappoint the dimwitted traveller.

Friends say that Sampson, the stupid fuck, wasn’t even interested in Stoked in the Park – the music and culture festival that happens at Stoke Travel’s campsite during San Fermin – despite Stoke bringing in Australian and local bands and DJs, pool parties, a marketplace for local wine and produce and food trucks, making the perfect party to recover from the bull run, or to prepare for a night in the world’s biggest street fiesta.

When pressed on his utterly shithouse choice, Sampson attempted to justify the piss-poor decision making. “Yeah nah, the other campsite is a little bit closer to the Pamplona city centre, so even though I’ll still have to catch the bus every day into town, it’ll be for five minutes less.”

Artur Toro, a professor in Pamplona campgrounds at the University of Navarra, explains Sampson’s shithouse justification. “Si, the other campsite is a little closer to Pamplona city centre, but from there or from Stoke’s campsite you’ve got to catch a bus, so it doesn’t really matter. The Stoke Travel campsite is just such a better option, they’ve got plenty of grass and trees for shade, while the other one is pretty much a dust pit in the sun all day, and there’s a river running through the Stoke campsite, so that’s pretty bloody nice. That’s not even taking into consideration the massively better job that Stoke Travel does, especially with the Stoked in the Park festival, that already has 10 bands confirmed. It’s going to be sick. That Sampson guy really does seem like a fucken dummy for not choosing Stoke Travel.”

Don’t be a dipstick like Jake and make the mistake of booking with anyone else for San Fermin, the Running of the Bulls, Pamps, whatever you want to call it. Stoke Travel always has the most fun, and this year with an international music festival complimenting Pamplona’s street parties and the regular campsite goodtimes it’s an unbeatable formula. 

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Beau Young, short, long, Midlenth. Surfer total.

Beau Young el australiano sobradamente conocido por todos nosotros, proveniente de una saga mítica de surfers, con Nat Young su padre al frente, que fue campeón del mundo a finales de los 60. Al igual que su padre Beau lo fue también pero en el 2000 y 2003 retirado desde hace mas de una década […]

Stoke Travel Wins Major International Travel Prize

And what that means for you.

From humble beginnings a decade ago, Stoke Travel’s marquee Stoketoberfest event has won Tour Radar’s coveted “Festival and Events Tour Of The Year”. That means that if you were one of the thousands who joined us in 2017 you were a part of making us the WORLD’S best festival and event, as well as the amazing Oktoberfest with its huge beers, amazing party bands, gut churning carnival rides and delicious, stomach lining foods.

If you were unable to join us in 2017, then make sure 2018 is on your to-do list, as we’re going to be bigger and better than ever. We don’t let things like accolades slow us down, we are committed to continue improving our accommodation and event so you can have the most fantastic Oktoberfest experience possible. This year we’ll have more creative spaces, live acts and DJs, and our legendary all-you-can-drink beer and sangria bar will be pumping out beverages from morning to night. Spots are already being booked like mad, it’s not the worst idea to reserve your Oktoberfest 2018 spot soon.

Heck, even if you did join us for 2017 you should come back this year – it’s going to be that good.

If September-October are no-can-do months for you, or you prefer a slightly smaller, more local experience, then consider Springfest, Oktoberfest’s little cousin, held in the same fairgrounds, with the same beers, carnival rides, bands and food, just on a smaller scale. Springfest attracts a big Bavarian crowd from Munich and surrounds, with everybody getting together and celebrating the passing of another harsh German winter.

The world doesn’t have enough beer festivals and so Munich just created another one. We go every year, and take our award winning setups and service with us. Do you like beer and staying with true champions? Then Springfest is the perfect opportunity. 

So yeah, allow us to gloat, because it seems like our commitment to showing travellers the best possible time is finally getting recognition, and that only inspires us to continue improving and making the most out of your festival experiences. See you soon!

Stoke Travel Wins Major International Travel Prize

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Berlin: A Perfect Warm Up for Oktoberfest

Our good friend Lana over at Nomaden Berlin has come up with some pretty good tips and tricks for visiting Berlin either before of after Oktoberfest, or Springfest (April 18th-May 7th). 

Oktoberfest in Munich is on millions of bucket lists around the world. Every year, approximately 6 million people descend on the Bavarian capital and merrily work their way through 7.7 million litres of Oktoberfest Beer. People come from far and wide, often travelling thousands of kilometres to attend the legendary 16-day festival. But why stop just at Munich? Especially when its edgy sister Berlin is just a cheap bus ride away. With its pulsating nightlife and one-of-a-kind culture, we can think of few better places than Berlin to hold your Oktoberfest pre-party.

Berlin nightlife

Since its inception over 200 years ago, Oktoberfest has revolved around celebrating and drinking beer. But before you don your Lederhosen and grab your beer stein, Berlin’s world-renowned nightclubs are sure to put you in the partying mood. The city really has something for everyone, from hardcore techno to chilled out reggae vibes. Being the epicentre of European nightlife, it can be difficult to know where to start, so here are a few of our favourites:


  • Berghain – the Godfather of nightclubs. With an ultra-strict door policy, Berghain is perhaps the world’s most hallowed dancefloor. If you do get in, you’re guaranteed a night you’ll never forget.
  • Wilde Renate & Kater Blau – these two venues are safe bets for a top-notch night. Playing primarily techno and house music, world-class DJs will keep you partying hour after hour.
  • About Blank & OHM – these clubs are perfect for revellers who are looking for a slightly more hardcore techno scene.
  • Yaam – the Young and African Arts Market is a beach club oasis serving up a perfect blend of street culture, music, food and arts.
  • Club de Visionaere – riverside bar with a tremendous sun terrace. Be sure to check out their Sunday afternoon parties.
  • Lido – a personal favourite of many live music lovers, Lido showcases some of the best bands the city has to offer. If you prefer live music to club nights, then Privatclub, Astra Kulturhaus and Festsaal Kreuzberg will also be right up your street.


Before arriving in Berlin, we recommend you check out Resident Advisor to see some of the events that are on during your stay.

Berlin by day

While Berlin is a nocturnal city for many party lovers, the city is a cultural haven by day. While the main tourist guides and blogs cover most of the obvious must-see sites (the Reichstag, the Brandburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, the Victory Column, etc.), there are a number of alternative activities that can get you off the beaten tourist track:

    • The abandoned Spy Station in Gruenwald Forest. This place has got to be seen to be believed. While it may feel like you’ve entered a post-apocalyptic dystopia on arrival, you’ll soon be blown away by the incredible street art on display. Walk to the very top of the famous radomes and see spectacular views of Berlin and the surrounding area.


  • Cycle around Tempelhofer Feld. Tempelhof is a former airport turned recreational nirvana in south-central Berlin. This vast public park is a popular meeting point for football players, kite flyers, BBQ’ing Berliners and everyone in between. Hire a bike (or anything else with wheels) and spend an afternoon flying down the main runway!
  • The Soviet War Memorial in Treptow Park. Located in East Berlin, the Soviet War Memorial is often overlooked by tourists visiting Berlin. As well as a memorial for 80,000 Russian soldiers who died in WWII fighting to capture Berlin, it is also a cemetery for 7000 Russian soldiers. The immense statues are some of the finest you will see in Europe.
  • Visit Mauerpark. On Sundays, Mauerpark is a hive of activity. Many of Berlin’s local bands showcase their music throughout the afternoon and there is a huge flea market if you fancy picking up a bargain during your stay. You can also give the mic a whirl yourself and belt out your favourite tune at the popular Bearpit Karaoke, an open-air karaoke party that draws in crowds of up to 2000 people.


The practical stuff

Whether you choose to visit Berlin before or after Oktoberfest, you can travel between the cities for as little as EUR 10. Flixbus put on approximately 50 buses between the two cities every single day and this is a much cheaper option than taking the Deutsche Bahn (train). You can also fly between Berlin’s Tegel Airport and Munich airport, with Easyjet, Lufthansa and Eurowings running a large number of daily flights.

Berlin is home to a wide-range of fantastic and sociable hostels. We recommend EastSeven Hostel or Heart of Gold hostel, both of which will guarantee you have a superb stay in Berlin. But finding accommodation at Oktoberfest can be much much trickier. With Munich hotels hiking their prices and an influx of people arriving in the city, Stoke Travel’s all-inclusive camping accommodation is by far the best value for money and most fun accommodation out there. For just EUR 60 a night, you get a pre-erected tent, sleeping bag and mattress as well as a hearty cooked breakfast and dinner. On top of this, you get access to some of the most raucous parties at the festival and an all-you-can-drink beer and sangria bar. Not bad if you ask me!

Fallen in love with Germany?

Fortunately, your German adventure doesn’t necessarily have to finish after Oktoberfest. Citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Israel can apply for a Working Holiday Visa, which allows them to live and work in Germany for up to one year.

If you do fancy a longer-term stay in Germany, Nomaden Berlin can take care of all your relocation needs – the company is a Working Holiday package provider in Berlin, offering one-month city centre accommodation, German language courses, visa and admin support, job placement advice and event, tours and meetups throughout the year. With new opportunities for English speakers springing up in Berlin every day, now is the perfect time to spend a year in Europe’s coolest capital.



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Beginner Surfer Convinces Land Locked Friends That He’s Hot Stuff In The Water

Novice surfer, Peter Cooley, 26, has returned from a second stint at surf camp and is attempting to pass himself off as a big deal in the waves.

Cooley’s friend, Tom Jenkins, explains. “It started off innocent enough. He had a bit of a tan and his hair was lighter (we suspected he was squeezing lemon juice in it), but then he started wearing nothing but Hawaiian shirts, and this weird pukka shell necklace, so we knew he was trying to tell us something, you know? Then we were down the pub and some surfing came on the news, a contest in Hawaii or something, and the waves looked big and dangerous, and Pete starts calling the waves ‘sick’, talking about how he ‘misses getting pitted’ and how if he was there he would have ‘gotten shacked out of his mind’. I mean, I don’t know anything about surfing, but the guy’s surfed for two weeks total, max, in his entire life.”

It would appear that not only was Cooley trying to deceive his friends who had yet to surf with his talking up of his prowess, but it seemed like he’d almost believed it himself. “I mean, we love the guy so of course we called him on it,” continued Jenkins, “but he was sticking to his story. It’s like he really believed that he was capable of conquering the world’s most dangerous waves after a grand total of 20 hours learning the sport. At one point the news showed a particularly painful looking fall, and Pete started calling the guy a ‘kook’ and insisting that he would have ‘pig dogged’ his way through that wave. What even is a pig dog, I mean, to do with surfing?”

Cooley’s parents spoke of their son returning a stranger, a guy who spoke of having “saltwater in his veins” and who was found face down in the bathtub, only to be furious when his father pulled him out. “Petey said, ‘What are you doing Dad, you barney? I’m training to hold my breath for when the surf gets maxxed out,’ and in my bloody tub, no less!” said his mother, who was more confused than distraught.

We asked the younger Cooley about his newfound status as a shredlord and can confirm that it is worse than it previously anybody had anticipated. “Ah man, those kooks just don’t get it,” he complained. “Once you’ve been in the green room everything changes, bro. It’s like, you’re at one with nature, just standing there in mother nature’s womb, man. It’s so sick. I don’t feel myself anymore unless I’m near the ocean. I need to hear the roar of waves smashing on the sand to get to sleep and now I know that a bad day surfing is better than the best day working.

“My friends do drugs, but not me man, surfing is my drug and just thinking about it makes me off my face!”, he claims, in a terribly cringeworthy statement that will doubtlessly offer his parents a reason to feel releived.

We asked if that meant he’d be leaving his job and taking up surfing fulltime, but Cooley was ddismissive, because, “Ah, mt boss just made me shift supervisor, man, so it’s such a good opportunity for me, plus i’m making another $50 a month now, so that will go straight into my tube fund. He’s told me to stop asking customers how the waves were, because I guess we are eight hours from the nearest coastline and they probably just want to get a barbeque chicken and get out of here, but you never know. There’s nothing sicker than meeting a fellow surfer and chatting about the swell, you know?”

Staff at the surf camp refused to confirm Cooley’s skill level in the surf, saying only that he was a “good guy,” but admitting that he was also “a bit of a frother,” and sometimes that can be somewhat of a “bummer”.

Do you want to be a red-hot surfer but have maybe left your run a little late? Never fear, the Stoke Travel San Sebastian Surf Camp is great for all levels of surfer, so even first timers can get photographic proof that they are now masters of the waves.

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Springfest Allows Young Travellers Another Opportunity To Act Like Homeless Alcoholics

Germany’s Springfest, held in Munich ever April-May, offers young backpackers and students yet another opportunity to behave like complete pissheads without compromising their professional nor familial relationships.

The festival, held in the same showgrounds as Oktoberfest, features much of the same atmosphere and spectacle as its better-known cousin, just on a smaller scale. And while the festival isn’t yet on the radar of aspiring boozehounds world-wide, it soon will be with its offering of judgement free binge drinking sessions.

“I’d done Oktoberfest before and loved it – loved living like a tramp for a few days, with the sleeping in tents and going to sleep drunk and waking up without a hangover because you just keep drinking – so I was super happy to discover that there was another Munich beer festival that I could come and pretend to be destitute at,” explained Barry Collins, 29. “Thing is, I’m probably never going to properly be a bum. I have a good job, a solid safety net beneath me with friends and family and no history of mental illness. It’s nice for me to pretend to be a problem drinker for just a few days.”

Stoke Travel’s Toby Paramor admits that the company is trying to corner the sought after “temporarily destitute” travel market. “Not many operators out there really give their customers the chance to act out their fantasies of destitution, but we do. We offer travellers a €10 all-you-can-drink deal, meaning that there is no financial barrier to full-time intoxication. We don’t judge them when they want to have a beer before breakfast – heck, we even encourage it. Most of these guys have pretty good jobs and never really get the chance to wear the same clothes for five days straight. We offer them that experience and create an environment where it’s encouraged.”

Munich lord mayor, Andrew Blonk is grateful for the temporary injection of vagrancy that Stoke Travel brings to the Bavarian city. “We’re a pretty well-off city, one of the few places in Germany where the hard-working and serious German stereotypes really apply, so we don’t have many homeless people here. It’s nice that we can put on events like Springfest and Oktoberfest where mass consumption of alcohol is encouraged, and then Stoke Travel can fill them with young people who look like they’ve been living on the streets for years. It’s amazing! Sometimes they have odd shoes on, sometimes none at all, and I even once saw one of them pissing under a table! Can you believe it? The only people who are so brave with their bodily functions are the homeless, out of necessity, and Stoke Travel’s guests because they’re just out of control. And they don’t ask anybody for money, they bring their own and spend it on beer! It’s really a win-win situation.”

Paramor was open to how far guests could go in living out their hobo fantasies. “We’ve had people piss their pants, fall asleep on the toilet — one girl who was so drunk she thought she was the second-coming of Jesus, I mean, as far as tramp fantasies go we accommodate all of them. I like to think of Stoke Travel like Westworld, but in real life, kind of like Westworld is supposed to be real life in the show. You know Westworld, on HBO? Great show, you’ve just got to watch it. Anyway, Stoke Travel is like Westworld, but instead of allowing travellers to live out their cowboy fantasties, we give them the experience of being really down and out for a few days, just like they’ve hit rock bottom and everything’s falling apart, but their spirits are high. It’s really quite the thing, you should try it sometime. Everyone should try it – come and be homeless with us! Is that a new slogan? Stoke Travel – you’re never alone when you don’t have a home. Got a nice ring to it, no?”

Springfest is Oktoberfest’s little cousin, with the same beer, food and fun, just with less people. Come and join us for the temporarily alcoholic where you and your friends can sleep almost rough, get loaded on booze for almost every waking hour and smell pretty bad too! It’s a real hobo-themed hoot.

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Travelling Tightarse Finds Deal That Even He Can’t Pass Up

Notorious cheapskate, Ben Mason, 26, has given his travel buddies cause for celebration as he’s finally found a travel deal that even he can throw his hard-earned cash behind.

Mason, reported to have been travelling with the boys for about three months now, has developed a habit of missing his round at bars and asking if his friends were “going to finish that kebab”; his travel companions are beginning to doubt if he even brought his wallet away with him.

“At first we didn’t really notice,” says out-of-pocket friend, James Jenkins, “but after three straight nights of Maso going to the bathroom when it was his turn to buy the beers, or just smokebombing all together before the bill came at restaurants, we knew it wasn’t just a coincidence. I mean, he’s always bringing four beers to houseparties and drinking 12, but I guess we all naively thought he’d be different on the road.”

But after a series of being unable to commit to travel plans, umming and ahhing and saying, “That’s a bit exxy, isn’t it?”, Mason has finally prised open the cobwebbed mythical wallet after being introduced to Stoke Travel’s Passport.

“Mate, it’s just too good to pass up,” remarked Mason, while eyeing off your correspondent’s half-drank bottle of water, “I reckon I’d be losing money if I didn’t sign up… you going to finish that, mate?”

The Stoke Travel Passport will allow Mason to travel to four different Stoke Travel trips, most of them being all-inclusive, for three nights at each, with over 20 trips to choose from. That gives him 12 nights across Europe’s biggest, best and wildest festivals and destinations for only €550.

“Yeah, you’re not wrong that it was difficult parting ways with 550 big ones, but I really want to do Bulls, La Tom and Occyfest, and also go out to Ibiza,” explained Mason, “So realistically I’d have to fork out for those – like I said, I’m saving money. It’s just that i’ll just have to be extra careful with the rest of my spending now.”

But his mates aren’t so sure. “Extra careful with his money? The bastard’s already tighter than a fish’s bum hole, how much more frugal can he get? I mean, I’m glad he’s committed to coming with us to Europe’s ‘big three’ festivals, with a side of Ibiza, but I’m not looking forward to the excuses he’ll have to forgetting his wallet when we’re out in Barcelona, or not having the right change to chip in for an Airbnb in Paris. Fuck me, he’s going to be unbearable.”

At the time of publication Mason was seen taking an old cup into Burger King, Amsterdam, to take advantage of their free refills. “Mate, i’ve got the worst desert mouth,” he offered, “had to get some fluids in, you know what I mean?”

But Maso’s pals had no sympathy for his cotton mouth plight. “Yeah, from puff-puffing but not passing our last joint,” added a clearly stoned friend, quite visibly at wit’s end, despite the high powered devil’s lettuce making its way through his brain.

Are you a notorious cheapskate? Are your friends tightarses? Are you pockets deepers than your arms are long? Then save money with the Stoke Travel Passport.

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GROMS of LONGBOARD. Nuevas generaciones, de aquí y de allí.

Nos encanta ver chavales jóvenes surfear con tablón, ya que el longboard no es para viejos, si no que es para todo el mundo. Hay gente que le gusta el bodyboard, a otros surfear con shortboard y hay otra corriente de gente, que escogemos el longboard, porque nos gusta por encima de otros deportes de […]