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NetEnt blackjack games are online table games developed by the company. NetEnt, as they are known in the industry, is a Swedish gambling design company that made its name in the land-based casino industry before launching one of the first online casinos on the Internet in 1996. NetEnt is currently domiciled in Sweden and Malta, and is primarily licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Despite being a Scandinavian company, the gaming software developed by NetEnt has an international flavor. Gamblers can choose from fifteen different world currencies and can play games in two dozen different languages. Since 2007, the company has been publicly traded on the Stockholm Exchange. NetEnt enjoys an excellent reputation among both gamblers and critics, who acknowledge the company’s emphasis on high-quality aesthetics and games with a high replay value. There are currently over 200 slot machines, table games, and other casino mainstays in their library.

This page concentrates on NetEnt blackjack variations, including details such as house edge percentages and optimal strategy for each game.

Games Accessible

Blackjack is an ideal game for designers seeking to develop new variations. The principles of the game provide numerous opportunities for variation. Designers have responded in kind, creating mini-blackjack games, games with live operators, and blackjack variants with various configurations of rules and newly-available side wagering. Frequently, designers have overdone it by creating games with opulent graphics or other special effects, or games with a unique interface utilizing 3D graphics or another novelty.

We believe NetEnt has not gone far enough. The majority of the company’s five blackjack variants are not sufficiently distinct from the others to merit their own titles.

The following is a list of blackjack titles supported by NetEnt’s online casino software:

Blackjack Classic Blackjack Blackjack Pro Double Exposure Blackjack Pontoon

NetEnt makes each game available with three wagering options:

Low: $0.10 to $5 Moderate: $1 to $40
High: $25 – $500
This is a unique feature provided by NetEnt that we have not seen from any other developer. It appears that the intention was to pander to low-rollers, as only the “high” arrangement resembles the wager ranges of other online blackjack games.

The NetEnt blackjack game with the smallest house advantage is Pontoon, which has an edge of only 0.38%. Three NetEnt blackjack variations have the same house advantage: Blackjack, Blackjack Pro, and Classic Blackjack all offer a 0.44 percent house margin. That is roughly average for online blackjack games. The game with the worst odds is Double Exposure Blackjack, which provides the casino a built-in advantage of 1%.

Here is a breakdown of NetEnt’s five blackjack variations:

Blackjack NetEnt’s standard Vegas-style game is blackjack. The standard blackjack game by NetEnt employs four decks as opposed to the conventional six. On a soft 17, the dealer stands and checks for blackjack. The participant may double any two cards, and doubling is permitted after dividing. As with the majority of Las Vegas-style activities, there is no surrender rule. The principles of this fundamental variant are applicable to two of NetEnt’s other four blackjack games, so once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be a NetEnt blackjack pro.


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