Are You Ready For A Feral Girl Summer?

Shoeys, sexy singles, sangria showers, and sausage-fests – we’ve got all you need!

You’ve heard of the Hot Girl Summer, but this year, for the girlies that love to get a bit filthy and freaky in the sun, Stoke Travel is officially endorsing the Feral Girl Summer. As a more carnal, raw, and chaotic take on the Hot Girl Summer, our wild campsite environments and bucket list destinations provide the perfect climate for wild crowds and debaucherous behaviour to gather and let loose. Given these conditions, we’ve been notorious for attracting the lads-on-tour; we’re for more than just the dudes though, as every year we continue to welcome hoards of strong, fearless, hilarious, witty and hot women to our campsites. Now’s your time, feral girls, to come and fuck shit up and experience the beauty and magic of a Feral Girl Summer.

It’s been a while now since Megan Thee Stallion originated the Hot Girl Summer phrase (and mindset) back in 2019, and while there’s nothing wrong with having a Hot Girl Summer, its time in the zeitgeist has seen the phrase go through its cultural life cycle, to the point where it’s been overused and feels a bit stale. As a movement characterised by its subversion of the male gaze, the Hot Girl Summer gave women a blessing to have an unapologetic good time as they embark on whatever empowering and liberating antics they please.

While Stoke absolutely does embody hotness (come check out our staff and volunteers on-site for proof), we’re definitely more primed in the feral department. In the nature of being feral, the Feral Girl Summer abides by no strict set of rules, apart from a slightly deranged animalistic instinct, and giving yourself full permission to follow it.  As Feral Girl Summer first started rearing its head in 2022, there was still an air of apprehension and caution that left many hesitant to fully engage in the filthy and unhinged antics that Feral Girl Summer legitimises – so why waste another minute?

Summer brings around peak conditions for the feral girl to thrive – glazed in grime and sweat, barefooted foraging in nature, dirt under their fingernails, crusty days old makeup flaking off, donning barely-there outfits that are trimmed with bushes and pit hair, and tits out, feeling the breeze. In this climate, feral girls can be found strewn over patches of grass, frolicking in rivers, doing handstands in the pool, or making regular trips to the nearest watering hole (bar) – travelling in packs, too. Potential mates fall victim to the feral girl’s seduction techniques of giving zero fucks, her lust for life and her potent natural musk. This year, our campsites won’t only be a safe space for bros to bro out, but for feral girls to live their best grotty lives in the sun.


A hidden gem in the calendar of Spanish fiestas, San Vino Wine Fight is a filthy start to the season. After partying in the town square till the early hours with the locals, and grabbing a few winks of sleep (if you’re lucky), climb the cliffs of Bilbao to the battleground. Here, you’ll get boxed wine dumped over your head, spritzed by pesticide sprayers full of vino tinto, pummeled by the bucketload, and sniped by misappropriated water guns. The red wine will bake into your pores as you make your way back to our campsite, basking in the hot La Rioja sun, and you can fester in the shade by the pool or river, where you can eventually rinse off. Warning: prepare to have a pharmacist on speed dial, as walking around for hours in clothes drenched down to the skin in cheap wine is a recipe for disaster – specifically of the UTI variety (it wouldn’t be a Feral Girl Summer without a decent UTI, though). 


(not real sausages, sorry)

San Fermin sees the streets of Pamplona packed with people singing and screaming, elated, music pumping, downing warm beers, and taking sangria showers (because one festival dousing yourself in alcohol isn’t enough). With the main attraction of San Fermin being the Running of the Bulls – the macho exhibitionist’s wet dream – our campsite tends to be running rampant with fine-ass men on a showboating spree. If you’re a woman with questionable taste (like a lot of us hetero-leaning women are), you’re gonna be spoiled for choice (there’ll be a few diamonds in the rough as well, if that’s what you’re into). Whether you’re planning ahead for cuffing season, keen to do a bit of trying before you buy, or wanting to live your best hot horny sexy life this summer, there will be dicks aplenty (hopefully just the phallic type, not the personality type). Even if you’re not into guys, you might want to cash in on our solo tent upgrades for an additional €30 per night, so you can bring back as many guests as you like and won’t be interrupted, or have to sexile your tent-mate. Maybe worth having a pharmacist on call for this one too, depending on how much you’d like to dabble.


You can’t get more feral than the world’s biggest food fight, especially when that food fight involves splashing around in the pulp of rotting tomatoes, festering in the sun, sweat (and allegedly other bodily fluids) sneaking their way into the mix. Continuing on with the theme of frolicking in a variety of things you traditionally try to avoid getting on yourself, La Tomatina originated out of one dude’s fit of rage back in the 1940s, where his weapon of choice was a nearby stall’s stock of tomatoes. This is another one where you’d like to have a pharmacist on call – in the past our team has reported coming home with ear infections, bruises and welts, and occasionally cuts, in instances where some vicious assailant forgets to smoosh their tomato before pelting it.


Aside from the ease of a low-maintenance lifestyle, one of the biggest draws of the feral girl lifestyle is the sisters you make along the way. Just as intimacy in romantic relationships tends to draw couples closer, women sharing their rawest and most vulnerable, messiest versions of themselves in the physical sense allows us to drop our masks, feel comfortable, and get raw and vulnerable and messy in our feelings, too. If you’re lucky enough to have experienced being in a pack of women before, you’ll know what I’m saying. If you haven’t, picture this:

After a hard night of partying, your nearest and/or dearest girlies sit in a circle in the grass, letting it poke between the toes of your bare feet, the sun kisses your shoulders, and you start confessing last night’s sins to each other. Judgements aside, trust builds and all of a sudden you’re unpacking your deepest childhood traumas. 

There’s the beauty of moving in a pack too. We’ll sync our periods, dominate the dancefloor, fight off pervs together, and generally have each other’s backs. When women band together and reject the expectations thrust upon them daily, they thrive and glow in their newfound liberation.


Our “all-inclusive” campsites includes you too, feral girl. We’ve got it all covered to make sure you can properly fuck it up with your newfound sisters and not sweat about a thing (other than the hot Spanish summer sun). You’ve got a place to sleep, unlimited booze on tap for €15 a day*, hearty breakfasts to sustain the day’s shenanigans, and the best vibes and crew to party with. More importantly, we have staff and security to keep the environment safe for you to thrive, or ready to intervene if the feral girl lifestyle gets a bit much for ya – we won’t tuck you into bed and start pampering you, but we’ll keep creeps away from you, hold your hair back when you puke, and cheer you on as you have the filthiest fucking time.


Honestly, fair. We all love our creature comforts, it’s how we’re conditioned. If you’re hesitant to fully embark on one of our trips and immerse yourself in the gnarly conditions associated with the feral girl lifestyle, don’t fear! Feral Girl Summer operates entirely on an opt-in basis – we still have hot showers, warm meals, shelter, power points (scarce, but they are there), and access to modern modes of transport. As much as being a feral girl is pulled from the lifestyle we live, the most important part of being a feral girl is your mindset – are you ready to follow that animalistic instinct in your gut, temporarily abandon civilisation, and fuck shit up? You’re good to go! However, come dip your toe in, spend a couple of nights with us, and we’re sure you’ll be sold on the grottier and grimier way of life!

*Usually, our open bar would cost you €15 a night, but to properly equip you for the gnarliest summer of your life, you feral girls can get a free open bar for the duration of your trip, when you use the promo code FERALGIRLSUMMER. Also, if you’re looking for more ways to be feral outside of summer, Oktoberfest is our biggest – and easily most feral – campsite party on the calendar. Book now to make sure you wrap up your Feral Girl Summer with a bang (or several)!


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