A New Normal For Barcelona Boat Parties

There was no chance that the 2020 Barcelona Boat Parties would be the same as previous years. 100s of people on each boat, partying, dancing, drinking; 1000s of partiers joining us over the course of a summer, coming from all over the world. As we’re slowly coming out of lockdowns, when most of us weren’t physically with people outside of our households for months, imagining going back to these hedonistic, floating festivals, just didn’t seem feasible. 

But as restrictions lift in Spain, it’s becoming more clear that we’re going to be having some kind of a boat party in 2020. Here’s what you can expect. 

Barcelona Boat Parties In Phase Two

Phase two of restrictions should come into effect from the 8th of June. This is when our boat parties can begin. 

Private Boat Parties For Barcelona Province Residents

We’ll be taking bookings for completely private groups of locals (because during phase two nobody else can travel here). These can be groups of friends, workmates, whatever, and we’ll be running two capacities. The smaller boat can be chartered for up to 10 people, while the biggest boat is for groups of 50-100 people. Get your groups together, and get out on the Med. The sun, salt air, seawater, the motion of the ocean – it’s all going to do you better than good, it’s going to do you great. 

Barcelona Boat Parties For The Rest Of Summer 2020

Starting from July Spain will reopen for tourists and when that happens the Barcelona new normal will begin in earnest. We’ll be able to open up boat parties to the public, meaning that you don’t have to have 10, or 50-100 friends to get on a boat, but can book it alone, in pairs, or in smaller groups and then join big groups of strangers-about-to-become-friends onboard. We’ll be running a longer season than usual this year, too, and will make sure to overcompensate for the lost parties by throwing even better events once we’re finally allowed out of the port. 

New Boat Party Rules For 2020

Reduced capacity: we’ll likely only be allowed to have 100 people onboard, which isn’t a small group, but does represent a reduced capacity. This means that most cruises will be sellouts.

Increased hygiene: like everywhere on land, we’ll ensure that all staff are gloved and masked, that hand sanitizer is readily available, and that there’s plenty of space for people to social distance. 

Masks: masks won’t be required onboard, because of the open air nature of the boat, but will be available for you if you forgot to bring your own. 

We’re almost ready to set sail. Are you ready to jump onboard for a same-same but different type of Barcelona Boat Party? €1 bookings for the time being. Post-lockdown parties ahoy!

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