How to Catch the Bus to Pamplona

You’ll probably be too focused on gathering your cajones to run with the bulls or daydreaming about insane street fiestas to think about the logistics of getting to Pamplona, so we’ve arranged your transport for you! Whether you’ve booked to hitch it with our private buses from Barcelona, Madrid, or San Sebastian to Pamps, we’ve got ya covered. Here are a few tips from your bus travel experts to catch a Stoke bus like a seasoned pro!

Make it on the bus

Transport waits for no goon, and nobody wants to be that sad sap sprinting after the bus as it disappears full of killer travellers en route to party city. Most people recommend being at least 10 minutes early but we advise doing whatever it takes to be on time. Some recs include pitching a tent at the bus stop so you’re there at the break of dawn, setting seventeen alarms so you actually manage to haul ass out of bed, or pulling an all-nighter at a couple of Spain’s legendary bars and clubs until it’s time for you to leave the next day.

Bring snick snacks

Stuff some snacks in your sack! Whether you’re getting much-needed pre-bender nutrients from fruit and veg or carbo-loading for your weekend of unlimited beer and sangria with chips and bread, having a bite can make the bus ride leagues easier. Plus, sharing snacks is a guaranteed way to earn undying loyalty and cred from your fellow hangry travellers.

Get ready to belt it

Of course seat belts are muy importante for your safety, but we’re talking a type of belting that’s way more legendary. Everyone on the bus is probs going to be super psyched for Pamps, and our guides on the bus will be ready to rumble with total bangers over the loudspeakers. Get ready to sing Fergalicious unashamedly at the top of your lungs or smash out a duet with your new seatmate and best friend!

Check your footwear

Don’t be the dastardly barbarian who defiles the whole bus with the smell of their pungent foot cheese. Wear comfy, breezy shoes like thongs or tennies so you don’t need to whip those suckers out, although emitting a rank stench is a guaranteed way to get a whole row of seats to your grody self.

Charge your electronics

Some busses have USB ports, but you’d have to be hella ballsy to rely on it. Juice up your phone before the bus so you can jam to your favorite playlist or re-listen to Dune Rats before you see ‘em live at Stoked in the Park! Plus, earbuds are a lifesaver to block out noise if you’re battling a hangover after a massive sesh and don’t want to listen to your fellow revellers screech Mr. Brightside for the fourth time.

Chat it up

Of course you could mindlessly scroll Instagram or smash out some Candy Crush, but why not peel your face away from your screen for a little human interaction! Whether the person next to you is a hot fresh-faced backpacker from Australia or a rank, smelly party fiend from the UK, they probably have a righteous story to tell. Who knows, they could end up being your tent buddy for the night, partner for the bull run, or beer bong mate! 

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