Why Boat Parties Are The Best Kind of Parties

There’s something about boat parties that make us feel like we’re better than everyone else. From our Barcelona Boat Parties to our Stoke Afloat Croatia cruises, we’re quite often lording it up on some waterway or another. In fact, this very Kings Day we’ll be cruising down the canals of Amsterdam for our exclusive barge party and then having an epic rage in the cobbled streets of the city. Join us for our boat party made for the poshest of the party goers and let us convince you why boat parties are the only way you should party.

The Sunsets

Tell us, would you rather see the inside of a dingy, dimly lit club, probably stepping on dried up yack on the floor? or a spectacular sunset over the ocean, while sipping champagne (you’ll probably still be stepping on dried up yack, but at least you have a view). But we’ll tell you what’s better than a sunset – our Kings Day boat party will be cruising down the canals of picturesque Amsterdam. You can’t a better view than that!


You Can Reenact The Iconic Titanic Scene

Not the sinking part! Grab your partner, drunk friend or a fellow Stokie and force them to be the Jack to your Rose as you gaze into the horizon and drunkenly slur “I’m flying” and then proceed to tumble off the hull of the boat. Whoever said boats were not romantic?


You Can Pretend To Be Rich (while drinking 20c beer)

The whole appeal of a boat party is to look fancy in your white linen pants while holding a glass of champagne (or beer in a champagne glass). Don’t forget the huge white sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, or people aren’t going to know that you’re classy and well travelled.

On our Amsterdam boat parties, you can get unlimited sangria and beer for just 10 euros, that’s how much it costs to get off your face drunk. But no one will notice that you’re a vomit-soaked mess on the floor, you’re on a boat. Which means you’re ten times better looking than the other chump who is vomit soaked and not on a boat.  


You Can’t Tell if You’re Drunk Because You’re Already Swaying

One of the other pros of getting wasted on a boat is that you can’t tell the moment you get drunk because you were already swaying by the time the boat left the dock. This can either be a fun game of beer goggles, and you can laugh when someone almost topples overboard. Or you could be clutching your stomach, feeling like you’re going to hurl. It’s 50/50.


The Snapchats Will Be Dope

Isn’t the whole point of going on a boat party is to brag about it to your friends? Just think of the amazing Snapchats you’ll be taking all night of the guy in the corner chugging beer, people dancing to some sick tunes from our onboard DJ. Or why not post a candid not-so-candid- photo of yourself looking out onto the horizon? Our Barcelona boat parties are perfect profile pic material. Let’s not lie to ourselves, you’re gonna do it for the gram.


You Can Party Like a Pirate

We’re not going to lie, when you’re out there with nothing but the sea and a bunch of rowdy mates. You kind of feel like you’re a swashbuckling pirate drinking rum on a big adventure. Sure, the reality is that you’re all going to get blind drunk, hook up with some stranger and take some blurry snaps, but it’s the imagination that counts.


Bikini and speedos

Who knows? You might meet your future bae on this trip? It’s a romantic first meeting waiting to happen. A bunch of beautiful people on a boat wearing swimwear and ready to mingle, who would want to pass that up?


If you’ve got no plans this weekend, come on down and join us in Amsterdam for Kings Day. And since it’s this weekend and we really want to see you there, we’ve hooked you up with a limited time offer of UNLIMITED sangria and beer! Just put “Get Stoked” as a promo code at checkout. See ya there!

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