How To Make Some Side Hustle While You’re On The Road

So you’re travelling abroad, living out of a suitcase and living the dream. When suddenly you’re at a rooftop bar in Barcelona and your card declines. Could it be the double shot G&Ts you’ve been having? Nah, you’ve obviously been robbed. Either way, you’re officially a broke-ass bitch, welcome to the club! I’ve had to make some cheeky side hustles and under the table money while travelling more than once. So get ready to take some notes and let us lay some wisdom on ya. Here are some ways you can make a quick buck.


Sell Your Body

Nah we’re just kidding…unless you want to, no judgement here. With our tips, no body parts need to be loaned or given away so you can relax on that! Our first tip is actually teaching English. Yeah, yeah we get it, these days you need to be TEFL certified to teach, but we’re broke and can’t afford that shit, and there are ways to teach without it. Start by asking around at the nearby universities. Put up flyers around campus and make it a bit cheaper than the usual rate. Students are broke too, so they’re more likely to choose the cheaper option. Use Gumtree or Indeed and put up an ad for free, don’t be afraid to ask your local café if you can hang a flyer on the pinboard. Be smart in the way you advertise and we guarantee you’ll get a student.


Blog Writing

If you can write then you can make money from it. Plenty of companies and blogs will pay for your travel stories, but don’t just write about My time in Europe – make it fit the niche and tone of voice of the company. Put a unique spin on it and make it interesting. That’s how you get media companies to pick up on your writing. The usual amount is about $30 – $40 per article, more if you’re lucky. You defs won’t get rich this way, but it’s a good bit of booze money and feels good to have that extra cash flow, even if it’s not that much.


Sell Your Junk

Odds are you don’t need half as much stuff you think you do. If your suitcase is bursting at the seams and you are lugging it around like it’s dead weight, it’s time to sell. Gumtree, carousel app and even friends will give you some cash for your junk. Jewellery, shoes, clothes, trust us you don’t need fourteen shirts. One time I even sold my used underwear in Japan for thirty bucks (long story). Part with what you can and watch the cash roll in.


Become a Yoga Instructor

Do you like being all zen and stuff? Then why not host your own yoga class in each city you visit? You can charge $10 – $15 per person (or maybe more?) and choose your own times. You don’t need to be a certified yoga instructor either, it does make it harder to get a job in a studio, but if you wanted to choose a place on the beach or in the park, you’re good to go! Your students won’t care if you are not even a real yoga teacher, they just want to say hello to the sun and downward facing dog or whatever.


Hostel work

This is probably the best option for travellers. Short flexible hours, friendly people and being able to connect with fellow dirty travellers and globe roamers like yourself. The work isn’t too difficult but certainly not glamorous. Changing bed sheets, sweeping floors, cleaning toilets and then you’ve got the rest of the day to do your own thing! Yeah, you might have to clean up the odd vomit or two from the party travellers, but you might make some friends with them too!



When people go on holiday and need someone to look after their house, who better to do it than a random stranger off the street they don’t know! There are sites like this one that will let you house and pet sit for a few cash monies. Do you have childcare experience? Parents advertise on Gumtree all the time, maybe for one night or one week, depends how much they hate their kids. They usually ask for a police clearance or some kind of experience with kids.


Sell Your Used Underwear (No, seriously)

Yes ladies, this is a thing. If you’re comfortable with selling your used underwear (yes, it must be used) then you can actually make some bank. In Japan, this is a big thing that some travellers do. You go to an adult store, hand over your underwear in a ziplock bag and get about 30 bucks each. You can get even more on some websites that bid on them, you can even make up to $200! Don’t be shy, head on to eBay and see what’s out there.


By Sophie Nicolas

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