Seven Different Trips To Suit Your Travel Style

Our Stoke summer itinerary is so jam packed with festivals, concerts and surf camps you don’t know where to start and what to try first. We get it, you only get one summer a year and you want to do it right. That’s why we took the liberty of compiling a list of our favourite packages for you to choose from, based on what kind of trip you’re looking for.  

For the Sophisticated Alcoholic – San Vino Wine Fight

It’s a ferocious battle above the vineyards of La Rioja, Spain, fought with water guns, hoses, buckets, cups and pretty much anything you can get your hands on that can carry or throw wine. Don’t worry, wine lovers, it’s not a waste! This is the wine that wasn’t good enough to be bottled, so we might as well get wrecked from it since it would’ve gone to vinegar anyway. The best part? You can get absolutely shit faced and no one will judge because it’s a “unique travelling experience”. Join us for our party before and after the battle in our big grassy campsite. Line your stomach with our chef-cooked breakfast and dinners and listen to some live tunes from international bands and DJ’s. Of course, unlimited beer and sangria is at your disposal. We would say drink responsibly, but when some of the world’s best – and cheapest – red wine come out of the area are you gunna?

If You Crave Death and Destruction- Running with the Bulls

For those thrill seekers out there, it doesn’t get more exciting than running with the bulls in San Fermin. To the locals, it is so much more than a dangerous bull run, it’s wild street parties, delicious food, litres upon litres of sangria and a festival to remember (or not to remember, depending on how much you drink). Nothing will beat this once in a lifetime experience of being chased through the streets by a raging bull, coming out the other end in one piece and then celebrating in the street festival like a hero. Yeah, you might get a few scratches, get trampled or otherwise impaled, but that’s what makes it so exciting! You might want to buy some health insurance though.

If You Want to Take a Load of Drugs and Dance Your Heart Out- Stoked in The Park Pamplona

The rumours are true, Dune Rats are playing at Stoked in The Park this summer in Spain! We’re set up on a large, grassy and beautiful campsite and we’ve created an adult playground for all music lovers to listen to some live tunes. Not to mention the street fiesta that goes on all day and all night. Stoked in the Park is centred around the festival that hosts the famous bull run, but if that’s not your thing, we got you covered. Sun-soaked days, pool parties, unlimited sangria and a list of incredible bands that play tunes and let you dance until you crawl back into your tent, ready to do it all again tomorrow.  But that’s not all! Team sports, street parties, places to chill out and camping in the beautiful Spanish countryside. Are you sold yet?

If You Just Want a Good Feed – La Tomatina

What better way to have a culinary experience than La Tomatina – the biggest food fight in the world! Spain’s famous tomato battle is fought in the streets of Buñol where you can pelt soft and squished tomatoes at strangers and get away with it. You’ll be staying on our beach side campsite off the coast of Valencia, where you can enjoy all the shops, restaurants and sights the town has to offer. Treat your tastebuds to our “foreplay party” the night before the fight, where you can scoff down giant paellas and wash it all down with our unlimited beer and sangria. Don’t forget to hit the pool or playing some of our beach games before getting red and bloody at La Tomatina.  

If Beer and Camping is Your Thing – Springfest

More commonly known as Oktoberfest’s cooler but lesser known little sister, Springfest mimics the famous festival on a smaller and more intimate scale. If you love sleeping in tents, making new friends and drinking the best beer in the world, you’ll love our Spring Fest Package held in Munich. With massive beer tents loaded with delicious German food, live music and lederhosen as far as the eye can see, you’ll be spending your days either chilling on the campsite while chatting to the locals or destroying your liver in the beer hall.

You can choose from twin share or solo tents packed with mattresses and sleeping bags. Love a bit of luxury? Who doesn’t! Take a look at our Glamping option to add a layer of comfort in your own private tepee.

For the Beach Bums – Costa Brava Beach Camp

Join us this summer in Barcelona for endless sun-filled days surfing on first-class beaches, energising yoga in the mornings and wild parties at night. What more could you want? Not sold yet? Let us paint a picture of your day. You’ll typically wake up early to a delicious home-made breakfast, followed by a bit of morning beach yoga to start your day. Swim in the crystal blue ocean, play some volleyball on the shore, make out with a beautiful Spanish guy or even just catch a tan before cracking open a beer with your new amigos. Water sports, day trips and drinking games… the day is yours for the taking and there is always something to do in Barcelona! Camping or glamping, we got it all. You’ll be watching the sunset over the ocean from your beachside tent.

When You Want To Treat Yo Self (Even if You’ve Done Nothing to Deserve a Treat)- Stoke Retreats

Get all zen and stuff with our relaxing retreats held in Ibiza, Tenerife or San Sebastian. That’s right, as well as partying hard we also give you a chance to give your poor liver a break with our health and well-being retreats. We’re thoughtful like that.

Your happiness is the priority here, with daily morning yoga, meditation, wholesome homemade foods and lazy days on the beach soaking up the sun. With this package, everything is organised for you so you don’t have to stress about a thing. There are no restrictions on your day, the retreat is whatever it may mean to you. Healthy meals, fitness classes, outdoor sports and educational workshops, it’s all about making you feel fantastic – physically and mentally.

If You Want to Become a Travel Writer and Make Friends for Life – Travel Writing Retreat

Are you a budding writer who wants to get their name out there in the big wide web? Well lucky for you Stoke Travel is teaming up with Global Hobo for a once in a lifetime writers retreat right here in Spain. Spend the summer in our daily writing workshops learning how to make newsworthy articles, send pitches to an editor, speak mediocre Spanish and refining your writing skills.

But don’t worry, we play hard too. You’ll have time for sightseeing, day trips, eating great food and drinking all the wine you can handle while experiencing the thriving nightlife. For university students, good news! This internship can be used as credit for an Australian or international university degree.

Send us a cover letter, story,  an interpretive rain dance, anything that will get you noticed! For more info visit here to see how you can become the next Stoke-hobo…good luck!

By Sophie Nicolas

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