A Traveller’s Guide To Ibiza On A Budget

Chasing enlightenment and Stoke led me to the White Island

By Stoke Travel’s 2018 Chosen One, David Duey Spargo

When I first came to Ibiza as a solo traveller I heard this quote from a wise Stokie – We came as Strangers and now we are just strange. It could not have resonated more with my experience at the Ibiza Beach Camp. Unfortunately I didn’t go from Miami to Ibiza, but I did, however, come from Sziget music festival to Ibiza with Stoke Travel. Some would say what a foolish pilgrimage, no one can sesh for 18 days straight. What a gremlin, etc. Needless to say, Stoke’s Ibiza Beach Camp got me through that difficult yet amazing time in my life. I was greeted with a chilled beer, a few friendly faces, and a quick nap in the hammock before heading out with the crew to Namaste. Namaste is Ibiza’s oldest club and every Wednesday night the Stoke Ibiza team takes those who are camping out for a night of boogieing and market stalls.

The age-old question though, can you do Ibiza on a budget? Absolutely! And you don’t have to lose an arm, leg or sell that dysfunctional kidney. The Ibiza Beach Camp holds the number one rating on Hostel World for Ibiza and for an extra €10 a day you get unlimited booze. So, this is how your day in Ibiza would look with Stoke Travel.

Morning: yoga devotion by the ocean followed by a breakfast fit for champions

Wake up or get home by 8am and stroll down to the beach to get your downwards dog fix with Stoke’s very own trained yoga instructor while embracing that early morning sun. Beer yoga is also optional. After sweating out last night’s poisons the chefs will have a spread waiting for you. This will include the old and faithful cereals to the more exotic bacon and egg fry ups.

The day: living the ultimate island life

Once breakfast has concluded the daily activities will be put up on the wall. These activities range from cliff jumping, bar hopping (yes €1 beers and shots exist in the bars near the Ibiza Beach Camp), swimming at one of Ibiza’s most popular beaches: Cala Nova. For a few extra euros, there is also the option of renting a kayak and exploring the nearby coastline, catching a bus into Ibiza Old Town to indulge in Spanish cuisine, and hiking the old fort to take in the views. Over the 10 days at Ibiza Beach Camp, I managed to get all of these done. But even then I felt pressed for time because you embrace island life and time. If your dopamine levels weren’t met from the above, then I recommend the boat party which you get a massive discount with through Stoke Travel.

The evening: boogie, beach or boat party

By the time dinner rolls around you have a pretty solid idea of where your night’s going – either to the clubs, kick ons from the boat party, or a beach party at the campsite. You will not be disappointed with any of these options.

  • Option A) I know the clubs are going to be expensive, but never fear Stoke has your back. If you aren’t already on your way to being the best possible human you can be from the liquid courage stored in Stoke’s fridges, you soon will be. It’s time for you to pre-game. The staff will either recommend bus times or assist in calling taxis with their fluent Spanish to help you get from A to B without hassle. A little tip, shop around the local area some places will charge less than others for tickets or just ask a Stokie, they’re experts at milking the island for all it’s worth.
  • Option B) If you went on the boat party I assume you are already pissed as a sailor and on your way to a club with free entry.
  • Option C) The last option and my personal favourite was the beach parties at the campsite. After a friendly game of beer pong nothing can top sinking beers and sangria by the ocean under the stars, whilst listening to some bangers. Due to the warm nights with a little encouragement from Stoke’s special sangria many skinny dips were taken and new friends were made. I guess it’s what kids call YOLO, but Stoke has another name for it #fuckcalmgetstoked. My time in Ibiza was incredible and I can’t wait to get back to the Ibiza beach camp in 2019.

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