Why The Running Of The Bulls Is Better Than The World Cup

Some of us are torn between this year’s Running of the Bulls/Stoked in the Park celebrations and the Russian World Cup of soccer. Unfortunately for Vlad Putin and FIFA’s team of event organisers, they have scheduled the World Cup quarterfinals to coincide with Stoked in the Park. Not learning the lesson of the Royal Wedding, which saw a low turnout due to being on at the same time as Stoked in the Park, London, the Russians have kept the dates as they are with the schedule clash.
We know that some of you are still deciding whether to head over to Russia to watch the Australians, or the English, or whoever try their hand at footballing glory, but we’re here to tell you why you should give up on that dream and come to Stoked in the Park, Pamplona between June 7th-9th instead.

  1. Because Art Vs Science are headlining
    Oh my gosh can you even believe it? Art Vs Science are playing Stoked in the Park, our own music festival that takes place in our very own campsite! Not only will your face melt to their relentless banger dropping, but you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the boys, sharing wine with them and maybe even making out with one of their roadies.
  2. The flights are cheaper and you don’t need a ticket
    Flights to Russia from Australia/UK/Spain are bloody expensive and they ain’t getting any cheaper. Flights to Bilbao or Barcelona for Bulls/Stoked in the Park are friggen cheap as chips. And you don’t need a ticket for Stoked in the Park – entry is included in your all-inclusive Bulls stay, whereas the World Cup is pricey as probably sold out.
  3. Less chance of being beaten up by Russian hooligans
    Stoked in the Park is a celebration of love we can guarantee that the only violence at the event will be between your feet and the dancefloor. Russia on the other hand is notorious for its soccer hooligans and while organisers have insisted that the event will be safe, surely there’ll be some angry dudes looking to throw a flykick into an unsuspecting foreign fan.
  4. Sangria will give you less liver disease than vodka
    And our beer and sangria bar is open and unlimited, so once you’ve paid €10 for the day there’s nothing more for you to do but fill you dancing boots with booze. Sangria is grape juice plus other secret juice ingredients so it’s super good for you too. Vodka is the devil’s liver inflamer.
  5. We’re playing all the games on the big screen anyway
    The reality is that if you’re in the stadium for a World Cup game you’re going to be super high up and watching the action on a screen anyway. If you join us in Pamplona then that screen will be next to an all-you-can-drink bar, hundreds of babes and an Art Vs Science set.
  6. If your team loses you won’t be stuck in Moscow
    Nothing worse than counting on your team to go all the way and then they lose-lose-draw or something and you’re stuck in Russia listening to somebody play an accordion and eating pickled herring or something, while all your friends are in Pamplona ripping it up at our pool parties and getting wild in Pamplona’s famous street fiestas.

Stoked in the Park Pamplona is easily the best way to experience San Fermin/the Running of the Bulls and the Running of the Bulls is by far the best thing you can do at the start of July. For €60 a day you will have your all-inclusive camping package, PLUS entry to Stoked in the Park. It’s an unbeatable deal and if you haven’t already taken advantage of it you really should soon.

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