Tent Sweet Tent: Stoke’s Guide To Camp Life

Here at Stoke, we spend about a third of the year at campsites around Europe.  Some of us are, ahem, more well suited to this than others. Regardless, we’ve picked up a few essential tips and tricks along the way, and we want to share these nuggets of wisdom with the world.  This isn’t your dad’s guide to camping; this is the Stoke guide to feeling at home in your tent, whatever drunken, soggy shenanigans you may get into.

Your tent is your temple

Whether you’re here for a weekend or a month, remember that your tent is the only slice of life at a Stoke camp that’s totally under your control.  Whatever happens, however weird it gets, you’ve always got that nylon cube of personal paradise. So take a few minutes to get it just the way you want.  When every bit of space matters, it pays to get things organized. After all, the last thing you want when you bring a hottie back to the love palace is to be digging through piles of dirty clothes for a jimmy-wrap. Speaking of bringing things back to the tent, nobody’s going to stop you from taking a beer or some food to snack on later, but take it from us: if you bring it, it will spill. And on that note…

Make it presentable

We’re not saying you’re not the catch of the century, all we’re saying is there are a lot of legends to choose from when somebody’s feeling randy at a Stoke camp.  And having said that, nobody wants to bang in a messy, smelly tent. We imagine you’d rather not give anybody a reason to look elsewhere to get their rocks off, so keep that shit clean and tidy.  Not to mention, a tidy tent would make your mum proud, even if nothing else about camp does. Hell, you could even go the extra mile and toss a piece of flair or two in there. Maybe a tiny disco ball? Then, once you’ve got it just the way you want it, it pays to watch out for your tent because…

Shit happens

As cool as we are, Stoke hasn’t learned how to control the weather (yet).  Life is unpredictable. Sometimes it rains. Trust us when we say that the last thing you want to do when you’re 13 sangrias deep is run out into the weather because you didn’t zip up all the way.  Before you start for the day, it never hurts to take a minute and check that everything is in order. If the outside wall is touching the inside wall, it might get wet. If your tent isn’t zipped or staked all the way, it will get wet.  Just because everything started perfectly (it did) doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. Maybe your tent got, erm, jostled during the night. Whatever the case, better safe than soggy.

Bigger is sometimes better

Don’t normally consider yourself the camping type? Well you’re in luck, because Stoke is proud to offer a glamping option.  It’s not the Ritz, but it’s about as luxurious as the great outdoors can get. You’ll have a real bed, sheets, pillows, wifi, electricity, and we’ll even toss some goodies in for good measure.  Glamping tents also offer much more room for customization (you could probably fit a full sized disco ball in there).

That’s it, you’ve been warned.  Test your camping skills with us at San Fermin, La Tomatina, or Stoketoberfest.

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