Hogmanay is in Edinburgh, Scotland, and we’re going to get there by train from London, England. A private train. Just for us. Can you even imagine how much fun that’s going to be?

But before we board the party train we’re going to meet, and check you in, and give you a chance to meet your fellow Hogmananiers and decide who you want to sit next to, etc.


We’re meeting at 8AM, yep eight in the morning, at the Lost Rivers Elephant. Know it? It’s an entertainment space made from shipping containers just down from Elephant and Castle station. Don’t be late, we’re a big group and we don’t want to leave without you.

Here’s the address:

Lost Rivers Elephant

Elephant Road

Elephant and Castle



And here’s the location on Google Maps

Click on it to load it up on your device.


When you check in we’ll be giving you your train ticket, street-party  wristband, and a breakfast to start the trip right. If you added booze to your trip you’ll also receive this here.

Check in closes at 9am.
From there we’ll make our way to Kings Cross station to board the private party train to Edinburgh. We’ll have guides at the station to make everything easier, guide you to the right carriage/seat, offer words of encouragement, and so on.

Train leaves at 10am, so settle in and get the party started.


Lost Rivers Elephant is right in the heart of Elephant and Castle, on Elephant Road beside Elephant and Castle overland station.

FROM ELEPHANT AND CASTLE TUBE STATION: walk down Old Kent Road for about 100 meters and take a right onto Elephant Road. Once you pass the overland station Lost Rivers Elephant will be there on your right.

REMEMBER: you’ll be given your seat allocation on the morning, so make sure you check in with all the friends you would like to sit with.

And that’s it! Get yourself to Lost Rivers Elephant at 8am on the 31st of December and we’ll get you to Edinburgh and back. For more general trip information, click through to here.

Want more information?

Well, make sure that you join the Hogmanay Facebook event and group where we update information and a place for you to ask us questions.

Or check out our Edinburgh destination guide, and

Our Hogmanay event guide.

See you soon!

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