Good! Here’s a small collection of media and information about Hogmanay and Edinburgh from around the web and elsewhere, because knowledge is power and power is sexy and sexy is what you will want to be this New Year’s Eve with Stoke Travel.

Must watch: Trainspotting. The first one, because while the second one is alright, the first one is a cult classic and while it might not make you want to go to Edinburgh, it will surely entertain the heck out of you. A story of drugs, losers, addiction, crime and violence, done in a way that’s funny and sad at the same time. Absolutely amazing movie.

Must read: also Trainspotting. Seriously, check out Trainspotting, it’s by Irvine Welsh, or if you’ve had enough of Trainspotting, then read The Acid House, also by Mr Welsh, written in his trademark Scottish dialogue, and goes deeper into the drug addicts of Edinburgh in an often very bizarre way. Filth is another Irvine Welsh novel set in Edinburgh and this one follows a disgusting corrupt cop around the city, again painting a wonderful picture of the people here.

They also say that Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde was not only inspired by an Edinburgh local, but actual set there too instead of London, as it claims to be. We’re happy to believe that, as after a big night at Hogmanay with us you’re likely to be a reasonable approximation of the main protagonists. Plural intended.

Hogmanay blogs: there are a bunch out there, but we found this one to be easy to read, and this video won’t make your eyes bleed and does give a good impression of what’s going on.

Of course Stoke Travel have written extensively on Hogmanay and New Year’s Eve in general. We’ve got:

We hope this little reading list helps you prepare for your New Year in Edinburgh with us. Hogmanay is going to be a hoot and we’re just so chuffed that you’ve decided to join us. Now go and read about sex and drugs and prepare for a nice, tame, morally sound party experience with Stoke Travel in the Scottish capital.

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