Cute Couple Costume Ideas: Barcelona Edition

Sometimes it ain’t easy being in a couple — pretty much all of your 20s, when you don’t want to watch the Beauty and the Beast remake, and Halloween. Halloween! When all your single friends get to just dress up as hunky/slutty as they want and advertise the goods to potential suitors. Well, thankfully, the world wide meme factory has produced a bunch of cutting-edge, sassy 2017 couples costume ideas, for those of us who are happily taken and keen on double teaming some current affairs into our Halloween parties.

Seeing as though we’re in Barcelona, home of the infamous Halloween Ghost Hunt, we figured that we should come up with some cute couple costume ideas specific to our city. So, if you’re currently taken, totally cute enough to fancy dress together, and living in Barcelona, feast your eyes on some of our suggestions.

Why don’t you and your partner dress as…

  1. The song Despacito and literal garbage, because enough already!    

  2. Making it rain and having zero euros in your bank account. Don’t let a trifling matter like poverty stop you from being a boss.

  3. Being an exchange student and pronouncing it Bathelona to your friends back home. These few months being abroad hanging out with people from home has just made me so worldly.

  4. La Rambla at night and not having a phone anymore. Who knew that that bunch of lovely young ladies didn’t just want to dance with me?

  5. The beautiful Barceloneta beach and MOJITO MOJITO MOJITOOOOO. What, you don’t want to enjoy this dusty paradise while your stomach ripped apart by actual gasoline?

  6. The finest sangria no money can buy and hurling. You know why. 

Do you have any suggestions for us? Maybe “dumb travel company and trying to be relevant by appropriating a meme for our own malicious financial gain”? If you do, why not light them up in our Facebook comments? And if you haven’t already, book your spot on the Barcelona Halloween Ghost Hunt, because it’s so much fun, drunken city-exploring fun.

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