Why The Party Bus From Barcelona To Haro Is The Best Possible Way To Get To San Vino

Four reasons why the Barcelona to Haro bus is an amazing idea.

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San Vino aka The Wine Fight is just around the corner, and even seeing a bottle of wine makes you squeal. The only problem is, you can’t decide how to make your way to Haro. Problem SOLVED. It doesn’t get much better than our bus from Barcelona, five hours of hanging out on a bus, watching the world go by, getting to know a bunch of strangers, the list could go on and so we made one. If you’re not already convinced that the bus from Barcelona to Haro is the best possible way to get to Vino then have a read.

Five Hours To Get To Know Each Other

Much like the London to Munich Oktoberfest party train, you’ve got more than enough time in an enclosed space to get to know your fellow wine fighters. There’s something sort of magical about long bus journeys, people come together you know? You’ll enter the bus alone but after five hours of sharing stories, peeing and sleeping together you’ll all stumble off the bus already the best of friends while the dummies who drove there stare enviously, all stressed out and tired after hours of trying to find their own way.

It’s Kind Of Your Only Choice

San Vino is a very small, very local festival surrounded by vineyards in the middle of nowhere. Your only other choice is driving but who in their right mind volunteers as designated driver at a WINE festival. Even if for some bizarre reason you decide to refrain from actively drinking the wine, it will find its way into your system. Wine will be thrown everywhere, the second you open your mouth to scream “NO! I’m designated driver!” or even to breath it will be filled with the fermented grape juice. Besides, you’ll be covered in so much of it that it will more than likely seep into your system anywho.

You Don’t Have To Think About Anything Other Than Wine

All you have to worry about is wine, literally just wine. You’re only responsibility is finding your way to the meeting point in Barcelona and after that everything is done for you. You can sit back and relax while we transport you to wine heaven and the next few days will become a purple haze of drunk happiness. You can prolong this blissfully unaware state all the way back to Barcelona too. Once you’ve finished breakfast, just drag yourself onto the bus and continue to sleep, drink, anything that makes you happy – within reason – all the way back to Barcelona before reentering the world of responsibilities.

Bus Sing Songs Are The Best

Remember how fun it was to sing on the buses during school trips? Now imagine it on a bus full of new adult friends with adult tastes. Impress the hot guy next to you with your rendition of Wheels On The Bus, see how far through 99 Bottles Of Wine On The Wall you can get without passing out, the possibilities are endless.


Sound good? Cool, book your spot here and get ready to pickle yourself with wine!



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