Who Is Spring Break Ibiza For

If you think that Spring Break is for beer-ponging frat types perpetually in short shorts and bare chest then you’d be right! It’s totally for them and their string bikini sophomore consorts, and if this is you then we welcome you with a hearty Chug and cannot wait to learn how to dougie with you this April in Ibiza. We expect that you’re all working through your Ibiza preparations.

But Spring Break isn’t only for this stereotypical American college student! It used to be, it was theirs, they invented it and made it great, but they shipped it to the world, and like all great things shipped to the world it has now become common property! That’s right, you and your neighbours and us and all kinds of people who aren’t traditional spring breakers are now spring breaking all over the place! Let’s have a look at who.


  • People who have had a hard winter. These people have definitely deserved a spring-based break, as a way to reward them for enduring the more miserable months. Siberians, people sent to prisons in Siberia (if they are released), weather girls, fleece coat merchants, hairless cats and soup manufacturers. Watch them frolic and dance under the spring’s sun and its attendant apricity*. These frigid little toilers are some of the wildest spring breakers, having spent the colder months pent up and grafting hard, so make sure you stay in their orbit when they start to thaw out and order tequila shots. Honourable mention to people who will have a busy summer — Hot people, guys and girls, lifeguards, anyone who sweats a lot, animals that hibernate over winter, the sun. They will also enjoy their spring break, but perhaps don’t deserve it as much as their wintery brethren.
  • Individuals or groups who are fed up with the rise of populism. Politics, uggh! Nasty politics, double uggh! Nasty women and men who are fed up with politics and just want to let their hair down on the world’s numero uno party island are perfecto candidates for Spring Break. While the world is tearing itself apart and people are refusing to get along, why don’t y’all shuffle on down to the island of free love and forget about all the fussin’ and feudin’ for one weekend of pants-down shenanigans? Politics are just so icky at the moment, but it’s nothing that a couple of nights losing your mind on an Ibiza dancefloor won’t cure. Twirl the pain away.  
  • Anybody and everybody who is free on the 7th-10th or 14th-17th of April. That’s why this list is such a hilarious joke, because Spring Break Ibiza is the absolute bees’ knees on multiple fronts, and absolutely everyone with a small amount of spare time and pocket change should come and enjoy the party. Ibiza is one of the world’s most beautiful islands, from beach to village to mountain to weather to sea, and the parties are legendary, as are the restaurants and bars and everything about this trip is just R.A.D. Spring Break Ibiza is a trip for study abroad students, travellers, backpackers and everybody who likes nice things. Who said we couldn’t have nice things? Not us!


Spring Break Ibiza goes to the island of the party gods on the 7th and 10th of April, for only €220. Spots are limited and filling fast, so if you can do this trip make sure you check it out here and reserve your spot. Go on, do it. It’s awesome. You’re awesome. Perfect match. If you can’t, just know that Stoke Travel is set up in Ibiza all summer with our red-hot tropical Beach Camp. Get on it. 

* An archaic English word meaning, To enjoy the feeling of the winter’s sun on your face. One of Stoke Travel’s favourite words from November to April. Feel free to use it.


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