London Big Day Out: Official Royal Wedding Pre And After Party

London, England. Stoke Travel are expecting huge crowds at their London Big Day Out, in West London on May 19th, as revellers from the royal wedding seek out a real fucken party.

The wedding, between the Ginger prince Harry (who’s real name is Henry Charles Albert David – we have a hard time trusting a man with two first names, but Hazza’s got four!) and American actress Meghan Markle, is planned for the same day as Stoke’s London Big Day Out sports and culture day and Stoked in the Park music festival, meaning that invitees have a hard decision about which party to attend.

Royal insiders have spoken of Prince Harry’s dismay at the overlapping dates, claiming the party prince would have loved to get loose in West London with international bands and DJs, including Yolanda Be Cool, Honey Haze, and more, and may have even considered lacing up the boots again and giving the rugby league tournament a bit of a lash, or at least mixed netball.

Stoke Travel’s London spokesperson, Olivia Bromley, says that while they do expect many wedding invitees to ditch the royal nuptials and instead spend the day sitting on the grass imbibing on Australian and New Zealand beers and wines, many who can’t just pull a no-show will use the London Big Day Out as an epic pre and afterparty.

“Yeah I don’t know what the royals were thinking planning a wedding on the same day, they didn’t think that through, did they? I’m sure that many people will simply ditch the wedding, which is bound to be way more boring than the sports, culture, food and music we have planned for the London Big Day Out. That said, some will have to go to the wedding, and we fully expect them to come to Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club beforehand and afterwards to make the most of the party we’ve got planned. There’s a place for limo access, so it’ll be easy for them to get dropped off, rage for a bit, and then scoot back to the wedding.

“It’s a shame Harry can’t make it. Every other year he’s had a ripper time at this event, last year he was crowned the King of Shoeys in Dad’s Backyard, a part of the party set up like a wild Saturday BBQ at your parents’ place (goon of fortune, etc). We all thought it was classic, because as sixth in line to the throne it’s definitely the closest he’ll ever get to being king. Haha.”

There were initial reports that royal planners wanted to move the entire wedding to the London Big Day Out grounds, but Stoke Travel resisted the idea due to not all of their clients being interested in that kind of thing. Bromley continued, “Our people come to the LBDO to play some sport, drink some booze, chat up some hotties and dance like lunatics. Unfortunately, the royal wedding doesn’t really align with those values, and so we had to deny their request to tack their wedding onto our event. The last thing we want is to shove a wedding down your throat when alls you’re trying to do is enjoy your big day under the London sun.”

The London Big Day Out is on May 19th, at Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club, in West London. There will be sporting events and live music from Yolanda Be Cool, The Kiwi Pips, Mesmeriser, Jayson Norris, Bondi Beach Bums, Paul The Kid, Jimmi Nolan and Honey Haze. Attendees will be able to eat Down Under tucker and drink beer and wines from Australia and New Zealand. We won’t be running shuttle buses to the royal wedding, because once you’re amongst the London Big Day Out you’ll be having so much fun you won’t give a fuck about two strangers getting married. Tickets still available, over here.

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A Chat With The Band: Honey Haze

Festival season is upon us, and with it Stoked In The Park, London (featuring Yolanda Be Cool), and Stoked In The Park Pamplona. We want to introduce you to the bands that will be playing at both Stoked In The Parks, as well as across other Stoke festivals and destinations this summer. First up, Honey Haze.

Who’s in the band?

The band consist of Gusto, our drum lord. Shrekky bringing the funk on bass. Mr Rory Wheatley from ol’ London Town on the guitar. Saucy sax diva Benjamin Samuels from North Sydney. Art Vs Science frontman Swirly Dan giving a giddy up on keys, and Bondi rascal Earl Weir hollering out on vocals.

Describe your musical style.

The style of music that is rapidly developing and changing each week is a sweet and smoky Honey Hayze blend of funk, psych-rock and reggae, with a touch of doors influence.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

We’re looking forward to making it out alive of this European summer. Long arvos down the beach getting plastered on some a-grade vino and sampling some of Europe’s finest bass to the early hours at a couple of notorious clubs.  Ripping into some of these huge festivals that Europe has to offer, and of course absolutely fucken sending it for all these stokies.

What’s on your rider?

Our rider is nothing but onion sandwiches, we gotta keep Rory happy (weird vegan pom).

Who’s the worst behaved band member?

The worst behaved is Shrek, and expect much bad behaviour. Everything he touches he breaks (besides his bass guitar, luckily). Expect his mic to get unplugged in plenty of shows. But hey if we really feel like being cunts we might give him the stage and a mic for a 10-minute stand-up comedy show for you all – guaranteed you’ve never heard anything like it.

Got a summer playlist for us?

A couple of songs from Earl would be:

Ocean Alley, Muddy Water

Rolling Stones, Miss You

The Doors, Roadhouse Blues

Iggy Pop, Passenger

Sticky Fingers, Australia Street

There are still some tickets left for Stoked in the Park, London, on Saturday May 18th, and Stoked in the Park, Pamplona, to run alongside the Running of the Bulls festival. Get yours, and then come and get some.


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Alquiler de Longboards y tablas en Zarautz. Tidore surfclub

Como ya sabréis en 15 dias se celebrará el VANS DUCT TAPE en la localidad Guipuzcoana de Zarautz, los mejores loggers del mundo se darán cita allí y claro aquello va a reunir a muchísima gente de toda España, para los que acudáis sin tablas, tenéis la posibilidad de alquilar  bonitas tablas casi a pie de playa […]

zodiac signs reveal which stoke travel trip is right for you

This one is coming at you guys due to popular demand. Before we decided to hire our zodiac mastermind, we really had no idea or gave a flying fuck about what a zodiac sign even was. Our astrological guru decided to take us on a spiritual journey through the stars and moon and all that cosmic shit to teach us a little bit about how we can take this knowledge and apply it to our traveling needs and desires. This one’s for all you zodiac junkies out there.


You’re fucken bold and ambitious and we know that you if you aren’t the center of attention you tend to get a little pissy. This is why the Running of the Bulls festival is the perfect match for you. We know that you won’t be scared to head down to Pamplona in the morning and get your daily sprint away from the bulls in. All your mates will be cheering you on and applauding you once you return back to them. After your thrilling morning run, you get to continue your day with huge street parties and beautiful women from all over the world.


Unlike Aries, you like to take things a bit slower and you’re more calm than most. Chilling outside, having a few brews, and taking in the scenery is most definitely your style and we actually have the perfect trip for you: San Sebastian Surf Camp. You’ll be kicking it at the beach, picking up a few surf tricks here and there, having some drinks, and just taking it easy during your stay with us.


You bastards know how to have a good time and that’s why we’re sending you guys to Ibiza Beach Camp. You guys are expressive and sociable and it’s definitely proven somewhere that Gemini’s thrive on this beautiful party island. It is known that you Gemini’s tend to get a bit serious at times, so let’s just leave that at home this time and have a good time.


You guys are a bit difficult to get to know, but once we crack that shell we realize that it was well worth it. You guys also have this wild, imaginative side to you just like the creatures of France do. That’s why our zodiac masters have decided that you should get your white outfits and red scarves on and head over to Les Fetes De Bayonne Festival. Inspired by the one and only Running of the Bulls, this festival takes place in Bayonne, in the French Basque Country, France and it is a five day long party in the streets filled with music, dancing, and loads of wine.


We’re calling all you theatrical, lively, beautiful Leo’s to the Sziget Carnival this August. Get ready to wear your most brilliant outfits and have the time of your lives at this one of a kind festival featuring some of the most beautiful people you’ll ever see. This festival is celebrated on the Island of Freedom in the centre of Budapest, and it is a week long celebration of life, freedom, and creativity.


You guys are the most practical and logical (we know you secretly love a little chaos) and that’s why the experts in our office know that the Stoke Afloat Croatia Cruise is where you should be heading. We’ll lead you on a magical journey through the Croatian Islands, hopping from island to island until we finally arrive at Dubrovnik where we continue to lose ourselves in the magic of Croatia.


Oh Libras, we love you dearly despite your indecisive minds and moody moments. We know that deep down you are very loving and peaceful human beings. But because of your indecisive behavior, we decided that a peaceful trip where you get to go more than one spot is prime for you. Our Van Safari is exactly where you need to be. You’ll be cruising along the coastline of France and Spain, deciding where the best waves are that day. That night you’ll head back to surf house and have a few drinks and do it all again the next day.


You guys scare the shit out of us. You’re misunderstood and mysterious but at the same time we know that you guys are very passionate and intense. You guys remind us of German’s, which is why we know that you will feel right at home at Stoketoberfest. Come join us in Munich where there’s unlimited booze, Bavarian babes, and schnitzel to last you for the rest of your life.


You curious, lucky bastards. You’re our favorite type of person and we believe that deep down everyone at Stoke Travel is in some way a Sagittarius. You guys are always on the go and always trying to see new things and meet new people. You guys are known as the biggest travelers, and that’s why you should buy your Stoke Passport within the next 30 seconds. This sexy little passport includes four trips for the price of three and over 20 destinations to choose from.


Since you fucken Capricorns are such know it all’s, you probably already knew that you should be heading to La Tomatina this August with us to drown yourself in tomatoes at one of the weirdest and most beautiful festivals around. You guys are some of the most determined people out there, so we know that you’ll be able to put up a good tomato fight in the streets of Buñol.


You guys are a good group to be around. You’re unpredictable and social and you love chatting up new strangers. Your energy is glowing and inviting and that’s why we’re inviting you to London’s Big Day Out. This London festivity takes place on the 19th of May and while you’re there you can find sporting competition, live music, fucken good food, and we’ll have our own little party set up called Stoked in the Park. Stoked in the Park will offer drinking games, prices, wheel of misfortune, and great memories for all the 18+ mates.


We need more Pisces in the world. You guys are always willing to lend a hand and you love to be artistic and being around music is where you belong. Our zodiac experts have concluded that there is no way that you can miss Bilbao BBK Live. This music festival one that should not be overlooked due to its size. In this case, smaller is better and by smaller we still mean there are going to be thousands of like minded Pisces.


If you feel as if the zodiac masterminds at Stoke have miscalculated a trip for you, head on over to our festivals section where you can get a good look at everything we have to offer.

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London, England. Stoke Travel is excited to confirm that Australian producers, DJs, banger droppers and floor fillers, Yolanda Be Cool, will be headlining their Stoked in the Park music festival, running alongside the London Big Day Out sports day and Australian and New Zealand cultural event, held at Grasshoppers Rugby Club, West London, on Saturday May the 19th. 

The day is a chance for Aussies and Kiwis to get together, along with people from all over the world, play some friendly (but not really friendly) team sports, eat food and drink booze from back home, mingle with like-minded legends and maybe find someone to pash, celebrate the real end of winter and make dickheads of  themselves on the dancefloor.

Stoked In The Park, which will also be going off over the opening weekend of Pamplona’s San Fermin (the Running of the Bulls), already features Australian and Kiwi bands like The Kiwi Pips, Mesmeriser, Jayson Norris, Bondi Beach Bums, Paul The Kid, Jimmi Nolan and Honey Haze. The addition of Yolanda Be Cool means that the day’s festivities will end with bulk fist pumps and other very questionable dance moves.

Australian electronic duo Andrew Stanley and Matthew Handley, otherwise known as Yolanda Be Cool, burst onto the global scene with their 2010 hit, We No Speak Americano, which sampled the 1956 Italian classic, Tu Vuò Fà L’Americano. The song went to number one in the UK, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Ecuador, and was a top five hit in pretty fucken much everywhere else, including at home in Australia. If you don’t know the song then it’s likely you don’t have ears, and if you haven’t drunkenly danced to it you can add a lack of limbs to that. Poor you.

Since their hit they’ve released an album, Ladies and Mentalmen, with a pretty sick remix of Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and in 2015 went platinum with their remix of Rodriguez’s Sugar Man. Basically they’ve got a lot going on and we’re pretty wrapt to have them come to London to play Stoked in the Park for us and get you lot of miscreants shaking everything your mothers gave you.

Previous London Big Day Outs have ended with the dance floor filled to capacity and the bar pretty much drunk dry, so with the addition of extra bands this year, and the pretty famous Yolanda Be Cool we’re expecting the house to be literally ripped down leaving nothing but bulk bodies gyrating on the footy fields as the sun sets on another beautiful London spring day.

If you’re in London, and you don’t plan on coming, then there’s a good chance that you’re a bloody mug.

The London Big Day Out featuring Stoked In The Park is this May 19th at Grasshoppers Rugby Football Club in West London. Every year so far has sold out, and with Yolanda Be Cool headlining we expect this year to do the same. If we were you we’d be locking the day in asap.

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San Sebastian Surf Camp Yoga

Have you heard that the San Sebastian Surf Camp offers yoga? There’s guided yoga every day as a part of our basic package (it’s included along with your surf lessons, all meals, surf gear hire, skateboards and skate ramp, new best friends for life, etc etc), or you can opt for the Bad Yogis package where you’ll spend two hours a day bending yourself beyond belief up on mountaintops and in forests and amongst some of the most stunning locales Europe has to offer. We’re yoga mad at the San Sebastian Surf Camp, it really balances out the unlimited beer, sangria and local cider some of choose to sip on after a hard day’s shredding.

And while our instructors are pros and will be attentive to all levels of yoga, we can’t help but wonder whether they’ll be able to tailor some moves to the specific needs of somebody at surf camp. Or maybe these are some moves you can do on your own, in between guided yoga sessions and surf lessons with our qualified instructors.

Rise and dazzle

Get up, roll out of your REAL BED, flick your fingers to the sky and let out all the night’s juju in a big groan. Realise that some of your roommates are still sleeping and scurry outside to repeat. After each stretch scratch your belly and/or crotch.

The meet and greet

Spread your arms wide, hug the newcomers. Say Hola because you’re doing our Surf and Spanish trip and are pretty much fluent now. Lean in to kiss them on the cheek. Surprise them with a second kiss on the other cheek (this is Spain). Fuck the second kiss up and almost plant one on their lips. Live with that awkwardness for the rest of the trip/life. Repeat.

The sandy crab

Step onto the sand. Spread your legs wide and squat down. Rock from side to side. Fall. Roll in sand for a moment. Stand up again in squat position. Make hands like a crab’s claws. Swat at the sand on your body while shuffling from side to side still in the squat position. Repeat until you realise you ridiculous you look.

Scuba Steve

Enter water with surfboard. Approach oncoming wave with confidence. Mistime oncoming wave’s arrival. Go underwater. Stay there. Live on the bottom of the sea now. It’s your new home.

The beer tap pull

Stand behind beer tap with back straight. Reach forward with right hand, while holding beer glass in left hand at 45-degree angle. Adopt face of smug professional beer pourer. Pull tap towards body. Watch as glass somehow fills with foam. Make awkward joke about liking head. Sip from “beer” and adopt amazing white moustache. Not realise and continue talking to your amazing new surf camp friends.

Digest the dinner

Put both hands on your stomach. Appreciate it. Rub your hands all over your belly. Love it. Burp. Look around satisfied. Comment, How good is this! Unbutton your pants. Stand up slowly.

The dance floor dog

Plant both hands firmly into the dance floor. Spread your fingers wide. Lift your booty into the air. Shake it from side to side. Revel in the glory that is your rump shaking on one of San Sebastian’s finest dance floors. Slip on spilled gin. Bump your forehead on the dance floor. Let out a howl.

Soak into the bed

Lay flat on your back. Cross your hands across your chest. Feel the comfort of being in a real bed in a real house. Stare at the ceiling. Die a tiny death for the next eight hours. Wake up refreshed. Go back to step one.

While we’re sure our yoga instructors won’t stick to these moves, you’ll definitely be pulling them off on your own every day at the San Sebastian Surf Camp. Come and join the fun, our yoga and surf instructors, chefs, camp crew and all your new best friends are waiting. Summer’s getting busy, better book soon.


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¡Mexi Log Fest está en marcha! fotos y vídeos.

El Mexi Log Fest, organizado por nuestro amigo Israel Preciado, está en marcha. De lo mejorcito del panorama logre mundial, está allí reunido, disfrutando de las increíbles olas que regala La Saladita. Desde que el año pasado cambiase la ubicación del festival, de Sayulita a La Saladita, el evento ha crecido, llegando a ser un […]

Miguel Sampalo, flow Malagueño. Toda una vida sobre las olas.

Hace ya muchos años que conocemos a Miguel, un apasionado del mar y del surfing. Toda su vida gira en torno al líquido elemento,  de sus pasiones siempre habla con un entusiasmo desbordante, da igual que hable de escalar, de pescar o de lo que nos ocupa hoy el surfing todo lo hace a tope […]