Duct Tape Invitational by Jorge Hunt and Wooden Films

Nuestro amigo Jorge Hunt, acaba de publicar este magnífico vídeo sobre el evento del año en España, el Duct Tape Invitational (DTI) organizado por Joel Tudor. Evento que disfrutamos en Zarautz y como recuerdo Jorge junto con Wooden Films nos traen este vídeo que mezcla tomas a vista de don, desde el agua.. una gozada […]
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Weekend Trips For Study Abroad Students In Barcelona

Barcelona isn’t really the kind of city you want to leave, but if you’re here for a semester as a study abroad student it’s worth your while to do some weekend trips outside the city.

Barcelona is insanely well connected to the rest of Catalunya, Spain, Europe and the world, moving more than 47,000,000 passengers last year through its airport alone. From Barcelona it’s cheap and easy to make weekend and long weekend trips to wherever you want to go, but to narrow down the options here are some of our favourite trips that you can easily make in a weekend.

Weekend trips from Barcelona around Catalunya

There is plenty to see and do in Catalunya, the autonomous region of which Barcelona is the capital. The secondary cities of Tarragona, with it’s seaside Roman ampitheatre, and Girona, that was featured in Game Of Thrones are both about an hour, and €10 on the train. Here are some other favourites.

Costa Brava 

Barcelona’s own little Mediterranean paradise, complete with the small swimming coves known as calas, pine-covered mountains that run all the way down to the sea, and perfectly azul water. During summer Costa Brava is crowded with tourists from all over Europe, but that completely dies down in September while the weather and water remains warm. Check out Tossa de Mar for its seaside castle (there are castes everywhere up here), which can be reached by bus from Barcelona every hour, for around €15. Alternatively, you could sign up for a kayaking tour that will take you off the tourist trail and to some calas and platjas that are rarely visited by tourists.


A small region that produces perhaps the finest red wine in Spain, Priorat is an area of natural beauty and vineyards, small farms and stone villages. Priorat is no more than two hours from downtown Barcelona, but seems like an entirely different land, where narrow streets wind around mountains that are traversed by rivers and broken up where mountains rise above the grapes. The best thing too, apart from discovering a wine region that not many people know about, is sampling, and taking home, the absolutely amazing reds that are produced here.

Weekend trips from Barcelona around Spain

From Barcelona we are connected to Spain by plane and high-speed train. You can easily do one/two/three night trips from Barcelona to anywhere in the country, especially areas covered by the TGV train network, like Madrid, Andalucia, and really anywhere you want to go.

La Tomatina

The famous tomato fight that takes place at the end of August in Valencia. Think 10s of 1000s of travellers, tonnes of tomatoes and a small village’s narrow streets. This friendly fight is a messy delight and amazing stress reliever, where for a couple of hours you’re able to let your inner problem child run wild and throw salad fruit (vegetables?) at friends, foes and complete strangers alike. This festival is one of a kind, and the Stoke Travel La Tomatina experience includes huge travellers’ parties with live bands, DJs, beachswims and pool sessions. You might be arriving to your study abroad course a little late to make this fight, in which case you should totally check out Valencia anyway. It’s Spain’s third largest city, the home of paella and some fantastic beaches, art and architecture.

San Sebastian 

A short skirt across the top of Spain, just below the Pyrenees, will land you in the Basque Country, of which San Sebastian is the gastronomic and tourism capital. Not only is San Sebastian a foodies paradise, with literally hundred of bars and restaurants serving up the finest quality pintxos, Basque tapas that go above and beyond the already fantastic Spanish food found in the rest of the country. San Sebastian’s Old Town is also one of Spain’s, and Europe’s, best places to party, with something going on every night of the week along it’s narrow, paved streets. There are also lots of waves here, making San Sebastian a place to learn, or practice, your surfing and thus earning the right to eat your weight in Basque food and drink Basque cider afterwards.

Weekend trips from Barcelona around Europe

From Barcelona you can visit any European city by taking advantage of the many budget airlines that fly in and out of the airport every day. Paris, Milan, London, Berlin, Prague, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Rome, Budapest, the Greek Islands, the Baltic states, the Balkans… the list goes on! Check out Google Flight’s handy destination map to see where you can get to. But if there’s one place you just have to go it’s…


This is the original, and biggest, beer fest. Seven million people will descend on Munich with the intention of drinking that many gallons of beer, eating half their weight in hearty German beer-drinking food, singing boozy songs with the oompah bands, and then for some reason riding roller coasters. This is the most fun festival in the world, an absolute Disneyland for adults, made all the more enjoyable by Stoke Travel and our Stoketoberfest campsites, where we keep the bar open for your pre-and-post parties, and entertain you with live bands, DJs, while providing spaces for you to get to know literally 1000s of other travellers from at home and around the world.

There are plenty more places to go and see as this list just tickles the tip of the iceberg. We’ll update and add to these lists regularly, so stay tuned for more Barcelona study abroad travelling advice.

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Stoke Travel’s Guide To Making Love In A Heatwave

Fuck it’s hot. Across Europe summer temperatures have soared, driving the mercury to 40 in the northern countries and closer to 50 in the south. This heatwave has dominated summer news cycles, with the relentless heat affecting the elderly and unprepared. For young travellers the hot spell offers an opportunity to do little more than lounge on the beach, or drink cocktails by the pool – it’s hardly a disaster for those of us seeking good times and hedonism.

Except for when it comes to getting hot and heavy. This hot weather weighs heavy on our ability to make love, the heat making sex uncomfortable if not unbearable. But hot weather is a recurring feature of any successful summer, just as is getting down with loved ones or temporary objects of lust a summery measure of success.

But never fear, making love in a heatwave isn’t only possible, it can be downright pleasant. Just look at how many northern hemisphere friends are born between March and May, or August and September down under. Just because it’s fucking hot doesn’t mean that it can’t be a hot time to frolick. Follow our guide, we’ll show you how it’s done.

Embrace the sweaty embrace

Banging when it’s blistering is going to get you sweaty, it’s going to get your partner(s) sweaty. Even light foreplay, cuddling and the like, will have you perspiring like a cheese slice in a hot car. Now you can avoid all of this, because it’s too hot, or you can dive in with gusto. See, the whole act of love making is exchanging fluids (not downtown, unless your familiar enough with your fuckbuddy to get it done raincoat free), so what difference will a little sweat make? Slide all over each other, become at one with the body-wide lubrication, and when the sweat hits your eyes wipe that shit out because it’s going to sting! Sure, you’ll soak your bedding, and yeah, it’s a little bit gross, but which part of sex isn’t? Get it done, you slippery little suckas.

Keep your distance

Sweat ain’t your thing, and that’s ok you wimp. But just because a little moist mucking around isn’t on your agenda, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the god given/god restricted pleasures found in playing power-points. For the moisture repellent amongst us, consider making love in ways that restrict physical contact. Sit on opposite sides of the room and read erotic fiction to each other. Pull out the sex toys. Lay on opposite sides of the bed and finish yourselves off. Take “just the tip” to its rare, literal conclusion. Just don’t get too damn close if you don’t want to end up a soggy mess.

Engage in watersports

Not that type, you boundary pushing pissophile, although if that’s your thing we’re all for it (just not in our tents). What we’re talking about here is banging in the shower, making love in a lake or shagging at sea. Take the moist aspect of love making to the extreme and surround yourself with the wet stuff, but beware – contrary to common sense, being submerged in water can restrict lubrication, not enhance it, so be careful with your penetrations.

Rehydrate regularly

Have a drink. At the very least set a glass of water beside your bed, and at best rest a gin tonic on the rump of your partner in pumping. Suck on a penis, popsicle or pussy. Hook yourselves up to an electrolyte replenishing IV. Do a beer-bong mid (practice) baby-making. Lick the sweat off each other’s skin. Do whatever it takes to get some fluids in your face – you don’t want to dehydrate mid getting down.

Make love on the top of hillside, howling at the moon

It’s so fresh up there. Feel the breeze on your skin. Let a howl loose. Scare your partner off. Go to sleep alone.

Stoke’s La Tomatina camp is sure to be hot, both in temperature and temperament. Come and get sultry on the Mediterranean and learn to lick tomato pulp off your lover. If summer sex ain’t your thing, Oktoberfest offers Autumn/Fall fun to amorous, beer affected travellers.

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What Not To Do In Barcelona – 5 Things you should know

Travelling somewhere new is an exhilarating experience, and although sometimes things we learn and things we know using common sense carry over to a new destination, it’s not always the case. It definitely helps knowing where you’re going and making sure you don’t do something that either gets you living in the streets with all your possessions stolen or mauled by an angry mob of locals. OK… so the chance of that happening to you in Barcelona is close to nil, but it would make for a helluva story, right? Either way, check out these things you definitely SHOULDN’T do in Barcelona.

Don’t get into politics

Now, this is what I would put under the ‘common sense’ tab –  you don’t come to another country and tell the people that they’re right or wrong in whatever politics they adhere to (It’s hard not to with Trump supporters, we know) but the Spaniards (and in particular the Catalans) are very passionate with their politics. When you land at the airport and the first impression you get is a couple of people yelling at each other over the independence movement of Catalonia, you know that shit is real. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for their opinion, just make sure you’re respectful about it. Spaniards like to yell, even when they’re just talking calmly – make sure you don’t give them a reason to yell at YOU.

Don’t rush people at just about any place

If you come to Barcelona (or anywhere else in Spain for that matter) you’re eventually gonna have to get used to what’s known as ‘spanish time’. This roughly translates into just being annoyingly lazy and slow at times. Believe it or not, this is not an insult. The Spaniards, for the most part, refer to themselves this way. This means that sitting down at a cafe or restaurant and expecting to be served in under half an hour is a bit of a stretch. General rule of thumb is you should at least be prepared to spend one hour in most places (international joints tend to be more punctual) and complaining will likely make things worse.

Don’t drink at the chiringuitos (beach bars)   

It might be unbearably tempting to buy that hot babe sitting by herself at a beach bar a drink, but when you get your 15€ bill for just one cocktail, you will more than likely end up regretting it. It’s commonly known that, in just about any city, you will get charged more when drinking at a beach bar and Barcelona is no exception. We also don’t recommend buying pre-made drinks from street vendors (except perhaps unopened beers). The mojito might look enticing enough under the scorching Barcelona sun, but you never really know what they put into those drinks. Now, that doesn’t mean that there’s no way to get a decent drink a the beach at a reasonable price. Some places while not directly on the sand, are close enough and they offer you some deals like a bucket of beers, or cocktails with happy hour prices –  you just need to walk a few meters more from the sand to the bar. There are also alternatives like our boat rides with deals on beer and sangria. Same thing goes for restaurants – walking a little away from the tourist traps can get you to a really nice place at almost half the price.

Don’t book a Hotel

This is more of a preference than a ‘don’t’. But if you’re looking for a way to experience Barcelona without breaking the bank, a hostel or Airbnb will do just fine. Airbnbs provide more privacy than hostels, but at a higher price. It’s worth noting though, that Airbnbs are illegal in Barcelona and there’s a hefty fine for the owner if he or she gets caught renting one and you might find yourself out in the streets if this happens. Hostels will give you the best bang for your buck and there’s a lot of options to choose from, from quiet artsy ones to youth and party hostels. Speaking of Hostels..

Don’t leave your things lying around in your room! (or anywhere else for that matter)

You might think ‘hey.. these people seem quite nice and decent’ and the next day your backpack is gone and you stop being much of a backpacker and become more of a hobo. Almost every hostel includes some sort of locker in the room. Use it, and buy a lock if you don’t have one – better to pay €5 for a lock now, than have to beg for €5 on the streets the next day. You’re gonna hear a lot about how high the pickpocket rate is in Barcelona, but it really isn’t that different from other top tourist destinations. A little common sense can go a long way, like if you go into a crowded bus or metro, keep your backpack in front of you and your hands on your phone and wallet.

Now that you know what not to do in Barcelona, check out what you CAN (and should) do while you’re here. There’s lots of cool things to see and do and we at Stoke Travel want you to have a great time.

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Stoke Travel’s Proven Hangover Cures

Hangovers are a part of life! They are the universe’s way of punishing you for having too much fun, and you can and will have hangovers from excessive anything! Too much sex? Rooting hangover. Too many smiles? Sore face hangover.

But the main hangover we deal with is the too much booze hangover. The hangover hangover. The hangover we deal with most often, especially when on holidays, double especially when on holidays with Stoke Travel.

Here are some other hangover cures, or minimisers, that we’ve tried and relied on over the years, because when you make the most of our open and unlimited beer and sangria bar at all venues, you’re going to need something to fix ya.

  1. Do some exercise
    Get up, jump out of your tent, stretch. Stretch it right out. Jog, or briskly walk away from your tent and towards the bar. Grab a beer. Lift it to your mouth and flex while you chug it. Repeat.
  2. Eat some food
    Hangovers are created and cured from the inside. Food will fix you up good. Head over to Stoke Travel’s Kitchen Party and see what they’ve got for breakfast – it’ll be hot and hearty. Eat it. You may find that it’s a little bit dry. Wash it down with a beer.
  3. Take some pills
    Your head is throbbing and your stomach is churning. You may need something from the pharmacy for that. Do you have anything on you? Take it. If not ask around, American travellers in particular are usually pretty loaded up with pharmaceuticals. Make sure you swallow your pills with large mouthfuls of beer.
  4. Drink lots of water
    You might be dehydrated because of all those hours you were sleeping and not drinking. You will need to replenish and rehydrate. Make sure you start your day by filling up on fluids, and the best fluids to fill up on are from the beer family.
  5. Take a shower
    You stink of booze, sex and goodtimes. You need to wash yourself, wash away your stank and your sins. Wash yourself in a shower. A shower of beer. Do a straight arm and pour the beer all over yourself, including in your mouth. Then have another beer.
  6. Take a nap
    You just woke up, but so what, you’re on holidays so you can nap if you want to. Find somewhere nice and comfortable in the sun. Sit down. Open your beer. Have a sip. Lay down. Have another sip. Nap. Wake up and finish your beer.

If you follow these steps then we can guarantee that you won’t have a hangover anymore. Heck, you’ll be at least six beers deep so you’ll be drunk again. What a result! Now go and throw some tomatoes, or drink German beer by the litre and repeat this process tomorrow and every day until you have to go back to work, at which point repeat the process minus number six.

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A Chat With The Band – Talking Cheese With Shrek

If you’ve been playing along at home, you’ll know that we’ve spent a bit of time hanging out with the one and only Honey Hayze. They’ve been playing sweet tunes and partying in the most beautiful places in Europe with us for a few weeks now and we like to think we know them pretty well. One thing we do know about this funky Sydney five-piece is that their bass player Shrek is a huge fan of cheese – and he knows his shit. We caught up with Shrek to get the inside scoop on all things cheese:  what’s good, what’s bad, what matters and what doesn’t. Prepare to get hungry.

Stoke: What is your all time favourite cheese and why?

Shrek:  Pule. A rare Serbian cheese that is the bare minimum for the bands rider. Goes well with a 2015 Shiraz.

Stoke: Does cost really matter? If you’re a broke traveller for example, can you still enjoy the finer things in life, aka good cheese?

Shrek: If you’re broke from cheese then you’ve already enjoyed the finer things in life. Cheese is like olive oil, you can buy sixth pressed, $1.50 spray that is shit, or you can get first pressed olive oil and enjoy life. Again, third pressed is the bare minimum for the rider.

Stoke: Parmesan cheese – shaved or grated and why?

Shrek: Shaved and grated both serve an important purpose in enhancing and creating a complexity of flavour for the chosen meal. Grated cheese has a greater fusion rate hence works well with warm meals like a spaghetti bolognese. Shaved cheese provides body and character to it’s selected meal. I personally prefer shaved cheese in a salad, e.g caesar salad. Once again, selecting the appropriate cheese is of major importance.

Stoke: Blue cheese? Yes or no?

Shrek: Like an olive, blue cheese is an acquired taste. If your senses are struggling to eat it then go out to your clothes line, grab a peg, put it on your nose and try again.

Stoke: What is the number one thing you must have on a cheese platter to compliment the cheese?

Shrek: When it comes to a platter, you throw the term ‘less is more’ out the door. More is definitely more. The foundation starts with seeded crackers or freshly baked sourdough bread. A variety of cured meats e.g prosciutto, capicola, salami and mortadella. Fresh fruit provides a sweet contrast when combining flavour e.g strawberry, fig, pear and mango.

Stoke: What are your thoughts on a good old block of tasty cheese?

Shrek: Tasty cheese is the biggest poser of the cheese family. Just because it says tasty, it doesn’t mean it’s natural or tasty. Yes, in very rare circumstances you may come across a decent tasty cheese, but most tasty cheese is full of bovine growth hormone that’s detrimental to your health. Recently I was tricked into having tasty cheese on tour and I knew straight away it wasn’t fit for human consumption. Even the microwave cheese lovers would have trouble melting down this bad boy. Death to tasty cheese!

Stoke: What are some cheese related highlights of your time in Europe?

Shrek: Playing shows in San Sebastian, I had many cheese and tapas highlights. With the town comes great experimental pintxos bars. My favourite bar was Atari Gastroteka. My personal favourite was the carrillera with melted blue cheese sauce.

Stoke: Cheese horror stories?

Shrek: Unfortunately I do have a horror story. I was spiked with non-human tasty cheese. Luckily my taste buds identified them early and I avoided death. However there’s a use for everything and during a wet period, ants were trying to infiltrate my teepee, so I barricaded the entrance with this cheese and they ran away in fear. It was a great deterrent.

Stoke: If you could collaborate with any celebrity chef, who would it be?

Shrek: It would be Jake Serex, the man in charge of Stoke Eats and the brains behind the world’s most delicious pies, Kontuz Manos. We would work together to create the perfect cheese pie.

Shrek is currently in England, but we are very much looking forward to having him back with us to guide us on the cheese journey of our dreams. Not only is he a cheese connoisseur, he also knows a thing or two about tunes (get you a man who can do both). His band Honey Hayze have just released a brand new single by the name of Gypsy Lady and it’s on it’s way to Triple J, Spotify, and all good ear outlets as we speak. They will be launching it at the Stoke campsite party, at the world’s biggest tomato fight, La Tomatina. Come and throw some tomatoes, eat some fine cheese and party like a maniac with us in Valencia!

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XOXO Gossip Bitch

Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Barcelona’s elite. You’re probably wondering why I have been so quiet lately, and you’re forgiven for doing so. The truth is, up until recently, things have been pretty quiet on the gossip front. Shocking, I know, but the good news is I’m back and inundated with tips on the hot, juicy gossip you’ve all been searching for. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that we’ve been up to no good at some of the best summer festivals in Europe such as San Vino and Running Of The Bulls. To say that the elite have been living their most scandalous lives would be an understatement…

Amongst a treasure trove of delicious gossipy goodness, we’ve handpicked the best (or the worst, depending on who you ask) of the bunch to tantalise your tastebuds and get your mouth watering for what’s to come in the upcoming months of updates from gossip bitch. Alright, let’s not waste anymore time, into the deep swimming pool of gossip we shall dive.

If you’ve ever been to a festival with Stoke, you’ll know what we mean when we say if you ain’t boozin’ you’re losin’. One unlucky festival goer learnt the hard way that sometimes, when you booze a little too hard, you definitely lose – you lose control of your bowels. After gearing up in his fresh whites ready to be covered head to toe in red wine in the mountains of Haro, he felt something running down his leg, and turns out it wasn’t sweat. According to our sources, He didn’t feel nothin’, not even a fart or a belly rumbleit was just wet all of a sudden, which sounds somewhat concerning if you ask us. Fear not frisky followers, after a quick outfit change and a little pep-talk, he was on his way up that mountain ready for the locals to sniff out this pant-shitting gringo and bathe him in wine like the dirty boy he is.

Now that your appetite for juicy gossip has been wet, get a load of this tasty treat. Upon returning to his tent ready for a comfortable and peaceful nights sleep, one poor fella found that a couple of horny devils had beat him to it. By the looks of things, they either had it out for him and wanted to destroy his mattress as revenge, or they simply couldn’t keep their hands off each other and this tent was unfortunately as far as they got. We hope it was the latter as we believe true love always finds a way. This was unfortunately the last hurrah for this air mattress, forcing it’s rightful owner to sleep on the ground for the duration of the festival. Ah well, you know what they say, better to have loved and lost (someone else’s mattress) than to never have (sneakily) loved at all…

While we’re on the topic of love, we will finish off this short but incredibly sweet gossip session with the dirt on on particularly spicy senorita, who managed to make her way into three different tents in one night. One would be correct in assuming she was unable to find exactly what she was looking for in her first two lovers (perhaps the amount of free beer and sangria consumed had something to do with this?) before seeking out a third. Thankfully for her, it was a case of third time lucky. I mean really, when there’s that many hotties in the same vicinity, who can blame her? Why not get them all out of the way in one night? This should also be seen as a word of warning that just because they may be hot, doesn’t mean they’re going to be any good when you get them back to the tent and the pressure is on. Choose wisely ladies, know what you’re getting yourself into.

Unfortunately that’s it for now my little gossip fiends, but never fear, I promise we won’t leave it so long between catch-ups next time. With Stoke Afloat Croatia, Ibiza Beach Camp, San Sebastian Surf House all in full swing and La Tomatina and Oktoberfest so close we can almost taste them, there will be no shortage of gossip to come. Keep your ears and eyes peeled amigos, we’re just getting started.

You know you love me, XOXO   Gossip Bitch.

If you like what you hear and you want more, come and join us at La Tomatina or, Oktoberfest, our biggest (by a mile) campsite where only the juiciest gossip is generated. Imagine these stories on steroids (or really fucked up on unlimited beer and sangria) and that’s what you’ll get. This is your chance to experience it all first hand, or better still, play your very own part in the infamous Stoke gossip mill. You know you want to!


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