Oktoberfest 2021 Is Cancelled

In news that is sure to break the hearts of beer lovers, festival hounds, and travellers of all stripes, Munich’s lord mayor Dieter Reiter, and Barvaria’s prime minister Marcus Söder have announced that the 2021 Oktoberfest will not be going ahead for the second year running.

See the bad news, here.

This COVID asshole is taking it TOO FAR now! (But don’t worry, we have other plans). 

We had been holding onto hope, hope that the vaccination roll and rapid testing out would be comprehensive enough by the time September came around, that they’d be able to hold the world’s biggest beer/folk festival.

We’re already seeing events with 1000s of people take place around Europe – Barcelona, Amsterdam, Liverpool and more – but the authorities didn’t want to take the chance.

But don’t worry – we’re still Going to Munich for Oktoberfest

Because Stoke Travel is working with our partners in Munich to put on our own Oktoberfest. It won’t have millions of people attending like the official event, but there will be 1000s of us. And we will be drinking the same delicious Oktoberfest beers, eating the German beer-drinking food, and dancing on tables to traditional Bavarian folk music.

Our Oktoberfest experience in 2021 will take place across Munich, using traditional beer halls, breweries and our very own Oktoberfest tent. And the Stoketoberfest after party is going to be even more nuts than in previous years. Bands. DJs. You. Us.

We’re going to have a very good time, because we really miss Oktoberfest and after this pandemic situation we really think we deserve it!

So what now?

Well, if you’ve made a risk-free €1 deposit on your Oktoberfest trip with Stoke Travel you have a few options, and they’re all pretty great.

  1. Do nothing and come to Oktoberfest anyway. It’s going to be just as good – if not better – than the official event. We’re so committed to putting on an amazing event for you after this nonsense.
  2. Transfer your €1 deposit to another Stoke Travel event for 2021. How about:
    An Ibiza Weekender?
    The San Sebastian Surf House?
    Croatia or Greek Islands sailing trip?
    A Barcelona boat party, or ¿Wine Not? wine tasting?
    Rise Festival in the Alps?(if you can’t decide which trip yet, don’t worry you can just email us whenever to reserve your spot)
  3. Move your €1 deposit for the 2021 Oktoberfest to 2022.
  4. We can refund you the €1.

So if you don’t want to come to our amazing, wonderful, spectacular, outrageous 2021 Oktoberfest experience in Munich, just email info@stoketravel.com and we’ll set you up with one of the other options.

And look, while this news isn’t ideal, after the year we’ve had we’re just going to have to stay positive, make the most with the cards we’ve been dealt, and keep on pushing to have as much fun as possible – as soon as possible – together.

Ahhhhh 2021, you were supposed to be a lot better than your mate 2020!

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