Five Types of People You Find in Group Travel

Group travel: a sloppy shit show of bill paying, reservations, compromises and making sure no one perishes most egregiously. Whether your destination is Oktoberfest or Running of the Bulls, you’re bound to experience one – if not all – of these five types of people on your group travel.

The Mom Friend

Oh, the Mom Friend. The well-intentioned, responsible wet blanket of the group’s barbaric fire. The one who nags you to wear at least SPF 50 at the beach, carries your phone and your wallet around, and somehow has gauze on hand for when you crash and burn after an embarrassing attempt to drunkenly do a half-assed cartwheel in the street while hollering “PARKOUR!”  

The Mom Friend can frequently be spotted cleaning up bodily fluids, wigging out because Jessica’s slumped against a trash can outside the beer hall at Oktoberfest while Steven is careening towards the ferris wheel, and harping about what your future employers can view on the internet.

The Wild Card

For every overly rational Mom Friend there’s the balancing erratic Wild Card. The one who’ll square up in front of a beefy German police officer with an empty beer stein in one hand and a stolen street sign in the other; the one who falls off the face of the earth for a few months to become a spear fisherman in Argentina; the one who woke up in Amsterdam barefoot after a heavy night of raving in Ibiza and made it back to Spain with nothing but a crumpled ten Euro bill and half a cheeto as leverage.

There’s a 5/10 chance they’ll get you in landed in a Spanish jail cell, but there’s a 13/10 chance that it’ll be frickin’ legendary.

The Lightweight

You’re pregaming with your buddies at the Stoke Villa in Ibiza and The Lightweight decides they have the chops to smash a whole bottle of Henny solo before downing some of Stoke’s unlimited beer and sangria.  They make it to the first bar, toss back a shot of tequila, and promptly yak their dinner into the establishment’s bathroom sink. The Lightweight never steps foot in a club, but their bitch ass will brag obnoxiously to your friends back home about “the fucking lit time we had in Ibiza.”

The Planner

The Planner makes the Mom Friend look more tranquil than Snoop Dogg on muscle relaxant. They have stuffy wine tastings, expensive cooking classes, and guided cathedral tours nailed down to the minute. They will have an aneurysm of chaotic proportions if you mention the rest of the group wants to bum it at the beach all day. The itinerary is the be-all, end-all, despite the fact that you want to do fuck-all after a night of partying on a boat and dancing with spicy Spanish strangers.

The Mooch

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve gone to chip in for a hangover pizza, reached into our wallets, and pulled out nothing but lint, disappointment, and that dusty condom from freshman year. Thankfully there’s always that solid mate who offers to cover you given you buy them a drink next time.  

The Mooch is different. They’re down-right dastardly. They ask for a sip of your drink and gulp down at least half. They never pay their share of the concert tickets you angelically put on your card out of convenience for the group. After you pay for their appetizer, four rolls of sushi, three cocktails, and dessert so pricey it could’ve only been crafted with gold flakes and orphan unicorn tears, they’ll slap you on the back and say “thanks, buddy, I’ll hit you up next time! Haha!” In the deep crevices of your heart, you know next time will never come.


Are you sick of being the Mom Friend?  Ready to go full Wild Card with no restraints?  Ditch the group and snag a Stoke Passport to travel the proper way: with a crew of wild, beautiful new best friends.

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What to Pack for a European Summer with Stoke

Your European summer has finally arrived.  Like the absolute sesh savage you are, you’ve booked a few of Stoke’s epic summer packages.  Your suitcase is already stuffed with your cheekiest undies, not enough socks, and too many shirts, but you’re struggling for what else to toss in your bag.  We here at Stoke compiled our tried and true packing wisdom so you don’t end up looking and feeling like an unprepared chump during Europe’s sunniest festival season.


Always essential:

A reusable water bottle to fill on your water breaks.  You know the drill, hydrate or diedrate!  And fuck single-use plastic, we love the planet.

Earplugs to keep your sweet, sweet eardrums free of the salacious sex sounds resonating unrelentingly from the tents around you.

A stash of Aquarius, the ambrosia of hangover cures, and a hot commodity.

A bottle of vodka or any liquid courage of your choice for when you’re sick of sangria and beer.

Hair ties to fix your grungy flip-flops when they finally bite the dust.

A fuck-yes attitude

Lust for life



What to Pack for IBIZA

Your elegant, lavish white shorts, pants, and shirts.  To evolve into a true, beautiful, beach-going raver, you’ll need to rock all white.  All day, all night, 24/7, optimally at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean while the breeze majestically blows through your hair.  

All of your beach shit.  Bikinis, budgie smugglers, sandals, sunnies, a nautical themed pashmina afghan for inevitable yacht shenanigans, and everything in between.  And sunblock, unless you want to try picking up beautifully bronzed babes while looking like a lobster.

Bum bag.  They’re fashionable and practical.  And keep your shit from getting lifted.  In this case, a fanny pack won’t keep you out of the sack!

Your club attire.  Throw caution to the wind; rock that risqué ‘fit.  Don the hot pants that would make your dad weep. Wear your zestiest party shirt.  Anything goes. Oh, and don’t forget glitter: the “herpes of the craft world,” but the life of any party.

Decent footwear.  Ditch the stilettos, flats allow you to become the true rave god you are in your heart.  Dudes, a nice pair of casual shoes will do- avoid trainers and jandals unless you want to reveal your true scrubby nature and dash your chances of entering Ibiza’s most boppin’ clubs.

Pills like Advil for your wicked hangovers, or that chlamydia prescription to clear up your least favorite souvenir, obviously…

A Fiji bottle of alc to pregame in the cab on your journey to the club.

A basic, super extra flamingo pool floaty for the mandatory ‘gram pics.  You’ll want to post something that’ll make your friends back home ooze with envy but won’t earn you an awkward intervention from your aunt Karen.



All your beach shit part two: the reckoning.  Swimsuit, sandals, a towel, a big floppy sun hat to protect your mug, and sunnies.

Torch for stumbling your way back to your accommodations, blissful, intoxicated, mildly delirious, after late night gallivanting.

Warm sleeping gear to keep your buns toasty at night.  If your cozy hoodie and rank socks don’t get the job done, bring a cuddle buddy and steam things up a little.

Maternity pants for your food baby after you devour all the local cuisine you can get your greasy hands on.

Party attire.  Your funkiest party shirt or freshest party dress for the epic street parties and clubs.

After-sun spray for when the spicy Spanish sun kicks your ass to oblivion.



Bug spray to keep flies away.  Because we know nothing attracts the hotties like a massive, hovering swarm of trash-devouring insects.

All white, again.  If you don’t want to stick out like a bum-bag-wearing, socks-and-jandals clad tourist dad amongst all the Spaniards, pack white pants and a white shirt.  Re-use the ones from your Ibiza bacchanal, your wallet will be eternally grateful.

The traditional threads include a red scarf (called a Pañuelico if you want to be ~cultured~) and a red waistband. You can buy them for a few Euros once you get to the festival, so don’t bother packing the ones you probably don’t have.  Plus you can break these babies out again at the San Vino Wine Fight Fest, so it’s worth investing a few shekels.

A few changes of summer clothes for when you get dirtier than you already are, you total beast.  Expect to get covered in food, sangria, soda, and a colorful variety of other unintelligible liquids at the fest.


What to Pack for ROYAL ASCOT

Ladies, one word: hats.  The kind of atrociously gaudy hat your dusty great-aunt Denise would break out on Easter.  You can acquire such a hat at Claire’s. In a pinch, DIY your own with a bird’s nest, mesh, feathers, and a metric fuck-ton of glitter glue.

Your fancy clothes that you’ve been lugging around Europe but haven’t had an excuse to wear yet.  Gals, this means a dress, but “tHe RuLes” say it’ll have to fall below the knees.  If you didn’t pack one for your Euro trip, H&M or Mango have your back on the cheap.  Gents, a spiffy blazer, nice slacks, and a snazzy bow tie will ensure you’re out there looking like a highfalutin’ bloke.

Your poshest, pinkies-out attitude.  This is the opportunity for us plebes to hob-knob with the boujee crème de la crème of high society.  Whip out that swank and look like someone important for once while simultaneously tossing back bubbly.

What to Pack for the SAN VINO WINE FIGHT FEST

You’ll wear basically the same thing you wore to Running of the Bulls. Or just any old white shirt.  Hopefully you’re not too attached, because it’ll leave the festival almost as soaked with red wine as you.

Shoes you don’t give a fuck about.  They’ll get decimated in the chaos.  This means no Gucci, no glow in the dark Yeezys, and absolutely none of those freakish toe shoes.

Your prized water gun to fill with wine and douse unsuspecting victims.  Bring a Super Soaker for ultimate drenching capabilities.  Who doesn’t want to feel like an inebriated, stumbling action hero?

Swimming goggles.  Either way, you’re getting wine in your retinas.  But at least you gave it the good ol’ college try.


What to Pack for LA TOMATINA

A change of clothes for after tomatoes are careened into your every crevice. Vital unless you want to feel like more of a sloppy, disgusting mess than usual.

A plastic bag to transport your grodie old clothes from the festival back to the campground.

Rubber undies to protect your most important orifices.  Tomatoes will get everywhere. In all your nooks and crannies.  You will be finding residue for weeks, months, years. Scientific studies show we’ll never know how the hell long.

A thigh master for training your legs to handle a massive, greasy pole.  La Tomatina officially begins when someone manages to climb a huge, slicked-up post in the middle of a town square and snag a Spanish ham at the very top.  With enough thigh power, you can be that local hero.

Goggles if you value your corneas being pulp-free.  The aforementioned goggles can also be used to swim a few laps so your bod is tip top for Stoke’s saucy Foreplay Party.

Remember that pair of shoes you don’t give a fuck about?  This is a good time to break ‘em out again.  As long as they’re not fuckin’ Crocs.

Coins for hosing down.  There will be hose wielding locals ready to douse you down and cleanse your soul (or make an attempt, at least) for a price.

Swimwear to take a dunk post-brawl.  Or no swimwear. We won’t judge.


What to Pack for ROSÉ WEEK 2019

The local garb. Berret, moustache, a baguette to cradle, and your cringiest French accent so you can blend in with the local Frenchies.

An outfit that makes you feel like you’re in an old black and white French film as you meander through the vineyards with a glass of rosé in hand, you classy-ass fiend.


Is your suitcase packed with all the stuff you need to create the European summer of your wildest fever dreams?  Get on it, and check out our Stoke Passport to guarantee your spot at Europe’s most prime festivals amongst beautiful like-minded travel addicts.

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Oktoberfest Surprises for Americans: The Good, the Bad, and the Stokie

So you’re gallivanting through Europe and think you’re ready to take on Germany’s biggest, raunchiest, wildest festival: Oktoberfest.  Obviously you want to do it the most lit way possible by staying at the legendary Stoketoberfest campground. It’s the perfect place to skull unlimited beer and sangria for 10 euros, party after the beer halls shut down with thousands of fellow international legends, and be whoever your freaky little heart desires.  Here’s what your friend’s ultra-filtered, cutely-captioned Oktoberfest Instagram post won’t tell you about what you’re bound to experience.

You’ll run into people from home.  

You go to Oktoberfest to debauch far from where your reputation could be tainted, but you’ll have freak run-ins. You might see Kevin from middle school taking a trip to Puke Hill, the locally designated location for those who need to up-chuck their pretzels.  Maybe Natalie from Pi Delta Phi catches you mid nudie run after you’ve taken your chance with Stoke’s raunchy Wheel of Misfortune.

The world gets ridiculously tiny at Oktoberfest, especially when it’s on the bucket list of every single study abroad from NYU to UCLA.  So don’t run, or at least stagger away in a drunken stupor, from your Kevins and Natalies! This isn’t your typical awkward hometown grocery store run-in!  Chances are you’ll both be schwasted, so grab another beer together and get rowdy!

It gets cold. 

Believe it or not, Munich in late September does not have the same climate as Mykonos in July.  The beer halls are packed elbow to elbow with your fellow sweaty revelers, so during the festival you won’t freeze your ass off.  But, it might get a little extra chilly frolicking from tent to tent, trekking back to the campground, or if your dirndl is soaking wet after making a shitty attempt to straight-arm a beer.  

If you’re sober enough to feel the cold by the time you’re back at the Stoke campground, you clearly haven’t taken advantage of Munich’s mind-blowing beer at the halls.  Fear not, Stoke’s got you covered with beer and sangria flowing to warm your bones and dance parties with live entertainment on the Stoke stage to get your blood flowing.

Camping isn’t always comfy.  

It’s not a frilly AirBnb experience.  It’s a million times better.  Okay, maybe you didn’t expect our toilets to be quite as gnarly as they are, you’ve seen enough strangers vomit for a lifetime, and you’ve probably heard a ludicrous amount of raucous moans from a tent neighbor or two getting lucky.  But I can guarantee you won’t be dreaming about pristine toilets or having an ungodly surplus of pillows while you’re swigging the extra beer you could afford with the coins you’ve saved by partying with Stoke. And trust me, you’ll have more fun heading home to a rad fest with thousands of your new best friends than a sad, anticlimactic, stuffy apartment.

You might not meet that many Germans.

You wanted to chat up a beer wench, or hit it off with strapping lederhosen-clad local.  Much to your surprise, you hear so many Aussie accents you feel like you’ve wound up in the Land Down Under instead of Bavaria.  For a country with less of a population than Texas, Australians seem to be everywhere.

Embrace it.  They are true masters at having a good time.  But no matter how many Natty Lites you’ve destroyed at your frat parties, never attempt to outdrink them, or it’ll be your turn to hit up Puke Hill.  I made that mistake so you don’t have to.

It’s chaotically magical.  

It will ruin you in the best way possible.  As much as you’ll despise yourself for it, you will be the annoying person who won’t shut up about “that one time at Oktoberfest.”  No Snapchat or Instagram story could convey how delightfully insane your real, nitty gritty experience will be. You’ve hosted house parties, you’ve gotten trashed at frat parties, you’ve rallied at tailgates, but you haven’t seen anything like Oktoberfest yet.

Ready to have a cultural experience so potent you won’t even be able to give your mom the sparknotes?  Join us at our biggest, all-inclusive event of the festival season to toss back some German beer and make American parties look like kindergarten recess.

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Kraftwerk and Underworld to celebrate 20 years of Cocoon in Ibiza

This year Cocoon (the legendary German techno label headed by the equally legendary German Sven Väth) will celebrate its 20th year of parties in Ibiza, making it one of the longest running residencies on the island of all time.

For all but last year (when Pacha was the venue) these iconic parties have been held at Ibiza institution Amnesia, so long running fans of the night were very pleased to see that in 2019, “Papa” Sven and his friends would be back at the club to host Cocoon once again starting with the opening party on Monday 27 May. The lineups are absolutely huge featuring everyone you would expect from the techno world such as Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Adam Beyer, Ricardo Villalobos and Ilario Alicante plus some acts you wouldn’t normally associate with the Cocoon sound including Pete Tong, Seth Troxler and DJ Koze.

But wait, there’s more.

This being Cocoon’s 20th birthday on the island and all, they’ve come out all guns blazing by announcing two live shows at open-air super club Ushuaia to really book-end the summer season with a bang. The first one, taking place this Saturday 25 May features old school ravers Underworld (think Born Slippy for those too young to remember Trainspotting) playing live along with Sven, Ilario Alicante and Dana Ruh.

The second show happening later in the season on 13 September features THE original electronic act, for their first ever show in Ibiza. We’re talking the act that essentially started electronic music as we know it and changed the course of music history: Kraftwerk. The German revolutionaries will bring their live show Kraftwerk 3D to the Ushuaia stage and of course our gracious host Sven Väth will play the supporting role. This is a rare opportunity to see an iconic act that has shaped the music we love today in a venue so lavish and hedonistic as Ushuaia.

So that’s Cocoon’s 2019 Ibiza season in a nutshell. 10 incredible Monday nights at Amnesia and two never-seen-before parties at Ushuaia. Tickets are available for all shows now, and if you’re looking for an amazing place to stay during your time in Ibiza, then have a look at our brand new Stoke Villa Ibiza.

See you on the dance floor.

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Primer encuentro de Gliders en el Ferrolog. Video

Estamos de camino al FERROLOG e ilusionados con el primer encuentro de tablas GLIDERS en España, esto marcará un antes y un después en la visión que tiene la gente de estos artefactos.. En la playa de Esmelle (Ferrol) nos reuniremos una docena de amigos con nuestras «bigboards» puede parecer que somos pòcos, pero es que […]


Este fin de semana, 10, 11 y 12 de Mayo, tenemos una cita en el concejo de Ferrol con la primera edición del Ferrolog Surfing Invitational. El emplazamiento es en Covas (Ferrol), dentro del camping de As Cabazas, que se encuentra delante de tres picos de gran calidad que son Esmelle, O Vilar y La Fragata. La […]

Duct Tape Portugal 2019 LISTA DE INVITADOS

Ya se conocen las listas de los invitados al tan ansiado Duct Tape de Portugal. Desde que hace unas semanas los rumores corrieran como la espuma por las redes, la gente ha ido haciendo sus quinielas de los invitados que les gustaría ver en ellas. Y creemos que ningún aficionado habrá quedado decepcionado con los […]

De Drones por Zarautz con Jon Garmendia y sus colegas. Edit Ritxi Goya

Hoy os presentamos un bonito edit del Filmaker Ritxi Goya, que desde su dron ha captado las bonitas lineas de las olas de Zarautz, surfeadas por la gente del mismo pueblo, impresionantes y bellas tomas de uno de los focos mas influyentes del longboard peninsular.