Five Ways The Iceman Breathing Techniques Will Improve Your Life Forever

Stoke Retreats is about having the most fun you’ve ever had whilst being healthy, and as if that wasn’t enough we also endeavour to bring you life-changing experiences that will kick start you on a journey of self-improvement and spiritual zen.

Which is why we are flying in a protegee of famous Guinness-world record holder and spiritual guru Wim Hof, whose science-defying cold exposure and breathing techniques are taking the world by storm.

Anastasis Tzanis aka The Nutritionist Yogi trained with Wim Hof for two years and has since been tirelessly developing his technique.

So applying this to life as a Stokie; here’s 5 ways this amazing knowledge will benefit your life in real terms:

  • Holding your breath for an extended amount of time – enabling you to win all the underwater swimming races and beer-chugging contests forever after.
  • Master the cold. Not only is cold exposure proven to have an extensive list of health benefits, it will also allow you to keep your cool without getting cold on a night-time skinny dip with that gorgeous hunk you’ve been getting to know on a Stoke Retreat.
  • Learn how to harness your incredible mental power, enabling you to fight illness, reach zen-like status, de-stress, and most importantly – fend off those pesky hangovers.
  • Master the art of meditation and how to live in the present moment. This will enable you to truly grasp what an awesome time you are having with Stoke.
  • Release endorphins and get high on life’s natural drugs – here you might realise you may have been doing it all wrong all these years when just a bit of oxygen can take you to a state of euphoria – for free and without the come-down.

Yes! Cold exposure and these breath control exercises have proven to strengthen your immune system, aid fat-loss, improve sleep, release endorphins, balance hormone levels, give you more energy and reduce stress levels – what more could you ask for?

This workshop will cover the following:

  1. The Wim Hof Method Breathing technique
  2. A yoga practice incorporating simple breath work
  3. A long breathing/meditation session
  4. A presentation of the science behind cold exposure
  5. An ice bath

This is just one of the soul-nurturing, third-eye awakening, euphoria inducing activities we have in store for you lucky folks on our Stoke Retreat in Tenerife.

Don’t miss out and book your week retreat from the 2 – 9th March or our 4 day Carnival and Retreat package.

We are flexible and if you would like to come on different dates, stay longer or know anymore just e-mail

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A Traveller’s Guide To Ibiza On A Budget

Chasing enlightenment and Stoke led me to the White Island

By Stoke Travel’s 2018 Chosen One, David Duey Spargo

When I first came to Ibiza as a solo traveller I heard this quote from a wise Stokie – We came as Strangers and now we are just strange. It could not have resonated more with my experience at the Ibiza Beach Camp. Unfortunately I didn’t go from Miami to Ibiza, but I did, however, come from Sziget music festival to Ibiza with Stoke Travel. Some would say what a foolish pilgrimage, no one can sesh for 18 days straight. What a gremlin, etc. Needless to say, Stoke’s Ibiza Beach Camp got me through that difficult yet amazing time in my life. I was greeted with a chilled beer, a few friendly faces, and a quick nap in the hammock before heading out with the crew to Namaste. Namaste is Ibiza’s oldest club and every Wednesday night the Stoke Ibiza team takes those who are camping out for a night of boogieing and market stalls.

The age-old question though, can you do Ibiza on a budget? Absolutely! And you don’t have to lose an arm, leg or sell that dysfunctional kidney. The Ibiza Beach Camp holds the number one rating on Hostel World for Ibiza and for an extra €10 a day you get unlimited booze. So, this is how your day in Ibiza would look with Stoke Travel.

Morning: yoga devotion by the ocean followed by a breakfast fit for champions

Wake up or get home by 8am and stroll down to the beach to get your downwards dog fix with Stoke’s very own trained yoga instructor while embracing that early morning sun. Beer yoga is also optional. After sweating out last night’s poisons the chefs will have a spread waiting for you. This will include the old and faithful cereals to the more exotic bacon and egg fry ups.

The day: living the ultimate island life

Once breakfast has concluded the daily activities will be put up on the wall. These activities range from cliff jumping, bar hopping (yes €1 beers and shots exist in the bars near the Ibiza Beach Camp), swimming at one of Ibiza’s most popular beaches: Cala Nova. For a few extra euros, there is also the option of renting a kayak and exploring the nearby coastline, catching a bus into Ibiza Old Town to indulge in Spanish cuisine, and hiking the old fort to take in the views. Over the 10 days at Ibiza Beach Camp, I managed to get all of these done. But even then I felt pressed for time because you embrace island life and time. If your dopamine levels weren’t met from the above, then I recommend the boat party which you get a massive discount with through Stoke Travel.

The evening: boogie, beach or boat party

By the time dinner rolls around you have a pretty solid idea of where your night’s going – either to the clubs, kick ons from the boat party, or a beach party at the campsite. You will not be disappointed with any of these options.

  • Option A) I know the clubs are going to be expensive, but never fear Stoke has your back. If you aren’t already on your way to being the best possible human you can be from the liquid courage stored in Stoke’s fridges, you soon will be. It’s time for you to pre-game. The staff will either recommend bus times or assist in calling taxis with their fluent Spanish to help you get from A to B without hassle. A little tip, shop around the local area some places will charge less than others for tickets or just ask a Stokie, they’re experts at milking the island for all it’s worth.
  • Option B) If you went on the boat party I assume you are already pissed as a sailor and on your way to a club with free entry.
  • Option C) The last option and my personal favourite was the beach parties at the campsite. After a friendly game of beer pong nothing can top sinking beers and sangria by the ocean under the stars, whilst listening to some bangers. Due to the warm nights with a little encouragement from Stoke’s special sangria many skinny dips were taken and new friends were made. I guess it’s what kids call YOLO, but Stoke has another name for it #fuckcalmgetstoked. My time in Ibiza was incredible and I can’t wait to get back to the Ibiza beach camp in 2019.

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A Travellers Guide To San Fermin/The Running Of The Bulls

By Stoke Travel’s 2018 Chosen One, David Duey Spargo

You can run, but you cannot hide. Each year millions of revellers from all across the world filter into the beauty that is Pamplona, Spain for the festival of San Fermin, otherwise known as the Running of the Bulls. Your age, mojo, serotonin and hangover level will determine how you can make the most of your San Fermin. San Fermin is known as the Saint’s feast day, and it dates back to the 13th century. It is unclear when the townspeople decided to join the run, as it was typically used by cattle herders attempting to guide the bulls into the town. I am definitely no shepherd, but I wasn’t there to f$*k spiders either. The Spanish have a name for us who lack judgement in decision making; they call us Mozos.

While I reflect on my run, I for one identify as a Mozo with my scattered thought process that morning and/or evening that was still going from Stoked In the Park. Conditions weren’t the greatest that day as it was raining, I was still drunk, and bulls show no sympathy. After getting the push through the gate from a local member of the law I was in. My level of confidence and my college 400m sprint game was ready to go. The Stoke staff were brilliant, as they provided some tips on how the run will go and what to do, so you know what to expect during the bull run.

The first cannon signalled that the bulls are running, a wave of endorphins sweeps the body and then you hear the final cannon. Wide eyed you look down the track and then feel the power, as the bulls come stampeding down. Ever seen the Lion King, you know the scene where Mufasa dies? Well it’s like that, but with less Scar and wet tissues. If you make it to the arena you are greeted with a roar from the crowd, along with the latest top 20 tracks from MTV. It is surreal to say the least. After running the ring with a baby bull, I retired to head back to the bus which took me to Stoke’s camp site.

I was greeted with a delicious post run (hangover) burger, by the wicked kitchen team, as the punters sat around discussing their runs. The day is yet to be over though, as the unlimited sangria and beer continues to flow. Kegs need to be tapped, sheets need to be laid and the river had to be swum. Who else is going to do it, if not us. The day progresses into a beautiful blur before we get a bus back into Pamplona for the fiesta. There is so much more to San Fermin than just the bull run. My major highlight was the opening ceremony with the wine fight and being washed by locals throwing buckets of water from their balconies. Maybe I was just hanging for a free shower, who knows? The second highlight was moshing to a Spanish punk band with the wild chefs from Stoke Travel. But if head banging punk is not your thing, there is the midnight fireworks, food stalls, carnival and much more over the nine days of San Fermin. If you time it right, you may also get to attend the Stoked in the Park festival.

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Como reparar tu traje de neopreno

Te vamos a explicar en este articulo como puedes reparar tu traje de neopreno, fácilmente y rápidamente desde casa. Esta explication también sirve para arreglar escarpines de neoprenos, guantes de neopreno, y gorros de neoprenos. En definitivas, todos los accesorios de neopreno para el surf.

Los daños más comunes de los trajes de neopreno suelen ser una costura que se abre o un corte en el neopreno. Muchos de esos daños se pueden arreglar fácilmente con un buen pegamento. Es decir un pegamento de neopreno diseñado especialmente para arreglar nuestros trajes de surf.

Antes de empezar, comprueba de que tu traje este perfectamente limpio y seco.

La primera etapa consiste en colocar el traje de neopreno de tal forma que se abra la costura. Tienes que tener un poco de imaginación, y recurrir a objetos del diario, para conseguir que la rotura del traje se quede y se mantenga abierta. Por ejemplo, como puedes ver en las fotos mas abajo, colocando este traje de neopreno XCEL en la esquina de una mesa, he conseguido que se quede la costura abierta.

En este traje de neopreno Rip Curl, introduciendo una caja de carton dentro de la manga, he conseguido abrir el pequeño corte que tenia el traje.

Y con esos guantes de surf, apoyando un bote de pegamento bastante pesado, he mantenido abierto el corte.

La segunda etapa consiste en aplicar el pegamento de neopreno. Para esto, puedes usar una pequeña brocha, una cebiilla, o cualquier objeto fino que te permita acceder y depositar el pegamento dentro de la zona a pegar.

Antes de unir las dos partes, tienes que esperar unos 5 minutos, hasta que veas que el pegamento no es pegajoso cuando lo tocas con los dedos. Es muy importante para que funcione bien. Solo pasado este tiempo puedes unir las dos partes.  Presiona con tus dedos, para mantener las dos partes en contacto unos 10-15 segundos. El pegamento pega al instante. Lo puedes comprobar tirando sobre las partes pegadas. Veras como quedan perfectamente unidas. Sin embargo, es conveniente que esperes un día antes de usar tu traje de neopreno en el agua.

Te recomendamos que arregles cualquier pequeño corte en tu traje de neopreno, por muy pequeño que te parezca. Evitaras así que un pequeño corte se convierta en grande, y alargaras la vida de tu traje de neopreno. La duración de vida de un traje de neopreno depende mucho de cómo lo cuidas. Echale también un vistazo a nuestros consejos para alargar la duración de vida de tu traje de neopreno.

Y si este articulo aun no te ha quedado claro del todo, te hemos preparado un pequeño video tutorial:

Productos que te podrían interesar:

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Stoke’s Guide To Not Failing Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s all a lot simpler than it seems at a Stoke Retreat

Well what a year it’s been! And as 2018 comes to a close and 2019 winks at us from around the corner, we find ourselves asking, What does next year have in store?

It’s the time of year when we declare new year, new me, new beginnings and make well-meaning New Year’s resolutions that perhaps involve being kinder to our livers and getting beach-body ready for next summer.

However, we all know that as good as our intentions are, we can often find ourselves slipping down that slippery old slope back into bad (but oh so good) habits. They say that you fail at all the things you never try, but we fail all the new year’s resolutions we make.

But hey! Don’t be hard on yourself, we’re only fun-loving humans and sometimes all we need is a bit of encouragement. This is why Stoke is launching a new “being good to yourself” division that’s all about feeling damn fine whilst having fun. It’s a win-win situation.

Let us set the scene of a normal day on a Stoke Retreat aka in paradise.

Imagine waking up to a glorious sunny day and strolling through the trees to our nature-surrounded yoga deck to release all those toxins with a muscle-stretching yoga session.

The session will end with a guided meditation, allowing you to clear your mind of negative thoughts and appreciate the present moment. After this your stomach will be able to appreciate a wholesome breakfast and freshly brewed coffee.

Then let the fun begin as our games master will break the ice and get your pulses racing with a fun warm-up game – if you’re laughing you’re learning!

Next you will be able to test your strength, dexterity and balance with a fun intro class into acro-yoga and inversions – a kind of yoga that’s all about acrobatics and falling on each other whilst having a generally lovely time.

Congratulate yourself on all this well being with a home-cooked lunch made by our lovely Spanish chef.

Next let the delicious food settle with a siesta in the sun by the pool or chatting with your newfound friends.

As the afternoon unfolds, we’ll learn how to harness the power of the mind and override your nervous system during an empowering workshop based on the world-famous Wim Hof iceman breathing techniques (you’ve seen him on socials, right?) that will blow your socks off, but you’ll be so zen you won’t get cold toes.

Finish of this perfect day with a well earned glass of vino or two with your new bffs over a hearty dinner and bonfire jam session.

Sounds good, right? Well, this could be your life for a whole week; opening your third eye, radiating sheer well-being and having a jolly good time.

It’s a little bit of Stoke, a little bit of retreat.

So make 2019 the year you do something truly spectacular and (re)treat yo’self now!

And now, for a limited time only we are giving you a crazy 20% discount on our Tenerife Retreat from the 2nd-9th March.

Just use the promo code BIRDONRETREAT at checkout.

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Personajes. Shane Jones “the Jonesea” fantasía en Neopreno para el surfing

En el mes de septiembre estábamos en la zona de COSTA MESA en los Angeles, mas concretamente en la playa de Blackies, famosa por las numerosas estrellas del loggin que surfean en sus aguas, Alex knost, Grant Noble, Levi Prairie, Erin Asley, también coincidimos con el simpático Robin kegel, pero allí entre la muchedumbre de […]

Stoke Travel Welcomes You To Europe

Now let’s start planning your weekends.

Are you ready for the semester of a lifetime? Exploring this wonderful city, making new besties for life, and spending every free moment exploring Europe’s endless charms.

Stoke Travel can help you with all three objectives, the European study abroad trinity and the most important things for you to worry about over the next few months.

We’re Europe’s number one festival and party travel company. We’re the wildest operators on the continent, making sure that all travellers who stay with us have the most memorable, lit, hectic experiences possible.

Whether it’s your Spring Break trip to Ibiza, a snow break in Andorra, drinking the world’s best beer in Munich for Springfest, or Running with the Bulls at the end of your semester, Stoke makes sure you’re always alongside like-minded travellers and partiers. We take great delight in making sure you have the best time ever.

And for a super limited time, as a part of our welcome to Europe package, we’re offering you one night free, or a big discount, on most of our trips. Just make sure you enter this promo code:


At checkout to get one night free. Oh, and while these events don’t count as weekends, you shouldn’t forget about our Superbowl party (Barcelona’s best) and the Sitges Carnival party where we fill buses with 100s of travellers and take them to the best carnival this side of Rio.

But, where do you want to go for your weekends? (Click on each for more information and let’s organise some trips.)

Or for all Stoke Travel trips click here 









And so many more trips to choose from.

Don’t miss the boat, get your spring semester 2019 Euro plans sorted NOW! And don’t worry about changing your mind, we’ve got low, refundable deposits and super flexible terms and conditions, so you can get your plans started now, and take advantage of the free extra night, without locking too tightly into your itinerary.

Still not sure? Have a look at this.

Check out all of our trips and get your FREE all-inclusive night now!

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