Five Things We’d Rather Think About Than The NRA

America is catching a lot of negative attention lately, especially about its love affair with a certain gun-toting dispenser of cash.  We here at Stoke feel deeply for all those rich old white guys who treasure the NRA so dearly, as we too are vocal advocates. Not of anything that has its own magazine, mind you (guns, doctors’ offices, angsty anarcho-punks) but there are a few NRA’s that we’re big fans of.  Check out some of Stoke’s favorite kinds of NRA (hint, none of them can kill somebody).


Never Raging Alone

Nobody wants to party solo, Stoke included.  That’s why we invite thousands of travelers to get weird with us at events like Stoked in the Park, Ibiza Beach Camp, and our Barcelona Boat Parties.  We want to make sure everybody has a chance to cut loose, so we take the stress out of partying by giving you guys a Stokie of your very own to guide you around the 20+ festivals and events we visit every year.

Naked Run-Arounds

There’s not many things a Stokie loves more than stripping down, dropping trow, and going for a good frolic in our birthday suit.  In fact, we like feeling the breeze between our knees so much that we’ve dedicated an afternoon to it.  Anybody can run with the bulls, but only Stoke sheds its skivvies and bares it all through the streets of Pamplona for our annual undie run. We certainly don’t need an excuse to let it all hang out, though.  If there wasn’t a full moon or two, was it even a Stoke party?

Nap-Ready Accommodation

We know our guests sometimes need some beauty sleep to reach their full partying potential, so we’ll have your tent, mattress, and bedroll ready for you when you check in at any of our events.  There’s only one kind of tent we want our guests pitching, and that’s…well you know.  Because all you should have to worry about when you turn up is what you want your first drink to be.

No Regrets Allowed

A hard-and-fast philosophy we take very seriously at Stoke Travel. That’s not to say we don’t do some regrettable things-far from it.  But why waste precious party time fretting over spilled booze?  We’ve all made asses of ourselves more times than we care to remember, so you’ll catch no judgement at Casa de Stoke.  So keep your head high and your standards low, and go ahead and have another drink.  With unlimited beer and sangria available for only €10 a day, who’s counting?

Nice, Rational Arguments

Stoke parties are a safe space for all people, no matter where you’re from and what you believe.  We’re big fans of the open exchange of ideas.  It’s not hard to change a Stokie’s mind with a considerate, rational argument, but as of yet we haven’t heard any of those coming from the arms-bearers of the world.  So why not hang up those assault rifles and join in on the next Stoke party–  we promise that while you’re here with us, the state of the union will be the last thing on your mind.

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Posh Festival-Goer Turns Great Outdoorswoman

First time glamper and Springfest attendee Hannah Twomley returned home to the UK Monday, surprising friends and family with a newfound fondness of the great outdoors.

“I almost didn’t recognize her,” said long-time friend Stephan Casey. “She hadn’t washed her hair, and on the ride from the airport I don’t think she complained even once.”

Admittedly a novice at camping, Twomley told Stoke she was apprehensive about the trip before she arrived.  “Normally you’d never catch me dead in some hippie’s teepee,” Twomley said, “but something just came over me.”

Tanya Foust, Twomley’s travelling companion at Springfest, reported her apprehension at the start of the trip.  “We got there and immediately I’m like, ‘Oh god, what have I subjected myself to?’” Foust said.  “[Twomley] got to the tent and starting plugging things into the included outlets, testing the wifi, and I was just holding my breath.”

But to Foust’s surprise, the outrage never came.

“Even though there was only one full-length mirror, and the bedding included with our elevated mattresses was only, like, 300 thread count, she didn’t seem to be freaking out at all.”

“When they showed us around the campsite, sure, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it,” Twomley told friends back home.  “I mean, after all, there was only one bar, a shop, a cafe, a food cart, and a few dozen hot showers. But they handed me a drink when I turned up, and for whatever reason, I realized I didn’t even care that it was in a plastic cup!”

In fact, Twomley’s self-described out-of-body experience lasted for the rest of the trip. People who met her described the normally-neurotic traveler as “fun,” “easy-going,” and “a girl who really knows how to party.”

When asked about the apparent 180° turn her personality took, Twomley told Stoke she was as surprised as everybody else.  “I don’t know, really.  At first I thought I was possessed or something, but I guess I had it in me all along.”

“The first day or two, I thought she was just being really brave about the hundreds of people partying, getting naked, and just generally making a huge mess, but eventually I realized she was genuinely enjoying herself,” said Foust.

“I sort of feel like a different person now,” Twomley said in the aftermath of the festival, her voice hoarse and twinged with pride.  “Like, I’m a lot tougher than I knew.  The old me would have sooner died than drunk a shoey, but after my first five or six, I felt like I could do anything!”

When asked for a comment, representatives at Stoke said, “Who? Oh, that girl with her knickers over her face? Yeah, she was wild.”


If you’re trying to see some of Europe’s best festivals, but can’t be bothered to rough it with the plebeians, check out our glorious glamping palaces available for Springfest, Oktoberfest, The Running of the Bulls, and our beach camps in Zarautz and Ibiza.

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Nini Narvaez deslizamiento clásico desde Hawaii. Video

Hoy trasteando por la red me he llevado una grata sorpresa al encontrar estos vìdeos, de la joven hawaiana Nini Narvaez, gracilidad, tranquilidad y mucho flow  transmite sobre la tabla, un soplo de aire fresco, el surfing de Nini. Filmado y editado Dans Surf Videos MúsicaThe Ventures – Moon Over Manakoora Y aquí uno mas cortito con […]

Man On Party Boat Decides Mariner’s Life Is The One For Him

Landlubber, Steven Wills, 23, has come to the conclusion that the ideal future for him is one spent swashbuckling across the seven seas.

The sealeg-less traveller had the realisation while sunning himself on the deck of a Croatian party boat, just after receiving a delicious chef-cooked lunch, while on his 8th beer for the day, somewhere between an idyllic ancient port city and yet another spectacular city.

“Yep, that’s me done. Looks like from here on in i’ll be hoisting the mainsail and cutting the bowlines loose. I have no idea why I didn’t get into sailing sooner, it’s the ultimate in freedom and the travelling is practically free,” exclaimed the poor swimmer whose knot tying prowess extends to shoelaces and no further.

“This is the life!”, he continued, “Ploughing my way from port to port, finding wenches in each, maybe take up smuggling for an extra bit o’ booty, yaharrrr I can see meself become a real ol’ salty sea dog.”

Wills reportedly came to the conclusion while lounging around in a hammock as the boat’s crew did all the work, failing to offer a helping hand once, even though any boat work he did would have counted as invaluable experience for someone newly devoted to the seafaring life.

In fact, when the captain of the purpose-built Croatian sailing skiff asked Wills to simply pass along a piece of rope, the newly minted mariner let out an audible groan, before dragging himself from his sun soaked perch to make a huge deal out of performing the basic task, threatening to make the 50-year career sailor “scrub the deck” if he isn’t careful.

Nevertheless, Wills is holding fast to his future life cavorting across the world’s oceans, and fellow boatmates on the Sail Croatia trip reported that he would spend hours on end staring out to sea,talking about far off lands and long lost wenches that the first time traveller has obviously never been to nor met.

Wills had gone so far that, despite Stoke Travel being the only sail Croatia operator that offers unlimited beer and sangria for only €10 per day, he refused to drink anything but rum, claiming that the fire water would protect him from scurvy.

At the time of publication Wills was looking into getting an anchor tattoo, as well as something featuring swallows, cementing his walk along the gangplank and into the fulltime seafarer’s life.

Stoke Travel sails Croatia this summer, where all you’ll be expected to do is sit back, soak up the sun and enjoy yourself. We make sure that your boat is full of party-loving legends and that the unlimited beer and sangria bar is always fully stocked. Check out the itinerary and reserve your space now, ye barnacles.

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Surf trip por las costa Alentejana portuguesa con NICO y sus amigos.

Tocaba bajar a Portugal con el joven NICO #Nikidora a pasar unos días por el sur de Portugal, huyendo del crudo invierno de la costa cantábrica. Nuestra primera parada era en el taller de DAN COSTA para recoger su nuevo y flamante tablón, su primer nueve pies, NICO se nos hace mayor y su anterior […]

“THE RINCON model” Singlefin surfboard by McTavish.

The Rincon is one of the most popular models slipping out the door of our new Byron headquarters showroom. How come so well appreciated and admired by so many happy wave sliders? Well, the Rincon satisfies the needs of so many Aussies: An easy paddling, easy wave catching midlength. A board that will handle one-foot […]

Study Abroad Student Justifies Another Party As A “Cultural Experience”

North American study abroad student, Sally Peterson, 20, has justified yet another drunken weekend away as being beneficial not only to her time in Europe, but also to her education and general growth as a well-rounded young adult.

The business student has made a point of going out almost every single night of the week, and away literally every weekend, as she claims this is a once in a lifetime experience, despite having already travelled extensively through Europe with her family, and vowing to meet up on the continent next summer for a one-year reunion with the friends she’s made while pretending to study this semester.

“I know that my parents didn’t spend all this money sending me abroad just so I’d actually study,” the Lambda Iota Tau sorority member justified to Stoke News, “just so long as I pass it’s good enough for them. And really, all the classes we’re doing are walkthroughs, because the university here doesn’t want us to fail. I turn up everyday hungover, or not at all, and i’m breezing through the coursework.”

While Peterson does justify her weekly routine of bars and nightclubs as being culturally enriching, it’s the trips away where she really hams up the experience to her family and friends. “Oh yeah, mom and dad love hearing about my weekend in the ‘Principality of Andorra’, one of the smallest states in Europe, a tax haven, and not a member of the EU… but I never mention that I spent the whole weekend doing shots, skiing, or being hungover.

Las Fallas is another one that’s super easy to pass off as an enriching experience, I just tell them that it’s an ‘ancient tradition’ and then explain how bizarre the burning of the statues is – I even tell them that we’re having paella for lunch, because it’s a Valencia thing, but leave out the four jugs of sangria that we had with it.”

The imaginative student was even able to spin a spring break trip to Ibiza as being an integral part of her intrepid adventures abroad. “Oh ya, well I just told my parents about the neolithic archaeological sites in the Balearic Islands – it’s important to call them that even though Ibiza doesn’t have any they don’t know that, and if I say the “I” word they will get suspicious because that’s the place where people take pills. So yeah it’s a trip to the Balearics. Haha. I’m going to get so lit out there.”

With Springfest in Munich neatly rounding out her time abroad, Peterson really looks forward to fooling her parents with that one. “Haha, well it’s just an excuse to drink beer, right? Wrong! Munich is the centre of European business, it’s where Hitler started his rise to power with the beer hall putsch, so there’s my excuse to go to the beer halls! Man, it’s too easy, Europe is so full of history and culture and I think 99% of it is linked to getting super wasted. Getting wasted is a cultural experience! So let’s do some more shots, they’re educational!”

Looking for more ways to enrich your study abroad experience? Well look no further than the Stoke Travel trips going out this semester. Carpe diem? Carpe doin’ more beerbongs!


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Man Realises Running With Bulls Is A Bad Idea

Sydney man, Dave Evans, 26, has come to the conclusion that running with fighting bulls is definitely a bad idea. Evans, who has been living in London and is now travelling around Europe, came to the obvious realisation about 30 seconds into Pamplona’s infamous bull run.

“I don’t know why, but it was always something that I’ve wanted to do. It was always on the bucket list. So when we were planning the summer in Europe there was no way we were going to miss Pamps. All my mates are the same. And to be honest, in the weeks, days and even the night before the bull run we were super amped, just excited, you know?

“Then on the morning we were where the bulls come and getting ready for the run, and people were taking it seriously, stretching and wearing running shoes, and that started to worry me because I was still pretty drunk. Then the crowd starts jumping up and down and chanting, and you can see people who look like they’ve done it before are  scared. By that stage I started having second thoughts but couldn’t get out. We were locked in.

“All of a sudden there’s this loud bang, where a cannon’s gone off, and that’s signalling the start of the bull run, so we start running, not too fast, but running and looking over my shoulder, but all I can see is people running towards me…

“And then they part and I see this huge bull running towards me, and it’s at that moment that I realise that this is a really, really fucken bad idea.”

Evans admits that it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to work out that running with aggressive half-tonne horned animals is not what would be considered a wise choice.

“Yeah I’ve got no business being near animals like that, fuck, the closest I’ve been to a bull is eating a Big Mac, so I don’t know why I thought I should be in the bull run. They’re massive and they’re fast and those horns look fucken sharp, too. As soon as I saw the bull I ran straight to the side and tried to jump out of the way, but it was impossible, I kinda just had to stand there and hope the bull didn’t want to gore me, and thankfully it didn’t.

“But once the first one past there was another five of them! Plus all the steers, which are bigger than bulls, but they say cruisier, but there’s no way I was going to test that out. You’ve got bulls, and steers, and then the locals are just running over people and there are guys hitting you with sticks if you get too close to them, man, that’s just a really stupid fucken idea. Running with bulls? Why?”

But while Evans is now fully aware of just what a terrible idea running with bulls is, he hasn’t ruled out doing it again.

“Yeah look, we’re here for a couple of days, and we’re going to check out the street parties and eat all the tapas, there are some concerts and fireworks here in town that we’re going to check out, and then where we’re staying, with Stoke, they’ve got a full festival going on with a bunch of bands from Australia and here in Pamplona, and they’ve got free beer, so for sure we’re going to get blind all night, which means that at some point we’ll forget that running with bulls is a really dumb, totally stupid idea and probably decide to do it again tomorrow. I mean, why not, we’re only young once”

And while there are many reason why Evans, or anybody, should not run with bulls again, or ever, still year in, year out thousands flock to Pamplona for the San Fermin festival, and without any training, and usually still intoxicated from the night before, throws themselves in front of fighting bulls for reasons nobody, not even the participants, know.

There is more to San Fermin than the bull run, like the world’s best street parties, concerts in town, and Stoke Travel’s Stoked in the Park festival within the festival. If you want to run with bulls, we’re ready to help you fulfill your stupid idea, but we’re also the choice for travellers who don’t want to make this very exciting, completely dumb decision.

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