Apple, I Think You Owe Surfing Some $$$ (Also Thanks for Making iOS5)

Most of the time my blog posts are about exciting things in the world of surfing, but today I have a bone to pick. That bone is with Apple Computers, who I feel is a bit out of line.

Let me start by saying, I like Apple. I think they are a great company doing great things and making very cool computers. This post is mostly in jest, but… seriously, there are a TON of surfing pictures on Apple’s website and someone needs to call them out for not having any relation to the sport or culture of surfing.

Background Info: Yesterday Steve Jobs announced a bunch of cool stuff that Apple will be releasing soon including, iCloud, OSX Lion and iOS5. Very exciting things for lots of fan boys everywhere.

While I was checking out their site I noticed a picture of a surfer. Sweet I thought, a surfer.

apple computers surfing

"Oh sweet, a surfer"

Then as I browsed some more I saw another surfer….

surfer macbook

Another surfer, thats strange…

and another….

surfer on macbook

again, really?

and another….

apple surfer girl

At Least They Used A Girl This Time

Seriously?  I counted about 15 different surfing related pictures in all.  (More at the end of this post).  This isn’t just a pattern. It seems to me that Apple Computers uses surfers for like 40% of their pictures (maybe a bit less…). I’m pretty sure it was an intentional move from the highest levels.

Using pictures of surfing to sell products is nothing new.  Nike, Target and Hollister have been doing it for years.  But Apple has been doing pretty well for itself lately…

apple stock surfing

Apple Stock Prices Look Like Mavericks

The company is currently worth around $300 Billion. You’d think they would at least throw us a little kick back. I’m not saying we deserve 40% of the cash just because you’re using our sport in 40% of your pictures.  But at least shell out a few million to build a cool artificial reef or help Kelly Slater fund his wave pool project.

Heck, I wonder if any of Apples 12,000 employees even surf.

apple computer hq near ocean

Hey Woz, want to spot check Mavs at lunch? Shaka Nar Nar

I guess it is possible. They are pretty close to Santa Cruz, Half Moon Bay and The Beach. I bet the one guy from Apple that actually does surf is the one that made it into this iPhone ad.

iphone surfer

Sik wave bro

Double over toe!

So here is what I propose. Apple, you owe the sport of surfing a few Mil. I know you have the extra cash sitting around. If you’re going to use the soul of our sport to sell your computers, phones and music players, at least help us out a bit. Steve Jobs, I know you’re a good guy. I think this is an appropriate effort for you to spearhead. (Spaceship offices can wait!)

$1 Million to the Surfrider Foundation – They help keep the water clean and the beaches open

$300K to the Surfing Heritage Foundation – They preserve the history of our sport through photographs, stories & a surfboard exhibit

$250K to fund a surf contest in Santa Curz where only asymmetrical boards are allowed. – They are the future people!

$200K to Kelly Slater’s Wave Company – So they can get the first circular wave pool off the ground

$150K to – So we can continue developing cool surfboard related science experiements

$100K purse for the most innovative surf invention of 2011 – Shane Dorian got a head start

Sounds pretty good. They are all focused on technology & the environment. Things Apple is concerned with too.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper surfing rant without a “stole our soul” reference, so…

apple stole surfing

For those of you interested, here are the rest of the surfing references on Apple’s website.


Its the one in the center

surfers on osx lion

"We Don't Surf!"

surfing background iphone


surf forecast apple

Why is it in metric? Are you also communists?


Might Be A Foamer

wind surfer imac


Source: Surfscience