Best Coffee Spots In Barcelona

By KP, our resident food critic

Us Stokies know good coffee (comes with being so regularly hungover/busy), and while Spain has always had a coffee drinking culture of some sort, they are now catching on to the good stuff now and speciality coffee spots are popping up like daisies around Barcelona. Rather than settling for an average cafe con leche at a corner spot, see below our favourite cafes in town to grab yourself a tasty cuppa joe that’s bound to put a spring in your step!


  • Brooklyn Cafe (€): New brewers on the block, Brooklyn is my pick for the best value speciality coffee in Barcelona. They have three locations across the city and their price can not be beat! A flat white will set you back about €1.90 (So good, a regular flat white will generally set you back between €2.5-3) and they taste like heaven. They roast all their own beans and their baristas know what they’re doing! 
  • Lulu Barcelona (€): These girls sure know how to make a banging coffee! Service is always friendly, they have Oatly oat milk on offer and also have a coconut milk option for you fellow lacto free pals! If you’re ever wandering around the Born area, be sure to pop in and say hey to these gals!
  • Little Fern (€): Our Kiwi friends are located in PobleNou and have some of the tastiest coffee on offer in Barcelona (and the friendliest service in town might we add). They use high quality beans from Ozone Coffee UK and know how to make one SMOOTH cup of brew! They also have one of THE best brunch cafes in town. Be sure to pop in and grab a strong one off them (their prana chai is also muy tasty for any of you non-coffee drinkers).
  • Syra (€): So these guys have been around since 2015, but just started getting noticed as they opened up 4 different locations in town. Their coffee is super smooth but packs a punch! You won’t be disappointed with one of their cups & maybe even a cookie.
  • Satans (€): Probably one of the cooler coffee corners in town, the team at Satans do some damn good cups of joe. Just don’t ask them for the wifi password… cause they ain’t about that life.
  • Caravelle (€): Aussie owned Caravelle is one of the OG brunch spots in Barcelona (you’ll find them on our brunch list also) and for this reason they obvs should have banging coffee on offer (which they most certainly do). Grab yourself one of their cold brews or a classic flat white to start your day. They know what they’re doing!
  • Super (€): The team at Super are doing great things! They roast all their beans in house, use high quality milks & have baristas that know the difference between a latte and a flat white. Worth the note, the staff are super friendly! They might even ask you how your day is (this is a big deal here trust us)!! They also do really tasty/healthy takeaway meals for a super bueno price! They’re worth a visit for sure!

It’s a given that you’re going to need at least one coffee a day when you visit Barcelona, maybe two if you manage to find your way onto a Barcelona Boat Party. Also, it’s not uncommon in Spain to order a shot of pretty much anything in your coffee, it’s called a carajillo, and you can go for Baileys, all the way to the locals’ favourite, brandy. 

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