Oktoberfest is a big gay celebration and these are the reasons why

Oktoberfest, not your obvious gay event. 

Munich’s Oktoberfest might not be the first event that comes to mind when you think of a gay event or holiday but there are so many benefits for a gay man of a trip to Oktoberfest. Germany has an open-mindedness about sexuality and Munich is a very gay-friendly city.

Oktoberfest is the world’s biggest beer festival, but if beer is not your thing it is so much more than that. Inside the beer halls, you can dance on the tables whilst the oompah bands play international classics for you to enjoy including Lady Gaga, Helene Fischer, and all the sing-along classics.

During the second world war, Bavaria was under Nazi control. They ran the show in Munich and during that time being gay was punishable by death. Thank god that regime ended and Oktoberfest could go back to being the merry event we know and love. What a better way to say up yours to the haters then getting your gay on at Oktoberfest. 

Gay Sunday or Rosa Wisen

The first Sunday of Oktoberfest is known to the locals as Rosa Wisen which translates to Gay Oktoberfest. This day, dedicated to the LGBT+ community dates back to the 1970s and is an event that brings together everyone in the gay community for one hell of a party. Yas queen.

When the beer halls close for the night but you haven’t gotten your fix of german sausage, Munich has a great range of gay bars, clubs, saunas, and cruise clubs, all conveniently located in the city centre, so when you sashay away from the Oktoberfest grounds you can carry on your night in true gay style.

German Men and the lederhosen

The best thing about Oktoberfest is getting to see hot German guys in lederhosen – you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who looks terrible in the  traditional lederhosen. But stay away from those horrible cheap ones that you will see stag groups wearing, it is so offensive to the Germans and looks gross. 

There is nothing more arousing than a ripped German man in lederhosen standing on a table while smashing steins together with his equally hot friends. If you want a sneak peek of their packages take a trip to the urinals once they are 5 steins deep. Talk about sword fights.

Can I bring my girlfriends and my crew?

Yes of course! The girls love Oktoberfest as they get to dress up in the stunning traditional dirndls, these moments are instagram posts to die for. They also get the chance to husband hunt for hot breeding guys from all over the world.

Getting your Grindr fix

During the festival, Grindr goes off with over 7 million visitors from around the world descending upon Munich. Last year Grindr reported an extra 1 million users during Oktoberfest. There’s no better time to add that German flag to your bedpost. I mean who can resist those blondies with their dashing blue eyes. No shade but if you cannot get laid at Oktoberfest, then there must be something wrong with you.

German Sausage: gimme the dirty deets

German sausages come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you prefer them foot-long or are a believer that short and thick does the trick, you will not be disappointed by the variety on display.

If you’re lucky you’ll find some delicious Bratwurst. This sausage is for those that are looking for nice meaty chunks in their mouth. Mmmmm delicious. After you’ve enjoyed this tasty treat you might be feeling like you’ve thrown a sausage down a hallway but there’s always room for a little more. 

Look a little harder and you can find Rostbratwurst. This meat is for those who prefer something a little more modest. Not quite a footlong this sausage clocks in at around  six inches. Pop this bad boy in your mouth and you will not be disappointed.

The author, proud advocate of the German sausage diet.

Can I get my drug fix?

If delicious German beer is not enough to get you going then like most European cities you will be able to get your fix a different way. In the beer halls, vendors sell small bottles of white powder that looks a little like cocaine, it is actually called Wiesn Koks and is made of sugar & menthol and costs around €5.

If cocaine is your thing what an easy way to do your cocaine in public without getting thrown out. Disclaimer you might get thrown out for taking cocaine if caught. Munich also has a variety of other drugs including coffee, alcohol, green tea, paracetamol, cigarettes and, of course the real shit.

Take something home other than chlamydia

If the Instagram photos are not enough to capture the memories there are so many other good things to take home from Oktoberfest. 

If you think you’ll only wear your lederhosen during Oktoberfest, think again. If you’re in need of something to wear for a theme party or Halloween throw on this traditional outfit and never worry about a costume again.  

You can get a souvenir stein, just do not steal them from the beer halls as they check your bags and the security guards might look hot but they are not to be messed with.

You can get pegs with your name engraved on them, which make for cute souvenirs. If your humour is more on the dark side they will write any name on them, no really. One year there was a crew of Joseph Fritzl.

Get your gay on at Stoketoberfest

Germany is quite famous for camps, but don’t worry. Thankfully the only action happening in the showers are sex parties.

Stoke Travel is proud to present Stoketoberfest a festival within a festival that offers affordable boutique camping & glamping, so if you need somewhere to mix & mingle look no further.

Stoketoberfest is much more than just a campsite; it includes a daily bottomless brunch with delicious cooked breakfast served with cava and mimosas. After the brunch head to the glitter stand to make yourself look fabulous before a day of slaying it at the beer halls.

All-day and night you’ll enjoy the live music and DJs that pair perfectly with unlimited delicious German beer or homemade Sangria to get you socially lubricated. Make sure to bring something fabulous to wear during Gay night which takes place at the Stoketoberfest campsite on Mondays! This will be the best night of your life.

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