Oktoberfest VIP Ambassadors


Stoke Travel Oktoberfest VIP Ambassador Program

GET a free trip to munich’s oktoberfest, score your friends open bar service, enjoy stoketoberfest’s vip facilities and earn european travel benefits

We’re looking for VIP Ambassadors in your study abroad city to get groups together for this year’s Oktoberfest in Munich.

As an ambassador you’ll enjoy free travel and VIP treatment at Stoke Travel’s Oktoberfest parties. Your friends will be given the gift of our open and unlimited beer and sangria bar for absolutely nothing. The most successful VIP ambassadors will also earn Oktoberfest upgrades and a free trip to Barcelona for the absolute best.

We’re not just looking for the life of the party, we’re looking for people who ARE the party. If you’re a beer-pong grand champion, the girl or guy who makes everyone at the table chug their beers, if your Snaps are laugh-out-loud funny, your Instagram is bursting with followers, or you write a blog, then we want YOU.

What are we promoting?

Munich’s Oktoberfest is one of the world’s greatest parties and an absolute must-visit for any study abroad student, traveller or ex pat. All of your friends are already going — maybe they just don’t know it yet. Stoke Travel is by far the biggest youth travel operator at Oktoberfest, treating more than 8000 travelers and students every year to not only the official beer halls, but to our infamous Stoketoberfest parties, with performers, bands and DJs, the Wheel of Misfortune, beer pong and beer bongs, a shisha lounge and literally thousands of the world’s best party people every night.

WHat do the vip ambassadors do?

Simply talk to people in your circle of friends, in your program, in your classes and in your city and tell them about Stoke Travel. Let them know that if they book using your promo code they’ll get unlimited beer and sangria for free. We’ll give you more detailed advice and instructions once you sign up as an ambassador, but it really is as simple as helping people find the absolutely best Oktoberfest experience for them.

Want more information?

Complete the form below and we will review your application and then come back to you as soon as we have made a decision. Its that simple.

Once you are approved we will set you up with everything you need and send you details of where and when our parties are, if you choose to go with it then we will see you at the next party!


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