La Tomatina Hotel VS La Tomatina Campground

With Stoke Travel you can do both! But which one? Well, let’s pit our La Tomatina hotel against our La Tomatina campsite to see which accommodation type is the best way to sleep and stay at the world’s biggest food fight.


Not often a high priority for travellers, a more comfortable stay at La Tomatina can mean the difference between being an energetic tomato chucking warrior, or a slow moving target. The Stoke Travel campsite accommodations are twin share tents, with the option to upgrade to a solo tent if you’re travelling alone and don’t want to stay with a stranger, or you’re with friends and want to get naked a lot. The tents have camping mats and sleeping bags; you’ll be using the sleeping bag bag stuffed with your clothes as a pillow. Each tent is less than a metre from the tent next to it, and nylon doesn’t stop sound from travelling at all. The bathrooms are clean and cleaned regularly, but you’ll be sharing them with your fellow campers.

The hotel stay is in a hotel. It wins this bout hands down, just look at this list of activities you can do in your hotel room that are unavailable at camp


The uncomfortable aspects of camping are where all the fun comes from! You’re not locking yourself in your room, but sharing the experience – down to the minutiae of their pillow talk – with your fellow campers; where you lay your head is a short stumble from the party. Sleep is at a minimum because fun is turned up to the max. We have campsite parties, poolside shenanigans, beach hookups, a massive paella to share and we’re doing it all together!

There are buses from the hotel to the campsite for the fun times, but at some point you have to go home to your comfortable bed. Campsite wins this round.


Both trips include your accommodation, transfers to the tomato fight and tomato fight entry, plus bus and entry to the official La Tomatina after party (with the three-night package). Camping includes breakfast every day and dinner every second night. Hotel has a buffet breakfast and no dinners.

Can we call it a draw?


The three-day camping package is €210, while a three-day hotel package is €270.

Everybody wins!


The hotel option is located in central Valencia, while the hotel is a short trip up the coast. Both options are convenient, but the camping option requires a little more travel to get to. Hotel wins!

Both options are great value and even better fun. Hotel probably beats camping, but each option has its own merits. Do you put partying and being a part of a group above comfort? Then campsite! And if you really want to get some solid rest, go for the hotel. Anyway, the trip is soon, soon, soon, so book now, now, now.


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