What’s Actually Going on at Sziget Festival

We all understand the basics of music festivals. You grab your mates, set up camp, and party for the weekend while jamming out to some of your favourite bands. But what if we told you that there is an island in Europe that dedicates one week of the summer solely to music, culture, and arts? We’re talking seven days of non-stop music, dancing, too good to be true vibes, and some of the best mates from all over the world. For those who don’t know why there is so much hype and build up floating around the Sziget Festival, we’re here to lend you a little bit of knowledge as to why this is the festival of the year.

Where is the Sziget Festival?

It’s literally in the name: sziget. Which, in Hungarian, translates to island. Yup, we’re going to be hanging out with one another on a party island. 108 hectares ( 266 acres) of non-stop creativity, culture, arts and crafts, music, food, and maybe some fluids and pills to keep the party cruising. So wherever you are, you’ll want to head on over to Budapest. Once in Budapest, you’ll head towards the centre and find yourself coming to a bridge with a huge Sziget Festival on it. Once you cross over that little barrier, you’ll be on the Island of Freedom and you’ll be buzzing through the magic that the festival has to offer.

What to Expect at the Festival?

This is not your typical music festival where you sit around at your camp, get too fucked to function, and then head into the festival later in the day to catch the main acts. Expect everything. Get ready for crafts, arts, circus performances, bungy jumping, nudity, magic tricks, foam parties, beach parties, music all day… and that just scratches the surface. This festival is all about being as free as you wish, in any way that you wish. They encourage freedom, unity, diversity, and being the best creative bastard you can possibly be. No matter what type of music festival goer you are, this festival is guaranteed to quench that thirst.

Why this festival instead of others?

If you haven’t gathered from what we’ve already wrote, this isn’t just your typical festival. It is so much more than your pinger fueled weekend away with your mates (we’re not saying there won’t be pingers). But, on top of whatever substance it is that fancies you, there will be loads of other activities for you to jump into before it’s time for you to melt your face off in crowds of like-minded festival legends just like yourself.

Why go with Stoke Travel?

First off, if you weren’t aware,  we’ve been known to be the life of the party here in Europe. With that being said, we offer more of a party than just the festival. We also offer our mates one of the best party hostels to crash in after the festival. If you’re travelling with us, we’ll take you over to one of our favourite bars, Retox Bars, where we booze and booze and booze with unlimited alcohol for one of our famous power hours. After that, we provide you with transportation on our party bus to get you to the festival where the chaos continues. But, the most precious piece of cargo that you will get while travelling with us is our one of kind Stoke Travel t-shirts.. You’re welcome.


So if this doesn’t all sound like a magical trip waiting to happen, then we’re not sure what’s wrong with you. The Island of Freedom is where you want to be this August. Come boogy and booze with us at one our favourite festivals of the summer. The island is waiting for you, are you ready?


You’re Stoke Passport is good for a three night stay at our hostel, and if you’re unaware what a Stoke Passport is, check it out. It’s a life changing decision waiting to be made.


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