Stoked In The Park London Was A Resounding Success

Which means we’re more than ready for Pamplona.

Another Stoked in the Park/London Big Day Out has been run and woowee what a hoot it was. Thousands of revellers filtered through the gates of Grasshoppers Rugby Fields, for another sun-soaked day of sport, but mostly shenanigans.

While we couldn’t have our eyes and ears across all of the event’s corners, here are some memorable moments that are sure to be replicated at Stoked in the Park Pamplona – by far the best way to visit the city during the San Fermin/Running of the Bulls festival.

  • Headliners Yolanda Be Cool actually played We Don’t Speak Americano because they loved the crowd so much. While we can’t announce the Pamplona headliners just yet, rest assured that they have some absolute bangers that they’ll be absolutely dropping for us.
  • The London sports winners celebrated with shoeys on stage. In Pamps there will be less of a focus on sports and more on the party, but the shoeys will be flowing like the free beer and sangria we have at the festival.
  • As the royal wedding coincided with the event it was only fitting that the Queen and Harry streaked across the football field, before being tackled by security. Who will streak in Pamplona? Answer: probably all of us (during the Running of the Nudes).
  • The Kiwis were the unofficial winners on the day, with Speights selling out before all other beers. We’re expecting a better showing from the Aussies in Spain.
  • Dad’s Backyard went off in London, with huge crowds hanging around all day, smashing the goon of fortune and the slip and slide. We’ll be running the same kind of sideshow in Pamplona with drinking games and general carrying on going all day and night.
  • The weather in London was spectacular for the third year running. This means that our luck has likely run out. Fortunately luck isn’t needed in Pamplona, where the sun burns bright each and every day.
  • One clingy soul nailed the bull simulator, with a one-minute and twenty-two ride. We do not recommend anybody attempts to ride the non-simulated bulls of Pamplona.
  • The crowd was huge! With plenty of last minute punters picking up tickets at the gate. You do not want to wait until the gate for Stoked in the Park Pamplona.


While Stoked in the Park London was a resounding success we’ve got to admit that the upcoming party in Pamplona has us even more excited! In London we threw a festival to run in conjunction with a sports day, but in Pamplona we’re throwing a festival to exist inside a festival. Festival-ception. If you even slightly enjoy a party you’ll love being able to bounce from Pamplona’s Sanfermin festivities in the city centre to the Stoked in the Park music festival to your tent for a nap back to the music festival….


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