Stoke Travel Is Going To Breakout

BreakOut describes itself as a “charity travel competition for the adventurous”. Here at Stoke Travel we see ourselves as both charitable and adventurous, and so participation was a bit of a no-brainer. This year we will see two Stoke Travel teams participating in BreakOut and have obviously formed them from the best and brightest among the Stoke Travel ranks.


The idea behind BreakOut is simple. Starting from Munich, Berlin or Barcelona, teams of two have to get as far as possible from their starting point without spending any money. The further each team gets the more money is raised from donors, with the proceeds going to Jambo Bukoba, a charity operating in Tanzania to improve the school life of local children.


The two teams supported by Stoke Travel represent both Stoke Barcelona and Stoke Travel. Being honest with the Stokies’ capabilities we’ve decided to donate money to the charity not exclusively on the basis of kilometres travelled from Barcelona, but also on destinations reached and challenges performed.


Some of the destinations will be around Barcelona — the Barcelona Boat Party is one example — and others further around Spain. Valencia, home of La Tomatina, and Haro, where we hold the annual wine fight, are two places that our teams will be trying to reach without spending a cent. When they make these destinations they will then perform challenges and raise money for African kids.


We will be able to follow both teams’ progress across Stoke Travel’s social media channels, with regular updates being posted to Stoke Travel’s SnapChat, Instagram story and Facebook live feeds. If you’re not already following Stoke Travel across those platforms search for @stoketravel and watch us our two teams of loveable bunglers get themselves into all kinds of trouble across Spain and perhaps Europe, while raising money for charity.


And once it’s done we’ll be editing some videos of the teams’ exploits and misadventures so we have eternal proof of just how hopeless they really were.
The event begins on the 25th of May. Wish us luck, we’re going to need it.

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