Five Ways To Travel Europe For Free

The absolutely best way to travel Europe for free is to be one of our Chosen Ones! We want to show you the best Stoke summer of your life, and all you have to do is enjoy it (and document it, and share it with the world). Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and do something truly amazing? Find out more about the Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World.

Travelling rules! Some people say that it’s the only thing you can buy that will make you richer, but they’ve obviously never heard of real estate, drugs and a college education. But that doesn’t matter, the point still stands that travelling will make you richer! But you have to buy it… Buy it… Have to… You… Yeah, unfortunately travelling costs money, and that’s most likely the main barrier to all of us doing it forever.

But don’t worry, you can travel Europe for free! Deliciously delightfully free, or at least for as little of your hard earned pennies as possible. Do you want to see the old continent and do so for nothing or next to nothing? Read on.

Become a tramp

By far the easiest way to travel Europe for free is to simply become an itinerant vagrant. You save on accommodation costs by sleeping in the street, you dodge travel expenses by walking everywhere, or maybe riding the rails like an old-time hobo, and your food and partying budget is next to nothing if you eat from the trash and drink box wine. In fact, if you become really truly homeless you can beg for coins and even make money. Isn’t that hot? Travel Europe for free and take some money home with you, money that will promptly be spent on cleaning up your clothes/body/hair, curing any ailments you may have picked up from living rough and putting you through rehab to shake the drinking nail polish remover habit.

Become a celebrity

Ok, so the hobo thing is not for you, and that’s fine it’s not for everybody, but who among us doesn’t harbour secret desires to be a celebrity? Celebrities as a species always do the best things, with the hottest people, and surely they don’t pay for it. If Matthew Mcconaughey came to your place for a paella would you ask him to throw €3 in ingredients? Heck no! You’d be like, Sit down Matt, help yourself and if you want seconds that should be fine too. Become a celebrity and watch while losers shower you in fancy hotels, expensive food, white linen clothes and long days popping bottles on super yachts. How do you become a celebrity? It’s easy: to be a singer just get someone else to write your songs and then sing into a robot. To be an actor just get really good at pretending to be somebody else, which is essentially all of our lives. To be a model just pay somebody to take super hot photos of you. To be famous for nothing fucken do nothing! Simples!

Find a sugar parent

Do you remember being a child? Did you ever pay for anything? Unless you were a lemonade baron, or Macaulay Culkin, the answer is most likely no. Who paid for it? Parents, that’s who. Now chances are that you’re too old for you real parents to be paying for anything, we would hope and assume, so you’re going to have to find a replacement parent to fork out for your European fun. We suggest that you find yourself a sugar parent, a sugar daddy or sugar mummy, to help fund your frolicking. We always hear about sugar daddies paying for fancy holidays and doesn’t that sound perfect? A parent who pays for adults’ holidays and has some association with sweetness. We don’t know what the catch is to receive these gifts from sugar parents, but surely they won’t expect anything too crazy in return?

Forget your wallet

Now this method of free travelling is a little crafty, you devious little sausage. When you’re packing for your trip you should just conveniently forget your wallet. Leave it in your socks and underwear drawer. Now when you arrive break the news to your friends, say, Oh no friends, I’ve forgotten my wallet!, and then your friends will agree to cover your trip and you’ll promise to pay them back later. When you’re splitting a hotel you can say, Hey Johnno, can you cover me and I’ll fix you up later?, and when you’re having dinner you can say, Hey Timbo do you mind paying my share and just add it to my tab with you? Sometimes you’ll need petty cash too, but you can just ask that somebody take extra money out for you under the promise that you’ll wire it back to them once you get good internet. Then what you do is avoid paying it back – there’s a problem with your online banking, a dog ate your replacement credit card, etc. Keep deflecting paying your friends back until your trip is over and you’re back home, reunited with your wallet, then change your name, address, phone number, delete all social media accounts and find new friends. Easy!

You think that’s only four ways, but it’s not, it’s five. To travel Europe on the super cheap then have a look at our Stoke Travel Passport, and if you really want some travellers’ advice that won’t leave you home/friendless the check out our Backpackers’ Guide. And ya, travel for free as our Chosen One when you win the Most Extraordinary Ordinary Job In The World competition.

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THIS IS NOT A LOG ( Jai Lee’s addiction ) el puto amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (VIMEO)

Guapo el nuevo video de  Jai Lee el pedazo logger Australiano, levitando en las olas de Noosa, haciendo un repaso de su vida, con varias tomas de cuando era un crío en el año 1997, donde ya apuntaba a que iba a ser un grandísimo surfer. Desenfadado, con maniobras imposibles y un estilo muy reconocible, ese es […]

tips for traveling in large groups

The summer is approaching and you and your mates have just booked the last flight to round out the two-week excursion you’re about to embark on. Everything has been packed, goodbyes have been said, you’ve landed in Europe, and now… the chaos commences. One third of your group says you should rent a car, another third says you should grab a taxi, a couple people think public transportation is the best option, and of course, there’s that one person who claims the hour long walk with all your luggage “isn’t that bad”. Don’t worry, traveling with a large group of your pals isn’t terrible, it can actually be the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience. We like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to traveling with some great mates, so we’ve come together to provide some of the best tips out there that will help you chill out a bit and not want to strangle your mate.

Don’t be in charge. Everyone will end up hating you

A little guidance here and there is great, really. We all need it at some point in our lives, especially when we’ve had a bit too much to drink and your pal knows how to get you home. But, when traveling with large groups of people, you don’t want to be that person who can’t get off their high horse of knowledge and guidance. Just because your friend’s ex-boyfriend’s cousin has been to Barcelona twice in his life, doesn’t make you an expert on the city. So chill the fuck out. Listen up to what others have in mind and be open to new direction.

Don’t stick to a tight schedule

In most cases, things don’t always go as planned. Shit goes left and plans get screwed. But that’s okay, that’s the fun part of traveling. If you plan out your entire day, you’re going to constantly be stressing about reservations and times and getting all your mates to the next stop. Chances are you won’t make it to every stop on your list. Plan out the important stuff, and whatever happens in between happens. Be open-minded and get a little lost.

Don’t be afraid to branch off

You’ve come all the way to Barcelona and all you’ve ever wanted to do was see Park Güell. You’ve been dying to have your very own Cheetah Girl moment and now is your chance, it’s your time to shine. But the rest of the group thinks that’s lame and have something else planned… just leave. You can do it. You are allowed to break off from the group to do your own thing. You’re already spending most of your waking moments with these people, it will be okay to just part ways for a bit to see what you want to see. Try having a set time to meet back up with everyone again, it’ll save you hopping in and out of shops asking for the wifi password to check in with them.

You’re going to get fucken annoyed

And that’s okay. It happens to the best of us. Whether we’re traveling with our dearest friends or people we’ve only known for a few days. Just don’t let it ruin your trip. If it’s not a life or death situation, sometimes it’s best if you just go with the flow. It’ll save you a lot of side eyes, trash talking (that you obviously don’t mean), and stress. Chill the fuck out.

You’ve got to learn to laugh

A very underrated but essential part of any trip. You’re going to want to flip out at times, maybe even punch a mate in the face, but just try and laugh it off. There will be times when you’re about to miss your flight because two of your mates are too intoxicated to find their way to the airport or you’ve got to go searching for your friend in parking lots because it’s their favorite place to curl up in a corner. Just laugh it out, baby. Make the most of it.

The big takeaway from this is to just go with the flow, although easier said than done. Don’t let the little stuff get to you and learn to laugh when you’ve just about given up on everyone in your group. It’ll be a good time, we promise.

Don’t have a large group to test out our tips? Grab yourself a Stoke Travel Passport and join our group on at least four trips throughout the summer. If you’re looking for more practical information, head on over to our Backpackers’ Guide!


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Clinic Ultramarinos surfshop, te ayudarán a mejorar tu surfing.

Ya llega la tercera edición del clinic de longboard en ultramarinos surfshop, un Clinic  de la mano de dos grandes, Ricardo Fdez Palomeque (subcampeón de Europa) y Miguel Sampalo Bishop (uno de los mejores noseriders del país).  Un Clinic es un curso intensivo de aprendizaje o perfeccionamiento de un deporte y, como tal, se va […]

How To Pack Clothes For Your Upcoming Eurotrip (For Guys)

Your flights are booked and your Stoke Travel Passport is burning a hole in your pocket. Your trip is a more than a couple of weeks, but less than a couple of months away. It’s probably not time to pack yet, but you’re excitement is getting the better of you; maybe it’s time to plan packing.

Packing clothes for an extended eurotrip is a bit of an art form and one that we’ve perfected over years of trial and mucho error. You too can do the trial and error thing, or you can just follow our simple to use guide:

Packing t-shirts

These are the most important things in your backpack. A good t-shirt can make your day, while not having a good t-shirt will render you a vile, stinky, unfashionable fool. You don’t want to pack too many t-shirts, because lugging dead weight sucks, but having too many is way better than having too few.

  1. Empty everything from your wardrobe onto your bedroom floor. Absolutely everything. You never know what you’re going to need, right?
  2. Now work out how often you think you will be doing laundry. A good guide is multiply how often you do it at home by four, i.e. if you do laundry once a week at home, you’ll do it once a month in Europe. When you come to this number call it X.
  3. Next make an honest appraisal of how dirty/stinky you are. Are you an exceptionally dirty and/or stinky person? How long could you wear a shirt for before it possessed an unacceptable odour? How likely are you to create an unwearable stain on any garment? A good judge is how often you have to change a t-shirt at home. Not want to, but have to. If you’re a real pig it will be every day, if you’re a sweet prince you’ll be forced by grime and grit to change your shirt once a week. Now take that number and divide one by it. That’s Y.
  4. After that you need to determine how often you’ll be willing or wanting to buy new t-shirts per predicted washing period. Perhaps you’re a shopaholic. Maybe you like buying souvenirs. Perhaps, and most likely, if you’re a once-a-month laundry doer you maintain your slovenly approach to clothes hygiene with a large shirt-shopping program. Anyway, whatever that number is, call it Z.
  5. Now the tried and proven formula for knowing how many shirts to pack is: XY-Z, where you multiply how often you will do laundry on the road by how often you need to change shirts (as a fraction) minus your predicted shopping habits. Example:
    1. Jeff washes his clothes at home twice a week, could probably wear a shirt for two days without having to change it and never buys new shirts unless he has to. X = 3.5×4, Y = ½ and Z = 0. Therefore Jeff will have to pack 14 x ½ – 0 t-shirts = seven t-shirts.
    2. Peter on the other hand washes his clothes once every fortnight, has to change his shirts daily no matter what and buys new gear whenever he needs it, which is about once a week. X = 14×4, Y = 1 and Z = 2. Pete the fucken gross bastard will have to pack 54 t-shirts, which he most certainly will not do, but you can guarantee that he’ll be the stinky kid on your bus to the Running of the Bulls.
  6. Now go through your floodrobe and find the number of shirts you need. You will want to choose the garments with the highest quality thread, so they can hold up while you’re on the road, and also in a variety of colours. You’re going to want some white shirts, even though they get smashed stain-wise, and you’re going to want some black shirts too. You’re also going to need some colourful shirts. You will want shirts that are as plain and message-free as possible, because a eurotrip is a time for transformation and maybe your Scarface tee with Tony Montana machine gunning everybody you walk past won’t be an accurate representation of you after a couple of weeks on the road. Same goes for any shirts featuring marijuana leaves, as you’d hate for your Up In Smoke tee to be your only clean shirt when you’re visiting the Vatican, for example.
  7. Roll those tees up, because you read somewhere that rolling clothes takes up less bag space, and jam them into your backpack.

Packing for everything else

Look at how much space you have left, that’s what you have to work with. We’re going to go through this packing list in order of importance, so just go through this until you’ve got no more space left.

  1. Some thongs/jandals/flip flops or open-toe footwear.
  2. One pair of black jeans.
  3. Two pairs of lighter colour shorts that deftly cross the line from dressy to practical.
  4. All the pairs of underwear you have, if less than eight, or eight pairs of underwear.
  5. Swim trunks or a speedo, whatever you fancy yourself to be frolicking on a European beach in.
  6. Four pairs of socks
  7. A waterproof, light jacket in black if you have it.
  8. Some Cons or Vans or other shoes in black that look respectable enough but won’t take up too much bag space.
  9. A long-sleeved collared shirt, in case you meet a French Dutchess and are invited to tea at her mother’s vineyard, or if you’re asked to be an extra on a P-Diddy film clip on a yacht off the coast of Ibiza.
  10. Four more pairs of socks.
  11. A little cotton sweater or something to just offer a little extra warmth under your spray jacket (#6).
  12. Some denim jeans.
  13. A hat if you regularly wear one, but really just buy a hat on the road if you like them so much.
  14. Some toiletries, toothbrush, deodorant, sunscreen, moisturiser, night-time anti-ageing face cream, condoms, that sort of thing (this is last because you’ll probably forget it and can get everything on the road).

And that’s it! If you’ve still got space in your bag you’ve either got a massive bag, or you don’t have enough t-shirts. You can always use more t-shirts. Now your bag is packed, you need to chuck on some comfortable clothes to fly in, we recommend soft, stretchy long pants, joggers with thick socks and a pull over. You want to fly in comfort. When you get to Europe you might not have space in your bag for this stuff, in which case give it to a homeless guy.

Look at that, packing is so easy if you just follow an overly convoluted mathematical formula. Now you know you’re going to look good, you just need somewhere to do it. Well, the Stoke Travel Passport will give you at least four trips to do over two summers (if you can’t do four trips in one). And for more practical travellers’ advice head over to our Backpackers’ Guide.


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Duct tape invitacional Zarautz 2018. Presentación invitados videos y sorpresas.

Estamos muy contentos de anunciaros que entre el 17 y el 20 de Mayo en Zarautz se celebrará un Vans duct tape invitacional, con Joel Tudor al frente del tinglado, un notición que trae de vuelta el mejor evento de longboard clásico a la península, ausente desde 2011 que fue la primera y única edición que se […]