Resumen del Belza Classic en Biarritz

Del 7 al 10 de Junio, Biarritz volvió a respirar un ambiente de surfing clásico que trae año tras año el Belza Classic. Allí se reunieron un buen elenco de grandes riders Europeos, como Ben Skinner, Jack Unworth, destacando sobretodo riders locales Franceses como los hermanos Del Pero, el joven Julex Lepecheux, Romain Maurin, Cornelius […]

Full 2018 World Cup Schedule And Stoke’s Winning Predictions

The football World Cup is coming up super soon and here at Stoke we couldn’t be more excited! It’s not because we’re overly sporty, or too invested in the outcomes of the matches, but because the World Cup allows us to drink beer, not work and talk friendly smack on each other’s countries. Fun! This year we’ve commandeered a downtown Barcelona bar where we’ll be watching all the games, so make sure if you’re in town you join us for some banter, some beer, heaps of chicken wings and maybe even a goal or two, or perhaps you’ll be with us for the Running of the Bulls and Stoked In The Park Pamplona, where we’ll be showing every game on the big screen.

Below is the full World Cup schedule in Spanish time, as well as some of our predictions of who will be victorious in each match. Think we’re full of shit? Call us out!

Thu June 14

Russia v Saudi Arabia (Group A) 5pm: this is a tough matchup to open with, and we’re not sure who will win this one. Both teams are populated with crazy bastards and while the Saudis will be running high on oil money, those pesky Ruskis will be fired up with Putin oil and the threat of being stomped by hooligans if they lose.

Our pick: Russia (2-0)

Fri June 15

Egypt v Uruguay (Group A) 2pm: Uruguay are the eternal enemy of the Australian socceroos, and we do love the socceroos. Plus Egypt have Mohamed Salah, who despite being injured is confident he’ll be back for the World Cup and smashing the back of the net only as he knows best.

Our pick: Egypt (3-1)

Morocco v Iran (Group B) 5pm: ever since D. Trump rescinded on the Iran deal their national team has been fired up to show the world just how superior they are to the yankees (who didn’t qualify for this World Cup, lol). Morocco on the other hand might fall victim to their splendid hash and the relaxing lifestyle found at Stoke’s own Morocco Surf House™.

Our pick: Iran (2-0)

Portugal v Spain (Group B) 8pm: what a spicy matchup! Portugal has Ronaldo, but Spain has the team Ronaldo plays for. Spain also has the Stoke Travel offices and, despite what some locals will tell you, we’ll be watching this game in Barcelona, Spain. Portugal has better tarts, but in Spain people sunbathe topless regardless of how much fatty tissue their nipples are attached to.

Our pick: Spain (3-1)

Sat June 16

France v Australia (Group C) 12pm: take it from us, these Frenchies don’t stand a chance. Too much quiche, not enough meat pies. Frogs’ legs don’t contain as much protein as roos’ balls. While the French are the bookmakers’ favourites, they have severely underestimated Australia and will enter the game with the arrogance that they are infamous for and fall victim to Australia’s resolute spirit, grit and utter hotness.

Our pick: Australia (5-0)

Argentina v Iceland (Group D) 3pm: this Iceland’s first foray into the World Cup, and while Argentina have a storied history in the competition, and Lionel Messi, the latter has had limited success in the former – culminating in a recent drubbing against Spain. Iceland have that clap thing, too, which will certainly rattle the Argies.

Our pick: draw (0-0)

Peru v Denmark (Group C) 6pm: on the one hand they’ve got ceviche, while on the other they’ve got pickled herring. The Danes may be viking-descended beer lords, but the Peruvians are loco South American indians and will surely pip the stoic Scandis with their passion.

Our pick: Peru (2-1)

Croatia v Nigeria (Group D) 9pm: with the Australian squad stealing a good proportion of Croatia’s footballing talent, we fear that Africa’s most populous nation will easily roll over the Slavs, who will be dreaming of Stoke Travel’s Sail Croatia™ cruises, now with open bars!

Our pick: Nigeria (1-0)

Sun June 17

Costa Rica v Serbia (Group E) 2pm: like with Croatia, a fair share of Serbia’s talent emigrated to Australia and now find itself playing for the Socceroos. That said, Costa Ricans aren’t exactly renowned for their hustle, one of the byproducts of living in paradise. This is a tough matchup, but we’re predicting Serbians will triumph, as they have the same alphabet as the Russians and will feel more at home with the backwards letters, potato and vodka diet.

Our pick: Serbia (1-0)

Germany v Mexico (Group F) 5pm: Mexicans are quite possibly the best people in the world – tough, funny, kind, generous and their food is exceptional. Germans, on the other hand, are also tough, funny, kind and generous, albeit in a manner that’s a little foreign to us, but their food is pretty tough to get into. While we prefer Mexicans, the Germans are going to roll them like enchiladas.

Our pick: Germany (3-1)

Brazil v Switzerland (Group E) 8pm: who will take the match between the tightly wound, precise Swiss and the freewheeling Brazilians? The Swiss will have precision on their side, while the Brazilians will play fast and especially loose, with the flair they’re famous for. Given the two very different styles of playing it’s a tough one to pick, but Brazilians will have the support of their fans, who number in the brazillions.

Our pick: Brazil (3-2)

Mon June 18:

Sweden v South Korea (Group F) 2pm: this is a battle of two of the hottest countries on earth, and we’re not talking about the temperature. Will the princes of Scandinavia take it? Or will our KPop krushes be viktorious? This match up is too close to call and way too hot to handle.

Our pick: draw (0-0)

Belgium v Panama (Group G) 5pm: on one hand there’s a mighty fine canal, on the other fries. The Belgians are used to pretty shitty weather, they get maybe four hours of sunlight all winter, while the Panamanians had to invent pretty gross looking hats to protect themselves from the sun. This matchup will come down to the weather on the day, if it’s super hot Panama will triumph, but if the winter holds on and they’re playing in the cold you’ve got to go with the Tin Tins.

Our pick: draw (2-2)

Tunisia v England (Group G) 8pm: Tunisia was where they filmed the original Star Wars, it’s a hot, sandy place. England is where they filmed Four Weddings And A Funeral. The Tunisians are going to be hungry to beat England, but England are going to be desperate to not disappoint their home supporters who, to be honest, don’t have much else going for them. The Tunisians will be sober and the English probably drunk, too, so we’ve got to go with what we knoe.

Our pick: England (2-0)

Tues June 19

Colombia v Japan (Group H) 2pm: while hot guys come from Sweden and South Korea, hot gals come from Colombia and Japan. Will the ramen-fuelled Japanese find the inspiration to do it for their kawaii Hello Kitty betties? Or can the coked-up Colombians impress the booty shaking post-Escobar babes of their homeland?

Our pick: Japan (1-0)

Poland v Senegal (Group H) 5pm: with only Nigeria flying flying the sub-Saharan flag alongside them, Senegal will be playing for Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana and all those other countries we are used to seeing in the World Cup. Poland will want to show the Russians that they have come along way since being invaded and occupied by the Soviets.Sentimentally, though, we got to go for the Africans, because we want to see them in the final stages.

Our pick: Senegal (3-1)

And that’s the first round of the group stage. We really don’t have time right now to continue making predictions, but if we get these ones right we’ll stick with it. Nevertheless, we have the full World Cup schedule below, so make predictions yourself. And dont forget to join us for our World Cup parties in Barcelona, they’re going to be easily the best way to watch the World Cup, get loose and talk shit on the other teams’ supporters.

Russia v Egypt (Group A) 8pm

Wed June 20

Portugal v Morocco (Group B) 2pm

Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (Group A) 5pm

Iran v Spain (Group B) 8pm

Thu June 21

Denmark v Australia (Group C) 2pm

France v Peru (Group C) 5pm

Argentina v Croatia (Group D) 8pm

Fri June 22

Brazil v Costa Rica (Group E) 2pm

Nigeria v Iceland (Group D) 5pm

Serbia v Switzerland (Group E) 8pm

Sat June 23

Belgium v Tunisia (Group G) 2pm

South Korea v Mexico (Group F) 5pm

Germany v Sweden (Group F) 8pm

Sun June 24

England v Panama (Group G) 2pm

Sun June 24: Japan v Senegal (Group H) 5pm

Sun June 24: Poland v Colombia (Group H) 8pm

Mon June 25

Uruguay v Russia (Group A) – Samara, 3pm

Mon June 25: Saudi Arabia v Egypt (Group A) – Volgograd, 3pm

Mon June 25: Spain v Morocco (Group B) – Kaliningrad, 7pm

Mon June 25: Iran v Portugal (Group B) – Saransk, 7pm

Tues June 26

Denmark v France (Group C) – Moscow (Luzhniki), 3pm

Tues June 26: Australia v Peru (Group C) – Sochi, 3pm

Tues June 26: Nigeria v Argentina (Group D) – St Petersburg, 7pm

Tues June 26: Iceland v Croatia (Group D) – Rostov-on-Don, 7pm

Wed June 27

South Korea v Germany (Group F) – Kazan, 3pm

Wed June 27: Mexico v Sweden (Group F) – Ekaterinburg, 3pm

Wed June 27: Serbia v Brazil (Group E) – Moscow (Spartak), 7pm

Wed June 27: Switzerland v Costa Rica (Group E) – Nizhny Novgorod, 7pm

Thu June 28

Japan v Poland (Group H) – Volgograd, 3pm

Thu June 28: Senegal v Colombia (Group H) – Samara, 3pm

Thu June 28: England v Belgium (Group G) – Kaliningrad, 7pm

Thu June 28: Panama v Tunisia (Group G) – Saransk, 7pm


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Barcelona World Cup 2018 Watch Parties

So you’re trying to watch the World Cup 2018, are ya? We’re not surprised.  I mean, you clicked the link, and it’s also one of the most watched television events in the world.  The question, though, is where are you going to watch it? Being so popular, it’s likely that most bars and pubs will be screening the games, but there’s only a couple ways to watch the games in Stoke-Style.  Here’s some reasons to join us at our three Barcelona locations, Scruffy Murphy’s, Kitty O’Shea’s and George Payne, to catch all the World Cup action this summer.

Meal Deals

Certainly not every game, but most of the games you care about are going to be during a meal time.  While it’s true that a lot of places will be showing the games, that’s about as far as they’ll go to accommodate the football superfan.  That means big crowds and long wait times for food–unless of course you’re watching somewhere with a World Cup package. Tune in at Kitty O’Shea’s, Scruffy Murphy’s or George Payne and you’ll be living large, watching your team with a plate of chicken wings, a pitcher of beer, and two shots to your name.

World Cup Drink Specials

I don’t care how big a fan you are, let’s be real for a second.  Whatever team you’re rooting for, however much your personal happiness is wrapped up in the game at hand, don’t try to pretend the match isn’t a little better with a drink in hand. All sports are.  And Stoke’s partner bars are serving up World Cup drink specials for every game. That’s right, all three of our Barcelona locations are ready to give discounts just for being a sportsfan!

Sideline Entertainment

Per usual, we aren’t content to leave well enough alone.  The World Cup is great and all, but who doesn’t love a bit of live entertainment?  If you stop by one of our Barcelona locations for a game, chances are you’ll be lucky enough to catch some Stokies getting rowdy.  We’ll be turning up for the big games to run World Cup themed games, hold contests and giveaways, and just get generally weird. Don’t worry, we won’t distract you from the action, unless you want us to.

Bipartisan Excitement

Or, we don’t give a fuck who wins.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing Stokies love more than a bit of healthy competition.  Jeering, boasting, shit-talking, we love it all. But we’re more concerned with having a good time than whose team is winning. That being said…

Barcelona Is The Place To Be

We all know that Spain’s going to clean up this year.  All three of our World Cup 2018 watch party locations are tucked in the heart of central Barcelona, which is going to be the happiest place on earth each time Spain takes another W.  Whether you’re at Scruffy Murphy’s, George Payne, or Kitty O’Shea’s, you’ll be in prime location to flood the street, chanting, shirt over your head. Either that or you’ll be present to witness the Spaniards drown their sorrows in as many cocktails as they can get their hands on.  Like we always say, win or lose, we booze.

Follow Stoke Travel and Stoke Barcelona on Facebook for all of our World Cup 2018 announcements, events and giveaways.  

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Liquid Swing en SOPELA. La fiesta de las TWINFIN.

El pasado fin de semana nos desplazamos hasta Bizkaia, mas concretamente a la playa de Sopela, por segundo año al LIQUID SWING FESTIVAL un evento donde las tablas twinfin son las protagonistas. La jornada se desarrolló bajo unas buenas condiciones de olas y un sol que atrajo con el paso de la horas a numeroso público. La […]

The Return Of Pamplona’s El Molino Campsite

For decades El Molino was the place to be in Pamplona. More than just a place to stay, the legendary campsite was a rite of passage, a meeting place for travellers starting their epic European adventures and the basecamp for many a San Fermin (mis)adventure. El Molino, located outside Pamplona, on the river Arga and alongside the picturesque village of Mendigorria, was the campsite of choice for Australian, Kiwi and American Pamplona pioneers, the first stop on the infamous European “van tour”, a pioneering place in the city that accepted large groups of young travellers who wanted nothing more than a world-class street party, a little Basque and Spanish culture, and maybe an encounter with a rampaging bull.

But the campsite’s popularity waned. Tour groups opted to be closer to the city, disregarding El Molino’s unbeatable vibe and superior amenities. The Running of the Bulls became less and less popular, as the animal rights issues it presented became impossible to ignore. What was once a vibrant hub of travellers, partiers and thrill seekers went back to being a beautiful, grassy campsite on the banks of a Navarese river.

But Stoke Travel wants to change all of that. We want to restore El Molino to its glory, to get the hordes of fun-loving travellers back and to show them the time of their lives. This year Stoke Travel is partnering with the El Molino campsite, not just to give our guests a superior experience, and not only to revive this legendary place to stay. We’re teaming up to reinvent the way young people travel to festivals – and we’ve come up with something amazing.

El Molino Is Further Away, But Fuck It’s Worth It

El Molino isn’t as close to town as Pamplona’s other campsite, but it makes up for it in amenities. One of the things that makes El Molino better is its generous grassy areas, many of which are naturally shaded. Trust us, there’s nothing you’ll appreciate more than a nice, comfortable patch of grass to lay on away from the Navara sun’s relentless rays. Sleeping on a sunny dust patch ain’t fun, not after a day/night/night and day of mayhem. El Molino also has two bars, one of which is Stoke Travel’s unbeatable open beer and sangria bar, a massive pool for pool parties, onsite restaurant, rock climbing wall, mini golf and plenty of space for activities, activities that we’ll tell you about now.

Don’t Like Bull Runs? Perfect. We’ve Got Something Else For You

We don’t blame you if you’re not interested in the bull run side of the party. Not many people are these days. But the bull run is ONLY FIVE MINUTES OF THE DAY. The rest of the day is devoted to activities that have nothing to do with the bull run. Last year we interviewed a bunch of locals and asked them what they thought of the bull run and none of them were interested in it. They came for the parties, the music and the food. Most of the young locals party all night until the bull run, at which point they go home for a (five minute) nap. What we’re trying to say is, if you are against the bull run don’t let that stop you from experiencing this wonderful city and its amazing party. And if you can’t support a city that allows this to happen, consider that the Pamplona bullring only seats less than 20,000 spectators, and never sells out, despite being in a city of 200,000 that attracts bullfighting fans from all over the country and world! The vast majority of locals and visitors here, the millions that will attend San Fermin, have absolutely no interest in bull runs and bullfights – they’re just here for the party, and you should be too.

Stoked In The Park at El Molino

This is why we’re partnering with El Molino to put on the innaugural Stoked In The Park, Pamplona. We want to take people away from the bull run and get them into Pamplona’s true party spirit. We want to make the most of Pamplona’s street parties, free concerts and amazing food, and then treat you to music, food, wine and all kinds of fun back at the campsite. Stoked In The Park will be live music, like Australia’s Art Vs Science, food trucks, friendly sporting competition, DJs playing until the early morning, pool parties, and all manner of bull-free good times, in this beautiful and legendary campsite. Stoked In The Park combines a music festival with festival travel, so the action never stops. You can spend your days in Pamplona city centre exploring the ancient traditions of San Fermin and then return to the campsite to rage all night.

It is with Stoked In The Park that we will revive the legendary El Molino travellers’ campsite. This is a new way to travel to Europe’s must-see cultural festivals and it’s fitting that we are launching this event at a location with as much travelling and partying history as El Molino. Stoked In The Park is free with your San Fermin all-inclusive accommodation package, at only €60 per night, or as a festival-entry only ticket for €30.

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La Tomatina Hotel Vs La Tomatina Campsite

By now you know that this year Stoke Travel is offering Valencia hotel stays for La Tomatina as well as our legendary beachside campsite. Now everybody loves the campsite, because it’s been completely confirmed as the best time in Valencia EVER, but did you know that you can stay at our in-town hotel and still party at our campsite? Well you can, and in addition to this there are certain things that you can only do in the hotel that are unavailable in camp. Want to know what they are? Well in typical Stoke Travel media team fashion we’ve created a list for you! A list that may seem stupid, but there’s mucho sense amongst the stupidity. Read on! 

Cook tomato flavoured instant noodles

There’s a way to cook instant noodles at the campsite, sure, but you can’t do it from your bed. One of the best things about staying in a hotel is having the ability to turn on the kettle, boil some water, and pour it over some dried-ramen X MSG goodness. This is a satisfying treat you can have any time of day, before the buffet breakfast (silly) or after a the official La Tomatina after-party (wise). At the campsite our tents are comfortable and come with mattresses, etc, but you can’t roll around in bed eating noodles watching CNN or Cartoon Network (fake news!) while Skyping your mum with the red tomato sauce dribbling down your chin.

Make sweet, noisey, passionate love

You totally CAN do this at the campsite, and to be honest you’ll receive nothing but a round of applause from us, but you probably don’t want to. See, despite the older generations bashing on about how we’ve got no morals and we’re too decadent and over-sexed, and so on, when it comes to imitating howler monkeys at 4am we’re all a little bit shy. Or maybe we’re polite. Whatever we are, most of us don’t want our tent neighbours to sit through a session of sexing because we wouldn’t like it if they made us endure their overly vocalised lovemaking. In a hotel, however, even if your neighbours can hear you you don’t give a shit, because you’re surrounded by real walls, so you can scream the house down for a full two minutes of passion.

Shower for as long as you want  

Campsite showers are hit and miss, but we’re happy to boast that in Valencia ours are most certainly a hit. That said, common courtesy dictates that no matter how good your showering may be, you shouldn’t spend too long in there because your campmates would like a shower too. Really, the time you spend in a campsite shower should be somewhere between “real long” (take a plastic chair in) and “essentials only” (face, pits, crotch). In your hotel, on the other hand, you can spend as long as you want in the shower. You can spend all pippin’ day in the shower, picking tomato pulp out of each and every one of your orifices (tell us how many orifices there are for a sweet prize!).

Turn on the air conditioning

Unfortunately our tents don’t yet have AC, and so when it’s hot it’s hot and that’s that. You can run down the beach and cool off in the Mediterranean, or jump under the shower, but then you’re back to the heat. This is particularly spicy when you’re trying to have a siesta, which is Spanish for “essential pre-party catch-up nap”, as the Valencian sun is a relentless mistress, beating down upon the tent-tops with her firey whip for most of the day. Back in the hotel, though, you can crank the AC, kick back, eat your noodles, have some loud sex and then have a hot shower, because you’re now fancy as fuck in your little cubicle castle.

Sure, hotels are a little more expensive than camping, but there are benefits – comfort, privacy, being in the city centre, and everything listed above. If you’ve got a little cash to splash, why not jump on one of our La Tomatina hotel packages? We’ll make sure you get all the partying in, and then drop you off at your comfortable bed in the evening. Nice! And you deserve nice.


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Europe’s Lesser Known Music Festivals

Primavera Sounds music festival was on in Barcelona over the weekend and half the Stoke Travel office is coming down and the other half is still high – on music! But even though our serotonin is depleted we’ve already got our eyes on the music festivals we have coming up this summer, because too many music festivals is never enough. Want to party with us? Read on.

Stoked In The Park

This is the first music festival of the Stoke summer season, and it just so happens to be our own! Stoked in the Park will run alongside Pamplona’s San Fermin festival (the one with the bull run) and features live acts and DJs, like uber-popular Australian electronic act Art Vs Science, who will be playing their first Spanish show at our own campsite. Stoked in the Park is a free festival for our San Fermin guests, included in the €60 nightly price (including camping accommodation, meals, guides, etc), and will serve as the perfect pre-and-post party for travellers wanting to experience Pamplona’s street parties, live music, bars and restaurants and even for those wanting to run with bulls. Joining Art Vs Science will be Hiaground, Kiwi Pips, Paul The Kid, Honey Hayze, and Mesmeriser, plus other local and international acts, as well as pool parties, food trucks, wine tasting and party-focused friendly sporting events. Stoked in the Park will revive interest in Pamplona’s famous festival for travellers not interested in the bull run, as it compliments the street parties and concerts that the city has organised.

Bilbao BBK Live

This is the best mid-sized festival in Europe, taking place in the hills behind the Basque Country’s biggest city. Bilbao BBK Live will feature Florence and the Machine, Alt J, Childish Gambino, The XX, The Chemical Brothers, My Chemical Romance, Gorillaz, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and many more acts, over the three days from the 12th to 14th of July. The festival is held close to Pamplona and San Sebastian, making it easy for travellers to combine it with Stoked in the Park and the San Sebastian Surf Camp. The Basque Country is one of our favourite places to visit, but many travellers miss out on its main city, Bilbao. This lineup, and the €240 all-inclusive ticket and camping accommodation price, may entice Stokies to spend a few extra days in north Spain and make the most of this epic festival.


Billed as the “love revolution” on the “island of freedom”, Sziget festival takes place on an island literally in the middle of the Danube River, that divides the twin cities of Buda and Pest. When on the island you may forget that you are in the centre of one of central Europe’s most vibrant cities, Hungary’s Budapest. Sziget is hectic, running for a week from the 8th of August, and featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar, the Arctic Monkeys, Kygo, Gorillaz, Stormzy, The War On Drugs, Wolf Alice, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard and too many others to list here. While there is camping available on this loose-as island, Stoke Travel chooses to stay in our partners’ Retox Hostel in central Budapest, which is, as the name suggests, one heck of a place to get the party started, finished, or to keep it going for as long as possible. In addition to the live music, Sziget also features plenty of art installations, different kinds of performances, free love and general looseness. Stoke’s accommodation packages are at €60 per night, on top of which you’ll have to get your Sziget ticket.

Which other European festivals do you plan on hitting up this summer? Can your serotonin handle the fun? Maybe a Stoke Passport is in order to lessen the stress on your wallet. 


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Como hacer el take off o levantarse sobre una tabla de surf

En surf, « Hacer el take off » significa meterse de pie sobre una tabla de surf, es la maniobra que te va a permitir descubrir la sensación de deslizamiento. Es la base del surf, la llave para coger tus primeras olas. Desagradecidamente no es nada fácil, aunque lo puede parecer… Si los primeros pasos con una tabla de surf soft board pueden parecer fácil, al pasar a una tabla mas pequeña, aunque sea una tabla de surf evolutiva ancha y voluminosa, la cosa se complica bastante.

Vamos a explicarte paso a paso como hacer un take off, para que al menos tengas claro la teoría.

1.Identificar el momento en el cual debes de hacer el take off

Puedes levantarte perfectamente en la tabla, si no lo haces en el momento adecuado, no sirve para nada. Demasiado tarde, y estas en la espuma, demasiado temprano y la ola sigue sin ti.

Cuando hayas visto una ola, empieza a remar para coger velocidad y posicionarte en el sitio adecuado. El sitio adecuado es “el pico”, la zona donde la ola se levanta con mas altura, pero antes de que haya empezado a romper.  El pico puede estar siempre en el mismo sitio, como suele ser el caso de olas con fondo de roca, o bien desplazarse en cada serie de olas, como suele ser el caso en olas con fondo de arena.

Cuando remas pero notas que la ola te está empujando, es hora de hacer el take off. Este paso es clave, se aprende pasando muchas horas en el agua, conociendo la playa donde estas surfeando, observando, probando, corrigiendo, ajustando, aprendiendo a leer el mar par saber que ola es para ti, y como ajustar tu posición en el pico para posicionarte bien, tanto respeto a la ola como respeto a los demás surfistas. Y como cada día es distinto, cada día tienes que ir ajustando.

2. Levantar el pecho

Allí entramos en lo que es el movimiento en si. La primera etapa consiste en levantar el pecho, empujando sobre los cantos de tu tabla de surf. Como hemos visto antes, lo debes de hacer únicamente en cuanto notes que la ola te está empujando. El momento en el cual inicias el movimiento es fundamental.

Es muy importante que posiciones tu cuerpo de forma equilibrado sobre la tabla. Demasiado atrás, no avanzas, la cola esta demasiado hundida, cuando vas a remar una ola vas a ver como no te lleva. Demasiado adelante, la punta de tu tabla se clava en la ola y te caes.

3. Poner el pie delantero en la tabla

La segunda etapa consiste en traer tu pie delantero para adelante y colocarlo sobre el eje longitudinal de tu tabla de surf. Debes de realizar este movimiento sin apoyar ninguna de tus rodillas sobre la tabla. Este es el error más común de los principiantes. Si metes la rodilla, ademas de abollar tu tabla, no te vas a poder levantar de manera fluida y rápida.

4. Levantarse

En esta última etapa, vas a empujar fuertemente sobre tu pierna delantera para levantarte del todo, colocando tu pie trasero y equilibrándote con tus brazos. Tus brazos deben de estar hacia adelante, y levantados a nivel de los hombros. Esto es fundamental, ya que contribuye a que hechos el peso de tu cuerpo hacia adelante, sobre tu pierna delantera.

Para poder surfear y hacer el take off, necesitas un mínimo de condición física. Tranquilo, no necesitas pasar horas en el gimnasio y ponerte los músculos hinchados. Veras tanto niños como surfistas de mas de 60 años, tanto mujeres como hombres. Lo que necesitas es tonicidad y equilibrio, y esto se trabaja, antes de meterte en el agua.

Puedes practicar el take off en tu casa, no necesitas ni agua ni tabla de surf. No deberías de meterte en el agua sin dominar el take off sobre alfombra. Ponte sobre una alfombra, y marca un eje de simetría con algo, cinta adhesiva por ejemplo. Entrénate a realizar el take off, asegurándote de que tus pies se encuentran en el eje de simetría de la “tabla virtual”, y tus rodillas nunca toquen el suelo.

Aunque tengas un buen nivel de surf, es un ejercicio muy útil para mantenerse en forma, sobre todo si dejas de surfear durante unos meses.

Espero que este artículo resulte claro, y si aun tienes dudas, mira este video donde te explicamos todo en imágenes :

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