San Sebastian Surf House Named Europe’s Chillest Place to Hang

A new study published by the European Council of Hanging Out (ECHO) has named Stoke Travel’s San Sebastian Surf House the “Chillest Place in Europe.”  After extensive research into the continents’ most relaxing spots, ECHO’s unanimous decision to award San Sebastian Surf House the coveted title came as little surprise to experts in the field.

Dr. Jake Groovens, a renowned authority of takin’ it easy, explained the process behind this decision.  “I don’t think anybody who knows how to hang loose was shocked by [ECHO’S] call on this one,” Groovens said.

In the accompanying article, ECHO listed several reasons behind its decision. Among these were the climate, amenities, general vibe, and access to other chill shit.

“Climate was a given,” said Groovens. “Everybody knows that the Basque country has the perfect balance of being sunny but not too hot, and that ocean breeze always feels rad.”

The Surf House’s amenities were also easily noticeable as being extremely cool, Groovens told us.  “With their own bar, yoga deck, ping-pong table, half-pipe, full kitchen, and beds for all, Stoke’s surf house was sure to clean up in that category too.  These surf bums could make do with a patch of dirt and their damp wetsuit, but here they are living like kings and queens.”

Perhaps the most notable piece of ECHO’s evaluation, however, was its glowing review of the chill vibes that abound in Stoke’s little slice of Basque paradise.

“After thorough evaluation, this organization has found The Stoke San Sebastian Surf House to be exceptional overall in the area of keeping the mood mellow,” the report stated.  “The way the house balances the chill with the hype is unprecedented, and members of this council found it to be totally sick.”

In his analysis of ECHO’s decision, Groovens stated to have only been mildly surprised in one area.  “I wouldn’t have anticipated [the surf house] to have such wicked shit to do nearby,” he said. “I mean, obviously there’s the legendary Zarautz surf beach on one side, and San Sebastian on the other with more bars per square kilometer than anywhere else, but I didn’t know there was so much else to do.”

The report mentioned paragliding, horseback riding, pintxo and bar tours, a cider house and two legendary music festivals, just to name a few.

“The only negative aspect this council was forced to consider in coming to its decision was how overwhelming the freedom was,” said the report released by ECHO.  “We have to assume that the surfers and yogis coming to relax and catch some waves would feel some sense of overstimulation at all the options. Perhaps, they would even feel the burning desire to extend their stay and hang loose a few days more.”

Do you agree with ECHO’s decision? Do you even know? Better visit San Seb Surf Camp and find out for yourself.

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Guide To Being As Hot As Possible In Ibiza

If there’s anywhere in the world where it pays to be the hottest you can be it’s Ibiza. The notorious party island isn’t merely a summer-long ecstacy taste test, no! It’s also where the world’s gorgeous people gather and look each other up and down and either feel supremely superior or bitterly jealous. Obviously, feeling superior is preferred and the best way to feel like the king/queen/gender-non-specific-regent of these islands is to be as hot as possible.

And so it transpires that Stoke Travel has made a trip out to Ibiza in the week before our stunning beach camp opens, so that we can assess what’s looking hot this year and advise you on how to get your ass as spicy as it can be when you’re visiting this aesthetically blessed island.

Hot Pants

You’re going to need hot pants, or short shorts, or a speedo, or something that barely contains your crotch while showing off maximum crack and inner thigh. Women, we know that you’re accustomed to this kind of pant, but go even higher. Just wear a waistband with some pockets dangling down. Fellas, get those hairy-untanned thighs into the world. Wear these hot pants to the beach and to the supermarket, with bonus points if your muffin tops over the rim of the pants, or your straight-up belly obscures the tiny tight shorts from existence.

Golden Tan

It’s a hard ask, expecting you to turn up for your beach holiday tanned, but trust us it’s worth it. There are expats here who have been baking all winter, and the summer before it, for the past 26 years. That’s your competition. You should pre-tan before arrival so you can mix it with these bronzed leather boots. Now spray tan is an option, but a weak one, and one that the real tan lords out here will see through. We would recommend some solid solarium work, maybe double the maximum recommended sessions, so you can be as crispy as the sun worshippers on this sol-soaked paradise.


Tattoos, once the domain of sailors and old ladies’ eyebrows, are now a fashion accessory de rigeur. You absolutely must permanently mark your body before arriving in Ibiza if you want the fashionistas here to really think you are hot. Tribal tattoos on men’s shoulders are hot, as are tribal tattoos on women’s lower backs. If you want to go all out in your quest for hotness join an actual tribe and get them to tattoo you. The Mighty Chav tribe could do this for you, as could the Belligerent Bogans Of Bendigo.


The good thing about jewellery is that it’ll dazzle even when you can’t. You should coat yourself in “bling” so that when you just wake up on some stranger’s couch with your eyes crusted shut and weird white boogers pouring from your nose, you can still step outside into the bright Ibiza day and be HOT. Jewellery choices include really thick gold chains for both men and women or pirate hoop earrings.

White clothes

This is the most important item on this utterly ridiculous list. When in Ibiza you should always wear white, white shirts, white pants, white gloves. White is the colour of opulence and the opposite of work wear, unless you work as an angel. White is hot. White is the colour you’ll wear when Puff Daddy invites you onto his yacht for a party. They call Ibiza the White Island because this is where you need to wear white and be as hot as you can be.

The Stoke Travel Ibiza Beach Camp is open from the 1st of June until the 15th of September. To be honest, you’ll be hot just by joining us out here, swanning around the coves, soaking in the Mediterranean, sunning in our camp, sweating on the dancefloors. We’re waiting for your arrival, don’t forget to bring your bling.


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Stoked In The Park London Was A Resounding Success

Which means we’re more than ready for Pamplona.

Another Stoked in the Park/London Big Day Out has been run and woowee what a hoot it was. Thousands of revellers filtered through the gates of Grasshoppers Rugby Fields, for another sun-soaked day of sport, but mostly shenanigans.

While we couldn’t have our eyes and ears across all of the event’s corners, here are some memorable moments that are sure to be replicated at Stoked in the Park Pamplona – by far the best way to visit the city during the San Fermin/Running of the Bulls festival.

  • Headliners Yolanda Be Cool actually played We Don’t Speak Americano because they loved the crowd so much. While we can’t announce the Pamplona headliners just yet, rest assured that they have some absolute bangers that they’ll be absolutely dropping for us.
  • The London sports winners celebrated with shoeys on stage. In Pamps there will be less of a focus on sports and more on the party, but the shoeys will be flowing like the free beer and sangria we have at the festival.
  • As the royal wedding coincided with the event it was only fitting that the Queen and Harry streaked across the football field, before being tackled by security. Who will streak in Pamplona? Answer: probably all of us (during the Running of the Nudes).
  • The Kiwis were the unofficial winners on the day, with Speights selling out before all other beers. We’re expecting a better showing from the Aussies in Spain.
  • Dad’s Backyard went off in London, with huge crowds hanging around all day, smashing the goon of fortune and the slip and slide. We’ll be running the same kind of sideshow in Pamplona with drinking games and general carrying on going all day and night.
  • The weather in London was spectacular for the third year running. This means that our luck has likely run out. Fortunately luck isn’t needed in Pamplona, where the sun burns bright each and every day.
  • One clingy soul nailed the bull simulator, with a one-minute and twenty-two ride. We do not recommend anybody attempts to ride the non-simulated bulls of Pamplona.
  • The crowd was huge! With plenty of last minute punters picking up tickets at the gate. You do not want to wait until the gate for Stoked in the Park Pamplona.


While Stoked in the Park London was a resounding success we’ve got to admit that the upcoming party in Pamplona has us even more excited! In London we threw a festival to run in conjunction with a sports day, but in Pamplona we’re throwing a festival to exist inside a festival. Festival-ception. If you even slightly enjoy a party you’ll love being able to bounce from Pamplona’s Sanfermin festivities in the city centre to the Stoked in the Park music festival to your tent for a nap back to the music festival….


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DAN´s NOSERIDER ll el nuevo log de Nico para el #Vansducttape. Dan Costa Shape

Como ya sabéis este fin de semana se celebra el Vans duct tape Invitational el evento que organiza Joel Tudor, seguramente el mayor espectáculo del mundo del longboard clásico, con Alex Knost, Andy Nieblas, Ryan Burch, Justin quintal, Kai Takayama entre otros, y entre esos 16 invitados privilegiados “Nuestro” Nicolás García que con 15 años estará entre estos monstruos […]

Is La Tomatina Dangerous?

Dangerously fun! Are you on the fence about La Tomatina? Does fighting with tomatoes concern you? Well we’re here to get you off that fence and on your way to Valencia. The tomato fight is the best! It’s absolutely unique to this village in this part of Spain on this one day of the year, so you really only have one chance to tick it off your bucket list. Don’t let your doubts get the better of you, join us in the village of Buñol on the last Wednesday of August and see for yourself just how fabulous La Tomatina can be.

Here are some common concerns and our battle-experienced interpretation of them.

It’s Actually Rather Peaceful

People worry that La Tomatina is a violent event, but they don’t know the absolute peace that is found in smashing a piece of salad fruit into a stranger’s face! Oh it’s therapeutic. All of your worries in the world are forgotten as the tomato leaves your hand on its trajectory with somebody’s stupid face; bliss is achieved when the seedy little bastard finds its target. And you’re not the only person reaching this state of food fight nirvana – the stranger you just smashed is feeling it too, as they smashed somebody else, and they are and they are and everybody is, you’re basically leaching inner peace off each other by slamming tomatoes into everybody’s face and everybody’s feeling it. You’re in a web of calm in the middle of chaos. Ommmmm. 

The Tomatoes Will Clean You

Sometimes you might be worried that the tomato fight it dirty. It is! If you’ve got a very short-sighted approach to cleanliness. But we want you to think about this – your clothes will get dirty, but your skin will get clean. You see, the mild acidity in tomatoes acts as a kind of subtle chemical peel, exfoliating your skin as it clears the superficial layer of grime and oil and the residue of living the hard-partying travellers’ lifestyle. Now, people pay a fortune for this kind of skin treatment, but for you it’s absolutely free – all you have to do is turn up on the morning of the 29th of August (if you’re staying with Stoke we’ve got your battle entry fee covered) and bathe in the pulpy beauty.

The Crowds Will Save You

If you’re concerned about the tomato fight being too crowded, we want you to consider a less busy tomato battle. With more space for tomatoes to fly and fewer targets, the battle concept will take on a different meaning, as you’re assaulted by high-velocity balls of pre-ketchup. Like bait fish in a school, like penguins in a waddle, your safety comes in numbers. Close together the tomatoes don’t move so fast and with so many battlers, equally coated in pulverised tomato, you won’t be singled out as a particular target. Everybody is throwing tomatoes at everybody and like that it’s fun, not savage.

Any Discomfort You Feel Is A Small Price To Pay

This is a one-of-a-kind party, a combination of the very adult concepts of drinking and flirting combined with the rather juvenile idea of food fighting. Sure, you’ll lose a shirt. Maybe you’ll have tomato pulp in your ears for a while after. You may have suffered a few bumps from getting squashed when the dump trucks come past. But you’ve just had the pleasure of participating in the world’s biggest food fight, half drunk, on the outskirts of Spain’s third biggest city, and when it’s done you’re going to go and swim in the Mediterranean Sea, try Valencia’s famous paella and then party at the official Tomatina after party, which happens to be in a pool…

Don’t Be Intimidated, You’re With Us

There’s no better way to experience La Tomatina than with a Stoke Travel group. Not only are we experts at getting the party started, but you’ll be surrounded by new best friends, so your squad will roll deep. You’re with us now, and we’re here to take care of you and throw as many tomatoes at you as we can. As we’re a wolfpack now, it would be weird if we didn’t rough you up a little with tomatoes and we expect you to do the same with us.

Stoke Travel has a couple of different Tomatina packages, with our popular beachside campsite being where the party’s at, and our hotel stays for those after something a little more comfortable. With something for everyone, and now you know La Tomatina is an overwhelmingly positive experience, you’d better be booking your trip.

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People You’ll Meet At The London Big Day Out

With thousands of tickets already sold there’s a good chance you’ll meet just about anyone and everyone at this weekend’s London Big Day Out. There’ll be people you know, people you want to get to know, people you see on the Tube but have never said hi to, people you recognise from home who were old rivals, and people you’ll see again and again over the course of the summer.

But while the event attracts the gamut of humanity, there are some stereotypes that are repeated at events like this. You may, in fact be one of them, or at least demonstrate their traits at certain times of the day. You will definitely know somebody who fits at least one of these bills, and we’d wager the Russell Crowe Cup that when you come along to West London on Saturday you will easily find one of each of these London Big Day Out attendees.

Sports Billy

The Sports Billy is taking the netball competition wayyyyyy too seriously. Harking back to her time as a Met North district representative trialist, the Sports Billy is using this one day of friendly competition to get years of pent up competitiveness and disappointment out of her system. The Sports Billy is identified by her wearing her tights both on the Tube to the grounds, during sports, on the dancefloor and at the after party. She has a bag full of quartered oranges, Gatorade bottles and no shortage of pep talks to give. She will be visibly upset at her teammates when they misfire a pass, and despite professing to be all about sportspersonship she heavily heckles and sledges the opposition. Once the competition is done, Sports Billy will put on some of those super fast Oakley sunglasses and take her competitive nature to the bar, challenging the Piss Tank to a drinking competition and finding success in that arena that she couldn’t on the court.

Piss Tank

All hail the piss tank, who’s just coming along because the boys were going and in fact is still pretty fucked up from last night still. The piss tank, who stops off at the Off License on the way to the Tube in the morning and grabs everyone a can of Strongbow, even though he knows nobody will want one and he’ll have to drink them all himself. The Piss Tank will continue buying rounds, in the hope that eventually someone will want to have one with him, at which point he will already be fucking steaming. The Piss Tank will heckle from the sidelines, make himself comfortable with other groups of people who have no interest in listening to his garbage and go completely missing before the rugby final, only to reemerge before sunset in Dad’s Backyard, wearing a completely different set of clothes and with one eyebrow shaved, spinning the goon of fortune like his life depends on it.

Snack Lord

The Snack Lord will be the first and last customer at the Australian and New Zealand treats stall. They’ll lose their mind over the array of biscuits on offer, chocolate bars, chips, lollies, cans of softdrink, all of it. The Snack Lord will keep on returning to the group with arms full of snacks, declaring how much they miss eating this type of diabetes precursor or that, giving everybody the impression that their childhood was borderline neglected if they ate as many of these snacks as they claim. The Snack Lord will consume about 6000 calories before the sun goes down and then wonder why they had such a hard time competing in the mixed tag rugby tournament.

Disco Puppy

Like the Piss Tank, Disco Puppy is also going from last night. Unlike the Piss Lord, Disco Puppy is miraculously not getting sloppier and sloppier, but seem to be sharpening up. The Disco Puppy is very chatty, bouncing from group to group and talking at bulk strangers, without ever taking their sunglasses off. There seems to be something wrong with Disco Puppy’s jaw, the way it’s swinging from one side of the oval to the other. Disco Puppy isn’t interested in sports, despite having more energy than everybody else here combined, and while they say Yolanda Be Cool isn’t exactly the type of music they like (they prefer Industrial Minimalist Freakbeat, thank you very much), they’re at the front of the crowd going absolutely ham from five minutes before the set starts until half an hour after it’s finished.

People Simply Looking For A Fucken Nice Way To Pass A Sunny Spring Saturday In London

The vast majority of punters. Whether it’s to catch up with friends, dust of the boots and have a bit of a run, restock the snack collection, enjoy the London sun, have more than your fair share of beverages, have a look at what Stoke Travel have going on over the summer, embarrass your friends on the dancefloor, or wedding, the Big Day Out is a damn fine way to have an enjoyable Saturday in London town. Come with a group, or come alone, and make the most of these sunny spring days. Just stay away from the piss tank after about 3pm – that dude is getting mighty pesty.

There are still some tickets remaining for the London Big Day Out, and we strongly reccomend you get yours now before they sell out. The weather is looking damn fine, but not as fine as the friendly sports, food, drink and music on offer… 

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Stoke Travel Gets The Party Started

We’re a lot of things at Stoke Travel. We’re wild! We’re fun. We’re friendly. We’re always where the good times are. At our most basic we’re a convenient accommodation option when everything is booked out or too expensive. We’re a place to meet like-minded travellers from all over the world. We’re good value, especially when you take into account that your tent, mat and sleeping bag, plus meals are included in the price (as are surf lessons where applicable, all your equipment hire, your guides don’t expect to be tipped, and so on). We have an open bar at pretty much all of our destinations, so you can keep your wallet in your pocket every time you want a beer or sangria.

But the main thing we are at Stoke Travel is a really, really good time. Since day one – and we’ve been doing this for about a decade and a half now – throwing the best parties and having the most fun with our guests have been our overriding priorities. We’ve always known that camping is camping and there’s not much we can do to improve on that (glamping!), but that if we made the party absolutely spectacular we wouldn’t care that we were sleeping on an air mattresses, two meters away from our neighbours.

And so that’s why about two weeks before every event we send a team to set the scene. They put up the big marquees, so the party will continue when the weather doesn’t want it to, and decorate them with antique porn(!) and neon lights and seating that we reclaimed from a stripclub (and washed very well). Speaking of stripclubs we put up stripper poles too, because we know what you’re all about, and then we build podiums around the place for you to dance on, seated areas for you to chill out on, a table for beer pong, or for eating off, but mostly for beer pong.

Then we build the Wheel of Misfortune and put it right up on a high podium. The wheel that at best will have you making out with a stranger, but at worst will have you naked and running a circuit around the party, pouring beer all over yourself, or donating your underwear to a tree branch. There really aren’t any desirable outcomes from the Wheel of Misfortune, but still there is never a shortage of people waiting to spin it.

Somewhere with a commanding view we’ll build a stage for the bands and the DJs. We go out of our way to book bands from around the world, and this year we have some great musicians from Australia coming around with us to all the festivals and most of the destinations. In London, for the London Big Day Out, we’ve booked Yolanda Be Cool to come and hang out, spin some bangers, etc. Not to mention everyone’s favourite DJ, Brendan the accountant,  who dons the leopard print spandex and drops nothing but hits until we can drag him from the DJ booth and put him in front of the calculator again (you might be crushing the dancefloor, but these numbers aren’t going to crunch themselves, Bren-dawg!).

The bar has to be long. Like we mentioned, we don’t take any money at the bar. Once you’ve got your wristband you can drink as much as you like, within reason. The reason here is subjective, and we’re more relaxed with serving alcohol than the loosest bars in Europe. Don’t be a dickhead, do be able to stand up. That’s about it. The bar needs to be big, because so many of you want at it, and it needs to be strong, because so many of you want to dance on it. From the bar we serve beer and sangria and sometimes cider.

We do all of these things because we love getting the party started at Stoke Travel. Whether you’re with us for the bullrun, the beer halls, or the surfboarding, we provide the atmosphere for you to pre-party. We’ve always said that we’re a festival within a festival and by that we mean we don’t want to take anything away from the amazing cultural events you’re here to see, but we want to provide an amazing space for you to party in when you’re getting ready, or coming home, or on the days you feel like just hanging out in camp and trying your best to drink the open bar dry (hint: you can’t!).

We’re Stoke Travel, we’re the party starters! It’s what we do best. And if you feel like a good rager is an important part of your festival travel, then you should come and give us a visit.

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Fotos escapada a Cantabria.

Cantabria un lugar increíble para el loggin y un punto de reunión para longboarders de toda Europa y de nuestro país

the art of solo travelling according to Stoke Travel

The word solo is one of those words that people associate with lonely, and no one in their right mind wants to feel lonely. But, just because we do things solo doesn’t mean we’re lonely. In fact, it’s been proven somewhere that solo traveling is the perfect way to meet new people that you would have never considered talking to if you and your mates were on a holiday together.  Here at Stoke, we’ve perfected the art of heading out into this beautiful and magical world and conquering it all by ourselves. So if you’re on the fence, we’re here to give you some direction to your solo escapades that are bound to happen this summer.

Fuck the hotels and get the hostel

Every person anywhere that plans on traveling has probably heard from their friend, family, exes – whoever – that they should ditch the hotels and kick it in a hostel. There are too many easy reasons for this suggestion:

  1. Money, obviously. You’ll most likely be paying less than half the price. Some hostels (depending on where you end up) can cost as low as five fucken euros a night. Stupid cheap.
  2. Local viewpoint of the city. The loving volunteers and employees at the hostel know the best of the best of the city. They are charming, informative, and can lead in a direction you never thought you would take.
  3. New mates! Lots of like-minded young soul seeking, thrill searching, backpacking hooligans find themselves at hostels. It’s the perfect recipe to dive into a new friendship, and take a quick break from your solo duties.
Know the basics

Knowing a simple please, thank you, and, may I have a beer,  in another language can take you a lot farther than you would think. In case you weren’t aware, manners and being polite are a worldwide phenomenon. At Stoke, we offer three things that are free and unlimited: beer, sangria, and manners. Let’s get our manners and shit together you guys.

Get chatty

Channel your inner strength to actually talk to other human beings around you. Believe it or not, every human being has some sort of knowledge to offer whether you want to believe that or not. Locals are a great source of information, as long as you have some previous experience with the language being spoken. They always know where to send people off to, or if you’re lucky, they will find you fascinating enough and ask you to tag along. It’s a win win either way.

Maybe take a book

Totally your preference, but we know that long layovers and trains and whatever else can be a bit of a bitch when you don’t have anyone to chat with. Sure, you’ll have social media. But how many times can you scroll through the ‘Gram and the ‘Book? We know it’s a lot, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from social media and just take your mind off things. A favourite book of yours can definitely do the trick in this case.

Weird things

It’s the perfect chance to go do some weird things that only you like and appreciate. We don’t know what your cup of tea is, but whatever the fuck it is, go do it. You’ll have no one nagging and annoying you, saying that you have to go do this and at that time with these people. We should all take a little bit more time out of our days to do what we fucken want.


Now that you’re more ready than ever for your summer full of solo adventures, take your experience to the next level and treat yourself to some of the upgrades that are always offered with us at Stoke!

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