Stoke Travel Is Going To Breakout

BreakOut describes itself as a “charity travel competition for the adventurous”. Here at Stoke Travel we see ourselves as both charitable and adventurous, and so participation was a bit of a no-brainer. This year we will see two Stoke Travel teams participating in BreakOut and have obviously formed them from the best and brightest among the Stoke Travel ranks.


The idea behind BreakOut is simple. Starting from Munich, Berlin or Barcelona, teams of two have to get as far as possible from their starting point without spending any money. The further each team gets the more money is raised from donors, with the proceeds going to Jambo Bukoba, a charity operating in Tanzania to improve the school life of local children.


The two teams supported by Stoke Travel represent both Stoke Barcelona and Stoke Travel. Being honest with the Stokies’ capabilities we’ve decided to donate money to the charity not exclusively on the basis of kilometres travelled from Barcelona, but also on destinations reached and challenges performed.


Some of the destinations will be around Barcelona — the Barcelona Boat Party is one example — and others further around Spain. Valencia, home of La Tomatina, and Haro, where we hold the annual wine fight, are two places that our teams will be trying to reach without spending a cent. When they make these destinations they will then perform challenges and raise money for African kids.


We will be able to follow both teams’ progress across Stoke Travel’s social media channels, with regular updates being posted to Stoke Travel’s SnapChat, Instagram story and Facebook live feeds. If you’re not already following Stoke Travel across those platforms search for @stoketravel and watch us our two teams of loveable bunglers get themselves into all kinds of trouble across Spain and perhaps Europe, while raising money for charity.


And once it’s done we’ll be editing some videos of the teams’ exploits and misadventures so we have eternal proof of just how hopeless they really were.
The event begins on the 25th of May. Wish us luck, we’re going to need it.

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Ya tenemos ganador de la quilla Karma Fins. ¡¡¡Entra y descúbrelo!!!!

Hoy os desvelamos el ganador de la quilla KARMAFINS,  se trata de una chica del Mediterráneo, MAI MAWI, enhorabuena a la ganadora y esperamos que disfrutes de esa maravilla de aleta, en las olas Alicantinas. Desde aquí queríamos también dar las gracias a KARMA FINS por hacer posible este sorteo.

Surf Solidario, este 27 de Mayo en Gijón.

Este fin de semana, en Gijón tenemos una cita en uno de los eventos más solidarios del panorama surfero. En 2012 un grupo de amigos decidieron organizar una jornada de surf con la intención de recaudar dinero para la Asociación GALBÁN de familias de niños con cáncer del Principado de Asturias. Hoy siguen trabajando para […]

Budget Accommodation Oktoberfest 2017

Where you stay at Oktoberfest this year will make all the difference to your drunken Germanic experience. There are a lot of things you’ve got to consider here, the most important being what percentage of your budget goes towards beer and what goes towards your bed for the night. You may think that there’s no budget accommodation at Oktoberfest, and there kind of isn’t, but nevertheless we’ve put together a list of the few options there are to help you out (and to convince you to make the best decision and book with Stoke).

Camping at Oktoberfest

The cheapest per night of your options but not necessarily the cheapest overall. It generally costs €35 per night to pitch your tent in one of the Oktoberfest campsites, which is pretty good, but you’ve got to factor in transporting all your camping equipment there and so, particularly if flying is involved, this option could quickly start adding up to more than you expected.

20% bed : 80% beer

Hostels for Oktoberfest

Usually the go to option for any budget traveller however, hostels during Oktoberfest are crazy expensive. At best, you’ll manage to find a bed for just under €100 and that’s just for a bunk in a room full of lederhosened vomit time bombs. While it may not be the most expensive, in terms of value for money, this is probably your worst option.

70% bed : 10% beer

Airbnb for Oktoberfest

You’ll have to be pretty ahead of the pack to grab something close and without completely insane prices, meaning you’ll have to book months in advance but if you do this, you’ll still be spending at least €80 for a room or €200 – 500 for an apartment close to the beer halls. So if you stay for a few nights, you’ll probably be paying the equivalent of your month’s rent.

80% bed : 20% beer


Hotels for Oktoberfest

Unless you’ve got a shit tonne of cash to splash, really just not an option at all. Prices at all the hotels with be jacked-up for Oktoberfest so if you want to be anywhere near the beer halls you could be spending more than €300 a night. That’s a lot of potential beer.

90% bed : 10% beer


Don’t worry, it’s not all bad. Stokes got your back. For €60 a night, you’ll be set up in the midst of Stoketoberfest where you’ll be escorted to your already pitched and set up tents including mattresses and sleeping bags. You’ll be served free breakfast and dinner each day and for an extra €10 you’ll also get unlimited beer and sangria. Not only will you be set up in Oktoberfest but you’ll also be part of Stoke’s very own festival within it where you’ll be fed and washed and drunk with people from around the world.

30% bed including unlimited beer and sangria : 70% more beer

Now that you’ve weighed your options, book it so you can get stoked about hanging with Stoke at Oktoberfest!


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Habits you get used to while travelling that you have to ditch once you get home

Words of advice for all the disgusting backpackers trying to reenter normal life.


Travelling definitely changes you. There’s no way you can survive months on end with everything you own on your back, a different bed every few nights and steadily emptying pockets without learning to adjust. At first these things may seem strange or even disgust you but soon they will become second nature as you evolve into another dirty backpacking fiend. However, you may get just a little too comfortable with the new you and become unable to distinguish between which of your daily habits are totally normal and which are definitely not ok. Here are a few tips to remind you that you are gross and weird and of the things that you’re going to need to stop doing once you reenter the real world.



Back home you wouldn’t dream of going near a drink that you can’t trace right back to the bar man for fear of being drugged but travel is a beautiful thing, all our worries seem to disappear, especially those surrounding safe drinking. Yeah you’ll drink a lot and that’s fine, the ways we go about getting our hands on this alcohol is where the problem lies. Some dude reaches behind the bar and produces reused plastic water bottles full of ‘local wine’ and you’re totally cool with that. Maybe you’ll go on a nudie run just for another beer or, possibly the most unacceptable, is something we at stoke call ‘mine sweeping’. All those half drunk or even full drinks left around the bar are calling out your name, they feel rejected, they need you.



Eating three meals a day for days on end that consist of probably just one thing seems fine. Yeah you look like you might be dying and the iron deficiency and scabies is getting pretty annoying but there are so many things we’d rather spend money on than a stable diet; another beer or a balanced meal? It feels pretty normal to scavange through the left behind food at hostels and carry a kilo of rice everywhere. Splash out on an onion to spice up that rice and then carry its wilting carcass to every hostel because you just can’t justify buying another before this one is finished. However, you gotta stop doing this when you get home. Your friends will stop hanging out with you if you smell like mouldy onion, let the onion go dear Stokie.



Whoops. Come on admit it, sometimes it feels good to stop giving a shit and just live in your own filth. Finding some left over shower gel in the hostel bathroom makes your day. You wear the same clothes day after day because anything you change into is going to end up smelling pretty bad after a day of trekking around with that backpack anyway. When you run out of clean underwear, you just stop wearing them at all. And no one you meet cares because they’re all doing it too! Towards the end of your trip you might notice people moving seats when you sit down or maybe even offering you food while you wait for busses. You probably should shower before you get on the plane because although your family loves you, they will not want to hug you if you still smell like that.



You’re travelling, you’re a free spirit now, livin’ and lovin’ in the moment. But just bear in mind, people in the normal world don’t like it when you do it on the beach or in bathroom stalls or hostel common rooms among many other places. Enjoy it while it lasts, but don’t get used to it, public nudity is an actual crime in most countries and that is not something you want your family bailing you out of.



Taking little bits of everything out of the fridge and the bathroom so no one notices is a good tactic when you’re trying to stretch the last of your cash. Letting people buy you drinks and dinner and never returning the favour is kind of ok when you actually just can’t. Don’t be an asshole though, when you get home it’s time to start paying your dues. All your friends are probably as broke as you and your housemates will consider mutiny if you keep stealing their shit. Don’t be that guy.


What are you waiting for? Get a stoke passport and be gross like us!

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Clinic Ultramarinos surfshop. Vídeo de los mejores momentos.

Los chicos de ULTRAMARINOS SURFSHOP  hicieron el pasado mes de Abril, un clinic de perfeccionamiento aplicado al longboard y aquí tenemos el vídeo resúmen del evento, momentos divertidos y buenas olas tuvieron, lo que permitió unas clases muy aprovechadas, donde los profes, Ricardo Palomeque y Miguel Sampalo pudieron ayudar a sus alumnos a evolucionar su surfing. […]

SurfAbout 1974 un film del gran Alby Falzon

Gran peli del maestro Albi Falzon, uno de los grandes directores de películas de surfing de los años 70, hoy me he encontrado estos diez minutos de metraje, una grabación de un campeonato en Australia, de la época, en la que se ven a grandísimos surfers como Wayne Bartholomew, Michael Peterson entre otros grandes que nos dejaron su […]

EXPOSURF comienzo prometedor y una buena herramienta para la industria del surfing.

Hace unos días se celebró en Avilés la primera EXPOSURF organizada por PEPE HEVIA y su equipo, que pretende ser el escaparate de la industria del surf de nuestro país.   La expo se desarrolló en el palacio de exposiciones de la Magdalena, un lugar amplio y muy luminoso, con grandes zonas verdes alrededor. Para ser […]

How To Survive Long Stopovers

An itinerary for all the tired and lonely travellers stuck in airports on their way home.


You’ve just made it through the first leg of your journey, disorientated and probably sad. You’re tired, your butt’s a little sweaty from all that sitting, your throat is unbearably dry and you brought way too much shit in your carry on. All you want is a bed and your mam and some chocolate and a good movie but instead, you’ve got to sit in this damn airport for another 10 hours. Unfortunately we’ve all been there so here’s a guide to help you get through it.

10 hours to go: Go get a coffee with the guy you met on your first flight.

9.5 hours to go: Ditch him before it’s too late. You do not want to spend 10 hours with this guy

9 hours to go: Sit in the glass box designed to make you hate yourself and chain smoke while thinking back on all the wonderful friends and places you’re leaving behind. It’s okay to cry. But quietly, there are other people in the glass box.

8.5 hours to go: Go for a wander, maybe there are some cool things in this bedless hell.

8 hours to go: Go to the airport hotel and stare in the window like the little matchbox girl. Consider seducing someone with enough money to have a nice comfy bed in there. Catch your reflection and realise it ain’t gonna happen.

7.5 hours to go: Eat an entire family pack of schoko-bons.

7 hours to go: Sit down somewhere and look through photos of you and your friends covered in body paint and sequins. Cry a little more.

6.5 hours to go: Try and find the coffee guy. Maybe he could give you a hug or pat your head or something. It might help. It’s worth a try right?

6 hours to go: Empty out your wallet. Look through your receipts and try to finally understand where all your money and condoms went.

5.5 hours to go: Buy a kinder egg. Eat it. Use the toy inside to make a stop motion film of your time in the airport so far.

5 hours to go:  Try and convince one of the people driving those cart things to let you ride around with them for a while.

4.5 hours to go: Get pissed in the airport bar. Close your eyes and pretend you’re still with all your friends drowning in wine. Have a crazy little giggle to yourself.

4 hours to go: Go to the duty free and use all the samples to make yourself look like your celebrity of choice, it’ll be fun now that you’re tipsy. We suggest ziggy stardust but it’s up to you.

3.5 hours to go: The makeup is less funny now that you’ve sobered up. Use more samples to wash it off.

3 hours to go: Give in. Find a good spot on the floor. Hold yourself because you’re on your own now. Try lying on your right side and go for a little nap. Dream of better times.

2.5 hours to go: Roll over to your left side.

2 hours to go: Go for another walk around, maybe you missed something good the first time.

1.5 hours to go: Find one of those conveyor-belts-for-people and do that thing where you walk backwards on it so you stay in the same spot.

1 hour to go: Find your gate and start walking. Do not miss that flight.

.5 hours to go: Weep with relief and then remember you now have another 10 hours to go except this time you’ll be strapped into a seat with no freedom to wander.


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