Five Stages of Budgeting Travel Eating Habits

You’ve done the months of saving — scrounging every penny, scabbing your flatties leftovers, selling your body on the streets — and now you’ve made it. You’re overseas, with a healthy bank balance and a desire to cut loose and live like a royal after all you’ve been through to get here.  But will it last? The following is an all too true look at the stages of spending you’ll go through while you travel.

You know that your money ain’t gonna last forever but in the beginning, there’s too much excitement to believe it. Surrounded by new cultures, people and culinary adventures, you want to experience it all, and rightly so. No home cooking for you, it’s time to eat out at a different restaurant every night. The money spent each day seems like a tiny a blip in your bank account so you might as well ignore it and get down to the business of expanding your cultural knowledge, and your stomach.

After a few weeks of carrying on like this, you finally bite the bullet and check your bank balance. “What the fuck!?! I can’t have spent this much, this money still has to last me another two months!!” Blaming the idiots you met when you first arrived for picking stupidly expensive restaurants, you turn to your new comrades at the hostel you just arrived at. Suggesting you go somewhere cheap, the gang heads out to a local spot someone’s been to before but when you arrive, €15 mains! “What is this bullshit! Well everyone else is happy to pay for it so I’m not gonna miss out!” The FOMO is real and a little thing like money isn’t going to stop you from enjoying the trip of a lifetime!

This is where shit is getting serious, you’re edging closer and closer to your overdraft and the six weeks left on your trip are looming over you like an impeachment over Trump. You’ve started to adapt to having no money, learning to cook a few cheap meals but its not going well.  “Well I only ate rice yesterday so yea sure, I’ll come along to the ćevapi restaurant, I’ve earned it!” Of course alcohol is a big component in this too, not even including the price of your drinks. Any traveler who can walk past a kebab stand on the way home from the clubs without buying anything has more restraint than the court order my ex has against me. We’re all human, everyone needs that mysterious meat drowned in sauce to sober us up.

Sitting alone in a barren hostel, eating corn flakes leftover from breakfast with a fork, you contemplate where it all went so wrong. “If only I hadn’t been such an idiot at the start… If I could start over again I could do it so much better. Younger me was such an idiot.” Everything feels desperate. There wasn’t even any milk for your cornflakes so they’re dry apart from your tears falling steadily into the bowl. Going over and over past decisions, you reign yourself to a destitute fate, homeless on the streets of Bosnia, forever hungry.

Tapping into the overdraft, getting a new credit card, borrowing some money from the bank of Mum and Dad, selling your camera — there’s pretty much always someway to get that invaluable bank boost to see you through to the end of your trip. Although it’s just a fraction of what you started out with, it feels like a fortune as you now know how to use it. You’ve learned to cook some basic meals and know how to find the markets where the locals buy their food. You’re now getting the best of both worlds, living cheap but still experiencing the exotic fares and blending into the new cultures. Being a traveler as well seasoned as your stir fry, you can look down at the noob tourists sitting in the restaurants with a sense of smug satisfaction, safe in the knowledge that you have now mastered the budget traveler diet.

While this whole process may seem like a headache that could be easily avoided by proper budgeting and planning, it is an integral part of the traveler adventure. The highs are high and the lows are low, providing valuable learning experiences that will send you home a better and more rounded human – which is kind of the point of traveling! However if you do need a brief siesta from dietary decisions, Stoke’s got you covered at the festivals with an on site chef saving you time and money.

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Six Ski Slope Dickheads

Spending time on the slopes is a rare moment of ecstasy for most of us, with the combination of cost and access making it time to be treasured. As freeing as it is to glide downhill, sending a rooster tail of fresh powder high into the air behind you, there always seems to be at least one dickhead on the hill who seemingly exists purely just to piss you off. While it’s rarely enough to ruin the trip, these muppets are usually the only damper on an otherwise unblemished experience. Here’s a brief guide to identifying the main types of dickheads, in the hopes that you will then be able to avoid them.

  • The Child Prodigy
    Without fail, every single ski field has at least one of these, we’ve all seen them. While you and I are getting back to grips with skills we last put into practice two years ago, these little shits are bombing down hills at speeds that seem to defy the laws of physics, executing perfect parallel turns, landing jumps substantially bigger than they are, all while being barely out of nappies. How dare they be better than us. Inconsiderate little shits.
  • Overly Optimistic Beginner
    After half an hour on the magic carpet, there’s always a snowboarder who’s convinced they’ve mastered the sport, and that the logical next step is for them to go straight to the top of the mountain and take on a black run. Anyone attempting to descend said run for the next 45 minutes will have to be careful as round any corner this cocky bastard could be lurking, sitting on their arse, slowly shuffling their way down. Almost worse is when they do stand up so they can heel-edge their way straight down, leaving behind an icy piss streak of compressed snow that can mess up everyone else’s run.
  • The Out-of-controller
    The advanced stage of the Overly Optimistic Beginner is when they have absolutely no sense of safety, personal or otherwise, and point their skis or board straight downhill without understanding how to stop. The best case outcome in this situation is that they crash into a tree, injuring themselves just enough to be unable to carry on their suicidal mission. Worst case is that due to their lack of braking capabilities, they decide that your legs look like their best chance at avoiding hospital and send you tumbling down the mountain without time to understand what has hit you.
  • Daddy’s Money
    Decked up like a Christmas tree in the latest and greatest of snow fashion, these posh twats are often annoyingly good due to years of private ski lessons but the biggest problem is that they know it. Looking down at the rest of us so much they often suffer from vertigo, Daddy’s little gem can often be found breaking the give way rules as other people don’t count, or complaining loudly about how skiing in Utah was “sooo much better than here!!”
  • The Cafe Champion
    Somehow this character manages to be sitting in the cafe every time you reach the bottom of the slopes, but has also accomplished more moments of adrenaline pumping glory than everyone else on the trip combined. According to them, they narrowly missed being selected for the X Games and are currently having a wee sit down because on their last run they had close encounter with a bear they back flipped over while riding away from the main trails. *Cough cough bullshit cough cough*
  • The Stokies
    Identified by their inability to stand, even when they’re not on the slopes, these animals are every parent’s worst nightmare. A ball of expletive laden excitement, Stokies have more fun than everyone else on the field but beware, stand between them and the bar and you risk annihilation. As well as not standing in front of them, avoid going behind them too as instead of throwing up a rooster tail, they often just throw up. Actually, probably just best to avoid these dickheads all together, unless you’re looking for the party and/or STDs.

So now you know how to identify the arseholes you might meet on the ski field, you are faced with a choice. The prudent choice would be that you just focus on you, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, just keep working on those toe side turns. Alternatively, if you can’t beat them, join them at Stoke’s legendary Andorra trip every weekend from January 12th to March 11th for only €260 all inclusive!

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Nos encanta el flow de Matt Chojnacki

  Coincidiendo con la publicación su último clip, queremos hablar de un surfer que nos encanta el flow que tiene, la manera de moverse sobre el tablón, de bailar sobre la ola acompañada de mucho estilo. Matt de ascendencia Polaca es un surfer Australiano que compagina su buen hacer sobre el tablón, rider de McTavish, […]

Representación española en el campeonato mundial de longboard en China. Un palito a la federación.

En hangten no solemos hablar de competición, ni clasificaciones, pero hoy era de justicia hablar de dos chavales Juan Villasante y Alberto Fernandez, nuestros representantes en el campeonato mundial ISA de longboard en China. Pues hoy además del importante hecho de ir a representar a nuestro país, en lo que se supone es la mayor […]

Away From The Bull Run

Five minutes of terror and adrenaline shouldn’t define the world’s best street party

Isn’t it time we rethought the running of the bulls? For centuries mostly young men have been putting themselves in harm’s way, and sure they will continue to do so. For some it’s cruel and for others it’s dangerous, but if running with the bulls is something for you, an item on your bucket list, it will be there and if you want to do it you will. But we feel like there is too much focus on that one part of the festival, too much emphasis on a five minute event that takes away from the other sides of Spain’s most famous party.

We much prefer the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of each day of the festival. The 23 hours and 55 minutes that sees young people from around Pamplona, Spain and the world throwing caution to the wind and sangria down the throat. The 23 hours and 55 minutes that grandparents and babies and everybody in between can all enjoy, when the streets swell and then clog with partiers of all ages and from all countries to drink wine and dance and become temporary best friends with each other.

This year Stoke Travel is focusing on the 23 hours and 55 minutes of San Fermin, the local name for the festival, that isn’t about the bull run. YES if you want to run we will still take you, show you how it’s done and make sure you’re safe, but we’re also providing plenty of opportunity for people who don’t want to run to enjoy what is Spain’s biggest street party, if not one of the biggest in the world.

We’re going to be in the lanes, squares and streets partying with the locals. We’ll be in the parks drinking sangria and watching the fireworks. We’ll be dancing to live music in the main plaza, to marching bands in the streets and to DJs in the smaller squares.

You’ll find us in the bars and the restaurants, we’ll be eating tapas to refuel us, old ladies will invite us to try the stew they’ve made every San Fermin since they can remember. Wherever there’s a paella pan you’ll be sure to find someone from Stoke sharing the Spanish dish, taking a break between bouts of partying madness in the streets.

And when we return home to our campsite, battered and happy, white clothes soaked purple with sangria it won’t be to rest, because this year Stoke is taking the “festival within a festival” idea to new, literal heights. This year all Stokies will be returning from the Pamplona street parties to Stoked in the Park, a place where the live music and DJs continue, where our open and unlimited beer and sangria bar flows all day and where you can find something stronger in the night. Stoked in the Park will be friendly sporting matches, grassy and shaded chillout areas, food trucks and local wine merchants complimenting the two free meals that we prepare daily.

But maybe the feature of Stoked in the Park will be the parties, the pool parties and the concerts and the danceparties, the perfect way to pre-prepare for a day or night roaming the Pamplona streets, or to wind down after you stumble home. Events where young people from all walks of life from every corner of the globe can get down together and enjoy travelling and just being in Spain, under that bright Spanish sun and continuing until all you can see are stars in the clear sky.

Yeah, sure, some people like the running of the bulls, but it’s the other 23 hours and 55 minutes that we’re looking forward to. And we bet that you are too.

Stoked in the Park runs every day of Pamplona’s San Fermin festival, before and after the daily bull runs. The first 1000 people to book their running of the bulls trip between now and the end of February will receive FREE unlimited beer and sangria at our campsite, as well as FREE entry to Stoked in the Park. Just use the promocode STOKEDINTHEPARK when booking your trip. 

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The Pier – Simone Giannini

Pequeño edit de nuestro amigo y fotógrafo Ivan Trovalusci, en el que vemos al rider Simone Giannini disfrutar de bellas izquierdas, pegadas a un embarcadero.

The Snow Is The Best Place To Pick Up

We love the snow! Because we have to, because snow is one of the few redeemable features of the long winter that wraps Europe up for a quarter of the year. While in London town all you get for winter is a relentless, miserable drizzle, on the continent winters can be cool and sunny, like in Barcelona, or cold and snowy, like in Andorra — a short drive up the road. That’s why, for the months of January, February and a dash of March we make the drive up to Andorra every weekend to get our fix of snow, and to try our luck with ski bums and snow bunnies.

The snow, you see, is one of the world’s best places to get lucky, to find love or at least someone to pretend with for a night or an hour. It’s something about that mountain air, the way the sun reflects off the snow and leaves your object of affection sunburnt like a racoon. Something in the swoosh of the skis and smell of hot wax dripping over the snowboard’s bottom, just waiting to be punished on rails and over funboxes, you kinky thing you. Here’s why Stoke Travel figures that the snow is the best place to pick up.

The ride up the mountain

The key to picking up is proximity. Sure, the guy on the other side of the world sliding into your Instagram DMs telling you of your beauty and requesting to see your bobs n vagene might think that he’s in with a chance, but if he’s not within striking distance he’s got no hope, despite his silky approach. But on the ride up the mountain you’ve got plenty of time to prove to your fellow ski trippers that you’re just a regular gal. Set them up with stories and jokes about your vast ski-field experiences, keep them interested with your vast knowledge of Andorra, then knock them out by offering to show them a thing or two up on the hill. They’re captive, they can’t escape your charm, and by the time they’ve arrived in Andorra you’ll be the only person they can think of — for better or worse.

Plenty of clothes

Winter’s the best time to pile on a couple of extra kilos, their insulating effect protecting you from the worst of the season’s chill. It’s also the best time to be a chubby little lover because the opportunities for you to get down to your speedos are nil to naught. So up on the hill when you’re packing your love handles into three layers of water repelling insulation, wrapping your cankles in snowboard boots and disguising chins three to six under a dashing little scarf, you can fool just about anyone into thinking you’re far hotter than you currently are — and once they find out otherwise they’ll already be so into you it won’t matter! Win!

Chairlift banter

The best time to snuggle up to that hot guy while you complain of the cold and ask him to warm you up. Tuck into the warm pit of his arm and dream about how nice it would be to wake up like that, minus the aforementioned overgarments, and then make that dream a reality, Jessica!

We all fall down together

Because we’re all a bunch of goofs on the mountain. What a great leveller the winter sports are, making the most prima of donas look like a fresh-born giraffe, legs akimbo and butt usually higher than their head. You fall down with her, she falls down with you, you land on top of each other tangled up like a chubby nylon pretzel, have a good laugh, gaze deeply into each other’s goggles, and continue doing that for the rest of the day. Gals love it when you can laugh together, and there’s nothing funnier than being a clutz on the mountain.

Or, we show off our skills

Unless, of course, you’re an absolute killer on the hill and you can show your new beau just what you’re capable of, shredding circles around him, not in an arrogant way, just competently, popping little jumps here and there, tapping him on the butt with your poles as you whoosh by, giving him pointers. The only reason you get good at skiing is so you can show off like this.

Altitude makes the shots work faster

Once you’re done falling down, or flying high, while all the while flirting, you can suggest to the snowbunny in your sights that you guys retire to the slopeside bar for a couple of apres-ski shots of schnapps. The beauty of drinking alcohol on the mountain is that the altitude makes the booze work better, meaning that half way through Schnappy Hour the babe you’ve just spent a whole day flirting with will realise just how damn sexy you are, in addition to funny, witty, compassionate and brave, as exemplified by your day on the slopes. Don’t have too many, you’ve got a long night ahead of you, but just a couple will put you in good stead for the night ahead.

After ski spas and saunas

The perfect time to initiate a little skin-to-skin contact with your soon-to-be lover. Shed those layers of nylon and gloriously show the sauna your winter coat, get nice and sweaty and then jump in the pool. Let your hair hang limp over your face before sweating it out again in the spa. If you go through this then anything that happens later on, the sweat, the bad hair, the skin on display, has already been seen. By the time you’ve gotten out of the spa and sauna you’ve practically hooked up.

A night out

Dinner’s included in the package, so there’s no need to worry about who’s going to pay for the date, and the wines will just so compliment the schnapps from earlier. When you hit the club there might be some thirsty guys around trying to cut your grass, but the job’s already done. Now the only thing you have to worry about it…

Your room or mine?

So which one is it going to be? We’re staying in the same hotel, so the walk of glory tomorrow morning will be a short one.

Stoke Travel goes up to Andorra every weekend, but if you’re looking for extra time on the slopes to perfect your (pulling) technique consider travelling with us on one of our Big Snow Weekenders, the next one is going up on the 26th of January.

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Tanner y Levi Prairie hermanos y surfers. Experimentando con el surf old school.

Jack Coleman nos sorprende con esta peli delirante y muy original, de dos hermanos no menos originales también Levi y Tanner Prairie, viven y surfean en COSTA MESA California, shapers, músicos y por supuesto surfers extraordinarios, nos deleitan con un surfing diferente, un poco transgresor, original, su particular visión del surf de los 50-60. Este […]

Pamplona 2018: less bulls, more babes

We’re going to focus on the finer San Fermin things, like partying all night long

There’s no denying that Pamplona’s running of the bulls is a fiesta that courts controversy. While one must respect that the bull run has been in Pamplona, and Spain, since the middle ages and before, it’s tough to be a participant and not wonder whether the tradition isn’t just a bit antiquated. Surely, in this the 2018th year since Jesus first donned the Pamplona white and red, we can afford ourselves a little time to reflect on what exactly goes on during the fiesta, and how we can better be a part of it.

Now we don’t want to preach about the ills of bull running, that’s not our place. We know that our Stokies are all adults capable of cultivating their own moral compass, able to justify what is right and wrong in their own mind. We’ve also long thought that there’s no way to really have a strong opinion about the running of the bulls unless you’ve participated in, or at least witnessed, the spectacle. We also know that the worst way to try and change somebody’s perspective about something is by making them feel bad about it, like when a new vegan calls you a murderer for munging on a hamburger. Please, Deborah, politely go and fuck yourself and take your mungbeans with you.

What we do know is that for the young people of Pamplona Sanfermines isn’t about the bull run. Last year we spent a lot of time walking around and interviewing the people in the streets and overwhelmingly the young locals weren’t interested in throwing themselves in front of half-tonne, horned death machines*. For the young locals of Pamplona the big attraction was the week-long street party, along with the dancing and drinking and meeting new people that comes with it. When you walk through town of a morning towards the bull run and see the carnage, the drunks stumbling out of clubs and the party animals still raging, you’ll realise that very few people from there care to participate.

We’ve also noticed that the party is seen by some travellers as being an overly masculine pursuit. This is because in the mind of some they can’t see the party for the bull run, they put too heavy an emphasis on what is essentially five minutes each morning of a 24 hour party. We’ve seen more and more men coming to Pamplona and less women, and this is something we’re going to change this year.

For Stoke in 2018 we’re going to focus on the party side of Pamplona. Sure, if you want to run we’ll encourage you to do so and guide you through it so you can do it safely, but it’s not our focus. Our focus will be on the traditional party, the parties in the squares, alleyways, the bars, clubs and fireworks that make this not only Spain’s, but Europe’s and maybe the world’s biggest street party. We’re going to join the young locals in celebrating their city, Spain and summer every damn day of San Fermin.

But more than that we’re going to transform our campsite into a festival. We’ve got plenty of space, nice grass and shaded tree areas, so we’re going to bring along bands and DJs and organise sporting games. We’ve got pools, so we’re going to throw pool parties. There will be space for local wine makers to share their vinos, for food trucks to offer good grub and for all our Pamplona Stokies to mingle and dance and pre/post party stumbling distance from where they sleep. We’ll be offering all of this as well as our industry-best meals-tents-mattresses-sleeping bags inclusions, and our world famous all-you-can-drink beer and sangria bar onsite. We’re calling it Stoked in the Park and we’re pretty sure it’s going to change the way people think about Pamplona. Just the pool parties alone are going to be epic, and they’ll be happening before you even leave the campsite.

What we want you to do is consider taking on this new type of festival travel with us. We want you to look for something bigger, better and more fun than the old ways of doing Pamps. We want you all to come this year for the party, not the bulls, and to make this ancient fiesta the biggest rager of the year. Let’s make Pamplona about the partying again.

Tell your pals and book Stoked in the Park tickets now. Let’s get bull-wild in Pamplona for 2018. Yeehaw!

* We’ve always called the Pamplona bulls “death machines” or other gnarly names, but the reality is that they’re not. Apart from the five minutes of chaos and confusion they’re put through, they’re really pacifistic beasts. Next time you’re in Pamplona take a little cruise and check out the bulls before the run. Just chilling, standing around, no idea what’s about to happen to them, definitely not keen on killing anybody. 

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Teaser “SAMBARAMA” classic surf.

Estos 30 segundos de surf clásico brasileño, nos han puestos los dientes largos y estamos impacientes de ver la peli completa, el elenco de surfers es realmente impresionante, lo mejor del panorama logger Brasileño. Fellipe Ditadi y Pedro Scansetti se juntaron para hacer un film de surfing clásico con los mejores loggers Brasileños Caio Teixeira, […]