Los surfistas de verano: Nueva entrega de Surf&Comics

Si has comenzado a surfear hace poco habrás aprovechado el verano para hacerlo, ya que pensarás que es la mejor época del año para surfear.

Sin embargo, para los surfistas que ya llevan más tiempo en el mundillo, conocen bien las olas y las condiciones del mar, saben que en verano las condiciones para surfear son mucho peores que el resto del año, es por ello que los surfistas que ya llevan tiempo en el sector esperan con los brazos abiertos la llegada del otoño.

surferos en otono

Foto de Miguel A. Amutio

Diferencias entre surfear en verano o en otoño e invierno.

El verano es una buena época para comenzar a surfear, sin embargo, una vez que tienes cierto nivel hay algunas variables que hacen del verano una época árida (nunca mejor dicho), para los surfistas más pro.

Estas son algunas de las diferencias del surf en verano o en la temporada de otoño:

  • Cantidad y tamaño de las olas: En verano el mar tiende a estar más plato, hay menos olas y por lo tanto menos oportunidades de surfear. Si vives cerca del Mediterráneo (como es mi caso), en la temporada estival es mejor que te cambies al paddle surf, ya que la posibilidad de que entren olas desciende de manera considerable.
  • Escuelas de surf y veraneantes: El agua se llena de gente aprendiendo a surfear y de surfistas estacionales. Esto no es malo por si sólo, pero teniendo en cuenta que hay menos olas, la aglomeración en el agua hace que haya menos oportunidades para cada surfer. Eso sin tener en cuenta la cantidad de accidentes que se pueden producir por las aglomeraciones y la falta de experiencia en el agua.
  • La temperatura del agua: A pesar de que en verano se puede surfear sin neopreno, en otoño el agua todavía conserva esa calidez de los meses estivales, por lo que lo hacen la temporada perfecta para el surf.
  • Las ganas después de la sequía: La mayoría de surfers han aprovechado el verano para irse de viaje en busca de olas a Portugal, Francia o los más afortunados a países exóticos. Sin embargo, volver a poder surfear casi diariamente, es una de las grandes alegrías que trae el otoño a los surfistas.

En su nuevo comic los chicos de Surf&Comics muestran de manera muy gráfica porque los surfers esperan con ansiedad el cambio de estación:

surfistas de verano

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Noche en la playa con Rayo Verde. Fotos

  <<El surf es adictivo, aunque no sólo por el deporte en sí mismo, si no por todo lo que le rodea, la gente y los lugares que conoces son parte esencial de la escena le rodea. En concreto para las personas aficionadas a la fotografía, como es mi caso, nos brinda la oportunidad de […]
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Stoke Travel’s Hits, Wins, Fails and Disasters 2017

That’s it! Oktoberfest is wrapped, folded, washed and hung out to dry, and along with it Stoke summer 2017. What a blast! A record-breaking summer of atmospheric highs very often followed immediately by brief, soul-crushing lows.
So as the accumulated hangover of three months’ worth of solid boozing washes over us like a fog made of regret, anxiety and FOMO, we’ve decided to look back on some of the biggest hits, wins, fails and disasters of the 2017 Stoke Travel summer. We’ve never tried to be perfect, all we hope is that you have darn swell time while you’re with us. Got any hits, wins, fails or disasters of your own? Light them up in the comments below, and we’ll see you in 2018, or even sooner for some wintery fun.



San Vino

The “purple-stained miracle” never fails to knock our socks off, and in 2017 it was no different. This Spanish fiesta hosted high in the winemaking region of La Rioja is the supreme way to kick off our summer, a late-June pickling in wine that sets the tone for everything that’s to come. We have so much fun wetting-up with wine that soaking each other in the gods’ grape juice has become a tradition at every festival we go to, even though we’re the only ones doing it. It’s just so much fun, and we can’t be trusted with nice things.

Ibiza Beach Camp

We always knew the Ibiza Beach Camp would be a hit — a chilled out, beachfront, budget all-inclusive camping on the very expensive, much hedonistic, always wild, party island of Ibiza. It was a no-brainer combining our loves of affordable accommodation that goes above and beyond with inclusions, combined with a shit-tonne of sun and a beautiful sea with a mind-melting party every goddamned night. But this year the IBC exceeded our expectations and then some, selling out for the entirety of August, most of July, and with big crowds for May, June and September. It was literally never quiet out there and 99.69% of travellers had the time of their lives. Hot damn.

Everything Barcelona

From start to finish the Barcelona team, in the face of a massive independence movement, a terrorist attack and anti-tourist protests, have stayed true to their love of this city and the good times it coughs up and consistently sold out their wild-boys-and-girl- afloat party-boat tours. We adore this city, through the good times and the bad, and we love it when our BCN crew take some party monsters off the streets for two hours and get them well-and-truly sozzled on the sea, before throwing the pickled mariners back into the disco mix. Ahoy!

Biggest Oktoberfest ever

From humble beginnings less than a decade ago (biggest night — 30 travellers!) we have grown into the largest gathering of Bavaria-bound beer goblins looking for a pre-and-post-party, somewhere to lay our soggy heads and a hot breakfast and dinner to soak up the good times. We tapped out at seven-thousand-and-something this year, smashing through 56,000 litres of beer at our campsite alone, and provided all the elements for the assembled grog monsters to have a helluva grand old time. What’s next? Millions? If you spread the word it just might happen.

The San Sebastian Surf House

Moving the surf camp away from the sea and into the mountains seemed on paper like an unwinnable gamble. When you think about surf holidays do rolling green hills, flocks of sheep cheese makers and apple cider enter into your thoughts? Ours either, we imagine long days on the beach, hot sand and ancient titties. But then we said, Why can’t we have both? And now we have both and we sit at our house and gaze across the hills over to the sea and listen to the farm animals go about their days and drink all the cider and then drive 10 minutes and enter and water and fucking shred it up under the Basque sky, in the Bay of Biscay. Have we found paradise? Yes.



Pamplona opening weekend buses

Oh man, people had to wait, sometimes hours, in a bus station while the world’s biggest street party was going down (may not be world’s biggest, but she big). It wasn’t ideal, people were sad and we fixed the problem. Unfortunately some travellers held grudges and gave us some pretty heinous reviews, and it kind of overwhelmed all the other awesome stuff that came with our new campsite, like the river and the pool party and the grass and the shade and the almost-all-night bar. Anyway, soz about the buses, they’ll be on-time next time and the party will continue to rage.

The European cold snap that came in before Oktoberfest

You couldn’t script it, because if you did it would be a pretty shitty story, but Europe sweltered through summer like it always does, and then, just as Oktoberfest was about to kick off, a dirty, great big cold snap came through and froze everybody’s chesticles. Every year we get a cold snap, usually around the second weekend, sometimes third, but to get one before the event had even kicked off! Now that’s a slap in the guts with a cold fraulein.

The La Tomatina mud pit

Continuing with the weather theme, you ever heard of rain in Valencia in August? Neither had we! And days and days of it at that, torrential, driving, lukewarm rain. It was completely out of the norm and turned our usually dusty dance-hole into an orgy of mud and people who probably want to have an orgy in mud. It was an absolute shoe destroyer, a fucker of jeans’ cuffs and we spent days scrubbing it from tents. Lucky we had a giant tomato fight to clean ourselves off.



More partying less bull running

That’s our new thing. With our new campsite allowing us to do just about anything party wise, and interest in bull-play running low for us, the locals and most generally everybody in the world, we’ve really started to move away from putting ourselves in front of horns in favour for focusing on the fiesta side of Sanfermines. While the bull run is controversial, the street party is out of this world! Many young locals attend just to party, going all through the night and then to bed when the bull run starts. At our campsite we can party all day in the pool and then all night in town, or hang in town all day and party all night at our camp. It’s up to you, but just know that if you want to party, but not participate in animal cruelty, then there’s still place for you in Pamplona.

Surf Camp Basque Games Team

In the village that houses our Surf House every year they have an olympiad of sorts. While they don’t run and jump and throw like the traditional olympics, they do lift heavy stuff and lift heavy stuff and walk and lift heavy stuff and then slam it down and then lift it again. Oh and they also do this running-while-stuffing-a-basket-full-of-wooden-sticks thing and some wood saw thing. Anyway, it’s very traditional, extremely enjoyable and just a little strange, and this year for the first time in the games’ history a team of foreigners entered, us, and while we didn’t win we sure earned the million ciders, beers, wines and rum colas we drank that morning. Yep, morning.

The Stoketoberfest Design and Entertainment team

Everybody who had the pleasure of joining us in Munich this year will know just how damn beautiful our camp looked. The design team went nuts and pulled off a party space that was like nothing we’d seen in Munich before, and so much more than we could have expected. And then as if that wasn’t enough, the nights were filled with bands and burlesque shows and drag queens and wheel of misfortune getting people to take their clothes off, etc. What a gosh-darn fine time, definitely makes up for the cold, see above.



Our sleeping bags

Apparently not quite up to unexpected cold-snap-in-Germany standards, but nothing that a couple of layers or a snuggle buddy couldn’t fix (see: DISASTERS, above).

People who asked for their cup refunds back

This year we’ve started supporting refugee charities working in Greece. The way we see it, they’re travellers, just like us, and they need a little help. What’s better than helping fellow travellers? Anyway, to get more people involved we pledged to donate all unclaimed cup-deposits to our partners in Greece, meaning that we’d front the cost of the cup and then with the deposit there should be a nice little win for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Well, some people came to claim their deposit back! They’d rather have the extra €2 rather than help people who are fleeing literal war. It takes all kinds, we guess.

Everyone who doesn’t follow us on social media for our top-notch #content

From video guides to unfiltered Snapchats, travel-lust-worthy Instagram images and a Facebook feed full of fun and informative articles (like this one, wow!), our social media is off the charts. But still some of our treasured travellers don’t follow us. What, you don’t like semi-nude party people getting loose year ‘round in some of the world’s most beautiful locations? Of course you do, so give us a follow. It’s @StokeTravel on all platforms. We’re taking our pants off in anticipation of seeing you there.


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The Chosen One: Lessons Learned

Editor’s note: Ryan “The Chosen One” Whitaker just finished up his three months embedded with Stoke Travel, seeing a summer from the perspective of both a traveller and a volunteer. Here is some of the wisdom he picked up over the course of this life-changing experience. We’ll be looking for a new Chosen One for 2018, so read on, and if you want to have a similar experience all you have to do is be exceptionally average and ready to have the time of your life. Make sure you read all 39!

All summer with Stoke, I managed to take ongoing notes as the most amazing adventure of my life unfolded in front of me. Here are a few musings, observations, and guidelines I jot down specifically for those of you who one day may find themselves with the most unique, extraordinary travel company of all time:

  1. European’s are very comfortable.
  2. You can go for awhile on two meals a day so long as you drink your lunch.
  3. There is a way to drink responsibility; sometimes you should, and sometimes you should not.
  4. When you can say, “Fuck yeah”, you should say, “Fuck yeah”.
  5. When you should say, “Absolutely the fuck not”, do say, “Absolutely the fuck not”.
  6. You can navigate a city by memory without a map and the internet.
  7. General life rules for being a person are very different when you’re backpacking.
  8. For example, you don’t need five pairs of underwear when you’re backpacking, regardless of the duration of your trip.       
  9. Try everything once.
  10. There are people of exceptional character in the world and it’s your responsibility to find them.
  11. In regard to that idea, everyone is capable of immense strength; don’t overlook people’s natural gifts.
  12. Small talk always leads to work. Avoid small talk at all costs.
  13. If you have to pee, most anyone won’t stop you from getting to the toilet if you act like you belong there.
  14. Hold people’s eye contact for as long as possible. Always double take.
  15. “You don’t punch girls, you kiss them on the cheek.”
  16. Always make time for music.
  17. Go to the karaoke bar to close the night out.
  18. Everyday is a holiday, and every meal is a banquet; so howl at the fucking moon.
  19. Always check for toilet paper, and use less of it, ya filthy animals.
  20. You can tell a lot from a person by their dual initiatives to care for others and enjoy their fucking lives.
  21. Embrace life when it happens for you.
  22. When you’re lonely in a crowd, people watch.
  23. Talk to people sitting alone, if only for a meal.
  24. Give a group of men and egg or an orange, and they’ll make a game. And then they’ll ruin it.
  25. Which reminds me, Saturdays are for the boys.
  26. Eat less bread, and more vegetables.
  27. Listen to people you don’t like and try to meet them halfway. Lay down the line as soon as you get taken advantage of.
  28. Have a great party shirt.
  29. Make a good friend or two everywhere you go.
  30. Share frequently.
  31. Work your ass off.
  32. Unless you’re willing to legitimately listen to other people’s points about their political or religious views, don’t talk about them.
  33. Everything we consider sacred or intimate, we should be ready to reconsider.
  34. Reach out and touch someone.
  35. Use your words economically.
  36. You don’t properly miss someone until you see, and then leave, them again.
  37. Get used to referring to the last leg of your journey as “the easy part”, and make sure you have tissues.
  38. Leave your comfort zone without plans. Make amends later.
  39. You need to believe the cliche it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.

    And that’s all I got. To rip off Ginsberg: [Stoke], I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing. (Except an ordinary guy who had an extraordinary summer, having extraordinary experiences with extraordinary people.) A lifetime of experience could never equate to the unbelievable expedition I’ve had, and I only wish that you, the reader reading this final blog post of mine, will one day have a heart that is now as full as mine. This is Ryan, The Chosen One, over and out.











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The Chosen One: Stoke’s Oktoberfest

Editor’s note: over the winter we ran a competition to find the “Chosen One”, a one-of-a-kind, absolutely average, everyday hero who would win our Most Ordinary Extraordinary Job In The World — a summer of back-to-back Stoke Travel trips, where not only would they be expected to have the time of their life, but to also much in and set up tents/serve you heathens your beer. Well, our old mate Ryan is the winner, the Chosen One, and this is his blog about his time with Stoke Travel. Six trips down, and the season is sadly over, ah Ryno, was it the most fun of your life.



Immediately after the Stoke team cleaned up the mess we made in Valencia, a bus took us northward bound and we drove for thirty hours through what was left of Spain, France, and into Germany, reaching Camping Platz Obermenzing in Munich during the early morning hours. We donned our winter apparel, acquainted ourselves with the new team members, replaced chorizo and paella with wurst and schnitzel, traded skinny dipping in the ocean for cornfield and/or shower parties, and were given all manners of creative liberties to set up our own mini-festival. Our mission? The same as always. To create the most unbelievable, unparalleled pre- and post-party in the world.





Over the course of the next few weeks, I watched with sheer awe as the artists went to work creating brightly painted murals and signs across the campsite, depicting Stoke’s stance on the refugee crisis and, simply, complimenting the general aesthetic. I couldn’t believe the massive marquees being put up over the kitchen, main bar, and furnished lounge areas. I lent my hands in constructing fixtures across the campsite, the endless tents, an obelisk-type information tower, a second and secretive bar behind the swag tent, the massive stage where music played all day long, and the ever-faithful Wheel of Misfortune. Construction was nearly complete by the time guests arrived, and the rhetoric that followed exploded with the potential of possibilities. Boozy walking tours (including a trip to a nudist park and a man-made surfer wave), guided trips to Dachau, or the options to go to places like King Ludwig’s English Garden or Neuschwanstein Castle (the model for Walt Disney’s creative castle concept) supplemented the main event American study abroad students, quick trip tourists, and traveling nomads came to see.




The committed and the prepared rose at five in the morning on the third weekend in September (this year) to put on their lederhosen or dirndl, catch a bus and then a train, and then hang left almost the entire way until they stood outside the gates of the main event, Oktoberfest, until eight in the morning when they swung open to the world’s largest carnival. At every turn you could see kiosks selling souvenirs, pop-up food stands pushing out all manners of savory meats or delicious sweets, and rides or games with prizes that children and drunk adults coveted as they ran through the festival. At twelve noon, the doors for all the beer halls opened, and the mad rush to find a table that you and your friends would eventually try to demolish began. Each hall featured its own decor, its own chorus (band included), and its own beer, and you stood on the chairs and tables, dancing, smashing steins against each other, and cheering whenever somebody skulled their entire drink in one glorious chug.





When you finally had your fill of games or rides, fell asleep at your beer hall seat, vomited into your own stein, or got yourself ejected (looking at you Löwenbräu), you stumbled, arms-linked, back the way you came until eventually you arrived at the greatest afterparty in the world, where the singalong depended on the night, the bartenders raced you to the bottom of your drinks, and the food was always delicious. For three glorious weeks with Stoktoberfest, you could go on in this fashion, forgetting memories only your camera roll remembered, with friends that, no matter how hard you tried, you will never be able to replace. Along with the cumulative 12,000 beers drank during one Saturday on the second weekend. You degenerates.



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GLIDING BARNACLES 2017 – El vídeo por Octavio Mazza

Hoy venimos con la película grabada y editada por el Filmaker Octavio Mazza, sobre lo que ocurrió en el Gliding Barnacles 2017 donde LOGGERS de todas las partes del mundo se juntaron en las playas de Figueira da Foz para mostrarnos de lo que son capaces encima de un longboard.
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