Stoked In The Park: Pamplona’s Other Festival

We all know about San Fermin and its infamous running of the bulls. The bull run is just one part of the famous Pamplona fiesta, but the one that has delivered it both international fame and infamy. Some people hate it, they see it as cruel and barbaric; others want to try it, they see a justifiable trade off between the animals’ suffering and the undeniable rush that comes from narrowly avoiding a maiming, or worse, at the horns of a rampaging bull.

Whatever your perspective is on the bull run, however, there’s no denying the infinite delights found in the street parties that make up the other 23 hours and 55 minutes of each day of “Pamps”. Street parties, live music in the town’s many squares, impromptu DJ sets organised by local youth groups, young and old revellers from the city and all over Spain and the world. The actual party that comes before, during and after the bull run is what makes this Spanish festival truly world class and worthy of your attention. In short, don’t miss San Fermin because you’re against the bull run, nor don’t come only to run with bulls. It’s all about the party.

But too much partying is never enough, and so this year Stoke Travel is importing its Stoked in the Park music and culture festival from London to the sunny fields of Pamplona’s El Molino campsite.

Stoked in the Park is a celebration of live music and delicious food and wine, a chance for young travellers to get together on the sunny plains of Navarra and chill by the riverside, or dance in the pool, or lay under the shade of a tree and listen to bands and DJs who have come from as far away as Australia to party with us.

Stoked in the Park features international and local food trucks, wine tasting and stalls selling local products. Stoked in the Park is where sporting teams can get together and challenge each other to not-so-friendly games of netball, touch rugby, or soccer. Above all, Stoked in the Park is the place to meet and befriend fellow travellers not only from your home country, but from all over the world, and do so in a medieval village not far from Pamplona’s city centre.

If you’re staying with Stoke Travel for the Running of the Bulls, Stoked in the Park is included in your cover price. The festival takes place within the huge campsite that we call home, offering you an unbeatable venue to warm up for the parties in Pamplona, wind down after a big day running with bulls, or to spend all day and night at, as you so wish.

If you’re not staying with Stoke Travel we won’t chastise you for making such a terrible mistake, but we will implore you to come out for a visit. Tickets are available for the festival only, and you can spend the day and/or night partying with the beautifully dirty people, using our rock-climbing wall, putting on our mini-golf greens. You can float down our river on an inflatable, before returning to the dust bowl you will call your temporary Pamplona home.

Stoked in the Park is our festival within the huge and amazing festival that is San Fermin, Pamplona. Stoked in the Park doesn’t care if you run with the bulls, or hate running with the bulls, it’s simply a music festival and food fair and place to hang out and chill and have fun, and mostly have fun, always have fun, in a beautiful part of Spain, most likely the most wonderful country on earth*.

*If you judge a country by the quality and quantity of its parties, than this is surely true.

The best way to do Stoked in the Park is as a part of your Running of the Bulls stay with Stoke Travel. We have more inclusions than anybody else and stay in the legendary El Molino campsite, where we can sit on grass and chill out in the shade and take advantage of our all-you-can-drink open beer and sangria bar, for only €10 a day.

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Are You The Chosen One?

Do you want to travel with Stoke for an entire summer? Of course you can! But if you’re the Chosen One you’ll do it for free… read on, or read here.

Stoke Travel is on the hunt for the Chosen One again, somebody who will rise out of mediocrity and into the summer of their lives. Last year the Chosen One was our man Ryan, a New Jersey native with a degree in literature who had found himself working in construction. Ryno, as he was swiftly named, suited the Chosen One moniker to a tee. He was an enthusiastic, adventurous and easygoing traveller who was ready to jump out of his comfort zone and into a complete summer of Stoke Travel, and as a result he had an experience that couldn’t possibly be more different to a summer of hard labour in New Jersey.

After such a success we had to launch the promotion again, and so for 2018 we are looking for not one Chosen One, but two. The Chosen Two, or Chosen Ones, whatever you want. The boots that Ryan left behind to fill are big, but so they should be – you’ve got to be a pretty special type of traveller to warrant an all-expenses paid trip to Europe. But like they say, to the Chosen Ones come great rewards, but do you have what it takes?

The basic requirement to being one of the Chosen Ones is to just be a regular old everyday you. We’re not looking for the “Insta-famous” travellers of the world, nor are seeking grizzled adventurers. We want travellers, normal travellers, and we want to help you jump out of your comfort zone and into immense good times. Anybody could be the Chosen One, you’ve just gotta want it.

You also have to be adventurous. You have to be willing to do just about anything and wanting to do more than you’ve ever done in your life. You must be a yes person, the kind of travellers who’s down to do whatever, especially if it looks like a good time. You can’t really be timid, but if you are you have to be the kind of timid that sees the deep end as a solution.

We want travellers who are tough. Who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty especially in the furtherment of a good time. Stoke Travel’s camps are legendary, but they are camps, so you have to be ok with sleeping in a tent. You also have to function on a hangover, because you’ll be partying a lot and there are few days where you’ll want to do nothing when there are so many adventures on offer.

You’re going to want to brag. You’ll have to share your adventures with your friends and family – and with the wider Stoke community. We want you to document your stay with us in words and videos and to then share those videos around. We want the world to see just how much fun you’re having. To that end, you’re going to need to be proficient in (read: addicted to) social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, some new shit we haven’t even heard of yet. We want an expert bragger.

You need to be in Europe, or able to get here by the end of June. The prize is for an all expenses paid trip once you’re here, from San Vino aka the Wine Fight, on the 28th of June, until the first weekend of Oktoberfest. You sort out your transport to Barcelona or San Sebastian/Bilbao before June 28th and from Munich around the 17th of September. We can chat about this. And where will you be going in between? Well here’s the itinerary:

Wine FightSan Sebastian Surf CampRunning of the BullsBarcelonaIbiza Beach CampLa TomatinaOktoberfest

With plenty of day trips and side adventures on the way.

The other thing the Chosen One should possess is a passion, or skill, for blogging or videography. This will help you brag about your adventures across social media. When you make you application make sure these skills shine through. We’re not looking for pros, although pro are more than welcome to apply, but skills will be looked upon favourably during the judging process.

That’s about it. Are you ready to be one of the Chosen Ones? Are you excited to have the most fun humanly possible over the course of a summer? Then head over here to discover how to apply.


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FASHION: White And Red Totally In This Summer

LONDON, PARIS, MILAN, New YORK: The heads of absolutely every major fashion house have released an unprecedented joint statement declaring that they all agree on summer’s biggest fashion trend being a white shirt with a red neckerchief.

The group, headed up by Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine and inspiration for the devil in The Devil Wears Prada, made the announcement at a fashion event in El Molino campsite, just outside Pamplona.

“Darlings, we are gathered here today, the who’s who of the world’s fashion industry, to make official what everybody has always known,” Wintour told the assembled group of eight local farmers and a lost German hiker. “We want to put on a unified front and finally give the world what it needs – clear, unequivocal fashion advice for the coming European summer.

“What people need to know is what they will be wearing while they party. We got our best and brightest together and asked them to come up with the quinnessential partying outfit. Something that you could wear to San Fermin and then pass out in and then wear again the next day. We were searching for something that, when the wearer put it on, everybody who saw them knew they meant business. Serious business. One litre of sangria before 10am business.

“What we came up with is as simple as it is stunning, a pairing of pieces that has its roots in history, but also looks boldly towards the future. We wanted to go with something deeply traditional, but also something that can be safely appropriated without fear of offending anybody. 

“And here it is, a simple white t-shirt, with or without print, paired with a red neckerchief. If you want you can add white pants and a red sash used as a belt, but really, we wanted this look to be accessible to as many people as possible.

“The neckerchief can be tied around the neck with the knot in the front, or back, and if the wearer is feeling particularly frisky they can tie it around their head a la vintage Tupac. We are also ok with the white shirt only being white for the first minute or so of wearing it, and agree that a sangria, blood or tapas stained shirt will work just as well, if not better.”

The announcement was met with excitement by everybody planning on attending this year’s Running of the Bulls festival, or all the parties across Spain and Europe that mimic it sartorially. Geoff Duncan, a young Australian traveller, was quoted as saying, “Fucken sweet, was gunna wear that white shit anyway, but it’s nice to know that I’m also on trend, a la moda and tres en vogue.”

The group is expected to make another announcement about Autumn fashion, and lederhosen, in about three months’ time.

Stoke Travel’s Running of the Bulls experience isn’t just at the best campsite, with the sweetest setup and featuring live bands and DJs from around the world, we’re also able to sell you the complete Sanfermines outfit – white Stoke shirt, white pants, red neckerchief, red sash. Be a part of a global fashion movement, wear white with Stoke Travel.

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Ultramarinos Longboard league. Classic surfing events

 Nace una nueva liga de longboard, Ultramarinos longboard league , una manera divertida de encontrarnos los tabloneros, se trata de una liga con tres pruebas con un formato apto para todos los públicos donde los de menos va a ser  la competición , vamos a explicar por puntos como va a ser el formato : […]

things everyone packs but never uses

Your packing procrastination time period has expired and you need to suck it up and get to filling that backpack considering your flight leaves tomorrow. There’s a science to packing, as we’ve already released in our tried and proven formula. If you’re not great at math and can’t figure out our way too complicated formula, you may be a bit overzealous with packing which leads to you having things that you will never use on your trip.We know that you might think you need to take nine different shirts and four pairs of shoes but we can guarantee that you won’t touch half of those things. You’ll be thanking us when you realize that these things that you thought you would need are completely unnecessary and that you were just fucken overthinking everything.

More than one book

You most likely won’t even read that one book you bring, but if it brings you comfort to know that maybe one day you’ll at least look at the book then sure, go for it. But more than one book and you’re out of your mind. Seriously, do you see yourself reading more than one book? That would mean that you’re spending more time reading about whatever it is that you fancy rather than going out and seeing what your chosen destination has to offer, and that’s lame. Just one book.


Any kind of pillow is a bit much. About 99.9% of the time, your sleeping accommodation is going to give you a pillow. And if not, use a pile of your clothes or better yet, your bag. We’ve perfected the art of using our bags as pillows while camping out and we know that you can too. Pillows really just get in the way and you don’t want to be that person on the plane that props their pillow up on the lucky passenger next to you. Just don’t be that guy. No one likes that guy.

“But what if…” scenarios

It’s not going to happen and if it does just don’t be a pansy and deal with it. Don’t stress over the “what if this happens…” or “there’s a chance that…” scenarios. Chances are these scenarios will never occur during your travel. For example: if you’re traveling to Ibiza for our Ibiza Beach Camp, don’t worry about the weather dropping and needing to pack warmer clothes, all you really need to pack are a few swimsuits and you’ll fit right in. If it gets cold, that’s why god invented all-you-can-drink bars, like the ones we have at all our destinations.

That one shirt you never wear

There’s always that one item you have back in your homeland that you never wear but think that this is the time that you’ll definitely wear it. You won’t. Most of the time that item never even leaves your bag and it just takes up room. Save yourself some space for more useful things such as extra socks or party shirts. Side note: you should always pack a fun colored party shirt for any trip ever. You’ll look and feel like the life of the party.

Super fancy formal wear

If you’re debating on whether or not you’re going to need to bring a suit along with you, just don’t. Get that out of your mind because it is not necessary. It’s a waste of space and if you’re going on holiday why would you need it? Seriously, why? Because we really can’t think of a serious scenario where this would be needed. But if you know of a reason, feel free to leave us a comment. We’re open to suggestions and ideas.

Don’t have any trips planned at the moment to test out our tried and true tips on packing? Check out our Stoke Travel Passport where the trips, parties and booze never stop.


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Three Reasons Why You Should Stay In A Hotel For La Tomatina

We love our camps! All of them, especially the La Tomatina beachside camp, just north of Valencia with its pool, and the playa, and onsite bar and restaurant and the huge parties we throw there and the even huger paella we cook… But sometimes we need a little hotel in our lives, and that’s why for La Tomatina this year we’re offering both options. Which one’s for you? Here are three reasons to stay in a hotel for Spain’s famous tomato fight.

  1. Your own bathroom!
    Ok, so we’re not sure if you know how a tomato fight works, but when it’s done you’re going to be mighty filthy, like covered in tomato pulp and whatever else filthy. Now, after the fight we do wash ourselves off in Buñol’s river, and the townsfolk do come out with hoses to clean us up, but you’re going to need a good scrub. At the campsite we recommend jumping in the sea, as the Mediterranean does a great job of washing away our sins and the pulp, but to get really totally ready for the official La Tomatina after party you’re going to need a shower. At the campsite they’re great, but they’re shared, so you might feel bad about spending too long exploring all your orifices for tomato seeds. But at a hotel, with your own bathroom, well heck, you can spend as long as you like tending to your nooks, crannies and the intricacies of your nether regions.
  2. A comfortable bed!
    Now, while we do provide air mattresses, nobody else does that, at our camps, nothing quite compares to the feeling of jumping onto a bed, a real bed (like the real beds at our surf camp), after a long day of tomato fighting and an even longer night of partying. Imagine the relief as your battle battered body sinks into the mattress, the audible puff of air being displaced from your bed as your body slumps into it for a good night’s sleep. At the camp, well it’s camping. So air mattresses are great and all, and you’ll have no trouble passing out on them, but a real mattress? Yeah, a real mattress would be really damn good.
  3. Privacy!
    Privacy in a tent is imagined privacy. You like to think that the metre or so of space and couple of layers of nylon between you and your neighbours is enough to soundproof your, erm, afterhours activities, but the obvious reality is that everybody in about a 20 metre radius can hear you opening another packet of jamon flavoured potato chips. Now everybody knows about your bedroom habits, mostly that you’re a fiend for late night snacking, even though you had your share of our huge paella. Privacy matters in these situations, you don’t want anybody to know your deepest, darkest desires and snackfood fetishes. In a hotel room nobody can hear you crunch. You can do what you want within those walls and nobody will be any the wiser. Also, if you plan on getting down to some sexing, hotels are obviously the choice of accommodation for getting freaky in.

Is your mind made up? Regardless of where you’re going to stay, you can’t beat Stoke Travel for La Tomatina as we go beyond the tomato fight and make a little holiday out of our time in Valencia. Plenty of parties, sightseeing and general good times with all your new best friends.   

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La Tomatina Information

Additional information about La Tomatina, Spain’s famous tomato fight. To book your camping or hotel trip with Stoke Travel, head over to the La Tomatina page.


As we’re pretty accommodating folk and want your tomato throwing experience to be as stress-free as possible, we can pre-erect tents, blow up mattresses and roll out sleeping bags ready for your arrival. Our kitchen crew are there to cook up a culinary storm each morning and every second evening so your stomachs are lined for the weekend’s drinking and antics, including a world-class paella the night before the fight. And as always, we’ll be hosting the best and biggest party outside of the party, and you’re all invited. There is a pool, bar and restaurant on site, and we’re less than five minutes walk from the beach. The Stoke Travel crew are expert tomato throwers and even better at having fun, and our campsite parties are legendary. Join in as much fun as humanly possible with open-minded international friends at La Tomatina Festival 2018.

Camping not your style? Stoke have got you covered with our new hotel package. Enjoy the comforts of a bed and private shower but still be a part of the Stoke Travel antics.


Stoke Travel’s campsite is open from the 27th of August until the 31st. For your La Tomatina trip you can stay for the whole time, or for a minimum of two nights.

Meet us there or jump on one of our private return transfers running from Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian. Not ready to leave us yet? Jump on the Tomatina to Ibiza trip!


When: Stoke Travel’s La Tomatina camp is open from the 27th – 31st August. The festival is on the morning of the 29th August and begins with the crowd trying to climb a greasy pole and claim the ham at the top. Once the ham is secured the Tomato Fight starts, which is usually around 10am on the 29th August and lasts for two hours. The Water and Wine Fight is the night of the 28th and the official La Tomatina After Party is on the night of the 29th.
Where: Valencia, Spain’s third largest city, about 3.5 hours south of Barcelona. The Stoke Travel beachside camp is located in Puçol, to the city’s north, and the tomato fight is in Buñol, in the hills behind the city.
How: Valencia is serviced by most budget airlines, Spain’s national rail service, and many coach companies. Stoke Travel also operates private coaches from and returning to Barcelona city centre.


The night before La Tomatina Festival 2018, you can head to the Water & wine fight in Requeña and it won’t break the bank at €20 for the transport. We go there, we lurk about in the streets drinking and chilling with the locals. You have the option to go into a fake bullfight (meaning no cute, little bulls get killed) – the bracelets are available there so you can just get ’em on arrival. Later, we all head through the streets lead by a brass band and the locals go nuts with wine and water and general frivolity… and so do we. Take a cup with you to drink deeply of the spoils of this cultural, calamitous water and wine war.

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What Is The Wine Fight?

Alternatively known as the Batalla de Vino de Haro, or San Vino, the Wine Fight is, quite simply, what the name suggests – a battle, with wine. Red wine, to be precise, from Spain’s La Rioja winemaking regions, one of the world’s finest. It’s also the first party of Stoke’s summer schedule, a somewhat underground Spanish fiesta, and a great excuse to get off the beaten tourist trail and into Spain’s wine country. A great festivals for travel junkies, wine lovers and party animals alike.

A very brief history of the wine fight

Like all ancient histories, and especially those soaked in wine, the story of the Wine Fight isn’t entirely clear. On one hand, they say the Wine Fight started when a land dispute between Haro, the village that hosts the battle, and neighbouring Miranda de Ebro was solved by marking the border between the two towns with purple flags. After a while the plentiful grapes in the region were used to stain the flags and somewhere along the line the fun-loving locals started throwing the grape juice at each other. Some say that the Wine Fight was borne out of a popular pilgrimage to the Cliffs of Bilbio, where the fight is held, that somehow devolved into pilgrims being baptised in wine. However it started, we glad that those first vino throwers had such a good idea. For a more detailed history of the wine fight, splash your way over here.

High quality red wine has been produced in the region since ancient times, predating the Romans, and Stoke Travel has been visiting this party for over a decade. The rest of the history includes you, soaked in red wine, having the time of your life.

Wine Fight itinerary

The day before the Wine Fight we have a cheese and wine fair, and the night before there’s a huge party in the town square, but you can read all about that here. What we’re focused on is the big day, the 29th of June. The Wine Fight starts around 8am, up the hill outside Haro, surrounded by the vineyards of La Rioja, underneath the Cliffs de Bilbio. To get there we join the procession of fighters walking up the hill, or try and grab a ride with one of the party tractors that ferries gangs of wine warriors up the scenic road. As we approach the mountainside you’ll begin to see rivulets of red wine running down the mountain, and as soon as you’re within range everybody will indiscriminately start showering you with red wine, some coming from the back of trucks brought up there just to supply wine for the fight, some from casks or bottles, some carted up in buckets and some preloaded into water guns. From there all you have to do is keep on soaking and being soaked in red wine, have a great time, dance to the bands that play throughout and if you’re feeling frisky take a hike up the cliffs to the small hermitage at the top and the unbeatable views across La Rioja.

Once the battle is done we make our way back down the hill and to the river and pool at the campsite, where we wash away the wine, eat and drink some more, and then join the townsfolk in the city centre, where the procession continues towards the bullring and foolhardy youths are chased by baby bulls. Don’t worry, none are harmed in this display of stupid bravery. No bulls, we mean. Plenty of people are harmed. That night there’s another party in the town square, this time with the locals running around carrying a metal bull statue that shoots fireworks from its horns.

Why fight with wine?

Because it just so happens that wine is the one things this part of the world has in surplus. There is wine everywhere in La Rioja and Haro is the capital of the region’s bodegas. Just walking around the town we are spoiled for choice in wines, with seemingly every storefront offering a great variety of outstanding wines at very good prices. Even if fighting with wine isn’t necessarily your style, just walking around and trying different wines and tasting the food on offer is one of the nicest things you can do.

And to the wine lovers out there who are outraged at this apparent waste of good wine, don’t you worry – this is the wine that was never of high enough quality to make the bottle. It’s the waste wine, and when you see it running down the hills and back into the vineyards it’s easy to imagine that this sacrifice of poor quality wine is why the region generally yields such delicious vino tintos.

Need to know more? Perhaps you should come and find out for yourself. 

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